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Full Version: A tale of Incest with Mom
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Though I was a regular visitor of this site, the sole purpose that I joined this forum is to share my true experience. A lot of times I started. But could not post it. It’s not really easy when its real believe me. I belonged to a lower middle class family. I got 4 members in my family my dad, mom, sister and me. My dad is a 25% partner in a medical shop i.e. the owner is someone else and my dad runs the shop with 25% share in profits. The financial situation was not at all good and we just lived in limited means. But with me and my sister growing up and cost of educational expenses increasing dad’s only income was not enough and my mom started working in a std booth cum Xerox cum internet parlour beside an engineering college. The college was around 8 kms away from our house and one of dad’s suppliers informed him. She was suppose to work from 9 to 6 but the payment was decent. Dad stays in the shop from 8AM to 11PM and use to come home for lunch in between. Our school was from 9 to 2. So it was a huge problem to our lifestyle. So we had a long family discussion on that issue and finally keeping in mind our financial constraint mom decided to take the job.

Things started running evenly after that. I was in class 9 at that time and my sister in class 7. Though initially we faced problems without parents in the house, gradually we learnt to cope with it and our landlady also helped us a lot. Days passed by smoothly and gradually I completed my Hons in Comp Science and then did my MCA. I initially wanted to get admitted in the college beside my mom’s shop but she was strictly against it. According to her students of that college were all spoilt brats. They smooch in the open, girls smoke and all other filthy things happen. So it was not suitable for me. I got the point and didn’t want to miss my part of the fun either staying in front of my mom’s eyes so I got admitted in another college. I got placed after my MCA and went to Bangalore and joined my new company. In the meantime my sister did her B.A and then did some airhostess course and joined an airline crew. Then after a lot of persuasion from me and my sister mom stopped working.

Initially I lived as a paying guest with my 2 batch mates but after training both of them got transferred to other cities. I gradually got to know people of my projects and as is the proverb birds of same kind flock together I soon moved with a group of three other Bengali guys one a senior from my college. They were all 3 yrs experienced and one of them Mohit was from the college beside my mom’s shop. That college didn’t have a hostel so he along with some other guys stayed at a rented flat near the college. He seemed like a total spoilt brat. He spent money like water and use to drink every evening and visited brothels every weekend. I didn’t like his spend theft nature and lived much simpler than the rest of the guys and sent home money every month. Rest of all the guys Mohit understood my monetary situation first and became very careful towards me. He became like an elder brother towards me and soon we developed a very good rapport.

