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Full Version: Kaamwaali ki Chudai kahaniyan
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Let me first describe myself to you. I am Sandhya, 26 years old, married, have a one years old son. I stay in Mumbai (India). I am 5 feet 7 inches, fair in colour, more then average looks. My vitals are 38-28-40.,my friends always told me that I should be a model as I had a very sexy body.My parents work due to which they travel alot .In my house apart from me were 4 servants including Sohan who cleans ,Ramu who cooks and 2 drivers Sohan and the drivers come in morning and leave in evening Ramu stay with us. One day Ramu came to my dad and ask for chutti as his mother was sick my dad hesitate as there will be no one to take care of food Ramu said " Sahib main ne apne aik door ke bhai ko bola hai woh buhat acha khana banata hai woh meri jagha kaam karega jabtak main wapis na ajao".My dad after listeningto it agreed as he trust Ramu,so Ramu leave for his village and came the new cook his name was Raghu he was around 60 he was very short heighted with a very dark complexion he was bald he told us that his wife died long time ago and has no kids. So Raghu start doing his work as a new cook soon he came in my parents good books due to his work .One day a letter from our previous cook arrived in which he wrote that his mother died and he wont be able to work anymore. So Raghu became our permanent cook ,there was not much work for him as my parents love to stay out at nites and party it was just me to cook for so he took other works in his hands like cleaning the house and one day ask my father that he can clean too as there is not much work in the kitchen so if my dad can ask maid not to come anymore he can easily do her work and my dad not have to pay for 2 workers. My father ask my mom and she said ok if he wants to do maids work let him . So Raghu took over on every work I often noticed that he use to give me strange looks but I never cared.
One day my parents told me they are going on a vication with there friends I was unable to come as my one final paper was left but they told me that after finishing it I can join them in Europe I agreed and they leave the next morning for there holidays now in the hosue it was me and Raghu drivers were also asked to leave as no 1 need them for time being .That day I came back from my college after giving my paper I was feeling very relaxed and free I took shower and ate ,Raghu clean the table and went to his room after watching some Tv I went to my room .It was late nite but I was unable to sleep I went out to get something to eat it was dark in the lobby I saw some lite in the living room I slowly walked towards it and peeked through the door it was Raghu sitting on the floor he was watching tv on which they were showing some adult movie .We have cable system and at nite on most channels the cable guy show adult films ,on tv there was a scene where girl was lying on the bed and aguy was sucking her boobs . The scene on the Tv didnt caught my attention the way Raghu did his lungi was open and he was touching his dick when I saw his dick I freeze where i was as I never saw such a big thing in my life it was semi erect but in that condition it was atleats 10 inch long and it was thick as an elephants trunk for the age of Raghu it was a massive cock I dont know what got into me but I feel like touching Raghus thick long lund.
I was having a tingling feeling between my legs I was thinking that how it will feel to take this giant thing in my hands and isnide me.Most of you must be thinking me crazy that a 20 year old beautiful girl who can have any man she wants why need an old servant like Raghu but at that time. I was so caught up in passion that I was uanble to see clearly.Main jawan thi aur itna bara lund dekh kar mujhe josh char giya tha.I slowly crept back into my bed and that whole nite I made plans how to have sex with Raghu. Next mroning Istart working on my plan I called my parents and told them that I wont join them as I have plans with my friends and I might go with them for a holiday so they can have fun, after taking care of that I start bringing my next plan in action as I have noticed that Raghu sometimes stare at me so i guessed he is ineterseted in me but was scared to do antying as he might get fired ,from next mroning I started to stay at home I msotly wore very tight and fitted clothes with deep necks in which my body looks very sexy .
When ever Raghu works in kitchen I would go there as I need something to eat or drink most time I noticed Raghu looking at my boobs some times when he will be cooking I will go and stand very close to him pretended to watch what he was doing.
In my next step of plans i stop wearing any bras under my clothes so whenever I walk they bounce like two heavy balls. At dinner time I moslty use to wear my nite suits which were ok in the begining but than gradually they become shorter and shorter.I was trying to make Raghu as frustrated as I could so he will come to me by himself. One nite when it was dinner time I wore a very lite pink nighty which was see thro my big boobs were visible from it and went outside.
I sit on the chair Raghu start serving dinner I noticed he was very nervous as he was keep on looking at my body I asked Raghu that if he didnt ate he can come and sit on the table with me and have dinner he hesitated at first than agreed I noticed that he will slwoly rub his dick when ever get chance he was getting horny by the sight. We both start eating my mind was working fast I aksed Raghu that if he could pass me the dish which was full of hot curry he pass me the big bowl now here I had to act quickly I hold the dish but act as it slips from my hand the hot food fall on the table and some of it dropped on my clothes I acted as I got burned .Raghu was stunned what happened .Maine jadli se apni nighty uttari and was fully naked now .Raghu came qucikly towards me and asked if I was ok I said that I think I got some burns,he said "Mem sahib I will take you to your room where you can put an ointment" . He than took me in my room he brought a cream and ask if he can put it on at that timeI had covered my slef with a chaddar I said yes he than start applying it on my shoulder he than ask where else I got burned I told him on my thighs he slowly put his hand under the chaddar now he was massaging my thighs my eyes were closed but I could feel his shaking hands on my thigh going up and down I opened my eyes and saw that he was enjoying it too I could see the hunger of sex in his eyes he was rubbing his cock from the top of his lungi slowly he said
"Memsahib aur kaha lagaoo?" I said Raghu "Thora aur ooper buhat jalan horahi hai" he moved his hands more towards my pussy I could feel his hand some inches away from my wet cunt.I was enjoying it thoroughly. I asked Raghu to put some cream on my chest I removed my blanket and once again was completely naked in front of him he slowly put some cream in his hand and start massaging my breasts he was getting bolder and squeezing them gently my cunt was getting wet I could see he was ready to join me in bed any second . I asked him to massage some more ointment on my thighs he bring his hands down and start massaging my inner thighs he was now touching my cunt I could feel his hands on my soft shaved pussy Raghu was getting bolder now he start playing with my clit and insert one finger in my cunt I said "Yeh kiya kar rahe ho he said 'Mem sahib app buhat sunder hai main apke badan ko dekhna chata hoon usse choona chata hoon"I was enjoying it so much I just closed my eyes and sighed with pleasure . I knew that he was a villager and must be very raw with sex. I bring him on top of me and he start sucking my boobs he was sucking him like a hungry child sucks his mothers breast my nipples were fully erect nowhe than stand and removed his clothes and join me again in bed
I slowly pushed him down towards my pussy he knew what I want and start licking it. till now my cunt was full of my juices,Raghu meri choot buhat taizi se chaat raha tha sometimes he slowly bites it or kiss it I was maoning uncontorllably . I was holding Raghus head between my legs I was thrusting his face hard into my pussy at one time he thrusts his tongue deep in my pussy hole and I screamed with pleasure my moanings were becoming louder AHHHHHHH UMMMMMM. Meri awaz sunkar woh aur josh main akar meri choot chatne laga . After a while I start moving fast I was ready to come Raghu start licking me harder and faster and than with a large maon I came I thrust Raghus face deep in my pussy and hold him thightly there I was moving my pussy up and down like I was fucking his face voices of pleasure were coming out of my mouth AHHHHHH I sighed .
He came up and said "Memsahib apki choot buhat naram hai aur uska maza bhi lajawab hai" I said "Raghu ab yeh choot tumhari hai tumhain jo karna hai tum iska karo".He than ask me to suck his lund which was fully erect I obliged him and start sucking his massive pole. I was licking it and sucking it as it was huge ice cream cone. I was slowly caressing his balls with my other hand I keep on sucking him and licking him all over his dick .Uske moo se dabi dabi siskariyan nikal rahi thi AHHH he moaned after 30 minutes of good sucking he start to moan loud. I knew than that he is about to cum .I start to suck him faster and tried to took his pole all in my mouth and after few minutes he came . He emptied his load in my mouth my mouth was full of his juices. He came for about 1 minuteand I greedily drink all of it I kissed him and said that he was wonderful .
After sucking Raghus dick I was again horny and was now ready for good long love session. Raghu sucked my boobs for some time than licked my cunt I was again soaking wet.He than open my legs he asked "Mem sahib kiya apko kissi ne phele choda hai ?"I said "Nahi Raghu tum phele marad ho jo meri choot main jaoge " Yeh sunne ke baad woh josh se pagal hogiya as he never imagined that a person like him will have sex with a girl like me and on that she will be a virgin. He slowly rub his dick against my cunt I sighed with pleasure .Raghu than slowly thrust his lund in me .Meri aik cheekh nikli .I said, "Raghu tumhara lund itna bara hai yeh mere under kaise jayega meri choot to phat jayegi".He said "Mem sahib thori takleef phir maza bhi ayega".He than thrust some more of his dick in my pussy I screamed again atleats 2 inch of his dick was in me now and still 8 inches to go .HE stayed there for a while and when saw that I am use to it and again moaning with pleasure he again give a thrust I screamed again with pain.He stopped again and start sucking my boobs at the same time he was slowly moving his dick in and out which was 4 inches in me.
After a while I started to enjoy again he was sucking my boobs hungrily and at the same time he was thrusting his massive pole in me like that inch by inch he thrust all of his dick in me he stayed there for a while than took half of his dick out from my pussy and give a large thrust I screamed with pain my cunt was full of blood .Raghu stayed still for a while than he started to caress and suck my boobs ,he was kissing on my lips and my neck he was slowly moving in and out of my pussy and at the same time was thrusting deeper and deeper. I was still in pain but he didnt stopped and keep on moving in and out. After a while I started to enjoy it again.I was maoning loudly with pleasure but there was no 1 to listen as whole house was empty "AHHHHHHHHHHH Raghu" I said I was enjoying it throughly .
