A Family's New Year's Eve - Part 3
Please read “A Family New Year’s Eve – Chapters I and II” – before you read this (if you haven’t already.) This will make more sense if you do. Lisa followed silently behind me as I slowly climbed the stairs to my bedroom. My heart was still pounding from the scene that had unfolded only a few minutes earlier in my son’s bedroom. I had to try and calm down, try to get my mind around the change that would be unfolding shortly in our household. I walked over to my chair, sat down and rolled a couple of joints. I looked up and saw Lisa laying down on the bed, her little red nightie and panties on the floor where she had dropped them. She watched as I finished my task, grabbed an ashtray and a lighter and moved towards her. I put the ashtray down on the headboard, took my robe off and hung it on the hook on the bedroom door. I turned back towards her as she took a joint from the ashtray, lit it and filled her lungs with the sweet smoke. She was so fucking beautiful, laying there before me, her long dark hair falling over the perfect, smooth skin of her shoulders. Her pink, pointy nipples still hard from what she had experienced earlier; her twenty-year old pussy still engorged and wet from her rabid fingering of herself when she had my cock lodged in her throat, listening to her younger brother fuck their mother into total submission. Lisa exhaled the smoke in a long plume around my thickening organ. She looked up at me, her dark eyes smoldering, a wry, sexy smile playing on her lips. She held out the joint to me; I took it from her and she trailed her fingernails over my chest and stomach until she was scratching my lengthening shaft oh, so lightly with her nails. “Daddy, can we have the same deal that Mom made with Matt?” Lisa’s voice was husky, betraying the lust still coursing through her veins. I stood there, naked in front of my daughter. As I held the smoke deep in my lungs, my eyes swept over her lithe, fit form. Soft curve of her tanned shoulder, breasts full but not too big for her slim frame; her nipples just made for sucking. The tanned skin smooth over her flat tummy and the gentle curve of her hip. I felt her fingers on my penis, loving the feeling and the attention I was getting from my little girl. My eyes continued drifting down her long shapely legs, then coming back to rest on her sweet, bare cunt. God, I loved her. “What deal, baby?” I mumbled as I handed the joint back to her. She kept stroking me so softly and slowly while she took another hit. Finally she exhaled and handed it back to me again. “Remember, Daddy? When Mom told Matt ‘no more lies’ and ‘you can ask me anything and I’ll tell you the truth’?” I nodded my head affirmatively as I put the joint into the ashtray. “Well, can we? Do we, Daddy? Can I ask you anything and you won’t lie?” I nodded again as I let the smoke out. “Will you tell me everything and…you know…not leave stuff out?” I looked down at my daughter, stretched so seductively across my bed, her hand gently squeezing the shaft of my penis. She looked up at me again, licked her lips and inched closer to the growing head. I knew it was time to give it all up, to start the New Year by embracing the changes we had all witnessed earlier. I stroked her cheek, drawing a finger over her lips. “We have a deal, baby…as long as it goes both ways.” She sucked the tip of my finger into her mouth and moaned. “If I ask you something…anything…you’ll tell me the truth? Not leave anything out?” Lisa moved towards me, sucking the head of my prick into her mouth. Christ, her lips felt so soft! But I backed off momentarily. “What do you say, baby?” I reached down and pressed my palm against her firm breast. I smiled at her, “Tit for tat?” My darling little girl giggled at me. “You’re stoned, Daddy…but okay, I guess.” I pressed harder on her tit, letting her nipple grow between my spread fingers. “Yes, Daddy. I’ll tell you everything. The truth, the whole truth,” she was laughing now. We finished together, “And nothing but the truth…” Laughing along with her, I pushed her over towards the middle of the bed and lay down next to her. Lisa propped her head up on her hand, laying on her side, so close I could feel the heat of her soft skin. Her voice was low and so serious, I knew I was facing her first test of our new deal. “Daddy, do you really love her?” I put my arm around her shoulders; the touch of her skin was magic under my fingers. I moved them lightly across her back, grazing the top of her ass. “Yes, Lisa. Along with you and Matt, I love her more than anything in this world. Always have…always will, baby.” I drew her head down to mine and our lips met. At first it was the regular, father/ daughter kind of kiss. But then, to my delight, my daughter kissed me again, but this time it was a lover’s kiss. Her tongue licked my lips then snuck into my mouth, exploring hungrily. I loved the feeling of her mouth; her lips so soft and sweet. Her skin was getting warmer under my hand. She lifted up a little and looked at me again. Her eyes were glazed over again as they had been downstairs. “I mean,” Lisa started slowly, trying to stay on track, “I love her, too, Daddy. But…” “But what, baby? What are you trying to say?” And I knew the second test was coming. “Daddy, is Mom really such a slut? How can you love a whore?” Lisa’s hand had moved back to my groin, pulling on me with a soft, gentle rhythm. I rolled on to my side, facing her and she rolled on to her back, looking up at me, waiting for her answer. I leaned over my daughter, kissed her lightly on the lips, then kissed and licked my way down her salty neck until I had her perfect young breast in my mouth. At the same time, my hand was massaging the moist, plump flesh of her love mound. After sucking on her tasty nipple for a few wonderful moments, I leaned back up and smiled at her. “Lisa, you are truly more beautiful than your mother was at your age. You really are gorgeous, baby.” I slid a finger along the sides of her pussy lips, drawing a sexy moan from deep in Lisa’s throat. “But, honey, at twenty, your mother had the body of a Playboy centerfold.”