I have never revealed Mohit that my mom used to work in the shop beside his college. You know it’s not a very pleasant story to share with a bunch of rich spoilt friends. Coming to the point. It was Rajib my ex seniors birthday and we were at a bar to celebrate that evening. I drank rarely but it was like a valid circumstance. As usual after 4 rounds of whiskey we were drank like hell and our conservation shifted to man’s favourite topic sex. All of us have had sexual experiences and Mohit and Samrat were frequent visitors to whore houses. Rajib also visits occasionally. They thought of me as a virgin but I wasn’t. Mohit was like the expert in this matter. He has been to onsite and he has fucked a lot of foreigners. I do not recall the exact conversation but it was somehow like this
Samrat: Mohit is the luckiest of all. Bastard has fucked pussies of all kind.
Mohit: believe me guys, nothing like a sweet Indian pussy.
Samrat: whatever, but I still want to taste a pink silksmooth pussy.
Rajib: Mohit what u say Rani is the best among the lot. Fresh and young.
Mohit: yes she is good. But you know my taste. Rani is a professional whore. I like the homely amateur ones. There is one Sumitra. Her hubby is in Dubai and she works as a sales girl in the weekdays. But Sundays in the afternoon she comes to the whore house to make some extra bucks. She says her parents in UP are not well and she sends them money. She also showed me the picture of her son, a nice kid of around ************years. She is not a great fuck and can’t even give a proper blowjob. But I like that kind.
Samrat: Seems like the bastard haven’t forgot Pooja bhabhi.
The name stroked me.
I: who is this pooja bhabhi?
Rajib: there was a slut around his college.
I was all ears at that point.
Mohit: guys u haven’t seen her. I bet if you would have u could have jerked your entire life on her name.
As you have guessed Pooja is my mom’s name. That night it started and gradually he shared a lot of incidents of my mom. Because of my interest and excitation he thought I share the same kind of taste as him and he was glad to have an avid listener in me. I’m trying to narrate those incidents in my own words.
Mohit’s college didn’t have a hostel and all the distant students lived in rented accommodations near the college. He lived just behind mom’s shop. The name of the shop was Imran print & xerox and the owner of the shop was a guy called Imran around 30 years of ages (I knew this). Two ladies would run the shop Pooja and Madhu and Imran would frequent between his roll and chowmein shop and the Xerox shop. Mohit said that he was always fascinated by the two ladies in the shop since the time he joined college and gradually he found out so were the rest of the boys. Out of the two ladies Madhu was the slutty type wearing little revealing saree n blouse and always giggling at the boys and Pooja was the decent but more beautiful and sexy one. Right from the very beginning they heard that both the ladies were sluts and a lot of localites including the students have scored with them but there was no direct witness and gradually they started believing that like with all other popular ladies in every neighbourhood these were also gossips until there was a huge brawl one morning. Madhu and a friend of Imran were cursing and abusing each other in the middle of the road amidst the surrounding of all the neighbouring people and shopkeepers. After that Madhu aunty was not seen in the shop anymore and around a week later a new pretty young girl called Swapna was appointed in her place. Later Mohit came to know that this friend of Imran promised Madhu a golden necklace and was fucking her for the last one year and when Madhu came to know that this was all bluff she revolted. The shop was two storeyed and in the ground floor there was the Xerox machine and std booth. There was a store room beside that which was always closed. And in the first floor there was the surfing parlour. Pooja usually handled the Xerox and std section and Madhu the internet section when both the sections were crowded(I guess that’s true because my mom was educated up to class 10 only and I believe she hadn’t seen a computer prior to joining the shop). Mohit said Imran’s friend use to fuck Madhu in that store room.

Now mom’s timing was suppose to be 9AM to 6PM. But after initial 2, 3 months she started coming at around 9-9:30 PM. Dad use to come after 11 from his medical shop and we use to have dinner together. So it never created any problem. But still mom called another family meeting and she explained that Imran run two shops the Xerox one and another roll and chowmein shop. The roll shop is very crowded in the evening and Imran remains busy there. He is free at around 8:30PM after which she explain him the business of that day and handover the cash and then she returns. She had already earned 2, 3 salaries at that time and it was more than dad’s income. We were already getting use to the easy life and none of us opposed to this. So gradually her timing became 9AM to 9:30PM in college days and 12 noon to 9:30 PM on holidays.

Now coming to Mohit’s stories. He had come to the rented house from home for his third semester and none of his roommates had arrived till then. They were supposed to come the next day or something like that. He was feeling very bored alone so after lunch he decided to give the internet parlour a visit. It was he said 30 metres at max from his house. Nothing much has happened since the Madhu’s incident. It was a hot summer afternoon and the shop was totally vacated. 2, 3 days were left for the college to open and most of the students hadn’t returned. At the counter downstairs there was the new girl Swapna. As he told that he wanted to surf the net the girl gave him a wicked smile and sent him upstairs. Upstairs Pooja was watching something in one of the computers and as Mohit reached behind her, sensing him she became very baffled. She was watching a porn and in her panic she didn’t know what to do. She somehow managed to switch off the monitor after 15, 20 seconds. It was an uncomfortable silence between them and Mohit also felt very embarrassed. He took his seat in a computer little away from her. Swapna came up from downstairs right then and both the girls whispered something and started giggling. Then she put the curtain on at Pooja’s computer, gave Mohit another wicked smile and left. Mohit wasn’t interested in surfing anymore. He was curious about what was going on in Pooja’s computer but Mohit said he was an idiot at that time and he just kept on browsing his own machine. And then about half an hour later Imran came and went to Pooja. He said something to her and both of them left. Mohit also got up around 10, 15 minutes later. Only Swapna was at the counter. As Mohit paid her the surfing charges he gathered courage and asked her where Imran was.
Swapna: why?
Mohit: I think I owe him for a chicken roll from last month.
Swapna: he went with Pooja for some work. I’ll ask him when he returns.
Mohit left then. But he had noted that there was 3 other pair of shoes at the door other than his. 2 ladies and one gents. And he was hundred percent sure the two were fucking in the store. Later also they noted that during the deserted hours though shoes were present people were absent, sometimes Pooja sometimes Swapna. And even there were other gent’s shoes other than Imran’s.
Now coming to my side of the story. Mom was an introvert, shy kind of a lady. But with her going out changes came. She grew smarter. But it was nothing drastic. While working and even now she has a very soft, affectionate, motherly kind of a look. Yes her dressing changed. She wore better sarees. But so did all of us. Whenever she bought things for herself she got things for all of us. She looked happy and she tried her best to share that happiness in the family equally. We got very little family timings. Only in dinner we 4 got together. She looked very embarrassed for her late returns. And after her return, while cooking she use to indulge me and sis in chitchats with her about our studies, school and other well beings. While dinner she uses to share her day and ask dad not to worry about his business. We have heard about Madhu. She was 3, 4 years older than mom. She was real sad when Madhu left. She did some beauty parlour job and left for a better job mom told us. It was in early 2003. I remember I was preparing for my hs at that time. Mom was working with Madhu since her joining the shop in 1999. She has also spoken about Swapna. She was a young girl of around 22, 23 years. She had done a nursing course and trying for a nursing job working in the shop in the meantime. She lived in Kolkata with her mother. Gradually mom grew very fond of her and looked at her liked an elder sister though mom was 13, 14 years older than her.