Mujhe buhat maja araha tha Raghu ne ab zor se dhake marne shro kardiye the,woh mujhe buhat bedardi se chod raha tha .Mere mummay uske moon main the jinhe woh khoob zor zor se choos raha tha usne unhe choos choos kar laal kardiya tha aur saath hi woh meri khoob chudai kar raha tha main bhi khoob neeche se dhake mar rahi thi.Usse mujhe chodte hue kewal 45 minute hogaye the lekin woh abhi tak nahi jhara tha main 45 minute main 4 baar jhar chuki thi.Lekin woh ruk nahi raha tha aur khob zor se meri chudai main laga hua tha kamre main humdono ki zor zor ki siskariya aur aahain aur chudai ki awaz goonj rahi thi AHHHHHHH ,UMMMMMMMM .Meri choot bilkul geeli hogayi thi aur chudai karte samay khoob chap chap ki awaz arahi thi.Hum dono josh se pagal horahe the aur khob zor zor se sikariya aur ahhain bhar rahe the.Maine Raghu ke chuttar ko apne dono taango se pakar liya aur zor se dhakke marne lagi uske dono haath mere chuttar ke neeche the aur moon main mere mummay hum dono paseeney main naha rahe the lekin rukne ka naam nahi le rahe the.
Kewal 1 ghante bad Raghu ne apni raftar tej kardi aur khoob taiji se mujhe chodne laga main samajh gayi ke woh ab jharne wala hai main bhi khoob jor se dhake marne lagi thori der main uske moon se josh se awaz nikalne lagi main bhi jharne wali thi aur khoob zor se awaz nikal rahi thi phir Raghu ne aik zor ka dhakka mara aur apni lund gherai tak mere under daldi maine usse zor se apni baahon main jakar liya hum dono jhar gaye the .Raghu ne apna sara pani meri choot main nikal diya meri choot uske pani se bhar gayi thi.Woh mere oper let kar ghere sans lene laga . After some rest he got up and went to kitchen he than brought some milk fruits and other eating stuff.We both were hungry after our very long love session so we ate and become reenergized again.
Raghu than opened my legs and put ice cream on it and licked my cunt.Ussne phir mujhe ghori banne ko kaha aur ghori banaker choda kewal 30 minute tak woh mujhe ghori banaker chodta raha jismain main 2 bar jhari .Uske baad ussne mujhe seedha kiya aur khud let kar mujhe apne ooper bitha diya .Now I was riding him like he was a horse.Main khob zor zor se Raghu ke lund per ucchal rahi thi ussne mere dono chuttar neeche se pakre hue the aur khob jor jor se mujhe uper neeche kar raha tha.Main dobara jharne wali thi maine apni raftar tej kardi AHHHHHHHHHHH "Raghu main jharne wali hoon AHHHH UMMMMMMMMMMMM ,main josh se zor zor se siskariya bhar rahi thi aur jitna josh se chilla sakti thi chilla rahi thi poore kamre main meri aahain goonj rahi thi lekin mujhe kuch hosh nahi tha AHHHHHHH Raghu main jhar rahi hoonnnnnnnnnnn ummmmmmm aahhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh ."And than I came. Meri choot pani se bhar gayi thi aur meri gand aur jhanghain bhi geeli hogayi thi Main Raghu ke lund per zor zor se hilne lagi aur jitna jhar sakti thi jhari koi jharne k 10 minute baad bhi main uske lund per ucchalti rahi .Raghu ne mujhe phir apni gaud main utthaiya aur mujhe deewar se laga kar khara kardiya ussne meri taangain apne chuttar ke gird karne ko kaha aur mujhe deewar se laga kar chodne laga meri baahain uske gird thi aur maine uske chuttar ko taango se pakra hua tha usne mere mummay apne moon main dabaye aur dhake marne laga usse mujhe bilkul deewar se chipkaiya hua tha aur dhappa dhap dhakkeemar raha tha.Ussne mujhe different positions main sari raat choda woh jharne ke kareeb hota to positon badal leta aur phir chodna shro hojata main sari raat buhat bar jhari.
Main sari raat usse chudwati rahi woh koi subha ke kareeb jaker jhara aur apna sara juice mere under nikal diya.We both than went to sleep with his dick inside me.Next day we woke up eat breakfast took shower together we have nothing to worry as there was no 1 to come at the house.Most of the time we stayed naked .Din main woh apne kaam karta aur kaam se faarigh hoker woh sari raat mujhe chodta .Kabhi woh mujhe poora din chodta rheta aur rukta nahi.It was surprising that at the age of 60 Raghu was really good in sex and had an appetite in sex of 4 young 20 year old boys,he never had problem in erection and would fuck me nonstop when ever he wanted .
Aik din ussne mujhe terrace main raat ke waqat sitaro ke neeche choda he always bring or think of something new which will make me hungry for him more.My parents reutrned after 2 months ,uss samay tak Raghu mujhe din raat chodta raha.
Raghu still work for us and is still my lover its strange that i never thought of having any other guy apart from him as my lover as he satisfies me completely I am addicted to his dick ,my parents still go for long trips and than we both havesex crazily for all day and nites.
Hi guys and gals i am ranveer.i strait away start i am 17 in 12th class.i am 5"9 and have a muscular body with 9"rod.i had a maid sushma who worked in our house for 8 years.she was prity old and was unable to do our work so v thought of getting a new maid.after few days we found rena who was from assam and was only 15.she was very poor but dam good looking.her body was just growing.i could not stop myself from her.when she cleaned my room i always tried to see her milky breast and ass.she whore skirt and shirt.due to some work my parents left for 4 days and left rena and two servants to take my care.igave some money to the male servants and asked them to go and enjoy.
Now i was thinking of how to get rena.i got an idea and put 100rs. On the floor that i she keeps the money with herself i'l catch her and then push her into my mom had asked her to stay in the garage so i had full 4 days to fuck.that evening i put a hundred rupee note in the drawing room and went inside and asked rena to clean the room she went found the note and gave it back to me i was dissapointed.then thought of trying again and put a 100 and 500 note in my room and asked her to clean the eatables in my room.i hided next to the door and saw to my surprice she put the 100 note in her bra and took the 500 note to return to she turned she was frightened to see me and gave me the note i shouted and told her i saw she stole the money and told that i will call the police
and from my mobile dialled 100 on loud speaker as the officer said p.c.r she started crying and then i told her ki tum mare samnae nangi ho jao aur jo kahu chup-chap karu.she started crying badly.then i strait away caught her boob and caught her she resisted but i slaped her.she was still crying.i then out of anger put my hand strait in her hole she shouted badly.then i took her cloths pff and took her to bath tub she was still crying badly.then i took my shots off and lied with her in tub and started kissing her badly sucking her mouth.and pressed her boobs very hard and they ver dam red. I put my finger in her hole and it was very tight.she was a virgin.then took her to bed and started sucking her took half hour to open it.she was shouting in pain badly.then i put my monester cock in her baby pussy tearing it apart.she was shouting with pain and saying"mae mar jauge chode do"but i didnt stop an took 15 min.
To evacuate my cum.she was now crying badly.after it i rested and when she stood up she was not able to walk and fell down.i then took her in my arms and told her not to tell i was telling her she was naked so the evil again ro se and i took my rod and put it in her mouth and asked to give strokes and then she gave still morning i gave her 500 and took her naked clip on my mobile and threatened her.i fucked her for all three days.then after a month she ran away.
My name is Raju. I am 24 years old guy. I stay in Bhiwandi. I want to share my experience which has happened with our maid-servant about one month back which is 100% true. Believe me friends, I am not cooking up some story and posting it. Our maids name is Kumari. She is some 30 years old lady and she is little dark. The key thing to be noticed in her is her boobs. She has very fat boobs. She always wears her saree below her navel, So her navel can be seen clearly whenever she bents for sweeping the floor or for wiping the floor. By seeing her back one can easily notice that she never wears a bra because she always wears see through blouses. Through my mother, I found that she was married two times and now she is living alone with her daughter. She has ditched both her husbands because of some family fights. Her face looks very sexy; if you see her you cannot stop thinking about her. One fine day, I got the chance of fucking her(Kumari). On that day, I was alone in my house when kumari came to my house for working. My family members went out for attending some function. On that day, kumari came to my house wearing purple colour saree, purple colour blouse and red colour petticoat. On that day, I was wearing white T-shirt and green shorts and no underwear. Kumari, as usual started wiping the floor with a piece of wet cloth. While wiping, kumari lifts her saree till her hips so that it does not get wet. However, her petticoat will always be down(covering her legs)which prevents me from watching her sexy legs. On that memorable day, while kumari is wiping the floor with a piece of wet cloth, one of her friend who is a lady of 25 years old came to my house to talk to her.
So, kumari went to the garden to talk to her(friend). Our garden is very close to my room. So I was watching kumari through the window from my room pretending as if I am doing some computer work. From the window I saw kumari talking to her friend and scratching her pubic region(vagina) now and then in front of her friend. By seeing this I became really hot and my body, mind were out of control. She finished talking to her friend and came inside the house and again started wiping the floor again. I came out of my room and started reading newspaper in the living room. Kumari asked me to help her a bit because she is working since morning and she has become tired. She asked me to get a glass of water as she is thirsty. So I went and brought a glass of water. While handling the glass to her, it slipped from my hand accidentally and the water fell on her saree and petticoat as she took the glass from me by sitting(squatting) on her legs. She said that she can’t go like that as everyone will think negatively (she pissed in her clothes). I told her not to worry because I have a solution for this. I gave her the bed sheet which I am using it on my bed and told her to go to my room, remove her saree and petticoat and wrap this bed sheet around her body. I asked her to give her wet saree and petticoat to me so that I can iron that wet clothes(saree and petticoat). She first told it’s o.k. Then I convinced her by saying come on, don’t feel shy not only you, even I have the private parts in the body. Then at last she agreed for my suggestion. She went inside my room and came out with only saree in her hand. I took that saree and started ironing it and in between I stated passing some comments on like- you look beautiful, Nice body etc. she understood that I am having lust on her. But she is keeping quiet. I finished ironing her saree and it is almost dried. Now I asked her for other part (petticoat).