”Daddy, that feels so good,” Lisa moaned again. “I know she was hot, but that doesn’t really answer my question, you know.” “She was hot, baby. And she knew it. We both loved going out with her dressed in skimpy, sexy clothes. I loved showing her off…she loved it as much as I did. But then, I don’t know why, baby, but it just wasn’t enough.” I was slowly circling her hard little clit with a fingertip as I spoke. “When we made love, she told me stories about her experiences with her old lovers. Jesus, it made me so hot!” Lisa started moaning again, her hips thrusting up against the slight pressure of my finger. I bent over and bit her swollen nipple, my teeth covered by my lips. “It wasn’t long before I wanted to see her getting off with someone else. She met an old friend of mine at school one day and they seemed to share a mutual attraction. I asked her if she wanted to fuck him…if I could watch them.” Lisa was humping against my hand, groaning as she played with her nipples. “She said yes.” My daughter let out a low scream as I said this, her body resting on her shoulders and feet as her back arched in orgasm. “God, Daddy…did she do it? Really?” Lisa could hardly get the words out of her mouth, her breathing was so ragged. “Did she…fuck him, Daddy?” She grabbed my erection in her hand and started to squeeze. “Did you…ohhh…watch them, Daddy?” Her low moan signaled another climax and she shuddered as she lay back on the mattress again. I kissed my daughter lightly on her mouth, then licked her tight little body from her neck down to her swollen, bare love mound. I spread my tongue flat and lapped up the sweet nectar from her pink, pearly lips. She moaned that she was still too sensitive. She wanted me to answer her questions, punctuating her request with firm pressure to my aching balls. I kissed her juicy cunt once more, and then sat back and lit another joint. I handed it to her, exhaled the smoke, and started to tell her about that night. “My friend had an apartment downtown and he invited Mom and me over for dinner. Your mother didn’t know he and I had the whole evening planned out. She was wearing her Greek shirt…you know, the one Michael gave her? No bra and tight jeans, she looked so good that night.” Lisa handed the joint back to me and I took a deep hit. She had the most beautiful smile on her face. I handed it back and continued. “We weren’t there five minutes before she was bending over, her breasts exposed for George to see. We did a ‘ wok’ dinner. I remember as I was doing the stir-fry, George had his arm around your mother’s shoulder, kind of pulling the split in the shirt apart.” My breathing started to get faster and shallower as I remembered that night. Lisa was stroking me lightly again, I felt so hard and hot. “Nobody said anything, but it was like, all of a sudden, all three of us knew that she was showing George her bare breasts, her excited nipples; we all knew George was looking really hard; and, we all knew that I was just standing there, letting it happen.” “Dinner was over quickly…they did the dishes, I set up some music in the living room and rolled some joints waiting for them to finish. As I lit the first joint, they came in to the living room. George lowered the lights, then took your mother in his arms and kissed her so deeply, standing right in front of me. Mom moaned into his mouth, she was so into that kiss.” Lisa looked at me, covered my mouth with her lips and blew the smoke in her lungs into mine. She giggled, clearly buzzed from the smoke. “God, if anybody ever told me that I’d be shot-gunning my father…” She laughed out loud which made me laugh and cough and she started to massage my chest until the coughing stopped. “Really, Daddy, that’s sooo hot….how could you stand it?” “Baby, I was hard as a rock watching them. I gave the joint to George, and then sat back in an easy chair and lit a joint for me. I got so high…I was so turned on watching them. First, George moved a cocktail table out of the way, spread some pillows on the floor and they both laid down and started making out. “After a couple minutes, George sat up and took his shirt off, then unsnapped Mom’s jeans and pulled them off. They were about five feet away from me, baby. I watched my friend lick and suck your mother’s pussy through her sheer bikini panties.” “I only wear bikinis or thongs, Daddy. Wanna see me in them? Wanna lick my pussy through them?” Lisa was giggling again, her smile so wicked, so knowing. “You want me to tell you this?” I tried to sound stern. We both laughed. I’m sure my heart was thanking me for the brief respite. I took another hit and put the joint in the ashtray. After I exhaled, the image of George’s apartment came back clearly. “After he got Mom really turned on, he stood up and turned the lights way down and then opened the curtains to reveal a solid wall of glass, the night lights of downtown throwing a soft, sexy illuminating glow into the room. He sat down on the floor next to Mom, picked up her hand and put it on his jeans, right over his cock. She looked like she was in a trance, baby. She unzipped him and pulled them down his legs. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, so he was exposed immediately. “As soon as she pulled his jeans all the way off, she kneeled down beside him; he was stretched out on his back. She put on such a great show, honey. She sat back on her heels and slowly pulled her shirt over her head until she was totally exposed before us. Her nipples were so fucking hard; I’d never seen her like that. “She moved so that she was on the other side of George’s body, facing me. She looked at me, baby, and smiled so sweetly as she bent over him and picked his cock up in her hand. She licked his shaft up and down until it was glistening with her saliva.” I felt Lisa’s hot breath on my stiffening rod. When I looked down, I saw her tongue drawing slowly up the shaft. “Like this, Daddy? Is this how Mommy did it?” Her smile was positively wicked. “Yeah, sweetie, just like that.” My breathing got shallow again, making it hard for me to continue. “Then she slid down his body, trapping his long, thin cock between her perfect breasts. George moaned that he was in heaven. Then, she held him up and took him all the way into her throat.” My heart skipped more than one beat as my daughter mimicked her mother’s actions and swallowed my erect organ deep into her throat. She moaned around me, the vibrations from her lips moving down my shaft, through my balls, until the thrill was curling my toes so hard I started to get cramps in my legs. I reluctantly pulled Lisa off, wanting to finish this another way. Lisa protested, but I pulled her up so her head was resting on my shoulder. “Daddy, didn’t that feel good?” She tried to pout, but she couldn’t help smiling. “You know how good it felt, baby. But don’t you want to hear the rest? I think it might make you pretty hot, sweetie.” Lisa kissed me on the cheek and reached down to cup my balls in her fingers and then told me to continue. “She has this trick, baby…when she has a stiff prick down her throat, she keeps…I don’t know…like swallowing…and it feels…God, it feels great, baby…it feels like she’s massaging you in her throat. I could see her throat working on George and within minutes, he groaned that he was cumming. You should have seen her, baby. She swallowed all of his cum and then licked him clean. George was still laying there as she got up, the lights from the windows glowing on her. She walked over to me and gave me a long, slow kiss. She made sure I could taste George’s cum in her mouth. Then she walked back to the pillows and lay down on her back, her knees up and her legs spread. “She turned towards my friend and stretched out her arm to him. ‘C’mon, George,’ she said, ‘you know what he wants to see.’ She was looking at me as she spoke to him. George moved over to her and knelt between her legs. He starting licking your mother’s pussy through her thin little panties. Then he pulled them down her legs and off her feet. She was sprawled out completely naked, on her back with her legs spread. ‘C’mon, lover,’ she was panting with the excitement of getting her pussy eaten and the anticipation of getting fucked while being watched. She tilted her cunt up to him and he thrust inside her in one long, smooth push.” Lisa was massaging my swollen sac so softly – it felt so unbelievably great. She had a hoarse whisper when she asked, “Did it turn you on, Daddy, watching them fuck? Did it make you hard? Did you cum while you watched Mommy fuck your friend?” “Yes, baby…I was so turned on…watching them fuck…when I saw George start ramming her harder and faster…his ass started clenching and Mom started moaning. When I saw his cum start leaking out of her…I couldn’t help myself…I came along with him.” “What happened then, Daddy? Did you…you know…what Mom told Matt before?” Lisa could hardly speak, her breathing was so shallow; her skin was so hot I could feel the heat radiating from her flushed and sweaty naked body. Her fingers were bringing me over the edge as I remembered the rest of that fateful night. I laid down flat on my back, looking at the ceiling. I couldn’t look at my daughter as I continued, my voice choking with lust and the thrill of both remembered and present sensations. “She was still on the pillow, baby. George was next to her, holding her…stroking her slick flesh, sucking on her nipples. She told me to come over to her and guided me between her legs. She pulled my face down to her cunt. Her lips were dark red and a little swollen; there was a river of pearly white crème running from her pussy down over her ass. “She told me to lick her clean…to eat George’s cum out of her cunt, baby. And…I did it…I did what she asked me to do. We had never discussed it, but somehow, she knew the humiliation was as big a turn on as watching them have sex. My dick was as hard as it had ever been and she seemed to know that, too. I sucked and licked her until she was just about to cum. She lifted my face up…I didn’t recognize her…her expression was so intense. She said now that she had fucked George for me, she wanted me to do something for her.” My daughter’s fingers tightened around my tender sac as she gasped with clear intuition. She leaned across me and kissed me hard, her tongue licking my lips. “Oh Daddy,” she whispered in my ear, “you’re making me so hot!” Her fingers squeezed me softly again, my erection jumping as she licked my ear. “Tell me what she made you do! Everything, Daddy…just like you promised.” I took the joint from the ashtray, lit it and inhaled deeply. I passed it to Lisa as I waited for the smoke to slow my heartbeat. She took a long drag and put it back in the ashtray. Then she wriggled down the bed until her face was even with my stiff cock. She blew the smoke out slowly around the dark head, then took me into her mouth. God, she was as good as her mother! She bobbed up and down until her nose was buried in my short hair. Slowly she licked her way back up, turned to me with the wickedest little grin. “The whole truth, Daddy.” I whispered hoarsely as I continued my depraved tale. “She lowered her leg, unblocking the view of George’s cock laying across her hip. She held it up towards me…her voice was so low, baby, I could hardly hear her over the pounding of my heart. ‘Clean him up for me, baby…then make him hard…I want him to fuck me some more…’ I was paralyzed – we had never talked about anything like this. I felt her hand on the back of my neck, urging me towards my friend’s meat. With her other hand, she rubbed the head of his cock over my lips. I could taste both of them. Then, I remember George saying something, urging me to do what Mom asked. The next thing I knew, I was licking him clean.” “Ohhh, Daddy…” Lisa was moaning as she ran her fingers in little circles around her hard clit. “That’ sooo hot!!! Did you love