Now coming to Mohit’s part of the story. Mohit and his friends had rented the ground floor of a 3 storey building. They particularly chose that house because it was very near to the shop where they can ogle two sexy milfs and the landlord would be away most of the times to their son’s who was settled in Canada. So they can party whenever they wanted. Now he said 4 months have passed since they were counting shoes. Their landlord was back without his lady for some work and he stayed for 3, 4 months. He was an alcoholic too and Mohit’s group never had any problem with him. He was an egoistic and proud kind of a man wealthier than the rest of the neighbourhood. He didn’t mixed with the rest of the neighbours. The maid who cooked for Mohit also cooked for him. And these guys suspected he was eating her too. She was a cute kind of a lady but Mohit said too skinny for his liking. And their landlord Mr. Singh was a big Sardar in his late 50’s or early 60’s. He joked they would look like a tandoori roti n papad in bed together. But after around 1 month of his stay he started bringing ladies in the house. He would drive them in late at night and the ladies would leave early morning. Since they got a sniff of this affair Mohit and his friends would wake entire night playing games and watching porn to check the women he brought. If they missed while she came they would wait to watch her leave. And those ladies were hot according to him. It was winter during this time. Once the girl who came covered herself thoroughly and got in very stealthily. They could not make out about her so they waited till dawn. She got out real fast too. But Mohit had no doubt it was Swapna. Around 3,4 days later a lady clad in a burqa got in from his car. They got glimpses of her. But she was thoroughly covered and Mohit could not make out anything. A lady clad in burqa in a sardars house is very suspicious but their owner didn’t give a damn about the neighbours and acoording to Mohit the neighbourhood was also a brothel. All of them had secrets and none of them dared to poke their nose in others affair. They waited till dawn. The lady got out and still she was clad in a burqa and they couldn’t make out. But they were counting shoes for months and from her shoe Mohit was sure that was Pooja. He followed her. She was about to enter the shop as he saw Mohit following and she started walking towards the auto stand. It was 5:30 AM and just one auto was standing without any passenger. As Pooja sat Mohit followed her. The auto waited for 3 more passengers and around 10, 15 minutes later it started. They reached the destination and Mohit was still following. In Mohit’s words “I was ready to follow her till hell that day. And she must have sensed that. She perhaps didn’t want to reveal her home to me so she returned back and entered the shop. She had keys with her. I think that was the original plan. And that is the day I screwed whatever chance I had of screwing her.” Imran called him in the evening and told him to never come around his shop again or he’ll break his teeth. Mohit with last bit of his courage uttered that he wants to fuck Pooja once and he is willing to pay. Imran gave him a tight slap and cautioned him that if he wanted to complete his course and return safely he wouldn’t come near his shop.