She told its o.k. as it will be inside the saree. I told her though it stays inside the saree, the water will stick to saree and the saree will again become wet. She told o.k. and turned her body(front part) to the other side(900 ) inserted her into the bed sheet near her waist to loosen the thread of her red petticoat. As a result her petticoat became lose and dropped on to her legs she gave it to me for ironing. I saw the petticoat near waist and found so many hairs sticking to the petticoat. From this I came to know that she has a hairy vagina. Without her notice, I smelled her petticoat in the area where she hides her vagina.Now I finished ironing her petticoat and it has become dry. Now I want to proceed more front but I controlled myself as it is risk thing and she could complain to my family members. So I started moving from there with a disappointed face. She caught my hand and started smiling and told me to fulfill her whish. I was surprised. Before I could realize anything she placed her hand on my chest and started moving it on my chest. Now I understood what it is. She told it’s not a request, it’s an order. I felt happy; I was on the top of the world. I lifted and took her to my room with bed sheet still wrapped on her body. She told me to start with French kiss because she likes the taste of French kiss very much. So I locked her lips with my lips and started kissing her. Our tongues were playing with each other. After 5 minutes, we broke the French kiss and we started kissing each other body parts for 10 minutes with the clothes on the body.
After kissing each other for 10 minutes, I pulled the bed sheet down from her breasts and out came two big water melons. I started sucking her boobs like a small baby. While I was sucking her boobs, she inserted her hand into my shorts from the bottom and started pulling my penis by catching it’s(penis) hair. She removed my shorts and she is shocked to see my huge and fat penis. It has become wet with precum. After I finished sucking her boobs, she told me that she wanted to suck my penis because she likes the taste of precum very much. She started sucking my penis as if she is sucking soft drink with a straw. After she finished sucking, I removed the bed sheet on her body and I was surprised to see her hairy pussy. Her pussy was covered with dense hairs. She told me that she used to have shaved pussy two years back because her hubby likes to shave her pussy. Now as she is staying alone, no one is there to shave her pussy. So she lost interest in keeping the pussy clean. I started combing her pussy with my hand. By looking at her pussy, one can easily judge that she was fucked quite a number of times recently.
She told me to give a good massage to her pussy as it has become deprived of massages. I looked around and found coconut oil in the shelf. I took the oil and started massaging her pussy. She told me to rub hardly. I massaged her pussy for about 10 minutes. My cock was ready to enter her pussy. But I was getting afraid of AIDS. She told she has some condoms with her and she kept them in the kitchen. I was surprised and asked her what they(condoms) are doing in the kitchen. She told that she brought them with her and she kept them in the kitchen to work in the house and after working she would take them with her and she said “No more details about them”. I fixed them(condoms) on my penis without asking her any more details. I went forward and inserted my penis into her vagina. As she is very much experienced in these things(sex), my penis went inside her vagina easily without any difficulty. By seeing her vagina and its surroundings, One could easily understand that she has been fucked quite number of times. I started fucking her more intensively. After some time, I noticed some liquid coming out from her vagina. I thought she is cumming and I continued fucking her with full josh. As time passed, more liquid is coming out with more force and is pushing my penis out. I removed my penis out to see what it is. I saw her vagina and found that she is cumming. I looked at her and found that she is not in this world. She doesn’t know what is happening here. She has attained orgasm. I again started fucking her cumming pussy. After finishing fucking her pussy, I asked her for doggy style. But she refused. I convinced by saying-It won’t be painful. If it is painful, I will stop it. At last she agreed for doggy style. I started fucking her in doggy style While I am fucking her in doggy style, again some amount of cum started leaking from her vagina.After fucking her in doggy style for sometime, I was about to cum.
I asked her where to discharge my cum. She told me to discharge in her hands and she kept her hands under the dip of my penis. Now I shot all my cum on her hands(palm) with full force. Now my lust is fulfilled. I have fucked my sexy maid servant. Now both of us were exhausted . So we decided to take take some rest.So we decided to sleep for sometime with naked bodies. After getting up, we went inside the bathroom to take a bath, while taking a bath; we rubbed and washed each other’s body parts with soap and water. After bathing, we roamed inside the house with naked bodies and doing some kinky(naughty) things. It was 4’O clock in the evening. And she told she has to go. From that day onwards, whenever, she comes inside my room for sweeping or wiping the floor, we do kinky (naughty) thing like lifting her saree and rubbing her vagina or squeezing her boobs or inserting my hand inside her petticoat and touching her vagina or giving her a nice French kiss etc. She enjoys all these things and even she likes doing kinky things with me like pinching my penis or sucking it or biting me on my chest with her lips or inserting her hand into my underwear or shorts to touch my penis etc.
Once I asked her why she never wears a panty? For that question, she replied that she wanted some air to pass in that area. So she wanted to leave that area(vagina and its surroundings) freely. Guys and gals, please post your comments and girls(only) can mail their personnel opinion to me if they want. I will be waiting. Forgive me for any mistakes in this story.
The next thing I knew, she gasped and squirmed around on my dick, gyrating her hips in a circular motion, almost as if she were using my cock to stir something deep inside of her. Her head turned to me, and I saw her eyes bulge and her mouth gape. She was now experiencing her second orgasm. Slowly, she started to regain the air she would need to talk. "Saheb… fuck me like a dog. Put it deep in my chooth." She pleaded. How could I resist? She stood up and turned to face me, before sitting and straddling me. I positioned my cock, and she lowered herself down onto it. I slammed my dick inside her tight cunt, not caring if it hurt her or not. Her mouth opened wide, as she screamed. This was it. I was going to fuck this girl and blow my load so deep inside her, that she'd have to walk around her husband, feeling my seed squirm inside her bowels for the rest of the day. "You want me to fuck your chooth? You want to be my little slut? Then tell me how bad that little fuck is in bed, and how much you really need a real man." I commanded her, honestly not believing that I was saying the shit. "Oh, he's nothing! He never satisfied me! I want you! I want you to make me yours, so he has to see me with you every fucking day!" She squealed, as I jackhammered my throbbing cock into her quivering cunt. I slapped my hand across her round buttock, and told her to tell me more; She was happy to oblige. The things that poured of out this girl's mouth were unbelievable. She gasped and squealed on top of me so loud, I was sure the neighbors would think I was killing her. "Fuck me faster! Faster Saheb. Shit! Oh fuck me...ride your Mona. Slide your dick deep in me. Yes...yes...that's good. Rub my tits. Don't stop fucking me. Fuck my cunt with your big cock. Yes, please fuck me hard...." Almost without warning, I shuddered and ejaculated shooting my load deep into Mona's cunt. "Here it is Mona, ughhh... take it in your pussy, you whore!" as I ejaculated flooding Mona with my jizm.I was immediately a little embarrassed at calling Mona a whore, but she didn't seem to care. She wanted satisfaction and was being satisfied. Thats all. I collapsed on top of her with my penis buried deep in her chooth. I was kissing her back and she wiggled under me. That got my penis to stiffen again. She quickly repositioned herself by rolling me on my back. She turned around and straddled my face and leaned forward to give my swollen penis a tentative lick. She looked back at me and smiled. as she lowered her hot cunt on my face.
"Eat me out, Saheb. Eat Mona's cunt good…lick our love juices" She leaned forward as she mounted my face and began to lick up her juices off of my prick. From my position, I could see my cum dripping out of my servant's wet hole as she lowered her cunt firmly to my face. I soon licked and sucked her dry. After a moment, she stopped sucking me and sat up erect to hump my face. I reached up and started twisting her nipples whenever she rode me too hard. Instead she just rode me harder thrashing and screaming. "Yes, yes, yes! Eat your cum from your servant's pussy! Suck me dry you big dicked stud. Yes eat me good! Aghhhhh!... Ehhhh!... Aghhhh.... I'm coming. I'm coming...Oh shit! It's goooooooood..." Once again she emitted a high-pitched shriek as she thrashed around in ecstasy. She rode my face like as though she was seated on a bucking horse. She got up off my face, just in time, I was about to pass out from lack of air. She didn't look too concerned though. She just glanced down at my newly revived hard dick and with a big smile said: "Fuck me again, stud. I want more."
And without further remark, she rolled over on her stomach, pushed her ass high in air, while her face was in the pillows and her hands on the headboard for leverage. She then moved her knees apart and held her position. Her slit was enticingly facing me from where I lay on the bed. She obviously wanted me to ride her doggie style, but I had other ideas. Quite frankly, I was pissed off about the way she had rode my face savagely. Time to teach this slut another lesson I thought to myself. I rubbed my rigid tool against her juicy twat as I straddled her from behind. Mona, let out a sigh in expectation of vaginal penetration. But before she was entirely aware of what I was doing, I wrapped my arm around her waist and placed my dick-head at her tight brown hole. I took me several thrusts to get my meat all the way in her. Screaming and trying to escape her fate of a major ass-fucking, Mona again struggled in my tight grip. She let out tiny screams of pain as I had pushed into her backdoor. Once I got my blood-engorged head past her resistant sphincter, I started fucking her in the ass slowly penetrating as deeply as I could. "What's the matter, Mona, you sleazy cock-sucking whore? Don't you want me to fuck you in the ass? I thought all bad little sluts want to have a big dick up their ass." She didn't answer me. She only screamed, cried, and begged me to stop.
I switched my grip from around her waist to putting a hand on the back of each shoulder and pulled them slightly toward me at the same time I pushed her face firmly down into the pillow as I slammed my groin into her backside. Shifting one hand to her long black hair, I twisted it around my arm and jerked back her head as if it was a horses rein. Her screaming was now guttural and there was a distinctive whacking sound as each thrust made contact with her buttocks. I could feel my sack slap against her pussy lips with each thrust. I rammed my rod in and out of Mona's tight asshole while she struggled and cried beneath me. It felt really good to have my servant skewered helplessly with my big cock up her ass to the hilt. I wasn't about to stop until I shot my wad deep in her. Once again resigned to her fate, Mona's struggling slackened. She no longer resisted and only an occasional whimper revealed her reluctance to be butt-fucked. I was close to my climax and I was slamming her ass so hard that it was lifting her knees up off the bed. She was desperately pushing on the headboard with her hands to keep her head from banging against it. I could hear her growl like a beast as I pulled back on her hair while I fucked her tight brown hole.. "Ughh.... take it up your ass you sleazy slut...." I pulled out of her ass, leaving her arse hole momentarily gapping open.