it? Tell me!!!” My daughter’s ‘more than positive’ reaction spurred me on. “Yes, baby…I loved the whole thing. After I cleaned him off, Mom told me again to make him hard for her. I sucked as much of his slim eight inches into my mouth as I could…I started blowing him, making him hard. He felt so good in my mouth, the head getting bigger. I licked around the crown until he started moaning. Then your mother pushed me away and rolled over on top of George. Baby, she was on fire! Her eyes blazed, locked on mine, as she straddled him, facing his feet – looking directly at me – and lowered herself on to his steel-hard pole. “She sat upright, honey, letting the city lights bathe her in beautiful, shimmering light. Her skin was moist from the sweat of great sex, reflecting the glow. I could see little beads of moisture trail down between her tits. I could see her eyes, now so very dark blue, locked on mine as she spoke to him. ‘You feel so good, lover…it’s so nice…longer than his…’ George was playing with her nipples, moaning replies. He said something to her that I couldn’t hear, but I found out soon enough. “She rocked her hips back and forth, faster and faster, her eyes were dark slits in her face. Still looking directly at me, her voice much steadier than her body, I heard her say, “Yes, George…of course I’ll fuck you again…anytime, lover…whenever you say.’” Lisa was moaning wildly, her fingers now thrusting in and out of her sweet, juicy cunt hole. “Fuck, Daddy…such a slut…just like me, Daddy…” She started to wail as her orgasm overtook her, racking her lithe young frame. “Did you love her so much then, Daddy?” Lisa could barely choke the words out. I smiled with all the love I felt for my entire family as I looked down at my beautiful girl. “Honey, it was at that moment that I knew I wanted to marry her and be with her forever. If she was a whore, it was because I wanted her to be. If she humiliated me, it was because she figured out how much that gets me hot. We love each other, baby…like we love you and your brother. Did you ever think otherwise? Ever, Lisa?” Her breath was shallow, her eyes were burning, her young, hard body slick from her most recent climax as she moved us both around until I was kneeling between her spread thighs. Lisa rolled her hard nipples with her fingers as she looked up at me, her voice very low, and said “You wanna fuck me, don’t you, Daddy?” With one hand, she reached down and stroked the length of my erection. “You wanna put this in your daughter’s little pussy, don’t you?” I groaned, both of us knowing my answer. The wicked grin was back – my stomach lurched as she spoke. “Ain’t gonna happen, Pops…at least, not until my gorgeous brother fucks the shit outta me with his wonder-cock.” She must have seen something approaching fatal disappointment cross my face. “But don’t worry, Daddy; I plan on that happening real soon. In the meantime, there is something you can do for me.” She beckoned me forward and whispered in my ear. “Lick my cunt, Daddy…make it really wet, then rub your dick all over it ‘til you cum on my pussy.” And she pushed my head down towards her beautiful bare love mound. I did just as she asked…as she told me. I bathed her sweet, young flesh with my tongue, spreading the slick mixture of her nectar and my saliva along her pink pussy lips and around her budding clit. Then I moved forward, sliding my hardened shaft through her hot, moist furrow. Back and forth I rocked my hips, sliding my hard organ over her swelling lips and hard little nubbin. I leaned down and sucked a nipple into my mouth, pulling it gently as Lisa moaned. She started to tickle my balls, sending my cum up the shaft. I knew she could sense I was very close. As I was just about to cum, she whispered once again. “Cum on my pussy, Daddy…then I want you…do this for me, Daddy...to lick it all up.” I felt my heart explode as her words reverberated through my head. How could she know? How could she put it all together so quickly? The thoughts stopped as I shot spurt after spurt of semen over the top of her pussy, covering her sweat-coated mound. Then, just like her mother, she pushed down on my shoulders until my face hovered directly over her sex. Lisa moaned as I directed my hot breath over her silky skin. “Eat me, Daddy… eat your little slut and make me cum…just like Mom…now, Daddy!” The heat trapped between us was almost unbearable. I dragged my tongue through the puddles of cum I had left covering her sweet, fresh pussy. I licked it up, swirling my deposit around her hard little clit, sucking her into my mouth. “Fuck me with your tongue, Daddy.” Lisa moaned as she rocked back and forth from my oral ministrations. I did as she asked, making myself hard, pushing into her tight, wet cunt. I drew her up, pressing as deeply into her as I could, plunging my rigid tongue in and out of her as she started a low wail. “Oh, Daddy…that’s so good…don’t stop, Daddy… I’m gonna cum!!!” Suddenly my lips and tongue were awash with the sweetest taste, soaked in my daughter’s love juices. I was exhausted from the heat and the intensity of her reactions. It was all I could do to roll over and try to catch my breath. When Lisa had calmed down a little, she moved into the crook of my arm, her arm across my chest. When I glanced down at my daughter, her face held the same, slightly evil smile I had seen earlier. “That was unbelievable, Daddy. You have the best tongue ever!” I smiled as I heard her mother’s voice say the same thing in my mind. Ever so slowly, her fingernail drew across my sac, sending chills all through me. “And don’t worry, Daddy…” Her fingers moved to the fold of skin gathered under the crown of my receding organ. “You’ll be fucking your little girl before you know it…” My smile turned into a grimace as she pinched the loose skin between her fingertips. Her voice dropped so low I could hardly hear her. “You can fuck me, Daddy… right after you suck Matt’s cum from my cunt!”

