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A Beautiful Weekend... Part II
07-16-2011, 12:54 AM
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A Beautiful Weekend... Part II
He wakes... blurry eyed and a little disoriented. His cock starts to harden as the memories of their fucking before they went to sleep flood his mind. The teasing... her bent over in front of him on her hands and knees. His cock ramming her cunt.... his cock now aches for her cunt.

He then realizes that she's not beside him. But, he hears the shower. He walks towards the bathroom and sees the dress she was wearing on the floor. Then he remembers that through all their sex from before, she still had the dress on. He picks it up. Smells it. Feels it. He remembers her scent and the feeling of her body through the dress. He looks over and sees her in the shower.

She is leaning up against the shower glass. Her breasts pressed against the glass. The water dripping down her lovely body. He admires her body - her curves. He likes the way she is built. His hard cock aches for her even more.

He steps in and goes up behind her. He wraps his arms around her and holds her tight. "I love you", he says. She smiles. He then begins to caress her body. He caresses her breasts. He slides a hand down to her cunt and starts to caress it.

Then, something comes over her. She stiffens and grabs his cock. Her grasp on his cock tightens and she tells him to get out. Shocked by this, he just stands there. She tightens her grip still and tells him, again, to get out.

After they are out, she leads him by his cock to the bed and tells him, forces him, to lie down. "I don't want you saying anything. I don't want you touching me. You're just going to take what I give you. Do you understand?” she tells him.

"Yes" he says hesitantly.

"What did you say?" she asked.

"Yes, Mistress" he replied.

He was completely shocked. What came over her? She had never been like this before -- but he liked it. She released her grip on him and began to lick his cock. Oh she loved this. Loved the taste of his cock. Loved the feeling of power she had over him now. She wasn't sure why she had done this. But the sense of power she had excited her.

Her tongue was doing amazing things to him. He lifted his hands to place on her head... but she snapped at him, "I told you not to move". She then put her mouth over him, and he moaned. "Shut up", she yelled. She loved it. Loved ordering him around. She could tell he was a little confused, but she made up for it by sucking him harder than she'd ever done before. She knew it killed him to be unable to touch her or even moan. And it made her so wet.

As much as she loved his cock in her mouth, she needed him in her elsewhere. She straddled him, and started running her cunt along his cock -- getting it nice and wet. "Should I tie you up?” she asks. When he nodded no, she was glad. She really didn't have restraints ready - and she didn't want to wait. But soon she placed his cock inside her cunt and fucked him.

His hard, stiff cock felt so good ramming into her cunt. Driving so deep into her. She leaned forward and placed her hands on his arms. This had the benefit of placing her breasts right in front of his face. "You want to lick them?" she asked. "Yes" he said in an almost pleading tone.

"Too bad." Just stay still while I fuck you" she told him. She knew there was so much more he wanted to do to her. But right now, she wanted to be in control. She wanted to just use him. She enjoyed keeping him immobile. She enjoyed knowing how much he wanted to just turn her over and ravage her.

The idea of him ravaging her turned her on even more. She ached for him to fuck her. She got off him, and got on her hands and knees. She barked at him to "Get up. You're going to fuck me. Don't talk. Just fuck."

"Yes Mistress", he replied.

Still a little taken aback by her attitude, he complied with her command. He placed his cock at her cunt and started fucking. He couldn't understand the sudden domineering mood, but he did like it. He loved her. He trusted her. He enjoyed the idea of letting go and letting her dominate him.

However, as he fucked her from behind, he realized something. She had made a mistake. She put him in a position to dominate her. He spanked her ass, and she liked it. He felt the power flowing to him. He began to fuck her faster. "That's right. That’s right. Fuck me harder. Fuck me faster", she barked.

He smiled. He knew just what to do. He slowed down, and she looked at him furiously. "Why are you slowing down? I want you to fuck me faster". He began to rub is thumb at her spot between her cunt and ass. His hand began to rub between her ass cheeks. He began to work around ass, and could see how much she loved it.

After a while, he stopped and pulled out. Now she was pissed. "Who gave you permission to stop? Who fucking gave you permission to pull out? I told you to fuck me. So fuck me. “She yelled. He just smiled, took one of her toys and ram it into her cunt.She was shocked. She loved it, but it's not what she wanted. She was about to yell at him that that is not what she wanted, but it felt too good. That vibrating, spinning toy felt so good in her. She still was pissed, though, that he disobeyed her... and realized she made a mistake.

She gave him the power. And just as she realized this... just as she had this epiphany - with a toy in her cunt - she felt him stick his cock in her ass. He was now fucking her tight hole while that toy was vibrating and spinning in her cunt.She was lost in all the sensations. Her cunt was grabbing at that toy as her tight hole was being pounded by his hard cock. She had lost all control -- and now a mind blowing cum washed all over her. All she could think of was her two holes being used. Off in the distance, she heard an animalistic sound, and, after awhile, realized it was the sound of her own moans and screams from the fuck she was receiving.

He kept fucking her, and she knew he was enjoying dominating her. And it wasn't long before she knew she was going to cum again. He took the opportunity to slap her ass again as he also was close to cumming. He yelled out "I'm going to cum" and holds her even tighter. This sends her over the edge as she cums in time with him.

His cum spew’s into her ass and drips down. He slows, and finally stops and just lays on her. He expects to her to start to calm down after that fuck, but she doesn't. In fact, as he touches her and caresses her, he realizes she's about to cum again. Then he remembers she still has the toy in her. He then rubs her clit, and sends her off on another cum.

He then pulls out the toy, and lets her fall down on the bed. He lies next to her, and holds her close to him. Stroking her cheek and arms, he gently kisses her. After she regains her composure, she is surprised at what had happened. Her reaction, then his. On one hand, she is so surprised he had done that to her, and on the other, loved every bit of it.

She hadn't thought about dominating him like that. It just happened. And now she realizes what the lack of planning produced. Losing control. But at the same time, a series of cums that blew her mind. She lets him cuddle her, and is completed sated. But also planning how she will "repay" him for the incredible fuck he just gave him.

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