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Full Version: Sexy Housewife and Doctor
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Now this is really a strange, most unbelievable experience I ever had. I would say, Truth is stranger than the imagination. I still could not believe I had undergone myself in that situation. But today I must say, it was most strange, but most erotic and exciting of all.

My heart was almost about to stop when I was actually undergoing in that incident. This incident too, doesn’t involve any sex, but breast squeezing was ample.

It was raining outside heavily, and I was breast feeding my 6 months old girl. She was my first bay, after 5 long years of marriage. I was stuck in the home but anyway I had nothing to do outside. WE didn’t have any maid, that time, but since I was pregnant, we had hired a maid, who was working full time in neighboring house.

She was around 40, and short, dark, but very active. She used to live mostly in the neighboring house, but she did had her won house some 1 km away. We had hired just to do some heavy work, as I was OK with some light work during pregnancy and after pregnancy. She was very nice and I trusted her.

Once, I was breastfeeding my baby girl and I observed that she had one erupting tooth. I continued with breast feeding, but suddenly bay bite my nipple in her mouth, and little blood came. I just stopped feeding slowly, and checked myself, there was a cut below my right nipple. It was paining a lot. I removed my blouse and bra totally.

I could not have bra now, it would have given me pain, now only option was to have blouse. When I was just inserting my hand in the blouse arms, this maid, Radha came inside, and she saw me topless. I was bit embarrassed although she was a woman. She was too had some shine in her eyes, looking at my big round breast.

“ Kya hua madam ? “ She asked.

I explained her everything. She came closer and was now touching my bare breast and looked at the cut that was beneath the nipple. I was really holding my breath when she touched my breast, although she was a woman. She advised me to go to doctor. I said, its small thing, why to go to doctor? I asked, now it’s raining heavily, we presently don’t have a doctor in our town. Let it be.

She thought for sometime and said, she knew one doctor who was staying near her place. I said, I never heard of any doctor. I asked if he is allopathic doctor. She laughed, she said she doesn’t know, but he has cured many poor people from her community.

I was confused, I was sure, he wasn’t a doctor, Radha was talking about. Radha said, he will just ask question and will give medicine. Nothing else. I wasn’t sure whether to allow such a bogus doctor to treat me. But Radha forced me as such and I agreed to come with her.

It was same evening. Radha called her young daughter of 15 to take care of my daughter for some time.
I took my car and went with Radha, to so called doctor. It was narrow road, and now the rain was light. We reached in 20 minutes, where Radha pointed me to stop. I wasn’t sure if it was a shop or house. There were few shop in the area, I wondered how poor the doctor himself would be, to practice in such a locality..

I was wearing a black saree and black blouse, petticoat and panty. Bra was not possible because of the cut.

I entered to see a middle aged man, dark and unshaven, worst than a compounder of a descent doctor. But surprisingly he had an assistant boy, may around 15 years of age.

I sat in the chair infront of him, along with Radha. I was now sure this one not only a bogus doctor, but he is a crap. He asked me what happened. I was hesitating to tell what has happened. But Radha didn’t wait. This man knew Radha, as they smiled at each other. Radha explained everything to him, for me. As she said about the cut below the nipple, this man suddenly turned into a lust, his eyesight changed into a devil, and he was now staring at my chest. I was embarrassed as Radha mentioned breast and nipples in the local language.

Radha asked to give tablet and some ointment. Again in local language. But this man had some different plan in his brain. Sure, now I understood, I came to wrong place, not a doctor, but a quack who is also lusting for woman. It was clear that such uneducated women like Radha won’t be aware of such quacks, as they want to save money and just want relief from the illness. They won’t even know, if they have been molested and used, by this man, under the pretext of examining.

He said, he can’t just give me tablet and medicine, he need to look at it first. Now he dared and directly looked on my face, and told me to remove my clothes and sit on the chair inside, in the room.

