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Full Version: Blackmail Saali
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My name is Govardhan and I'm a highly sexed man of 40 years, I had a late marriage when I was 34 as I was busy with trying to build my business and make money, I then got married to Neelu who was about 25 years old , I used to fuck her everyday about five to six times. Needless to say within one month of our wedding she became pregnant, after that whenever I tried to fuck her she resisted me, this used to make me every very angry with her, after the birth of my two children even I lost interest in fucking my wife. My wife comes from a more educated family than mine, but I was richer due to my earlier efforts, I could anytime fuck a prostitute to satisfy myself but I did not feel like doing it. During the time of my marriage my Saali was around 17 years old and had gone to the city to study nursing. I had not seen her in many years. During one ceremony in my father in laws house I saw her she had grown up, her name was shalu, my first thought was to fuck her but I dint know if she would agree. I tried to be friendly with her but she behaved as if she was superior to me. But I started to get obsessed with her and always masturbated with thoughts of fucking her.

One day I peeped in the bathroom while she was having bath , I studied her body completely as she was bathing, she used to wear a long skirt and blouse in the house, when she took off her clothes I saw her naked body it was gleaming with the water and soap, she was slim with a very nice waist nicely shaped thighs and a clean shaved pussy but her best feature was her breasts which were big and make her slim figure look even more sexy, her nipples were big and round and very thick and black, as I watched her bathe I stroked my cock through my lungi and satisfied myself meantime my father in law had borrowed a large sum of money from the local moneylender and was not able to repay it , the landlord had threatened to throw them out of the house ,my father in law was very worried and used to discuss with me trying to give me a hint that I should help him that is when I was struck by a good idea. I took my father in law to a bar in the village and told him that ever since I married his daughter my life had become hell that she denied me sex and I was frustrated I told him that it was his responsibility to compensate me for my loss, I told him that if he let me fuck his second daughter I would even agree to pay the landlord, first he was very reluctant and worried he said," my daughter is educated she will not agree to this arrangement" .

I told him it was better she fuck me than be forced into prostitution if they dint pay the landlord, I told him the choice was his. Then I told him if he agreed to call me and tell me. After one whole week of waiting my father in law called me and said he had forced his daughter to sleep with me for one night only. I told him it was ennui that rest I would manage. It way agreed that she would come to my house on Sunday night, I sent my wife to her brothers house along with the children in the city. Then I waited and made my preparations. At 9.00 pomp my father in law came to leave his daughter and went off. She came into the hall only a small lamp was burning, she had been crying her eyes were swollen, I was full of lust I did not bother about her tears knowing soon that I would turn them into tears of pleasure. She had come in a simple stalwart kames and did not even look up at me. I told her to go into the other room where I had bought a set of saree and jeweler for her to wear; she looked at me with anger and rage. I told her that if she did not want it then she could go back to her father and let the moneylender take their house.

After that she was subdued she went in and wore the saree and jeweler. I had prepared one stiff whisky for I I took it and went in, I sat on the chair she was sitting on the bed. I told her to put red lipstick and jasmine in her hair, now she was looking like abrade. I then went and sat next to her took out some indoor and put in her head she started to tremble and told me watt are you doing. I told her that she was now like wife to me and could not deny me any pleasure. She jus bit her lip and sat there. I made her drink anew sips of whisky she said it made her drowsy. Then I made her stand up and pulled off her pall she resisted it, she tried to cover herself, this made me more excited, I pulled her saree off completely, she was standing next to me only in her blouse and skirt, the skirt was tied low on her waist and the blouse was a bit tight foe her, her boobs were jutting out, I stood up and kissed her mouth the lipstick smudged. I had a stiff erection and my cock was paining just to see her there. I removed my pajamas and played with myself in front of her, she just stared at me, then I asked her about her sexual experience she told me she had kissed a boy in the city and that was all. I told her that one by one she had to take out her reaming clothes and keep them on the bed. I was sitting and watching her. First she took off her blouse and tried to cover herself, but my stern look made her remove he skirt also, she stood in front me completely ashamed bit her lips and stare d at the floor. Now I could not resist any longer. I went to her and kissed her mouth, bit her lips until I got blood he screamed jigjig.... Next I opened her hair; the mantic and long earrings were left on her. I removed her bra and
slowly peeled her panty off.