Matt fell off his mother’s sweat and cum-soaked body. He felt better than he ever had before in all of his eighteen years. He looked across at her, stretched out naked and exposed on her back, her eyes closed as she tried to bring her breathing back to normal. She was so goddamn fucking beautiful…and she was his to fuck whenever he wanted! “Fuck,” he thought, “it just can’t get better than this. Well, maybe it can…” “Mom,” he rubbed her tit with his palm as he spoke to her, “Mom, I’m thirsty. Get me something to drink. Cold, okay?” He couldn’t breathe as he waited for Laurie to react. She had been laying there with her eyes closed, feeling as complete and satisfied as she’d ever had. The small quiver of misgivings deep in her heart would have to wait. She was so happy, thrilled really, that her husband had made her come downstairs to begin with. She had watched her son grow into a young man with all the love she could feel. And she recognized, along with her husband, that her love was deeper and stronger than she could have normally expressed. Now, she felt, they could be honest, open and completely loving as a whole family. Yes, she had heard them outside Matt’s bedroom door. At times, she was a little shocked at what she’d heard, but she’d seen the way he’d looked at their daughter earlier, seen the way Lisa had looked at him over the last few years. She smiled softly to herself. “Yes,” she thought, “this is much better.” She heard Matt assert himself, trying out his new-found position of dominance. She was almost as proud of his quick mental grasp as she was of his beautiful young cock. Without hesitation, she found herself on her knees next to him, sitting back on her heels. “Of course, my love,” Laurie spoke sweetly to her son, her newest master. “But first, let me make you more comfortable.” She leaned across him to fix his pillow, but was brought to a sudden halt by the sharp pain slicing through her distended nipple. Matt was smiling as he brought her face back up with his other hand. “I’m thirsty now, Mom.” He let his eyes fall to her breast. “Oh, look…you’re bleeding a little.” He cupped her full, heavy tit in his hand, lifting it towards her, a drop of blood collecting on the pale flesh where he had ‘marked’ her during their first furious fuck. “I’ll take care of it for you, Mom,” Matt was whispering, almost hypnotically. Laurie couldn’t draw a breath as she watched her son bend down and lick the drop of blood slowly and sensuously off of her heaving breast. Her cuntal walls were trembling with instantaneous orgasmic pleasure. His hand reached for her other breast, his fingertips slowly circling around that nipple. His whisper became just so slightly menacing. “Wanna get me that drink now, Mom?” Laurie quickly backed off the bed, grabbed her wineglass and went into the kitchen. In the too-bright light, she could see the marks on her breasts where her lover/master/son had bitten so delicately into her flesh, sealing the deal, making her his. Again, her lower parts started to tremble. She grabbed the counter with one hand, holding herself up while she put her glass down with the other. She closed her eyes to the white light as she felt the trembling increase. Her fingers dropped down and she started to stroke herself as she remembered what had happened just moments earlier. But wanting to keep her son well pleased, she forced herself to stop her own pleasure. She quickly poured herself another glass of wine and a tall glass of ice water for Matt and brought them back to the soothing blue light and warm smells of her son’s bedroom. Matt was leaning up against his headboard, smiling so sweetly as his mother walked back in to his room. He thought again about the stunning events of the evening, his eyes glued to Laurie’s naked flesh. He had to hear more – had to know more about his mother and father’s ‘secret’ life. Laurie handed him the water; he took a long drink and handed it back so Laurie could set it on the nightstand. As she took a drink of her wine, he patted the mattress, motioning for her to get back on the bed. She curled up on her side, next to her gorgeous, naked son, still marveling at the natural wonder between his slim, muscular legs. Laurie took his flaccid cock in hand – it was much larger soft than Steven’s was hard, she thought. “Baby, let me clean you up, okay?” Laurie was being as submissive as she could. “Honey, that felt so good,” she whispered, feeling deliciously dirty. “Your cock was so far up my ass, baby…I felt…no, I knew then that I was all yours. Forever, baby.” Matt’s cock jumped when he heard ‘forever’. But when you fuck someone, anyone, in the ass, you have to make sure you are very clean afterwards.” Laurie gave his balls a quick kiss. “I’ll be right back, lover.” Laurie hopped off the bed and got a warm, wet washcloth from Matt’s bathroom. She walked back into his room and closed the door behind her. Matt had turned on his reading lamp, focusing the hi-intensity beam towards his door. As she turned into the room, Laurie froze as she realized her body was bathed in a bright white light. “You really are beautiful, Mother.” She trembled at his tone, dark and assertive. It sent chills through the walls of her cunt. “Come closer.” She moved slowly, hardly able to put one foot in front of the other, until she stood beside his bed. He moved the light so it shone on her full, heavy breasts, highlighting her swollen nipples. Matt put his