Now my view on this part of the story. The time he told was around Feb 2004 in his 4th Sem and I was in my B.Sc first year. My mom has worked for more than 4 years and never stayed out at night. There was no reason to suspect her. That was till October or Nov 2003. Then in Durga Puja or Diwali 2003 Swapna was going to some hospital for an interview for a nurse post in some other city. She requested mom to go with her. We never heard this part in detail as this topic never came up in the dinner table. But may be Swapna had met dad in his shop or talked to him in phone which was at his shop or it was only mom’s persuasion dad got convinced that mom needs to go with Swapna. Dad finally presented it to the dining table that mom was going to some city on Friday or something and she would stay there for 2 days. But mom gave a U-turn. She said she do not get enough time for herself and her kids and she is not going to waste 2 days roaming around with Swapna. Now it was dads turn to convince mom. He got little angry that few days ago mom had told him that Swapna had no friends or family except her mom who was an old illiterate lady, no good in a new city. She treats mom as her elder sister and mom had also committed that she would go. And now it’s immoral to refuse her since only 2, 3 days were left. This was the first time mom stayed out at night. She was out for 2 nights but she called dad’s shop frequently and gave him regular updates about her whereabouts. My sister was old enough to cook at that time so there was no problem and in the dinner table dad shared mom’s updates to us. Mom returned after 2 days pretty normal as far as I remember. But it was the start of that affair. After that regularly she went out with Swapna once in a month or two. She would stay one or at max two night out but call dad regularly. And when she returned she would shower us with lot of love and affection. There was no reason to suspect her. She was not a crazy teenager whose hormone will go up suddenly. She was a mature woman of 36 years at that time married faithfully to my dad for more than 18 years. She had been working and going out for more than 4 years without any sign of disrespect towards family. But yes around April, 2004 she got a mobile for herself. Mobile at that time was new in the market, a status symbol, a rich man’s toy as calling was even more expensive. She literally had to fight with dad for that. But she told that there was some guy following her and it’s just as a safety measure, in case needed. We all got tensed. Dad told her to come home early and ordered me to go to her shop and company her back. I tried and went the next evening. But she scolded me so much that I never dared again. “This is the time to study and focus on your career, rather than follow an old man’s nonsense jabber and waste your time” she had told me angrily.

Now coming to Mohit’s part. Imran had slapped him in front of Pooja and he was really hurt and humiliated. It was hard to forget and he had many sleepless nights but gradually he learnt to ignore. He still craved for Pooja but he couldn’t look into her eyes anymore and neither did she. According to him this was the incident which changed him completely and brought out his personality and smartness otherwise he was a very decent and unsmart kind of a guy. He didn’t try following Pooja anymore and didn’t know what she was upto. From the students cycle he came to know about 2 or 3 seniors who could get into Madhus panties. There were few who have fucked Swapna. But there was none except one who went into bed with Pooja. This fool was a Bangladeshi student who got admitted through the management quota and brought loads of cash with him. He had loaned Imran some 10000 rupees and got back 2000 only, in 2 instalments. Imran thought he would give up but he didn’t and kept on following up with Imran. So after a few months instead of paying him in cash he arranged Pooja and Swapna for a weekend. This guy and his other Bangladeshi friend from some other college went to Digha with Pooja and Swapna. “This Pooja, who looked so innocent and motherly, never let me come close to her and with this bastard and his friend she drank, smoked and did anal, oral and whatever he wished for. Lucky son of a bitch.”