I looked at Radha with the fear, but Radha was sure, she was respecting this man as doctor, and she said, its OK, he is doctor, he wont harm you, I should not be ashamed to show myself to doctor. She took me inside and now I was really afraid, my heart was racing. I wanted to stop this non sense, and just wanted to run. But now it seems to be difficult. And something embarrassing was sure to happen with me.

How the hell this is going to happen? Few minutes before I didn’t imagine that I would be exposing my milky breast to a stranger, not even a doctor, infact a dirty man pretending to be a doctor and molesting innocent women?

I could not believe what will be coming my way. This man came from behind and said, madam please jaldi kijiye mujhe dekhna hai, uske bina mai kuch dawai nahi de sakta.

I was trembling, but Radha came to me and said firmly, madam don’t be afraid. That man told Radha to unhook my blouse and Radha did it within seconds. I could not believe this, it was total shock, this maid servant was exposing her owner, removing her blouse to expose her breast infront of this strange man, whom she blindly believed as doctor.

But this time there was no time to think further, my all hooks were done, and Radha removed the cover of my blouse cups to expose my breast to this strange man. I wanted to die on the spot looking at the facial expressions that man did. He was just seeing the ripe breast of the lactating mother. My breast were now open, cold air brushing my nipples made them harder. Can’t mention in words how much I was embarrassed, women readers please try to understand, they will, how it feels.

I could not look up at any one of them, just looking down. My chest was moving in and out because of forced breaths, making my breast look even sexier.

The doctor and Radha were staring at my breast endlessly without blinking their eyes. The doctor already had an erection in his pants, and it was pushing his pant very much forward. I was ashamed to be there, standing with blouse totally opened and exposing my breast.

The doctor came near to me and without waiting for anyone, placed his hands on my breast. I could not do anything but close my eyes in ecstasy of the shame and touch to my breast. Now the doctor was slowly squeezing my breasts, without any reason, again infront of Radha, it was so embarrassing, to get man handled infront of my own maid.

Doctor was in his own world, he pinched my nipples between his thumb and first finger, and pinched them slowly, and naturally milk oozed out of my nipples and started flowing down. Not to mention the embarrassment I was suffering from. Doctor now brought his mouth close to my right nipple, stared at them and looked at Radha and said, she has a cut below her right nipple.

Radha nodded. Doctor then looked at me, and said to lie down on my back on the long narrow table, it also had pillow. But before I could walk, he told me to remove my blouse completely. With no option as I had been already trapped, I removed it and gave it to Radha. Now I was in petticoat and panty only. I did as he said, kept my head on the pillow and lied down. Now my breast was up in the air, above my chest, and the nipple as the peak of the soft mountains.

The table or narrow bed was at the level of waist of the doctor. He again continued to molest me infront of Radha. He squeezed my breast for a while and then started inspecting my nipples. Inspection included, pinching, tweaking with fingers, and making my milk ooze out of the milk. He did it for more time, and there was now milk dropping along my sides and it got accumulated in the deep navel. He then pinched my right nipple in pretext of examining the cut below it. And he went down to my navel and slowly pressed down my stomach.

What he did next really shook me from inside. He untied my petticoat, and tried to slide it down, and my top portion of white panty got exposed.

I asked straight away “I got cut here, why need of removing petticoat? “

Doctor said “I cannot explain it to you, I want to find something related to this. “

I resisted strongly “but there is only one cut here, nothing else. I don’t have to remove the petticoat. “

Now I was replied by Radha instead of doctor. “ memsaab, yeh doctor bahut acche hai, yeh kuch nahi karenge, inhe humse jyada malloom hai dawai ke bare me. Inhe mana karne ki galati nahi karna. “

I was getting forced by all of them. And then that doctor the quack, tried to slide down the petticoat, and I just raised my hips against my mind, to allow him. And he sided down my petticoat till my toes and the handed it over to Radha. Nothing was left to resist, I was almost naked there infront of strange man, he was obviously not a doctor. He stared at my panty, my hips, waist, and my muscular thighs to his hearts content.

He then said me to lie down on my stomach, and I did it, got turned upside down, and exposed my naked back to him except the panty.