hands on them, gently kneading her flesh. “Are they okay? Do they hurt where I marked them?” His voice dropped again. Laurie stumbled over her tongue trying to get the words out. “Their fine, baby. I told you, I’m all yours now, lover.” Matt knew he was pressing it, but he couldn’t stop himself. “Why, Mother?” He felt the rush even as he kept himself still and quiet. “Because I fucked you in the ass? I’m not the first to do that…chances are I won’t be the last. Will I, Mother?” Laurie was just crumbling inside. She was numb, her heart beating so fast, her mouth too dry to speak. Then she saw her son smile at her, like the sun shining through after a storm. He was still playing with her terrific tits, rubbing his thumbs in circles around her swollen, sensitive buds. “I bet I’m not the only one to ever bite these beauties, either.” Laurie slowly shook her head no, her sky blue eyes downcast before her new master. Matt sat up on the edge of his bed, his knees holding his mother before him. “I will make you mine, Mother.” As flat as Matt’s voice was, it added to Laurie’s heightened excitement, every nerve on edge, her cunt leaking her love fluids down her thighs. Matt circled her hips with his left arm, drawing his mother’s flushed, sweat-slick body to within inches of his face. Again, the smile that lit up the universe for Laurie swept over her. Matt told himself this was for him as well as his un- fucking-believable mother. He knew he had her number – he just wanted to make sure he had the balls to be the new Alpha- male in the house. This should do it. He was surprised at how calm he could appear – he thought he could hear his heart beating outside his chest. He drew her closer and spoke softly. “I marked you twice, Mom…but it seems that wasn’t exclusive enough.” Laurie was feeling the beginnings of an orgasm starting to build. He put his right hand on her hairless mound and started to rub her hard. He could feel the heat building between her coated thighs. “I’m going to mark you a third time, slut!” He shoved a finger into her as he spoke; Laurie’s legs almost gave out. “Lay down on the bed…now, Mother…on your back…” Laurie hurried to comply, her shaky legs slowing her down. “Spread those gorgeous gams, Mom.” Matt swiveled around, moving between her outstretched legs. He stroked slowly up the insides of his mother’s burning thighs until his long fingers were pulling her naked lips, playing with her engorged clit. Laurie was going out of her mind with pleasure; no one had ever made her feel things the way her son was making her feel, controlling her body. He brought his mouth closer as he continued to play with her swollen cunt. This time, he couldn’t stop his voice from betraying his emotion. “Right here, Mom…right below your tattoo…where somebody else marked you for Dad…” Laurie could feel his breath on her skin, making her burn even hotter. Matt looked up suddenly, looking more like the 18 year-old boy. “Mom,” he asked, “Dad’s gonna eat you later, isn’t he?” Laurie could only moan in reply. “Good,” Matt’s voice got older and more controlled. “Then he can see where someone else has marked you…has made you his…” He licked her burning skin below her tattoo. “He’ll see where I’ve made you mine, Mother!” And he took the flesh in his fingers between his teeth and bit sharply, just cutting the top layer, just enough to draw a drop of his mother’s blood to the surface. “Ohhh God!!! I’m cumming, baby!!!” Laurie screamed as her son bit her flesh. She lost all control – she was all sensations and feelings, mostly an unbelievable love for her son. Matt was vibrating as he lay across his mother’s hips, feeling her orgasm wash through her wonderful body. God, he loved her so much! This was so fuckin’ cool! He licked the blood off of her skin as he drew himself up, sucked a nipple between his teeth and gave it just the tiniest bite. Laurie shook again – it was like the aftershock of an earthquake. Her son was playing her body like a true master. Matt continued upward, licking and nipping the skin on her neck, until he was half-laying down with his back against the headboard. He looked at his cock, now soft again, laying across his thigh. He waved a hand at his mother. “Go ahead…you can clean me off now.” He leaned back into the pillows, getting quite comfortable. Laurie moved around on her side, her head near his stomach. She grabbed the washcloth from where she had dropped it earlier and started to gently clean her son’s beautiful weapon. “Tell me another story, Mom.” Matt’s voice had a dreamy quality to it as he relaxed into the rhythm of his mother’s hands on his cock and balls. “Tell me about another time Dad gave you away…something really slutty, Mom.” Laurie looked up at her son, her eyes sparkling with love and lust. Her voice was so light and happy. “You really are more like your father than you know, Matt. I remember something I think you’ll like to hear.” She reached across his chest. “Can I have my wine, baby?” Matt handed her the glass; she took a long sip and then handed it back. Matt put it down and got comfortable again. “Tell me, Mommy.” Laurie continued to clean Matt’s cock with loving attention as she spoke. “You know the Founder’s Day Fair in Greenfield (two towns north of ours). Well, Dad and I used to go every summer. They had the best food and great music. Anyway,” she continued, but was now stroking Matt’s firming stalk with her fingertips, “one year, we went