Mona, fell Forward on her face and immediately began gasping for air and crying hysterically. Seeing her gaping arse hole, I once again caught her hips and before she could say any thing I rammed my hard meat into her tight arse hole. Mona screamed out in pain, but I kept fucking her arse hole brutally. I now wrapped my arms around her back and squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples. Mona was now screaming in pleasure and pain. I was merciless…I kept ramming my huge penis into her arse hole while I brutally squeezed her nipples. And then, I ejaculated. Streams and streams of my warm cum erupted deep in her arse hole. I collapsed on top of Mona and pulled out my limp penis. Mona lay on the bed dazed. I picked her up and carried her into the shower and let a stream of warm water wash the cum, sweat and tears off of her. Then getting in with her, I soaped up both of our bodies and with my hands I gently massaged and explored Mona's body while we rinsed off. We both silently dried ourselves and then Mona left the bathroom without a word and crawled under the covers of the bed still completely naked. Not knowing what else to do I quietly slipped into my wifes side of the bed. I turned over on my side with my back to Mona and fell asleep.
After a short while, I felt Mona snuggle up against me. Her arm went around me and I felt her warm breasts against my back, her stiff nipples poking into my back and her breath against the back of my neck. She clung tightly to me. Our legs were intertwined and she started rubbing her hairy bush was against my butt. "Saheb?... Do you want me to impregante me.?" "Yes, Mona if you want a child I'm sorry if I hurt you... I guess I got carried away." "Never mind, sweetie. I dont want a child...I want to be fucked We'll talk about it later. Just go to sleep." Then we both fell asleep, totally exhausted. After about an hour, I woke up on my back. Mona had rolled over and was sleeping on her side with her arse facing me. Her legs were spread slightly and I saw her swollen hairy cunt lips. Seeing her cunt and her puckered arse hole, made my penis rock hard and my penis ached to fuck her again. I watched her prone form on the bed from where I stood looking down at her naked form. My eyes traveled from her heaving face and tits down to her hairy wide open cunt. Then, not unrepentantly, I was hard again. I knew what I had to do now. I reached down and grabbed her ankles and lifted them up in the air. I kneeled on the bed as I lifted her legs up and I was now looking straight down her gapping dripping wet hole. Mona's swollen cunt was wide open begging to be fucked again.
God! Was that ever a turn on! I tightly held her ankles high in the air as I lowered myself between her legs I pushed her knees back until they touched her huge semen-covered breasts and flattened them against her chest. Her naked ass was thrust up and her slit was spread widely open before my eyes. The head of my throbbing cock lightly touched her slit. My glans slid back and forth reaming her pussy lips, teasing her clit. This made Mona awake. As Mona lay eagerly beneath me, I positioned myself and slowly slid the entire length of my meat into her. As her cunt lips spread to receive me, Mona let out a loud gasp of astonishment and her eyes went wide as if surprised. I started to ride her slowly. I enjoyed watching my dick thrust slowly in and out between her swollen pink inner-lips. As I pushed deep, I bottomed against her hard cervix and withdrew almost completely. Then I really began pistoning in and out of Mona's pulsating pussy. She was now humping her crotch into my penis. I let her ankles rest on my shoulders while I reached forward and started kneading her tits as I fucked her. I smeared the cum I had left on her tits all over her chest. Mona fucked me back expertly. She was moaning, bucking, and thrashing and trying to push her cunt hard against me to get as much of me as she could. She was tighter than my wife and more than made up for it in style. Mona obviously wasn't one to be passively screwed like Jaya, she fucked me back like a wild animal in heat.
The stream of profanity that suddenly came from Mona's mouth was both shocking and stimulating. "Fuck me! Yes!... Fuck me good... God your dick feels good!" "Fuck me!" she cried, as she started clawing at my back with her long painted nails and she started gently biting me on the neck in between her passionate exclamations. She hunched her cunt back at me to get as much penetration as she could. I knew that Mona wanted as much as my cock as I could shove in her and I wanted badly to feel my semen squirting inside her hot box. "Fuck me faster! Faster Saheb. Shit! Oh fuck me...ride your Mona. Slide your dick deep in me. Yes...yes...that's good. Rub my tits. Don't stop fucking me. Fuck my cunt with your big cock. Yes, please fuck me hard...." screamed Mona as she reached her orgasm. Almost without warning, I shuddered and shot my load deep into my servant's cunt. "Here it is Mona, ughhh... take it in your pussy!" I collapsed on top of her as my penis pulsated its load into her hot cunt. But Mona wanted more. Her husband being impotent, she was a master in making a flagging penis erect. She turned around , crawled between my legs and flicked her tongue across my mushroom head. Mona was sucking my prick now, kneeling before me.
I held her head and stared to fuck her mouth. She held on to my buttocks with both her hands and was squeezing them. Her fingers ran between my buttocks and reached my arse-hole. She massaged it with one finger. I felt a strange pleasant sensation. She wet her finger with plenty of saliva and continued massaging my arse-hole, while sucking my prick. As my anus relaxed, she inserted her finger into it and looked up at me. Seeing me enjoying it, she inserted it for about an inch and started wriggling it. It was such a pleasant sensation. My penis became stiffer. I then asked her to lie down on the bed. Facing her, I took her breast on my mouth and started sucking it. Though much larger than Jaya's, Mona's breasts were big and conical with prominent nipples. The erect nipples were at least one inch long and she had a wonderfully large brownish areola surrounding it. A few strands of curly were growing at the edge of the brown area. I took the nipple between my lips and started sucking it like drinking from a straw. She hugged me closer and tried to push the entire breast into my mouth. I sucked her breasts alternately hard and long, till they were firm and rubbery. We changed positions. She took my prick and with her long tongue started licking it from the base to the tip. I placed my head between her thighs and tasted her cunt with long licks. I grabbed her thick and juicy cunt lips with my lips and sucked then gently as I would a slice of ripe mango. Her cunt was secreting its juice freely. It was flowing down to her arse. I licked it up, enjoying its saltiness. When I licked her wet arse-hole, it quivered. I smelt it. It gave off a pungent smell. I licked it again, trying to insert the tip of my tongue. I inserted one finger.
It slid in but she gripped my finger tight with her anal muscles. I continued licking her cunt vigourously. After a while she relaxed her arse. I moved my finger slowly in and out. When she produced her arse juices, the movement was easier and smoother. She started moaning while sucking my prick. "I can't take it any more, please …" she begged me to stop. "So…" I said "Fuck me…fuck me hard saheb" Mona begged She got on her fours and thrust her crotch up. Her pussy begged to be fucked. She felt my cock-head at her cunt and promptly bent forward and spread her cunt-lips for me . Slowly, I squeezed my thick swollen cock-head into her. Mona gasped as my penis speared into her womanhood. I groaned and flexed my buttocks, thrusting deep into her. Her cunt was a hot, wet vice that clamped and convulsed on my penis. My head arched in pleasure. Gritting my teeth, I swung my hips forward and thrust deep into her. Mona cried out loudly as the swollen penis pierced into her vagina. Her breasts were hot and swollen and we jerked and jiggled as I rocked into her. "C'mon ... take it!" I gasped. The obscenity aroused her. Moaning deliriously, she rocked back and forth on her hands and knees. Her cunt ran up and down the length of my shaft, impaling itself on my cock repeatedly. I took several deep breaths to regain control. I waited patiently on my knees behind her and caressed her back. I watched her cunt slide up and down my rigid penis and the sight aroused me. I slid my other hand under her belly and flicked her gorged clitoris back and forth.
She gasped and whimpered, her back bowing and arching, her body jerking and rocking under me. Her breasts swung with her motions and I squeezed them hard, rolling her rigid nipples in my fingers. Mona's head snapped up and she moaned. Her cunt and breasts were fiery with lust. She moved faster. Her body rocked and jerked before me, her buttocks slapping loudly at my strong thighs. My balls pressed to her cunt-lips and I could feel the hot flow of her cunt-juices on my groin. "Yes! C'mon ... c'mon, ... take it! Lele ... aur le! Pura le, saali! Chul! Aur le! Take my cock ... yeh! Take it all! Harder, ! Ohhhh yes! Yeh! UNHHhhh Yes! Ohhh god yes," I grunted, forcing her to go faster and faster, jamming her cunt back on my prick. "Ohhhhh uhhhh OHHhhhh uhhhh OHhhh yes ohh god yes yes yes!" she responded. I moved my fingers off her clitoris and with my hands gripped her hips firmly, began to pound my penis into her vagina. My hips rammed hard into her crotch and swung back and forth, each skewering thrust probing her cunt. I rolled my hips savagely and she gasped and moaned as my cock plunged into her cunt from all angles. It rasped against her inflamed clitoris, and she felt my heavy balls slam on her cunt-lips. She stretched a hand between her thighs and squeezed my balls. I moaned and fucked her faster and harder. My balls were on fire. I began to sweat.