He placed his dirty hands on my fair back for a while and slide them till my ass. Then he put his one hand below my stomach and forced it below my navel, and tried to raise it and at the same time he tweaked my navel slowly, as a reflex I unawared, raised my waist and hips for him up, and the same moment, he took a chance and pulled down my panty down up to the thighs and then it wasn’t difficult for him to separate it from my body. Now I was total naked, he was now looking at my buttocks… must be, and he kept his hands on them and a great shiver has passed thru my body. But now something else was building in my body, out of too much of embarrassment and shame, some strange kind of energy and excitement. It was not allowing me to resist and allowing me to speak and protest against illegal stripping of a woman.

Now I was total naked both infront of man and Radha. Then the doctor told me to lie down on my back again, and now it was turn to show him my pussy, surprisingly without saying anything, my body responded him and showed him my total naked front view with sparse hairs above my pussy. I was totally naked now exposing my whole sexy body to this man and my maid.

It was really a strange situation. I was a wife and daughter in law of high class rich and respected family. I was a part of a great family and now was a mother of a daughter that made my husband a father. But this daughter in law of rich family was now totally naked infront of this low class, dirty self declared doctor, I had a fair body, sexy figure and milking breast, now totally at the mercy of this dark poor man. He might have never imagined this, to strip a high class rich woman and make her totally naked and see her assets and fondle her breasts.

My embarrassment was now slowly was getting replaced with the excitation and was making me hot.

He again squeezed my breast and then followed the tweaking and pinching of my nipples. I could not control myself but I moaned in low voice, and my moan made a sarcastic smile on the face of doctor.

The he announced “ now he will massage the right nipple with medicinal oil for 10 minutes and I would have to remain in this position for another half an hour, till the oil gets penetrated in my body. “

Now it’s out of my control and vocabulary to explain how it happened, but it happened. His teenager assistant brought an oil for him and then he too saw my total naked body standing near to him, pouring oil on his hands everytime, the doctor rubbed the oil on my right breast. It actually lasted for 15 minutes and I was made to sleep in that position for half an hour.

Surprising thing was that, when the massage got over after 15 minutes, my pussy was wet with juices and now was ready…. And was slippery.

After half an hour, the doctor told me to get up and dress up. He told me to have panty, petticoat and saree only and nothing to wear on the breast for 4 days. I could not have blouse that time infront of him, was topless inside the saree, and for my unfortunate the saree was bit transparent ( actually saree is never totally opaque ) showing my nipples faintly thru it.

He gave me a tube of medicine, which was an allopathic medicine, I could recognize, it was common tube we used to apply on cuts.

Finally the doctor charged me Rs 400 for getting molested by him. But this wasn’t finish yet, as I dressed up without anything on breast, I had to pass thru main reception room. There were 4 new patients waiting for this doctor, one being young woman. And 1 teenager boy, and 2 adult men. They took good look of my nipples and my half covered round breast thru saree.