Now she was completely nude in front of me, she was too ashamed and just looked at the floor she had never been naked with Aman before. Now she only had a lot of jeweler on her body. She looked very sexy. Pushed her onto the bed her anklets made heavy noise along with her bangles this made me very aroused. I told her that I had every intention of enjoying a full night of fucking with her and that I did not want to fuck awry cloth. First I roamed my rough big hands on her smooth naked body every single inch of her... Exploring her skin and tasting her skin nibbling her ears and neck and back. I garbed her hands and the bangles were clanging. Then I slowly dipped my fingers in oil which I had kept next to the bed and massaged her inner
thighs, she was starting to respond to me now. Then I slowly slipped one oily finger near her cloth it was starting to get wet, but that was not enough for me I wanted to get her dripping wet so that she would feel pleasure and desire the fucking even more.

I began vigorous massage of her thighs then I stopped in the middle and oiled her nipples then I bit them with pure list and desire she screamed aaaaaaaahh jijaji, kya kar rahe ho aap. I licked her stomach and massaged her buttocks then I swiftly spread her legs without warning and slipped one finger inside her choot, her squeal was one of surprise and pleasure as I began rotaing my finger inside her cloth she was getting drenched and her love juices were flowing down her thighs. I put one finger on her clit but did not massage it just applied light pressure and licked the juices of her thighs she started to grind her hips , rubbing my finger on her clit. Slowly I licked her outer pussy lips moving inside careful to avoid her getting an orgasm before me. I spread her legs really wide and began to eat her. I licked her pussy and enjoyed her smell and lovely taste of her virgin juices for along time, meanwhile she was hitting her hands to the bed moaning with pleasure the bangles were making a loud clanging noise. I held her feet apart I could not resist anymore I knelt down in front of her and said abs to tu meri poori gharwali banegi. My cock was big and really thick and full with hunger for her cloth which I was going to quench this instant.

I rotated my Lund around her pussy and then slowly slid it in. I found a small resistance I just pushed right through it. She moaned aaaaaaaaaaaah aah ah aaaa jijaji ahhh I roughly bit her mouth. I kept still for a minute she began to respond and started grinding her hips onto mine her payals hitting the ebd heavily, she kept moaning ah jijaji mmmmmh ahhhh I thrust rapidly my cock had never been so snug and fit so tightly before as I began to mount the pressure on her I could feel her orgasm I began to hurry my banging , whispering in her ear kitan sukh mila hai tere badan se mujhe , ab to har roz me tujhe loot loonga and suddenly felt scream and bite me, her explosion of her orgasm was so strong, her cloth muscles contracted on my Lund giving me the feeling I was in heaven with one finally thrust I came deep inside her.

After 5 minutes I pulled out. Then I kissed her mouth and stroked her body which was exhausted. I gave her about half an hour to rest and then I began to lick her back and bite her nipples by this time she was aroused and I silently lifted her on top of me and I forced her to ride my second erection holding her bangle clad hands and pushing her up and down on me the bangles stared to break but I kept making her ride me with great force, this time I came too quickly but she did not. I removed her from me and put her on the bed spread her legs really wide her jeweler was all messed up and she looked really sexy with tiny beads of sweat on her stomach nod boobs and thighs immediately I felt another evectional n d I started to lick the sweat off her. This way I fucked her the whole night. In the morning I forced to shower with me and suck my cock after fucking her two times in the shower I dropped her at my in laws place knowing that this would not be the last time I fucked my Saali.
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