She squeezed her breasts in a frenzy as I moved faster and faster till I was pistoning in and out of her cunt like a man possesed. "Oh god oh ma unhh ohhh unhh ohhh unhh ohhh uhhh oh oh oh oh oh yes Ohhhhh yes Ohhh yes yes Ohhh god yes ... fuck me ohhh yes baby yes ... fuck me hard ... fuck me ... oh yes ... fuck my chooth, lover ... fuck it hard!" Mona graoned. "Chodh mujhe ... jorse chodh!" Mona orgasmed violently, shuddering and gasping as the heat swamped her. I was magnificent. Grunting with tension, gripping her buttocks, I fucked her furiously, ramming my hips up and down beneath her. She cried out, her head arching as the cock slammed in and out of her cunt. Her breasts bounced as my hips thumped against her buttocks. I gasped loudly as she slid her cunt down onto my cock and flexed and unflexed her buttocks rapidly. Her cunt seemed to chew on my penis. She swung her buttocks round and round and she fingered her clitoris. I watched her, deeply aroused. Faster and faster we moved and her cries rang in my ears. "Yes ... yes ... OHhh yes ... fuck me ... fuck me hard, fuck me hard! Chul, ! Ragad ke chodh mujhe, saala !" "Hanh, rundi chul! Lele! Take it, bitch! Take my cock! Le mere lund ko! OHHHh yeh! C'mon you whore! Take it!" I replied. Her buttocks caromed and bounced off my thighs, her cunt a hot, wet, greedy vortex of intense pleasure. I bucked furiously into her, making her groan and cry out in lust. Mona's cunt blazed with heat and she soared up towards another orgasm. "Screw me hard!" "Yeh ... take it you whore ... take my cock," I rasped.
Stretched over her on outstretched arms, my cock still pushing into her constricting channel, gasping and making her moan in delight as it burrowed deeper and deeper into her, I fought to steady myself. My cock throbbed ominously, and the jizz roiled in my balls, aching for release. Steadily, I drove deeper and deeper into her until I was fully embedded in her cunt, my cock in to the hilt. I was fucking her furiously again. my head arched back and my buttocks plummeted up and down, up and down, up and down, my penis stroking powerfully in and out, in and out, in and out of her cunt. Mona moaned deliriously, her head whipping ecstatically from side to side. "OHHHhh god yes yes ohh yes yes ... ohhhh yeh that's it ... c'mon fuck me lover .... yeh .... take me .... ohhhh yes!" "Take it bitch .... yeh cunt ... take it all yes!" I returned. She began to orgasm again and I kept fucking her, forcing her on to another orgasm and yet a third. She moaned and cried out, her body heaving and writhing and thrashing joyously under me. Now I wanted her for my own pleasure. I jerked out of her and fucked her again, this time lying on my side and thrusting quickly into her from behind, lifting one of her legs high in my hand. I fucked her rapidly, one arm around her leg held on to her hips while the other around her breasts, jigging her furiously up and down on my cock.
Her breasts bounced and she cried out, her eyes closed, whimpering tiredly. My enormous cock was relentless in her cunt, thrusting angrily in and out of her cunt, my balls slamming against her buttocks and thighs. She came again and I swore violently, my cock jerking into her over and over. I struggled for control. Somehow, I managed to hold back. I grasped her around her back and squeezed her nipples mercilessly and brutally pulled on them. She bowed her head, panting and gasping, awed by my stamina and staying power and started screaming as I squeezed and pulled her nipples. She sensed my desire and she satisfied it willingly. I was burning with lust. Her vaginal muscles spasmed around my throbbing shaft and I cried out, my head snapping back and rammed my cock into vagina. Mona screamed loudly, her face contorting in a grimace of pain and lust as the huge, fiery rod seared up into her vagina. She dug a hand into her crotch and began to masturbate her clit frantically. "Yes ... yes ... fuck me ... fuck my cunt... fuck it hard…end its thirst…c'mon.. fuck me hard with that monster!" she gasped. "Maar meri chooth ko! Jorse maar!" Overpowered by lust, I ram-fucked her cunt, jerking and slamming my hips back and forth, forcing my cock into her again and again. It was burning hot and tight as a vice and it convulsed feverishly on my penis. I felt her orgasm and her vagina clamped almost painfully on my dick. I cried out and rocked into her savagely and finally lost control.
Mona mewed in pleasure and joy when she felt the sharp sting of my cum geysering in a searing flood into her vagina. . She moaned, and her breath came in heaving, rattling gasps. Her head bowed between her arms. I chuckled softly and squeezed her dangling breasts. She groaned as my penis continued throbbing in her. We lay in each others arms with her stretched cunt lips gripping down hard on my cock We must have dozed off for a long time because it was sunset when I felt Mona kissing me. She was bathed, cleaned and dressed up. She offered me a cup of tea and sat besides me while we sipped our tea. "Are you now satisfied and miss your wife?" Mona asked me. I laughed loudly and said " I am now happy". Well, after that I and Mona used to fuck regularly. She had decided not to have a child and had started taking the pills.
Beautiful, sweet Mona. I was in a state of shock, the day she wept in front of me. With her petite figure, and soft coffee-colored skin, her long hair and deep matching eyes, shapely large firm breasts.It made me sad that she was married to a drunkard ...most importantly and impotent man. Mona was our maid servant. We had moved to this city a couple of years ago and my wife and kids had gone to their grand paretns home. It was at this time that my wife hired Mona to work for us. She was around 30 and a meticulous worker. She used to come to our home at about ( in the morning and stay in our home till about 6 in the evening when her husband used to pick her up in the evening. She used to have lunch in our home after my wife had her lunch and used to sleep in our bed room on the ground while my wife watched TV. The kids used to return by four in the evening when she would again get busy looking after my kids. All in all it was a nice arrangement. The only departure was that on weekends when I was around, she used to leave the house after her lunch and return back at five in the evening to clean up the utensils and again left at 6 with her husband. It was a Saturday when she came to clean up the house. I sat at my computer busy with playing computer game on the internet. Mona was cleaning the house. That day she was wearing a long loose skirt and a long T-Shirt. My wife had been away for a week and I was feeling horny and was missing my wife. Mona had come as usual and was busy in cleaning the house. The sight of her every movement intoxicated me. I found myself staring at her, taking in the view with extreme detail. From the way her hair bounced with every step, to the body language she gave off while she was cleaning the room where I was working to the way she way she was brazenly letting me look at her cleft of her breasts. Finally, I decided to get back to what I was doing, before I got myself in trouble. At about 11 in the morning I asked Mona to make Tea for both of us as I went to the bedroom and switched on the AC and TV. After a while Mona brought me a cup of tea. Since it was really hot that day, I asked Mona to come in and have her Tea in the AC room. She came inside, sat on the floor and sipped her Tea. I was busy watching an interesting program on cars on the Discovery Channel.
After the program was over, having nothing to do, I started talking to Mona and chatted about this and that. Then Mona asked me if I missed my wife. "Yes" I replied "In what way" Mona asked brazenly. "Well you are married and you should understand in what way I miss her" I said "Saheb, you mean to say that you are angry with me in not looking after the house in mem-sahibs absence" Mona said "No no, nothing wrong in your work, but I feel my wifes should understand' I said "Saheb, memsahib asked me to take care of you completely. As you miss memsahib, theres some thing that you are not happy about" she teased me brazenly. "Just shut up and do your work" I admonished her. Mona got quite, drew her legs up to her body and keeping her head on her knees and started sobbing after some time. In the mean while another program on jets had started on the Discovery channel and I was busy watching it when I heard Mona sobbing. "What happened Mona? Why are you sobbing?" I asked "All you men are like that" She said Hearing this cryptic answer I quizzed her further "What do you mean" "When you men cant understand us, you tell us to shut up" she said .
By now she was weeping. Being ten years younger to me, I felt pity on her and sat besides her.I placed my arm around her shoulders and said "Theres some thing troubling you Mona, what is it?" In reply, she buried her head deeper in her knees and started sobbing uncontrollably. After a while, when her sobbing became lesser, I quizzed her further "What is it Mona? Whats troubling you?" "You wont understand saheb" she said "What is it Mona?" I asked "Saheb have you ever wondered why I work so long at your home" Mona asked. "Well you dont have kids, you feel bored alone and to earn more money for you and your husband you work" I said trying to calm her down "Well do you know why I dont have kids?" she asked "I never bothered as its some thing between you and your husband" I said. "Thats why I said all you men are the same...never bothered" she said "Ok then...what is it thats troubling you" I asked "I dont have kids...because my husband is impotent and as a normal woman I want to have kids and enjoy married life" she said. I was shocked and dumb struck when she said this. There was pin drop silence that followed and she looked mockingly in my eyes. After a while I said "well this is not a major problem...with proper medical treatment you can over come this problem" I said "All doctors have said that but to start the treatment my husband should have an erection so that he can get his sperms out" she replied "but when he can not get his penis to stand, theres no treatment" she mocked.
"You mean to say that you have had no sex since your marriage?" I said "I had sex with my husband with great difficulty only thrice in the last eight years of marriage" she replied."And because of my frustration and his impotency, he has taken to drinking and now is drunkard apart from being impotent" she continued. "God… I can't believe that. Doesn't it just drive you crazy?" "Yeah, from time to time. It's been known to cause a very overactive imagination." After I said that, she got quiet. She smiled, softly, before putting her hand on my knee and looking into my eyes. I couldn't begin to explain what led me to do what I did next, as it was very surreal. I leaned forward and kissed her, passionately. I didn't even realize what I was doing until it was too late. When I finally came to my senses, my lips were pressed against hers, and my tongue was going into her mouth. I thought for sure that she would back away and slap me, but she grabbed my head and kissed me back with just as much passion. Without a word, we broke our kiss.
She lifted her shirt to reveal her perfect breasts, leaving me shocked that she wasn't even wearing a bra. She had a perfect pair of breasts- large, firm and shapely. A handfull of it. I couldn't help it, I leaned down and wrapped my lips around her nipple, kissing and sucking like a starved infant. With my hands I started feeling her breasts. She moaned and ran her fingers through my hair, holding my head against her chest. I licked and sucked at her tit, squeezing her breasts, savoring the feel of the soft skin against my lips. Suddenly, and without warning, she pushed me off of her. I thought that she had come to her senses, and was ready to apologize, when she leaned over to me and started tugging at my shirt. Within seconds, it was unbuttoned and pushed off of my shoulders, and she was grabbing at my belt. She hooked her fingers around the belt, and pulled me up, on the bed, until I was on my knees, right beside her. I stared down at the look on her face, and an expression of pure need could be seen. She began tugging and pulling at my belt, unbuckling it and pulling out of the belt loops. She looked up at me and began whispering. "Take me Saheb…..fuck me...I need it...its really distressing not to be fucked." Those words coming from her beautiful lips were enough to make me lose control. I grabbed her shirt, and pulled it completely off of her, exposing the upper portion of her body to me.