I was pushed beyond the limits of my shame ness ( or shamelessness ? ) and embarrassment for exposing myself to many people in that evening. I started the car, Radha sat on the adjacent seat with my blouse in the hand, and I accelerated to the direction of my home.
I was sitting alone on my bed on that rainy afternoon ..It was raining torrentially as usual as the rain had set in...... I was thinking about that incident which took place almost a fortnight back.... I intended to forget it as a passing episode in my life...but the memory was still green in my mind.... not because of the humiliation I was subjected to but for something else...... perhaps the rain has got that special effect on human libido that poets have described eloquently in their famous works of art.... I felt a strong urge in me....the urge for sexual gratification...Ravi is on a long tour...I felt body urgently needed some raw obscene touches all over my ripe sexy body copiously. Suddenly the thought of that pervert doctor occupied my mind.... I remembered how that horny bastard, the quack..... plundered my beautiful naked body that day under the excuse of a fake diagnosis.. The memory of that incident made me sick again...sick of unbriddled sexual hunger... I had marked the lust in that bastard’s eyes..hungry, greedy looks at my boobs and creamy sexy thighs and pussy... there was some kind of unknown animalistic attraction in his lustful gaze and I felt a shiver passing through my body imagining myself being a prey to his savage appetite..after five years of monotonous sex life perhaps I was secretly longing for a little thrill from a different person, a complete stranger, a low profiled person who is shameless and repentless in plundering the naked body of another man’s wife. I felt a strong need in my loins... the simple thought of that bastard lecher had made me wet many times I had secretly longed for getting sexually exploited by a low profiled man...but never dared.But this horny bastard is a perfect dream come true for me...shameless and sexually quite aggressive....and the best thing about him was that he can touch any part of my body under the pretext of a fake diagnosis....and.....I wanted exactly be molested by him.... once again....
My mind was working too rapidly now with a mission...perhaps I can convert this fantasy in to reality if I plan it a little tactfully...I can convert my lonely days into hot passionate illicit love games...till Ravi takes a transfer from this place in few more months and this adventure will remain a hidden treasure for me for the rest of my life....I clearly saw the advantage....I am going to a doctor....may be for a long term treatment......nobody can sniff anything foul out of it and I can play my game safe...Ravi has to go on long tours for his professional requirement and I would stop visiting the doctor when Ravi would be around...quite simple. Deliberately I shall have to chose the lonely hour to visit the doctor and he will be excited to see me again in his clinic....alone this time....the only bottleneck was the boy assistant of that doctor...But... I thought...let me see what happens...if that bastard takes interest in me ( which is quite evident ) may be he can come out with certain solution to avoid the presence of that boy assistant....Radha was on a long leave to attend her ailing mother who was critically ill and in her absense her daughter was attending us...I thought of taking her help for looking after my baby during my visit to the doctor in exchange of few extra money as tips. Since she was a very caring girl and too fund of my baby I was sure this will work....
I was overenthusiastic about my plan and could not afford to lose a single day further. The next day I was ready...I had arranged everything as per my plan and now I was driving my car to the clinic of that pervert doctor...Intentionally I had chosen the lunch hour..between 2 to 4 pm, so that I can meet him privately...I was again in a black chiffon saree with a matching sleeve less blouse. I had deliberately selected the dress code to give him an extra alluring invitation to ogle at my fair and sexy healthy body. My heart was beating very fast. First time in my life I was attempting to put my long hidden fantasy to reality. I was worried if I found a group of other patients in the clinic what should I do..and how to make the move to reach my desired target....I knew it won’t be difficult for me as the quack was over impressed with me since my last visit. I was anxiously waiting to see his reaction when I will be meeting him in his clinic once again. He might never have expected a beautiful sophisticated lady like me to visit him again..especially when he had taken such liberty with my body during my last visit.
Things were going as I wanted.....the street was fully deserted when I reached near the was drizzling and I parked my car in a corner so as to avoid anyone’s immediate notice....with a throbbing heart I looked at the steps of the clinic to take an account of the shoes so that I can guess the number of patients inside...but I saw heart leaped but the next moment I thought the shoes might have been kept somewhere inside because of the rain....I was getting impatient to try my luck as soon as possible...keeping my umbrella on I got out of my car and locked it properly.....then slowly I started walking towards the clinic....I was pretty nervous and both my hands and legs were trembling....suddenly I thought of stopping there and going back to my house, perhaps I could not muster enough courage to take the risk for my mere carnal desire.....but something in-side me forced me to stay back...the desire within me was quite overpowering... I thought ... this is the opportunity to turn my fantasy in to reality....if I had to go back from here then why unnecessarily I took so much of pain in arranging everything so ... I must go ahead..if I am going for this adventure for the first time in my life and for that I am so nervous....everybody has a first time in his or her life for something or other....better I should give up being worried and move ahead....may be things may not turn out that difficult as I am apprehending....or else this will be my final vist to this doctor...option is always with me.......