My opinion on this part of the story is no I’ve never felt my mom smokes or drinks. Smoking and drinking is difficult to begin and more difficult to stop. She can’t learn it overnight. May be she accepted a cigarette or a glass just to please her partner but she wasn’t addicted. The part which strikes me is she won’t let students come close to her. Does she hate young cocks? Or was she only afraid that from some cycles I may came to know about her? I don’t know and I’ll never be able to say for sure. I got placed in campus in 2009 and joined in late 2009. My sister joined as an airhostess in a reputed airline in first half of 2010 and mom left her job around 3 months later after repeated persuasion from me and sis. My dad has also quit and is staying at home since last two months. He had a minor heart attack before that. I know Mohit since July, 2010 and Rajib’s birthday is 28th Sept.
When I came to know about these stories, this came as a real shock to me. Let alone me, mom looks so decent that none could guess that she was leading a dual life in between a homely lady and a whore. When I first heard about this the emotion I had can’t be described in words. I was sad, shocked, angry, jealous and at the same time horny too. I guess I had the best climax that night after drink. I didn’t know what to do. The fact is I liked to hear those tales again and again and every time I jerked to utmost satisfaction. But I had decided I’ll confront mom when I go home. When I came home for a week two weeks later after Rajib’s birthday I just couldn’t. She was so sweet it seemed impossible. I even thought of hiring a private detective but it wasn’t feasible and would have only blemished our reputation. But I did some investigation on my own. The next time I came for a two weeks break and I just roamed around Mohit’s college. I already knew Swapna(I have seen her once when I went to bring mom, though she didn’t remember me) and there was another girl Shweta around 25 years old with her that time. I must agree Imran’s recruit were hot. I got Imran’s number. I enquired of Mr.Singh and his house was just behind the shop. He is still away to Canada and the house is rented to some college boys. I called Imran later and the conversation went like this.
Me: I need a girl for one night.
Imran: who gave you this number?
Me: some friend. I can offer upto 10000.
Imran: surely I can arrange a decent girl in this amount.
Me: he told me about one Pooja. I want her.
Imran: no sir. She is not available any more.
Me: no I want her only.
Imran: It’s not possible sir. I’ll arrange for a much better piece. You give me 8000.
Me: it’s Pooja or none else. I can give whatever you ask.
Imran: ok I’ll call you later.
Me: make it fast.
Now mom has gone out with Swapna even after she quit her job. It was only once around August, 2010, just after she quit her job. At this time now, she had no mobile and I thought Imran or Swapna would visit our home. I had decided to never leave mom alone. I accompanied mom to bazaar and later even followed her to the cowshed where she went everyday to fetch fresh milk. There was no sign of Imran or Swapna. On the way she chatted with some neighbour ladies only. But same evening I got a call from Imran saying Pooja is not available. I checked mom and she seemed a little worried. Till this day it’s a mystery to me that who conveyed the message to mom.

I think it’s high time I describe mom. As I said she was a very simple and homely lady but over years she grew smarter and little stylish too. But after some years of her work when we have stabilised she got everything we ask for and that included my sister’s make up kit too. Now as much ladies like to beautify themselves, they like to beautify their close relatives too. Usually moms do this for daughters but in our case it was daughter doing mom. Mom and sis were like close friends. My mom was an object of experimentation for my sister. Every weekend I use to see her cleaning mom’s fingers and feet with shampoo and some brush (it’s called pedicure or manicure budhhu) or applying polish to her nails or cleaning her ears with cotton and rose water or applying mehendi to her hair and what not. Once I even saw her waxing mom’s legs. And I guess mom enjoyed this acts too. Now to describe mom I would refer another thread started by karma bhai which I find very suitable here.
Moms name:Pooja Bhattacharya
Year of birth:27/12/1967
Figure in inches:36d-31-38
Structure: little chubby
Face: she have a round face which I think is too beautiful to resist. But she has a motherly kind of look which looks more beautiful on bhabhis and aunties than on girl friends. On teens it’s beautiful but behenji type according to some. She has got big brown eyes, a sharp nose and thick and luscious lips.Skin colour(pinkish white/brownish white/fair brown/blackish brown): pinkish white
Hair colour: dark brown due to mehendi.
Her hair features(short/long/curling etc.): long curly
Her outdoor dress:sarees. Only once when we went to a vacation to Puri I saw her wearing salwar qameez.
Her home dress: saree or maxie or nightie
does she wear under germents in home & outdoor: not usually at home
which under garments she wears: bra and panty
her sleeping time dress: saree or nightie
she wear saree bellow naval or above naval: just below naval. Her naval is visible on close inspection.
Does she love cosmetics or make up: yes I think so. But the thing she is most fond of is sindoor. I haven’t seen her without sindoor ever and she wears it really thick and long on her forehead.
Her body piercing and jewellery: my mom is very fond of jewellery. Even before she could afford gold she used to wear a lot of silver and imitation jewellery. She follows astrology and palmistry too and all these add up to a lot of jewelleries. She has 4 pair of earrings which I now know are called lower lobe, upper lobe, conch and upper cartilage. She got a nose ring. Other than that she wears necklace, arm band, anklet, 3 pair of finger rings and 2 pair of toe rings. In occasions such as close relatives marriage reception and all I’ve seen her wearing a tika and waist chain too.