I was amazed. In fact, I was in utter shock. Mona's body was even more beautiful than I could've imagined. Once I saw her, I instantly knew that I had to see the rest of her. She was like a piece of artwork that had to be admired. I tossed her shirt down, across the room and reaching around her waist, hooked my fingers inside the band that held it, and pulled down her panties and skirt with as much force as I could muster. She leaned upward, balancing her weight on her knees, and used her hands to help me. Her skirt fell, exposing her round ass to me, which left me in awe. It looked even better out of those skirt, than it did in them! She stood on the bed in front of me, legs spread and arms on her hip. She looked like a sultry goddess. Her long black hair, her coffee coloured skin, her shapely breasts tipped by inch long erect nipples, her slim body and the black curly hairs between her legs and the lusty look in her eyes made my penis hard. The sight drove me wild! "Mona you are fucking beautiful. You don't deserve that fucking impotent husband." I told her. She turned to me and showed me her back and smiled wickedly, before I put my hand on the small of her back and turned her around. "Really, Saheb? Are you going to give me what I really deserve?" She said, in a sultry tone.
She was driving me crazy! I pulled her towards me and my mouth started sucking on her breasts and I rubbed my hand between her nude thighs, pressing my thumb against her swollen clit. I couldn't believe it, she was already soaking wet! This girl was real horny and her soaking cunt really need a hot hard meat! I bent down and used my fingers to spread her pussy, making room for me to begin my oral assault. She began moaning, and starting pushing her hips into my fingers. I quickly transferred my oral attention to her cunt. I sucked on her swollen cunt lips and I slipped my tongue up her vagina and was tasting every drop of juice she had, while my tongue fluttered across her button. "Oh, fuck! Yes! Show me what it's like to be fucked by a real man, Saheb. Show me what it's like, baby. Make my pussy yours!" I couldn't take anymore. I rolled her over, onto her back, and rammed my finger deep into her pussy. It was amazing! She was so tight..too tight for a married woman! It was true that her husband was impotent! "Oh, shit! Oh, yes! Fuck, me, Saheb! Please? Make me beg?" Mona pleased, as my finger pushed deep inside her tight cunt. I pulled my finger out, and sucked on it, savoring every drop of juice. Then I grabbed her legs and pushed them into the air, admiring the sight between her legs.
From the hairy patch, her swollen reddish purple cunt lips peeped out with her cunt lips open ever so slightly, with her cunt lips glistening. I laid on the bed and made her straddle my face, before pushing my tongue up against her swollen clit. She gasped and instantly began riding her cunt against my mouth. Her moans filled the room, and before I knew it, she had exploded in orgasm. Her juices were dripping into my mouth, and down her thighs, and her moans had turned to excited squeals. She was breathing so heavily that she had trouble finding the air to speak. In a moment, when her orgasm subsided, she climbed off of me and begged me to unzip my pants. When I did, her hands pushed mine out of the way and fought to free my dick from it's bindings. Finally, it sprung forth, and her eyes grew wide. "Hai Ram! Yours is a lot fucking bigger than my husbands! Oh, God!" Her grip on my dick tightened, as she fluttered her tongue across my skin. I can't describe how ready to blow I was. I thought for sure that I was going to cum all over her pretty pink lips, and to this day, I can't tell you how I kept from it. Knowing that I was face-fucking my maid servant was incredible. The funny thing is, she seemed to enjoy it even more than I did! The time had come; I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to have her, now. I pulled out of her mouth, and she gave me a pouty look that almost made me cream all over her face.
I pulled her to her feet, and sat down on the bed, urging her in front of me. "Ooh! Can't wait any longer, huh?" She asked, giggling. Without a word, I grabbed her legs, spread them in a V positioned my cock head in front of her cunt. She in turn trust her hips upwards and her swollen slightly parted cunt glistening cunt lips rubbed against my cock head. Her body tensed, as I worked my dick up and into her. She was tight as her cunt clung to my cockhead as I worked it into her cunt before she let out a gasping moan that almost sounded like I had knocked the wind out of her. "Mmmm….. God, yes. Stretch my little cunt out." She gasped, before I pulled her downward, using her weight to push the entirety of my cock deep into her. Her back arched, and her head tilted towards me. She began squealing like mad, before putting both of her feet on the bed, and taking control. Mona , using her grip on the mattress, thrust her crotch up into my penis. She bounced on and off of my dick like a possessed woman, squealing and talking dirty the entire time. "Fuck yes! Fill that little pussy up! Fuck me, show me what a dirty whore I am, show me that I need better than that little prick I'm married to!" She wailed. By now, my cock was so hard that it hurt. I began bucking and thrusting up at her, listening to the sound of her pussy lips as they slapped down at the base of my dick. The more we fucked, the louder she got. I was scared that I might make her pregnant. Something inside me just told me not to care, though. I was determined to fuck this hot little number for everything she was worth! "Please, Saheb! Please! Fuck me! Make me hurt so bad! I don't deserve that tiny cock of my husband, I want yours pumping in me, day and night! Make it so my cunt only fits you!" She begged, almost in tears.
I am 24 yrs old and can satisfy any woman of any age.this is my 1st story.hope u will like it with my maid i write one sex story with her only. i cant help me out writing from this that she is very sexy and any male will be eager to have sex wit her.she is amazing. Anyways it happened as for the first time in my life i had sex wit sonal in the bathroom. but after that it was been around 25 days she din gave me her choot(vagina) to fuck again due to fear. but i requested her many atlast one day she agreed.
as we have a terrace very big and there we have 4 rooms out of which we don use 2 rooms at all. so as per plan i asked sonal to come in one of that room in the afternoon when my mom will be sleeping downstairs. so in the afternoon when i went in the room in the terrace i was shocked to see sonal out there and she pulled me very quickly and closed the room very soon.and then she opened her saree and petticoat and was only in her green bra and blue pantiy in which flowers were painted. after this she opened my jeans and shirt and banyan and gave a kiss in my chest and then opened my undies and sucked my 7 inch cock like hell and drank all the juice like water and then she opened her bra . oooooooooo wowwwwwwwww wat boobs .
After this i sucked her boobs like a child sucks his moms boobs to drink milk. and after that to seduce her i opened her panty from my mouth and licked her pussy and was lickin all the juices coming out of her cunt. and then she started moaning oooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaa ammaaaaaaaa very heavily and told me ........saab thoda apna lund mere andar dalo na(saab plz insert ur cock inside me) hearing this i was charged very much and directly inserted my dick in her vagina and started giving her jerks like a jarking car and we were enjoying every moment of it . atlast i was very tired so i took out my dick out but she was fully charged so she hurrily sucked again my dick and made it ready and made me horny again and let it insert her vagina. this happened for nearly two and half hours but she was feeling my body's heat very much that she was not letting me go. but i was tired and when i told her to end our sex session she pleaded me only once for a doggy session so i inserted my dick in someone's ass for the first time and she started moaning heavily aaaaaaaahhhhhhh ooooooohhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhh aur jor se bahut majaa aa raha he.we both enjoyed this pose also very much.
But after all this i said now its over and it was very much for that day and dressed up and sonal also dressed up but i could still see the sex hunger in her eyes and then we had a french kiss session for 10 mins. and after this when i was going to open the door she told me to wait for just two mins and when i waited she told me that saab i promise you that as i am married from the past 4 yrs and also i have enjoyed with many men in my life before but i have never seen your type of manhood inside anyone and sonal said to me i love you and from now onwards she will never allow anyone to use her vagina except me. i felt very nice hearing this and i promised her to have sex with her frequently.
But after this i satisfied many girls and women so i didnot enjoyed much with sonal but yeah she is a fixed women for me to have sex when i am in need and when i am desperate for sex i have sex with sonal and also i have never refused sonal whenever she has asked for sex. she generally ask me once in week and we have a long session. so this was my encounter wit my maid sonal (sexy woman).
Hi friends First of all let me thank you for giving overwhelming response to my story. I felt encouraged. First I waited formy story to get rated story forum but could not resist myself to write some more innovative creative stories.
The incident which I am recalling was when I was doing my FYBCOM.Month was of May very hot. We were having holiday for two months. I used to go n play cricket almost all the days. It was in such golden era of my life that I got an accident while playing cricket on the fields. My left leg got a fracture. I was hospitalized n brought back to home. I was nearly 20 days bedrest. Felt very difficult to walk myself. Fortunately or Unfortunately being month of May my parents had to go out of city for one month because of my uncle’s serious illness. My parents were in dilemma whether to care me or go to see the uncle’s condition. I thought for a while and some how managed to convince my parents that they can go for the few days and I will be able to manage myself. They first refused but later thought to do the same. Now it was Saturday evening 5 pm. My parents were packing their luggage to go. Train was supposed to go by 7 pm. My mother was feeling very sad to leave me alone but had no other alternative. But being considerate, she immediately contacted our kaamwali bai whose name was radha and asked her to stay with me n take my care. First she refused but later on agreeing to give some money she agreed. At time of 6 radha came to our home. My mother explained my condition to her n my both parents left for the train.
Now let me describe Radha.She was a slim statured lady of age 30.she was dark black skinned. But her facial features were having resemblance to our yesteryear actress smita patil. She had oval face n bettle leaf stained lips. She had (later came to know) very long black silky thick hairs upto ass, which she always tied in loose bun (ambada). Till that incident I never felt any sexual inclination towards her.