I did not know when I reached the verandah riding the steps of the clinic...I sensed a little perspiration on my forhead..oh !! I do have enough intelligence to handle this half educated poor man quite easily with my metro nurturing...I told to my-self. Surprisingly I felt quite relaxed somehow and pushed myself into the room through the door. Inside there were no patients except the doctor himself....he was trying to close the glass fitted wooden cup board...he looked up quite languidly at me and within seconds he could recognise whom he was looking at and suddenly his face beamed up and flushed at the same time. “Hello Doctor”... I said...”Oh..Madam ...You...he said courteously... please come in and have a seat....its my good luck that you visited me again...” I felt as if his body invoked an extra dose of vital energy seeing me in front of him...”Why”... I asked him while taking a seat... “well....I do not get sophisticated patients like you too often....... is your maid waiting outside?? Ask her to come in...its raining over there...I said “no.. she is not with me today...I have come alone”..ohh! I see...his eyes shined with evident lust...with a little pause he continued... its my good luck that you confided on my treatment and visited me one more time... by the way ... how is the wound madam..did it heal up?? or still it is there”....he asked and looked straight in to my eyes.....I understood... he was asking me to open my bra and show him my fleshy over sized boobs to him....the bastard wants directly to get in to business ...I thought...he seemed very restless and his eyes were moving all over my body with a gleam of lust and peculiar hunger....”no thanks...the wound has healed up completely...I deliberately avoided his indication to make him more hungry....I did not know you are such a good doctor... my husband goes on long tours and not able to accompany me most of the time, now I can rely on you on health matters....the doctor whisked a mischievious smile on his face listening to my words and said” I can treat so many dreaded and critical diseases....after all..experience matters a lot...but people need to believe in my talent.. I am happy that you recognised me properly madam... I chuckled... yes I recognised you very rightly you bastard... you are in to this profession to treat others and to treat yourself as well.... to treat your diseased mind as a pervert with a free social license to feel and maul and molest your female patients who knows how many... “I dont find your boy assistant today? Is he gone for lunch?” I enquired to ensure my privacy....I removed him....he said with a touch of dissatisfaction in his tone...why? I asked again....Boys are more after making quick money than gaining knowledge these days. I dont get too many patients now-a-days...why should I keep a helping hand unnecessarily.... wow I thanked my luck hearing this......what a time I have chosen... evrything is so readymade... designed all in my favour!!!!! now It had started raining really heavy outside and the doctor had to close the windows and doors of the clinic to avoid rain water getting in to the room..inside, it was me and that bastard sitting alone and talking to each other in that semi dark and segregated room...under this situation a lonely female patient would have preferred to leave and visit the doctor someother time..but for me it was was so lonely around... had the bastard attempted to rape a lady patient she would have been compelled to succumb helplessly to his lust than to escape unharmed...but I was sitting comfortably and talking to him without inhibition....I was there to hunt this time... not to get hunted......
“I came for a different reason this time.. doctor..and I want to keep it a secret. I hope you can help me in this” I sounded helpless and submissive...he looked at me with curious eyes...” since few months... I have marked a spot gradually growing on my body... I am afraid if its a wrong kind of husband is yet to know this..... deliberately I have hidden it from him... can you please help me getting it cured secretly”... I threw the net....”sure..what spot?? let me see it ... I remained silent and acted as if I am hesitating...see madam.. if you hide your disease from your doctor it can not be have to show me the spot...I shall examine it first so that I can come out with a solution....”It is here”... I pointed at my right thigh....and looked straight at him....his eyes flashed for a moment and his ugly look suddenly became gluttonous as if he is about to devour my sexy body with his lusty fangs. Let me see it..he sounded impatient....”please lie down on the table and raise the saree.....”
with a docile gait I left the chair and reached the exmining table to lie down on it...deliberately I was behaving like a foolish woman who could be easily moulded into his trap... it was a low height wooden cot unlike the tables used by the doctors in the city....the smell of that dirty bed on the cot was quite offensive but I had no choice....the doctor was already standing by the side of the table........ I lied down on the bed and slowly started lifting my saree upwards.....his impatience told how hungry he was to see me the semi darkness of the room I could see the huge erection under his pant which he was trying to hide desperately getting closer to the adventure is definitely going to witness a success story today...I more nervousness...I was feeling hot and ready for the act to begin...... I lifted my saree up to my waist till my panty was clearly visible to him....I never knew, the excitement of willingly showing my naked body to a leceherous male would be so intoxicating....