there on our way to a party at our friend’s house. It was really hot, baby…in the nineties…and it was so humid, I was sweating everywhere. “We walked down the length of the fairgrounds…you know how they have the tents backed up against the fence by the railroad tracks? Well, we were walking along there – it was pretty dark if you were out of the lights – but then you would like walk into a pool of light from the old-fashioned street lamps. It was pretty cool, like an old movie. ‘Anyway, we stopped under a streetlamp so your dad could light a cigarette. He told me how hot I looked, all sweaty and everything. Oh, I forgot to tell you, baby…well, you know that Daddy likes me to dress kind of sexy…for the party, I was wearing a red-and-white striped tube top and really short blue jean cut-offs.” Matt interrupted. “Tell me about the tube top, Mom. Did it show off your tits?” The teenager was coming out again. It made Laurie giggle. “Yes, honey. It fit real snug; I wore it so it was just a couple inches above my nipples and it stopped about 3 inches under my breasts. When I wanted to tease Dad, I had it adjusted so a white stripe covered my nipples. If I got a little excited, they were pretty easy to see. Matt was approaching his full, commanding length; Laurie’s fingertips kept grazing his taut skin so lightly. Her voice dropped, her breathing got a little faster as she remembered that hot night long ago. “So we were under the light, Dad was lighting his cigarette, when we were suddenly surrounded by four Latino kids. Now, I was probably twenty-four that summer – Dad would have been about twenty-seven. These guys were maybe nineteen or twenty. The past few years, the Fair drew more and more kids out of the city for the day. “Anyway, I got just a little scared…not that they were…you know…frightening or anything. I was just startled when they just appeared. So, I guess I got a little excited, baby…next thing I know, my nipples are poking right through my top. One of the guys asked Dad for a cigarette; they were all staring right at me, baby…I was getting really hot. These guys were kind of dark-skinned, like they all worked outside…thin and really muscular, just like you. “Dad gave him a cigarette and held out his lighter for him. The guy stepped around me to light it, but he kept his arm around my shoulder as he leaned towards Daddy. He said thanks, then looked right at me as he asked Dad what my story was. Dad said ‘what do you mean?’ The guys all laughed, then the first one says ‘she dresses like a puta…nice tits, too.’ Right in front of Dad, he moves his arm from my shoulder and puts his hand on my breast. He looks at Dad again and says ‘how much for a blow job, man?’” A steady stream of pre-cum was leaking from the slit on Matt’s cock. Laurie used her thumb to smooth it all around the crown of his beautiful thick head. “Baby, I could feel the moisture running down my legs. I was so excited I could hardly breathe. Daddy looked at me really hard for a minute – I didn’t move a muscle as this guy was rolling my nipple with his fingers. We were still under the streetlamp, but the guys moved around us, hiding me in the middle. Daddy looked at the guy and said twenty-five dollars each. I thought my heart would stop right there, baby! “They all groaned, baby. The one with the cigarette said they didn’t have enough money. Daddy took his hand off my chest, then looked around to see if any one was coming. Then, really fast, Daddy pulled my top down, uncovering both of my breasts in front of these guys…out in the open, baby…I was still hidden, but I was so turned on! “The cigarette guy grabbed me and started moaning. He told Dad he had to have me and as a group, we moved by the railroad fence, out of the light. He unzipped his jeans and pushed me down in front of him. Nobody said anything as I took him in my mouth, baby, and sucked his cock between my lips. The other guys were crowded around me. I heard their zippers open; when I could see a little, I realized they were all jerking off, rubbing their hard cocks all over my back and my shoulders. God, I felt so slutty, Matt. It felt so dirty and so good at the same time. Laurie couldn’t stop herself from finishing her cleaning job with her tongue. She licked up and down the full, firm length of Matt’s enormous cock, sucking the soft, mushroom-shaped head between her lips. “God, Mom…that feels so good…is this how you sucked off the Mexican kid?” Laurie pulled herself reluctantly off his proud manhood and continued her tale. “No, baby…I was making love to your cock, sweetie. I sucked his dick like a whore. First, he wasn’t nearly as big as you, my love. And second, while I admit the whole thing was incredibly exciting, I wanted to hurry so we wouldn’t get caught. So I took him all the way into my throat, bobbed up and down about ten times, then did my swallowing trick until he came. I stood up and the other three were feeling me up and kissing me while they jerked off. The first guy pushed me back on my knees facing his friends. I put my hands on their balls to help them and they all came all over my tits and my face. Oh God, honey…it was about the sluttiest thing I’d ever done in my life. I came so hard when they splashed their crème all over me.” Laurie was panting by the time she finished her little tale, as flushed as she was that summer night in the alley. Matt’s breathing was ragged as well. He brought his mother’s face over his