My parents left. Radha closed the door. I was in bedroom laying under blanket (topless) n wearing only Bermuda. I was reading romantic novel. She first started sweeping floor in hall. Slowly she cleaned the kitchen. And finally she came in to bedroom. When I took my eyes off my book n saw I was glued to that scene. What I was seeing was that she was sitting on floor on her knees n sweeping. She was wearing green saree n black tight low quality blouse. What fascinated me was she had raised her saree n peticot up n tucked it on her waist thus in result I was able to see her black hips. Her saree was also low to reveal her navel. and most exciting her pallu was covering only right boob n exposing left boob very clearly.and her blouse had 5 buttons of which 3 were open due to tightness. inside I could easily see her wearing nothing. (no bra) hence I could see her globes more clearly. I guess her sizes were 36d/24/36.her boobs very milky tanned voluptuous n pointed .her blouse were revealing her cleavages.2/3 rd of boob (left one) was almost coming out. she was in her mood sweeping. I couldn’t help to get my eyes off that scene. She was humming the song.i had a tent inside my pant.she noticed this. I felt embarrassed n guilty. But later found that she was enjoying my stares n was smiling.
She asked ‘kya dekh rahe ho?” .I defended myself by mumbling ‘kuch nahi radha’. After sweeping she went to hall. I feel she was now watching out TV .I felt mad and was thinking of means to fuck her. But was scared to do so. At evening 8:30 she came back to my room. She sat besides me. I was sleeping dreaming of her. She placed her hand on my forehead n say uttho Darshan khana taiyyar hain. I got up. I again felt current as I felt her warm palm on my forehead. I said tum khilaaoo naa.she felt shy n said thik hai.i felt excited with this response. She walked to kitchen n came back with thali.she sat besides me. placed thali on her laps.i sat front of her. She took one morsel of rice in her hands n placed near my mouth. I felt opportunity knocking my dick.i took her hand n ate that morsel n licked her hand. She responded ‘yeh kya kar rahe ho’ I replied kha raha hun.i saw lust in her eyes. I took the rice n also fed her. While she ate rice from my hands I felt her lips on my hand. I felt nice. At 9 pm we finished our dinner. I asked Radha jara mere pair dabaaaoo naaa.she said wait I will be back in few minutes. I waited eagerly for her. Then in 5 min she came n sat on bed facing me. She took my leg in her laps n started pressing them with her hands. My legs were feeling her open stomach.
I purposefully placed my leg on her left boob (below nipple). I FELT electric voltage in my dick.she saw the tent in my pant.she did not said anything. I felt encouraged by her silence. I asked mera sar dabaaoo naaa. Saying I get up n laid my head on her laps now. My face was near her boobs.she started pressing her tender hands on my forehead. As she bend I had good view of her boobs. Unknowingly I tried to pull her pallu n by force of my hand her saree pallu fell from her body. I saw boobs in her black half opened blouse. My dick took form of 12 inches rod. I hold her other hand n placed it on my tent. She felt shy but also eager to go further. I started gently moving my hands on her both boobs still in black blouse. I felt as if I was having dream come true. Slowly I roughly pressed her boobs. I used to cup her both boobs n press n caress wildly like a blow horn. I pulled my pant down for her. I was not wearing panty inside .my dick saluted her. She started moving her hands on my dick n inner thighs n jhattas.
I felt magic of her hands. I said radha I am unable to hold. She started moving her hands on my balls. I moved my fingers along her borders of her black blouse. Now my fingers traversed in the open area of her boobs.on her cleavages. I gently inserted my two fingers from below her blouse as it was open. I felt her warm boobs.i managed to get my entire hand inside her left her left boob still inside blouse was under my hands. I pressed left boob wildly like a balloon. While I pressing I raised my head n started kissing her open cleavages. I kissed that part of long time. Now I brought her face near mine n deeply started kissing her lips. My other hand was caressing her back. I almost cummed in her hands. She said ufffooo yeh kya kar diya tumne.saying she cleaned my dick with her saree pallu.she again started kissing my lips wildly. Almost one hour we kissed sucked n licked each other’s face n lips n tongue.
Now it was 10 pm. She felt pity for me n opened her remaining blouse buttons n pulled her blouse off. Both 36d brown tanned boobs pop out before me inviting me. I stared at those boobs wildly. She bends forward n placed her left boob near my face. I first wildly kissed her left boob (almost every corner n part of her) left boob n licking the boob making it wet with my saliva. Now I started sucking that left boob slowly. First I only sucked her nipples. But she pushed her left boob tightly in my face. I had no option but to suck. I almost sucked that left boob to my heart content. In mean time my other hand played with her right boob.i kissed her neck earlobes shoulders armpits n again boobs.i now turned my mouth to her right boob.i started sucking her right boobs. In that time my other hand went inside her saree n was searching for her pussy.while feeding me she opened her saree loose n pulled her peticot down. (No panty inside) now I was on her laps n she was sitting completely nude. While sucking her boobs my hand explored her pussy.ohhh it was so warm. I put my one finger in her hole. Gradually almost all four fingers went deep inside her pussy.i was fingering her. She moaned ‘aaaaaaaa’ he fingered her till she I kept my face on her laps n started kissing her I started gently licking her pussy.i licked n sucked her pussy for almost one hour. Now time was 1:30 am. She now bend forward n started kissing my cock madly. I felt she was hungry for cock for many days. She started licking my cock tip gently.ohhhhhhh so tantalizing experience it was. Now she licked my cock from sideways, now licked its base. Now licked my balls too. While she was licking I moved my hands on her head.i loosened her ambada (bun) n her long black silky hairs fell all over my thighs .I felt very wild n mad. My cock took its original form instantly. She started sucking my cock.
While she moved her head on my cock up n down I pulled her hairs. I pulled her hairs n pushed my dick in her mouth. I almost fucked her mouth to my hearts content. Now it was 2 am.i pushed her on bed. I asked her to lay on her stomach. She obeyed. I saw her back n brown tomato sized buttocks. I started pressing fondling her buttocks like a sponge. I kissed n licked her ass.all her long black silky hairs were at her back till her while I was fingering her ass I lay on her n kissed n licked all over her back. I kissed all over her hairs. They were smelling awesome. Now I sat n spread her legs wide. I pointed my dick (10 inch) onto her ass.i took her long hairs in my hands n pushed my dick in her tight ass.first it went half in. then I pushed more forcefully. Now my entire cock was in her was warm. I started fucking her ass n pulling her long hairs. I fucked her ass for half an hour. At 2:30 am I put my cock out. Now I made her lay facing me. I bend over her n pushed my cock in her pussy.she pulled me over her body. Hugged me. I started fucking her pussy wildly like a dog. She moaned like “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA 000000000 UUUUUUUUUU MMMMMMMMMMMMM”. Finally at 3 am I released my loads of cum into her holy pussy.i made her pussy wet all over. I felt on her body. She hugged me n kissed me wildly. It was 4 am. We slept in same position till morning.
Till my parents came home, I fucked her almost all day and in all possible positions. Sometimes I made her sit nude on my laps n read out ISS (INDIAN SEXSTORIES) With her. After someday I heard that radha became pregnant. I felt sense of achievement for making someone’s life LIVELIER AND MEANINGFUL.
Those of you who haven’t read the earlier version of this true life experience, here’s a recap: I had this terrific coincidental affair when I was 18 with my 25 year old maid whose impotent husband left her when he found that she was going to give birth to my baby whom we had named Shamma. I had seen to it that Shamma was brought up in such a way that she developed the sexiest body. She was given all the richest foods, revealing clothes, best of cosmetics that turned the little angel into one heavenly nymph. Shamma was finally true to her name as she stood like a burning fire from hell. I had also instructed our tailor to strictly make small and extremely revealing provocative clothes for my darling baby. All her clothes were short, sleeveless, and deep wide necked frocks. She had grown up calling me uncle.
I had a special house built for her far from any habitation avoiding her from meeting any people of the world or any means of communication by which she learns any social taboos. Even her mother Shabbo was not allowed to meet her. Every day after finishing official duties I would visit Shamma’s remote place. Often I even skipped work to get closer to her. Right from her childhood I had got her acquainted with enjoying sensual pleasures by me rubbing and feeling her vital parts. That was her only entertainment as well as occupation other than cooking and eating fancy food items. I was most pleased when she had turned the age of 18 and her perky tits begun to sprout. After she turned 18, I started giving her only salwar-kameezes to wear, needless to say they were even more revealing sexy and provocative made of semi-transparent materials in bright sexy colors like red, black, yellow, green, orange etc. of 30B size.
Each day I would fondle the lovely bosom helping it to develop to a more desirable size. That was the first time I introduced her to wearing bras. Obviously they had to be the most exquisite satin & lace sets of matching bra-panties in black, red, pink, and purple colors. She was quite curious to try the new undergarments, especially the bras which she thought was a peculiar thing as she had never seen grown-up women with breasts who wore bras or for that matter anyone from the world at all. Even though I had felt her sexy body parts, I had never seen them bare. And as the days passed, with all attention given, her boobs were swelling up real fast to a ripe 36 size for which I arranged for similar bras and panties as the sizes changed. By that time she was in her sweet sixteen. I had specially waited for that time without seeing any of her bare parts so that the day I do, I would be able to really relish them to the max. The rest of her body was shaping tempestuously with distinctly dangerous dips and curves that could set any bloody place on fire. That made her a real Shamma. Finally it was getting unbearable. I could no longer wait to strip her naked and savor her lush sexy body. Since she was not exposed to any social taboos, I was sure she would have conveniently shed all her clothes and comfortably stand nude for me. But I didn’t want it so easy. Secrets have their own creepy excitement.