“Here”.........I pointed at a spot on my right inner was a small withering patch on my smooth fair skin...holding a torch he bent down on me and put his palm on my right thigh... oh god....his palm was so hot...I shuddered in I was sure the horny bastard will contrive plans to go on touching, pawing, squeezing and...and ..what not...he was watching the patch very minutely and simultaneously his greedy eyes were seeing more than what was required......
“Shit...!!!!!! How did you get this ??”.....”what!!! anything serious doctor??”...I almost shouted... “ is a very obstinate kind of skin disease”....he looked serious...”but how did you get this on your body????”....”I dont know doctor... Oh God...what shall I do”....I feigned being panicked......”dont is curable...only thing must undergo a long term treatment regularly”....”Oh yes I am ready for anything that you say doctor”...I said...”that is alright but before that...answer me frankly what I am asking... “are you satisfied in sex with your husband ??”.....I was stunned hearing his question.I never expected such a private question from him so directly.. I fumbled as I could not decide what to does it matter.....I looked really bewildered..... “yes it is connected with it... I will tell you..first answer me you get fully satisfied in sex with your husband??”.... I fumbled again...smiling lewdly he said “well...well.. no need to say anything... I got my answer”...see.. this kind of skin disease occurs when a lady remains sexually dissatisfied for quite a long time.. the reason of this disease is both physical and psychological said that your husband stays away from you most of the time for his touring job..hence,you do not get sufficient sexual pleasure as a young lady of your age should get...this is the reason why the patch has come out on your body...if you use medicine regularly and do regular intercourse with your husband then the cause and the effect of this disease both will get cooled up quite easily....but ..yes .. if this is left untreated.. it will spread to all over your body and make you look ugly like hell...but I assure you again... it is fully curable and the cost of treatment would be very nominal............I was watching him tactfully he devised a logic to make me feel insecured as a patient and get me in to his it was me to play my role.....with a note of concern I said...”well doctor..what you told is quite true...I can use medicine regularly but the second thing that you advised may not be possible, because, he has to go on long tours invariably....oh .. god ..what will happen then...shall I become ugly ????” I started sobbing......”dont worry....I am a doctor and I know how to treat a disease under adverse situations....he tried to console me.. “I will adopt an alternative way to treat this disease so that you can get cured fully but you have to co-operate with me and come regularly to my clinic for the treatment...can you???”..“sure doctor.... I said.. “I am ready to do what e..v..e..r is required but I must get cured.. please..please help me...I do not want to lose my beauty at any cost”.....I was insisting like a foolish school going girl and laughing to my heart’s content inwardly as how silly I was behaving.....his palm was still firmly placed on my thigh and he was having a really nasty smile on his face as if thinking “ I trapped the bitch finally”.............
Now remove your cloths and lie down straight........I must see if the patch is only on your thigh or else where too....with a hesitating gesture I got down from the table... be quick..he said...I moved aside and started disrobing myself...I knew he was watching is always a pleasure for a male to see a lady disrobing...I removed my saree, blouse and petticoat and kept them all on the chair and turned to lie on the table....remove the bra and panty too...he growled...but....but why doctor....I questions...remove is required..... let me examine.....with no option left I started removing my bra and panty. I knew, I am going to experience a prolonged lecherous groping all over my body now...I was surprised that despite my self willingness my face had become red... both in shame and sexual excitement... I lied down on my back on the table exposing my entire woman hood to the horny gaze of that bastard....”close your eyes if you are uncomfortable and dont disturb me till my examination is over”...he said ....this was more like an order than an instruction...his voice had become very rough and commanding......holding the torch he bent down on me again and directly cupped my breast.. It felt like a current passing through my body...unknowingly a soft moan escaped my lips....issssssss.... a sudden surge of ecstacy filled my inner core sensing a starnger’s hand on my breast. ....” The Bitch is Enjoying...” the bastard thought...His face exhibited a devilish smile. Very confidently, he started cupping,squeezing and groping both the breasts of mine one after another as long as he can manage to manipulate. Closing my eyes I was enjoying the molestation to my heart’s content without uttering a single word of protest...I was in a mood to allow him maximum privilege to exploit my body and provide me the utmost pleasure I longed for....he kept on enjoying my breasts for full ten minutes and then shifted his attention to the lower portion of my body. Now his finger was moving on my navel.The sensation was mindblowing.... ohhhhh....this obscene groping is even more arousing than actual fucking...I thought.....I was completely at his mercy now , lying helpless and ready to be eaten by him.
