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A Family Kidnapped and Sexually Molested
02-20-2013, 05:04 PM
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A Family Kidnapped and Sexually Molested
Part 1

This is a true incident which i am going to narrate to you. At that time i was only 16 and as most teenagers of my age had never had sex till that incident.
During the school vacation i was sent to my chacha's place because my parents had to go on a business tour. I have always liked going there mostly because of my chachi. She was really a cute lady though she was in her 40s. Unlike most housewives she cared very much about her figure and would go for jogging every morning. Her daughter, Navisha was as cute as her mother and had an awsome figure. No one would believe that she was only 14. My cousin brother Navin was a year older than me.
Chacha told me that he had planned to take the whole family to visit a ancient palace and asked me to prepare some clothes because we were going to stay there for the weekend.We left home very early in the morning. I was very happy because i was sitting in between my chachi and Navisha. During the trip, i was always looking for any occasion to feel their boobs. I would crush against their boobs every time the jeep was swerving right and left. They too seemed to be enjoying it.
After several kilometres of drive both Chachi and Navisha were urgent need to pee, so chacha stopped and both went behind the nearby bushes to relieved themselves. Sitting in the jeep, i tried my best see to them pissing but they were well protected by the dense bushes. Thinking of them was giving me a huge erection. Few minutes later, they got out but they were not alone. "Oh my God" there was two men holding them. Chacha got down the jeep and rushed to their rescue btu they threatened him if he approched further they will both. Seeing revolvers in their hand, Chacha stopped and asked them what they wanted. "Is it about money" "Take everything but please leave my daughter and wife" Chacha yelled. A third man got out the dense bushes and was pointing his rifle towards chacha. He ordered us to get down of the jeep and tied our hands and feet. We screamed for help but in a deserted like this we knew it was futile. The man who was holding Navisha was already fondling her boobs. "Please,please for God sake stop it. She is too young" Chachi said. The man then moved towards chachi and kissed her mouth savagely. Chachi pushed him away and slapped him. Furious he ordered his friend to torture Chacha. The latter started beating Chacha brutally. "You will cooperate or..."
"No Sanjana don't do anything" Chacha cried in pain. "Ok i will give you what you want but please leave my children and husband"
Aiming their gun at us, we were force to back in the jeep. They untied our feet and Navin tried to escape to look for help. Unfortunately they caught him and hit him on the head. He fell unconcious.They dragged him and put him in th jeep. We were tied again but this time they blindfolded us also. We were being driven to another place we could guess.

Part 2

After 30 minutes of drive the jeep stopped. It seemed that we have reached at their den. They untied our feet again and we were being pushed inside their hut. "Please let us go" Chacha said."I'll give everything i have".But it was to no avail and shut the door behind us.

Inside the hut, there was complete silence for a while. Everybody was too terrified to utter a words. "Sanjana are you alright" Chacha asked his wife. Chachi was sobbing as she knew it was just the beginning. "Navin,Navisha,Arjun dont' worry children. Have faith in God,nothing will happen to us" Chacha was trying to console us. Navin was suffering his head and Navisha was so traumatized that she could neither weep nor talk to anyone. We could hear them outside. I supposed they were playing cards.

I succeeded in unknotting the ropes from my hands and unfolded my eyes. I walked towards the nearby window and peaked outside. They were busy boozing. I could see that they were more than 3 here. I freed everybody's hands and we grouped in the middle of the room. " They are going to kill us. We are going to die" I screamed. Both Chacha and chachi hugged us and tried to console us.

Suddenly the door opened and an old man came in. He had a big moustache,grey hair on his head and a gun in his hand. He was looking at Chachi with lusty eyes. He approached us,without saying a word, he took Chachi by her hair and was dragging her away from us. Chachi was screaming in pain and Chacha tried to save his wife but the old man being stronger than Chacha, knocked him out. He fell unconcious and was bleeding profusely from the head.

"Please leave me,let me stay near my children" Chachi cried out. "Ok as you want" and with that he tore Chachi's blouse and skirt. Oh my God, chachi was standing in front of us wearing a red panty and white bra but not for long as the old man not finding any need to remove it as it should tore open the bar and panty. She was now fully nude in front of us. She tried to hide her nudity and was feeling really ashamed as she was being watched by her son,nephew and an old man which is probably the same age of his father. I had always wanted to see these hidden treasures but in not in a such situation. He smooched her with all his force, fondled her huge boobs and sucked them. He was bitting Chachi long pinkish nipples. I wished i was at his place and have these in my mouth too. He removed and his belt and dropped down his pants. He had a monster cock and ordered Chachi to put it her lovely little mouth. He slpped her and to kill us if she didn't. Chachi knelt down and started sucking it having no other choice. It seemed that she was was really expert at it. The man was moaning like a mad. I'm sure that Navin like me had never thought that her mother was such a good cocksucker. He turned chachi and started licking her asshole while fingering her hairy cunt. There is no doubt it was really tasty. He started licking her choot."Please ssss,stoooooop"Chachi tried to say and her facial expressions were telling that she was really enjoying.I can't believe it nor her children. She felt very embarassed and pushed away the man's face from her cunt. The man was annoyed by this and to punished her for not letting him to eat this juicy cunt, the man spread he ass cheek, spit in her asshole and penetrated her. She screamed with pain as it was probably the first time. "Please its hurting,please stop,stop" But it was to no avail and the horny old man continued pumpimg her ass and in a few minutes he cummed inside Chachi. He forced his cock back inside Chachi's mouth and told her to clean her shit with her tongue.