straining pole. His eyes were like slits, his skin radiating heat from her story and the feel of her skin, her big, beautiful tits laying across his stretched out form. “Suck my dick, Mom. I want a first-class professional blowjob from my own personal slut.” Matt shoved her head down over his cock. Laurie opened wide and relaxed her throat as best she could. After only three strokes, her nose was buried in his sparse pubic hair. Even though her son’s fingers were wrapped around the back of her neck, Laurie took control back as she started gliding up and down his thick shaft, playing with her tongue as she kept him on the edge. She drew almost all the way out, keeping just the thick, spongy head in her mouth. She invaded the tiny slit with the tip of her tongue, making Matt moan loudly as she drank the delicious drops of pre-cum. Then she plunged down one more time, taking him all the way, his full erection nestled snugly in her throat. Laurie started to hum. “Oh God, Mom…don’t stop…please…don’t stop!” Laurie felt Matt’s hips begin to flex upwards and knew he was close. She was lost in her own world of lust and passion and longing – remembering how it felt to be stripped and sold that night…how humiliating and yet…how incredibly hot! How hot this was…giving in to her husband’s suggestion…resulting in the best night of her life! She took one of her hands and moved it down her belly and over her naked mons until her fingers were at the entrance of her cunt. She used two fingers to scoop enough crème out of her wet pussy to lubricate Matt’s back door. As she started to do her swallowing trick, massaging his cock with her throat muscles, she spread the lubricant over her son and suddenly thrust a finger into his tight, virgin ass. Matt groaned, mumbled that he was going to cum. Laurie started to massage his prostate as she started humming again and Matt couldn’t stop the express train he was riding. His balls contracted as his climax washed through his entire being; He shot spurt after spurt of his sweet cum down his mother’s throat, feeling higher and better than he ever had before. Laurie moved her lips to cover the swollen, sensitive head of Matt’s python, taking the final jolts of his cum into her mouth. She sucked him clean as she slid off his glistening shaft. She looked up at her son, her lover, with eyes glazed over with pure lust and passion. She slowly raised herself up, positioning herself carefully next to him on the bed. She sat back on her heels, her knees spread about shoulder width. Her back was straight, but her head slightly bowed. She sat angled towards him, her dark pink pussy open as if for his inspection. As she looked at him again, she saw his eyes moving all over her sweat-covered body, finally opening wide in surprise and recognition as he recalled a passage about a slave girl in one of his father’s old paperback SF novels. As their eyes locked, Laurie opened her mouth to show Matt the remains of his love, then smiled at him as she swallowed the creamy load. Matt looked at his mother with a total sense of logic and understanding as he thought about the events of this momentous New Year’s Eve. He just needed a little clarification to settle everything in his still whirling mind, to make sure he was right. “Tell, me, Mother,” his tone was neutral, but there was no mistaking the power behind it. “Dad knows, doesn’t he?” “Yes, baby…” Laurie could hardly get the words out – the moisture in her mouth seemed to have moved to her suddenly drenched cunt. “Daddy and your sister saw us earlier, Matt.” Matt smiled to himself, a low feral noise came from deep in his throat. “What exactly did they see, Mother?” “I’m not sure exactly, baby, but I think I heard them when I sucked your beautiful cock the first time…and…I think I heard them…” “What, Mother?” “When you fucked me in my ass, lover. I’m pretty sure I heard Lisa describing your cock to your daddy.” Matt chuckled softly. He had noticed his sister earlier in that outrageous dress. Never thought he’d get a piece of that, but…then again… Matt looked sharply at his mother. “Then Dad knows…if he knows I fucked your ass… he knows you’re mine now, doesn’t he, Mother?” Laurie cast her eyes down before her master. “Yes, baby,” she whispered to her son. Matt’s eyes became slits; fire, desire and power pouring out of them. “He knows I’m your lover…will he treat me like your other lovers, Mother? Will he do all those things to me?” Laurie was trying to answer her son, but the tremors rocking her cunt made it so hard. The pictures Matt was putting in her mind were making her weak with desire. “Do…do you want that, baby?” She thought her heart would explode as she waited for her son’s response. “Do you, Mom? Do you want to see your husband sucking me, making me hard for you?” “Yes, baby…that would be sooo hot!!!” Laurie was almost beyond control. “Should I fuck him, too, Mom?” Matt’s voice dropped even lower. “Would that make you hot?” Laurie could only moan as her body started to give in to the sensations caused by the erotic scene her son was describing. “You know what would really turn me on, Mom?” Matt was almost breathless as he spoke. “Yeah, this would really be cool…you and Dad…together…licking my cum… right out of Lisa’s sweet little cunt.” Laurie rocked back and forth on her heels, her most intense orgasm of the night washing through every fiber of her body.

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