“you are so beautiful”, I heard him saying... “I cant spare this beautiful body... I mean... to go ugly”.. he managed his double meaning sentence. I felt as if he was slurping and talking to me.... I did not show any reaction and remained silent. Again he said.. “ your husband must be unhappy leaving you have a great body”... by this time his attention had been shifted to my thighs. He parted both my thighs and started caressing them on the pretext of examining.....the lecherous caressing from his rough hand was creating an animalistic hunger in me... a hunger to succumb to debauchery...I was almost half dazed with a wild rage of carnal desire...closing my eyes I was feeling each and every obscene touch of his lecehrous groping on my thighs very intimately... I looked at him to see the reaction on his face. In the faint light of the tourch I saw him staring at my pussy like a that time I was already oozing copiously there...and the sight of my already wet and glistening pussy was like a strong dose of aphrodisiac for that lecehrous bastard.... he was looking like a monster who was about to devour me. I shuddered in an unknown fear. But the devil in me was stubborn enough. I could not know how I turned so daring and carefree under such a situation. After staring at my pussy quite greedily his hand now moved too rapidly on the rest of my leg as if to finish up the job as soon as possible... he then ordered me to sleep with face down...I obeyed him immediately. He quickly moved from my ankle to my hips and became almost static on the back portion of my thigh region ..he was stroking my thighs and hips quite lingeringly and the rest of my body was attended in a fleeting manner...the bastard is doing a whole body examination but he seemed to be very careful about my breasts , thighs and hips than the rest of my body ...why???... I chuckled he asked me to change my posture again and lie on my back with face up...I readily complied...he said “ you dont have the patch else where”....without any reply I concentrated to watch his next move.....
He brought out a little jelly from a small bottle with his finger and straightway anointed it on my pussy hole...instantly I felt a warm sensation pervading deep in to my womb...I was waiting impatiently to see what he would be doing next...suddenly he inserted one of his fingers in to my pussy. With a jerk I tried to get up... “what is this .... what are you doing doctor ??”....I objected strongly .....with one hand the bastard forced me to lie down and said... “I am doing what is required... I told you to co-operate with me....I am trying for an artificial orgasm and make you release your love lie down and allow me to do my work...else my entire effort will be useless..I dont like interference in my as I say.... lie down”...his voice had a peculiar compulsion in it.... I lied down again and watched silently what he was doing....once again he inserted the middle finger of his right hand fully in to my pussy hole and started gyrating it with full force....ohhhhhh my god!!!! it created such a strong sensation that despite all my effort I could not control moaning loudly just like a cheap whore.... I could not remeber Ravi ever doing this to me in the last five years of our married life.... seeing my reaction the bastard had a big grin on his face....with a pervert passion he went on gyrating his finger inside my pussy hole like a maniac...I felt as if I was flying in the heaven of eternal bliss....Ravi use to play with my body for quite a long time to arouse me before going for the actual fuck....but this bastard had such a different way of igniting passion in me that my mind was going blank in sheer cheap erotic perversion... surprisingly I was feeling very comfortable with that horny pervert now.....
My legs were swaying restlessly in reflex action and his vigorous act was generating the desired effect to enrage the shameless bitch inside me..gradually I was losing control over myself.....I could understand the bastard is making me desperate to lay under him quite easily....the sweet sensation of his obscene act was too overpowering... now I had almost started begging for a rough hardcore fuck in my mind.......a clearly audible sexy pch...pch...pch...pchh..sound was emanating from my pussy hole and I was listening to it with rapt attention...the room was filled with the sexy smell of my pussy juice..... unknowingly my both the thighs were spreading wider apart allowing the bastard to play more and more with my pussy...the sheer obscenity of the whole act was driving me crazy....and I was continuously moaning...ohhhhh...ahhhhhh.......ssssssss.... just like a horny bitch forgeting all my social status and background..The sound of thunder and rain was enough to hide my sexy moans and groans from being audible to any outsider.... I was groaning hysterically in sexual frenzy....