As I’m describing her I think it would be a suitable time to describe her body. Yes I have seen her fully naked. Just once. It was after my class 12. My dad had gone to his medical shop and sis to her school where she got admitted for class 11. My college was not open yet and I was watching television. It was around 10:00 am, mom was bathing and suddenly I heard a thud and mom scream. She had slipped in the bathroom and fallen real hard. With a lot of difficulty she managed to open the door. She had broken her right hand and with her left hand she was trying to cover her bottom with the Indian towel. She was embarrassed but more than that she was in pain. She had not been able to tie the Indian towel with one hand and it slipped. She didn’t try anymore because of the pain and the towel with it rubbed away all the soap from her lower part. I had seen her upper body before but that was the view of my life and though at that time I didn’t enjoy it much, I relished on her bare beauty later in my mind. She was totally threadless and she was inches within me. I carried her on my arms and laid her on the bed and covered her with a bed sheet. She took some time to decide and when the pain was unbearable she decided to go to hospital. It was impossible for her to wear a saree and so I cleaned her with the bed sheet and towel and put a maxie on her and took her to the nearest hospital in a taxi. Now to describe her.
Breasts: as I said, her breasts are 36d. And that is huge. The breasts were little shaggy but still they had round shape in them. They were milky white in colour and her areolas and nipples were light brown. And her nipples are quite big too.
Navel: her waist is 31. Though it looked much smaller I guess it’s because of the flesh in her stomach. And mid of her fleshy belly her deep, round navel looks like a crown.
Ass: mom’s ass is 38. According to me it’s the best part of her body. She was 35+ at that time and still her ass was round and firm and so inviting.
Pussy: her pussy is dark brown in colour. As she was lying in the bed and rolling in pain her pussy was up-close to my eyes and though I tried I could not look away from it. It was clean, looked like freshly shaved 3, 4 days ago (as were her armpits). It was quite big. Her pussy lips were dark brown in colour and they were protruding. As she folded her legs the inner part of her pussy- the slit and clit were visible and it was deep red in colour.
Now it would be a waste of word at this point to say that every time I jerk, I picturize mom in my mind. Particularly picturizing her with Imran who is a tall strong man as opposed to my dad gives me immense pleasure. And I don’t feel a bit remorse about it. But it was not always so. The few times I jerked thinking of her before I saw her naked filled me with extreme guilt and I thought of myself as a pervert. Even after seeing her naked, when I jerked I felt sad. But not anymore. Not after knowing she is a whore. But now when I try to self analyze I think my attraction for mom was seeded long ago.

I was born in a village far away from Kolkata. I spent quite some part of my life there before we moved to the city. My granddad was a priest. My dad and uncles understood that this profession is not going to feed them. So my uncles became farmers and my dad being little educated and not being very well built, understood that farming is not his cup of tea and opened a sweet shop. I think the shop didn’t run very well and he came to Kolkata. First he became a tutor and newspaper vendor and later worked in the medical shop. We lived in a small 1 room house then (we have moved to a two room house much later after I passed 10). Me, my sis and mom would sleep in the only bed of the house and my dad in the temporary bed at the floor. A lot of times I would wake up afraid hearing my mom’s moans to find that she is in the ground with dad. They use to be very angry and irritated if they found me or sis wake at that time, so even if I wake up I would lay still and close my eyes shut. I was a kid then and thought dad is beating mom. I haven’t still forgotten those days. And when we grew up a little if I wake up, mom would still be missing but instead of in the floor just beside the bed they would be in kitchen or bathroom.

Till my mom worked our financial condition was piss poor. I was growing up at that time and being in a bad neighbourhood with bad friends I was mature more than my years. There were times when I heard senior boys and even some of my friends discussing about mom in my back. So gradually I closed myself and lived mostly at home. I became quite close to mom and to be true there were numerous occasions when I watched her with lust. We lived very modestly and had limited set of clothes. Mom only had a few sarees and as far as I remember only two nighties. And she would never wear under wears at home (she still don’t). During day she would roam around in the house in a saree and blouse and her voluptuous assets would juggle in front of my eyes inside them. At nights she mostly changed to a nightie. But sometimes she won’t. And on those nights she would even dispose her blouse at bed. Those wear the days of feast of my eyes. She does a puja to lord Krishna every morning after bath. She comes out of bathroom wrapping herself only in an Indian towel. After performing puja only would she wear some other clothes.