One day in the evening, as usual we played some games and much later after having dinner we both went to bed. She was used to sleeping with me in bed before listening to a compulsory bed-time story from me. She never used to listen to the full story. And I especially noticed that when she slept she was totally unaware of what’s happening around her. Several times I had slipped my hands inside her clothes and fondled her parts, but had never undressed or seen the parts that I felt. Shamma had a very fair, silky smooth skin which made her even more beautiful. That night as usual we both lay in bed preparing to sleep. Sleeping was certainly not on my mind. That night I had decided to deflower Shamma’s sweet virginity. I had barely started the bed-time story when I heard her snoring softly. I waited for while till she was in deep sleep. The waiting was torturous. The blanket she had covered herself with had shifted away along the legs.
That gave me the first hint to start uncovering her one by one, completely. First of all I carefully removed blanket off her. She was in her semi-transparent red salwar kameez giving glimpses of the black lacy bra and panty underneath. The kameez had an expansively generous wide neckline that was almost slipping down the shoulders and running over her deep groovy cleavage. The kameez had a few hooks along the breasts. I slowly opened the hooks one by one going down as it revealed her awesome bosom hidden in the black lacy bra. Now the question was how to remove the entire kameez while her body is deeply pressed against the bed. However I tried to pull up the kameez, managing to pull it upto the neck when she moved upside down with her face pressed in the pillow. Meanwhile I savored her bare back with only the bra hooks being an obstruction. Still I didn’t bother to remove them because my attention turned to her lovely ass. Carefully again, my hands lead to the salwar-covered buttocks. I tried to pull the salwar down the hips but was not possible due to the tightly tied waist-string. All that could be visible was the upper edge of the black satin panty. I still tried to pull down the salwar a little harder this time. The force faintly woke up Shamma. She was half unconscious. So in that state she simply turned once again facing up.
This made it easier for me to push the kameez further up her neck and arms and off her body. Now I had a full view of her awesome boobs but still in the black lacy bra. Her erotic figure persuaded me to kiss her silky smooth navel area. As my lips touched her soft belly, I didn’t lose the chance to undo the salwar strings. Once the strings were undone, my hands started pulling down the salwar. Along with the salwar, my mouth followed down over the panty pressing deep into the pussy. After relishing that for some time I turned to remove the salwar complete off the legs. That’s when she woke up again and this time she opened her eyes. She rubbed her eyes again to confirm she was not dreaming. Without wasting any more time I shed off the salwar completely from her legs. Then I grabbed one of her bare legs, kissing it from toes and upwards. I was surprised when she tried to stop me from getting any closer to her pussy. I never imagined that inspite of avoiding her from any human contact or any communications; she would resist me from exploring her beauty. No matter what one tries, nature of adolescence takes its own course I guessed.
She nervously asked, “Uncle, what are you doing?” I told her I wanted to analyze her body, that this is an essential process of life. Without that any person is not complete. Since she was after all innocent and unaware of any taboos, she agreed and allowed me to continue with the so-called “analyzing process”. My eyes just feasted on her erotic beauty as she sat in the bed in only the black bra and panty set. She looked extremely hot. Now Shamma’s true fire of passion was being manifested. I made her comfortable in my arms. She liked that and hugged me tightly in return. While we were tightly submerged in each other, my hands rubbed her bare back roughly. She was surely getting turned on. I knew the best way to get her interested and involved. I moved away from her, brought her hands near me and asked her to remove my clothes. Her reaction was just not like any other girl in the world who would feel shy or anything.
Being innocent she simply lay her hands on me to unbutton the shirt. Coolly in a short time she had shed off my shirt and pant, except the underwear. She did look curious about the bulge in my underwear but ignored it as if there was nothing different in hers and mine. Then I had to show her something new to get her excited. I lowered my underwear to give her a glimpse of the surprise for her. Seeing the very long huge and hard shaft she was totally shocked. She came really close to inspect it in detail. She also realized that I didn’t have breasts like her and wondered why the difference. Finally I shed away my underwear entirely, giving a full demonstration of the massive 10” dick. Now it was surely had the right to strip her fully naked too. I crept close to her, really close, and gently stroked her skin. Her face made it very clear that she was getting horny. Then I gently brushed the half bared luscious boobs.
Finally I sat with my legs spread wide, inviting her to sit on my groin. She didn’t really understand what was happening but followed my instruction very obediently. I could feel the wetness of her panty against my dick which was at its maximum erection. Our upper bodies were sticking close to each other as I gripped her in my rigid arms, scraping her soft skin like an animal. She got a bit scared at this point but I handled it by getting gentle with her again. Later in a mature way I opened the bra hooks and very slowly and smoothly slid the entire bra off her. For the first time I saw embarrassment in her eyes. I cajoled her gracefully until she was comfortable again. Her heavy breath could be felt on my chest and shoulders. My hands were now craving to shed away the panty. This time I took extra care not to disturb her comfort with me. Extremely gracefully I lead my hands to the elastic band of her panty, expanding it and lowering the panty down the ass. I had to raise her ass to slide the panty further down but she had got the rules of the game and personally she lifted her ass up allowing me to shed the panty.
Fully nude, she was sitting on me. Her ass flesh was so soft that my fingers sunk deep into it. I started tickling her ass with my fingers. Slowly my hands proceeded towards the hot and dripping wet cunt, while my mouth took immense pleasure in sucking her tits. Those nipples were so damn tender and pink; I lost control and started biting chewing on them madly. She screamed in terrible pain. That made me more furious. I thrashed her with my entire weight laying her flat into the bed and rubbed the dick vigorously over the cunt for a warm-up. Her eyes were wider than ever fearing what I’m going to do next. Then I rose and forwarded the dick close to her mouth. I told her this is a very interesting thing to do by tasting the delicious dick in her mouth and then sucking all the rich juices that flow from them. Innocently again, she opened her mouth wide allowing the dick in as much as was possible in her tiny mouth. But I was not satisfied with that. I wanted to push my entire 10”s shoved upto her throat and I did exactly that. I had to force it real harshly until there was absolutely no more room in her mouth. She rebelled by biting on my dick. In revenge I thrust it even deeper till her throat was getting choked.
That instant a hell load of my cum poured into her mouth. I pulled out the dick just slightly so that there is some space in her throat to swallow. More the cum flowed, I kept forcing her to swallow it all mercilessly. I wouldn’t spare anything for all the investments I had done all these years just for this day, rather night. After making her swallow some liters of my yummy cum I released her. She was exhausted. Again I lay her in the bed letting her relax for a few seconds. While she lay there like a log, I continued with my activities of exploring her most intimate part, the cunt. I raised her knees in the air spreading the legs nice and wide. She again got frightened of what’s my next action since she had no idea what is sex or how it’s done. I thought of telling her first what exactly is going to happen but then skipped it. I wanted to enjoy her surprised reactions. Carefully I placed the tip of the dick touching her tender lower lips. With my hands spreading the tiny virgin clit wide enough, I pushed it slightly into the cunt. Naturally she wouldn’t allow and simply resisted. I told her that this was the last and final stage which must be completed. And warned her that if she tried to resist the result will be lot more unpleasant. For the first time I saw tears in her eyes. But I was in no state to compromise with her at this point. Later I could pamper her however much, but not now.
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I told him " no that is not an insect,but some dust".The Bhushan said "yes" ,but position was same ;I am grinding Bhushans huge cock pressed in my ass,his left hand on my breast and right hand on my cunt,but his hands just stopped caressing instead were just pressed doing nothing.
Then I told him " ok but some other big insect is doing some thing behind me.what is that?"
For a moment the Bhushan was silent.He is fully confident that he had had me.Just the finish we have to make.
Then the Bhushan told me " Madam,you know what is that jamming you behind.If you do not like that it can be removed".
I was very horny and wanted an action urgently in a better way.I wanted to make things straight.
I replied " if it is a nusiance I wouldnt have allowed that.It is otherway.I am enjoying very moment, but this way can be postponed for some time,I want something more directly to start with facing you ".
The Bhushan pulled back and got up.I got up turned back and talked.We talked for a moment.The only resriction I imposed for him was that he should not resort to kissing in any part above my neck.I made it plain that it is for hygenic resons.The Bhushan agreed.Th bed room was open.
I locked the room door, switching off the main light and switching on the light blue bed room lamp.I removed my saree and sat on the bed with my jacket and petticoat underneath.Bhushan came in front of me and hugged me.Bhushan then removed the hooks of my blouse and bra .Soon they were off ,removed and thrown off.My big attractive breasts were exposed for him.Bhushans big hands were on them. His hands totally covered up my breasts as he fondled them. As one of his hands rubbed and squeezed my right breast, the other hand lifted my petticoat upto my knees.His hand went below my petticoat and began to caress my inner thighs. I could feel his hand now and then brushing against my hairy cunt. "sss…. Ahh….ivory thighs with hairy cunt.Madam I think you have something faboulous between your thighs." Bhushan said to me as he worked his hands closer to my cunt. While his one hand was making the moves on my cunt, he was also paying attention to my breasts. Bhushan placed his tongue on my left breast. He held the nipple around his lips started nibbling on it with his teeth, before sucking it in hard. He did this for a few minutes, before switching over to my other breast. One hand moved to my left breast, as his mouth went over to my right one. I was feeling the pleasure building upon me and my hands started caressing his back and his bald head.Bhushan started rubbing his fingers against my cunt and clitoris and I was responding to him. I began moaning and grinding my cunt to his hand. Bhushan then began to caress my hard nipples, as he dragged his tongue all over my right breast and nipple. He sucked my breasts and nipples.Then Bhushan wanted a change.He got up stepped back and stood up before me. My head was near his hip.
He removed his towel and was naked.Now I got the close view of his cock across my cheek.A huge beautiful cock;black in colour,9" long and as thick as a cricket bat handle.I started looking at his cock .Even watching I was enjoying.Bhushan for a moment kept quiet let me enjoy watching his huge cock.Then he took my hand palced on his cock and told me " ok madam.stroke that.let me feel your lovely hands".
Actually I would have done that little later on my own even if it is not warranted by him because I want to do that.I happily took Bhushans huge pole on my hand began stroking that.I felt in my hand a mild hotness on his cock.His hands went back to work on my breasts. He groaned, "What a pair of beautiful pots.Wonderful breasts."
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