Part 3

The man left the room. Chachi was screaming in pain and was bleeeding from behind. Such a huge tool had never entered her ass before. Navin was sobbing in a corner as he had helplessly watched her dear mother being sodomized. Chacha had just regained conciousness and had not witness the scene. Navisha was traumatized as it was her first time that she had seen a dick. She managed to move near her mother with the latter's clothes. I approached them as i did not want to lose this opportunity of getting close up view of Chachi's choot. It was so odd as chachi was feeiling very ashamed being watched by her Nephew in such state. I spread her legs and made her wear panty while Navisha was busy with the bra and blouse. It was the first time i was seeing this lovely thing and was already in love with it. It's the most beautiful thing i've ever seen. I thought i've cummed in my pants itself when hands brushed against her bush.

I got up and walked to the door and amazingly it was not locked. I peaked outside and could see no one. I informed everyone about it and we knew that we would not get a better opportunity of escaping from here.We didn't lose time and started running through the dense forest as our jeep too was nowhere to be seen. Al we wanted was as far as we could from this place. It was nearly night and we decided stop at a nearby cave.We were too tired and i didn't know when i fell asleep.

Bang! We woke up and my goodness they have found us.Their eyes were red with anger as they had been looking for us the whole night. The old man who had raped Chachi commanded his men to get hold of Navisha and Chachi."Noo....Leave us for God sake...."Chachi protested. Chacha again tried to come to the rescue of his wife and daughter but again he was easily knocked out by the old man. They tied his hands and feet and dragged him till the jeep.The old man was sitting next to the driver of the vehicle and two of them had eyes and gun on us, me and Navin while the other two were having fun with Chachi and Navisha. The one with Navisha were licking every bit of her beautiful face with one hand inside her t-shirt fondling her right boobs. We could see chachi's choot clearly as the bastard had lifted her skirt till her thigh and was fingering her. They then swapped duty meaning that those who were guarding us went to Chachi and Navisha and the other two came to us. "Have you ever touched it?...Fool..."Your mom's cunt is damn hot" "I wonder how ur sister would be over there" The one with Navisha joked that she is so hot that his finger is burning and they all laughed.Navin,red with fury spat in his face and the latter knocked him with the revolver on his head. He then stood up,removed his pant and pissed on Navin's face. That was really disgusting.

Part 4

We kept moving through the dense forest and surprisingly they didn't stopped at their den this time.We were being taken to another place for sure.But where???...No one besides me made this remark koz both Chachi and Navisha were in total despair,while Navin had his head bent..too ashamed to lift his eyes and Chacha was still lying down..unconscious or dead?oh God when will we be free from their clutches?

The old man turned back,uttered some words and they replied back to him.We couldn't understand what they were talking about koz we have never heard such language before.They were surely planning what to do wiz us i guessed.He then removed a bottle from his jacket and handed it to the four bastards behind.Oh my goodness!it had such a strong smell that no one wud not guess this correctly.It was pure alcohol which had been most probably brewed by themselves.The eldest one among them had the privilege to have the first gulp and he had to pass to the one next to him till the bottle reach the front to the old man.Guess what?The one next to him was none other than me.I had consumed alcohol on some rare occasions but this one the mere smell of it was making me feel dizzy.I hesitantly brought the bottle to my mouth,closed my eyes and sipped it.I then passed it to the guy next to me who was apparently younger than me and was spellbound with the ease he swallowed if he was having a bottle of water.My head was already spinning.Navisha looked worriedly at the bottle passing from hand to hand koz her turn was approaching too.Chachi surprised us when she snatched the bottle from them and had three large gulps leaving the bottle nearly empty.She did this for Navisha or she just wanted to get high so as to forget the ordeal we were undergoing through.Navisha was luckily spared but the old man was annoyed koz he did not get to consume anything.He turned back,grabbed Chachi by her hair,pulled her forward and licked her lips.She was too cockeyed to protest and readily let the old man enjoyed her mouth.He tore the salwar kameez and let out one of her juicy boob out.He kept on sucking her light brown nipple.The other ones were excited at the view of this and so was i.Chachi tried hard to fight against the effect of the alcohol but in vain and from her facial expressio i could only conclude that she was enjoying it too.It seemed that it had been a while that no one cared of sucking those tasty nipples.Shame on you Chacha i thought.I glanced at Navin and could only read fustrations on his face.He too was not believing his eyes dat his mother was not resisting this man who was as old as his granpa.He got up and was successful in pulling Chachi away but was quickly brought down by the four brutes.They kept kicking him with their boots but surprisingly the old man intervened and called for silence.It must be because we were approaching this village.......

"A village amidst this dense forest"It was hard to believe. Few huts were in view but they were in such a condition that i wondered if they were really inhabited. The old faggot ordered the driver to move slower as if he wanted not to make any noise and covered our faces with some gunny bags. It was becoming really intringuing. Y this sudden change of behaviour? Was he fearing the villagers?Y complete silence were reigning everywhere if it was not an abandoned village?

Suddenly the jeep halted and 3 gunshots could be heard. "Oh my god what was happening. Had they decided to kill all of us? 3 of us is already gone and now it was my turn"I thought. Breathing under this gunny bag was becoming more and more more difficult.

The jeep started moving again but this time we were moving over wooden planks. It seemed to be a bridge.

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