I have one uncle (my dad’s only sister’s hubby) who is really really crazy about my mom. He flirts openly with mom and sometimes even in the presence of my dad. But these are innocent flirts like ‘dada you are really lucky to have such a gorgeous wife’, ‘bhabhi how do your husband stay away from you’ and all such stuffs. But still being father of two grown up children he is a happy go lucky kind of a person and none really minds what he says. But I remember when I was a kid he use to ask me a lot of awkward questions about mom. We use to live in our village house then. Or maybe it was during the times we visited (we visited often initially we came to the city), I don’t remember exactly (I was very small at that time). We didn’t have a bathroom at our native place at that time. I remember I use to go to loo early morning to the fields with mom and then wash in the nearby river. This uncle of mine would take me to bath with him when he was around in the pretext of teaching me swim. And then he would ask if I pooped in the morning, with whom I came, did she sat with me, did she fart when she pooped, if I had seen her parts, if I had seen her naked ever and all such questions. He would discuss those things even in the presence of my aunt (his wife). And later my aunt would ask me not to utter those words to anyone. He is one of the few drunkards in our family and being the only groom of the family is treated like a king. Whenever he drinks in his in law’s house he creates a lot of nuisance and asks mom to come and chat with him. But I think everybody thinks of him as an innocent crazy person, though I’ve seen my aunties (dad’s 3 brother’s wife) tease mom about him and even create lewd situations in his presence and in the absence of other male. My mom goes all red in those situations trying to defend herself sportingly. But the fact is I hate that uncle a lot and when his son had upanayan a month before my 10 exam, none of us joined as dad was sick at that time. He himself came 2 days before the ceremony to take us with him and as dad and I couldn’t go he took mom and sister with him. They returned almost after a week later and this week disrupted my preparations a lot. Not only we had problems with food and all but I was so disturbed, filled with this strange kind of feeling mixed with anger, jealousy and hatred that I couldn’t concentrate in my studies at all. That was the biggest sin of my mom in my eyes till I knew about her sexual escapades.
The second incident I remember often is after my class 10 exams. We took a long holiday at that time. Me, mom and sis went to a lot of relatives place we couldn’t visit for a long time. As her maternal uncle died during that time we also went there and stayed for 3, 4 days. I had never been there before and mom was also going there first time after marriage. It was during the 3rd or 4th day of our stay. That place didn’t know a bathroom even at that time. I had gone to bath to the pond. There were 4,5 boys around 18,19 years old in the men’s ghat who were waiting anxiously for something uttering “when will that sexy piece come, you must see the striptease show see gives”.
2nd guy: who is she?
3rd guy: don’t know. Some slut who comes with that Brahmin divorcee bitch and gives even a better show.
There were a few ladies in the ladies ghat. As it was around noon only a few of them were there. Most of the ladies in the village bathe early. I had taken a bath earlier also but as it was the last day of our stay I went twice for the view as it is not the kind of thing we get to see in the city (even my native home had bathroom at that time). The ladies ghat was around 25 metres away. Out of the few ladies only the elderly 2 or 3 had bared their top and bathing only in their petticoat. The other young ones had covered their boobs with towels or sarees though they have disposed their blouses. I was watching the ladies with utmost concentration.
A few minutes later I saw mom and Gita mausi arriving (I thought she was a widow). I fled immediately but only to return a few minutes later as I could not control myself anymore and I was not sure whether mom knew I had already bathed. And man what a view that was. Out of the 6, 7 ladies in the pond only mom and Gita mausi were exposed like that. They have clad their bottom only in an Indian towel and were totally topless. Even the other elderly village ladies were more covered than them. I could spot mom’s ass crack beneath that wet Indian towel from this 25 metre distance and this guys were swimming as close to her as possible. As I have already said mom offers an early morning puja at home covering herself only in an Indian towel. But even during that time when she is in the house she covers her top and the towel is much thicker. I have tried to justify this act later by thinking that maybe she is not used to bathing in the pond for a long time and she needed to clean herself properly or maybe Gita aunty would have felt bad if mom hadn’t followed her. This incident was before I had seen mom thoroughly naked. But even before that time I had seen mom’s bare boobs from 2 metres distance as I’ve already said. But nothing had turned me on so much till that day when I saw mom soaping her juggling boobs and thunderous thighs and the horny boys swimming around her.
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