......suddenly his finger slowed down... and before I could understand what is happening I felt a soft wet touch on my my horror I found the horny bastard had put his mouth in between my thighs and was licking my pussy like a stray dog pouring down all his hot breath on my god....what this bastard is doing???.....ohhhh god it is o o d....s.o..o.. g..o..o.d.. ohhh...I felt like going mad in sexual pleasure and shout obsceneties in a loud voice... it was such a pleasant new experience for me I never knew a male can provide so much of pleasure to a woman this way....I never had an exciting experience of this kind before.... I was so limp with passion that I could not even ask the horny bastard to stop.....why should I ??? I had already reached a point of no return and I gave up all my pseudo resistance to enjoy the cheap game openly and shamelessly now.... my heart was beating very fast and I felt my entire body perspirating and writhing with a spasmodic effect....the pervert was clasping my fleshy buttocks putting both his hands under my thighs and sniffing...slurping, sucking and licking my pussy grunting like a pig and sporadically biting and chewing the soft flesh of my inner thighs with inordinate a hungry tigress I caught hold of his hair and wiggling my buttocks sexily I pressed his mouth on my pussy and shouted “.. eat my pussy........churn me... devour my pussy you bastard....e..a..t...m..e..e..e..e..e..e...

my horny scream was reverberating on the four walls of that room and now I was behaving like a nymphomaniac. With my sudden change of attitude he tried to lift his face and look at me but I did not allow him for it and held his head forcibly in between my thighs... The wave of pleasure was too high and I was completely metamorphosised to a real sexy bitch in true sense of the term...I was howling like a lady in distress and shamelessly urging upon the bastard to continue his rapacious plundering of my pussy repeatedly...his clasping on my buttocks had grown more powerful now. He started biting the lips of my vagina and penetrated the tip of his toungue in to it.....and ... a raw brute passion engulfed my entire entity and my body arched and wriggled like a mermaid out of water...the convulsion in my pussy muscle was terrific and my moaning had changed into senseless babblings....

........This was the moment the horny bastard was looking for...he had made me his slave completely by his expert manipulation and I was lying almost listless on the bed intoxicated with tremendous sensual pleasure...he withdrew his face from my pussy and jumping on to the bed he started kissing, biting and licking my most erogeneous parts hurriedly and hungrily and his rough and restless hand started kneading and molesting my entire body like a wrestler....his frail and ugly structure was no match to my well shaped and well developed body but the animal strength he was exibiting now..was quite contrary to my expectation.... I was thrilled to the core.... he was about to pounce on me and plunge into action but I was not in a mood to see the game end so early...despite a strong urge for an immediate male domination on me I tried to tease him a little more to prolonge the filthy game... I decided to resist his amorous advances to enrage his lust to a new height... in a low timid voice I said “ is wrong know I am married and sombody eles’s wife... you cant do this to me”.....listening this he stopped for a moment and grinned devilishly...and said in his ruthless rustic language:“Will you shut up.... you bitch ???... I know how sati you are ....... what you think ??? I am a fool ??? you shout for a fuck and next you teach me ethics???” you whore need a big cock for your itching pussy.....just lie there and see what I am doing...... saying this, he started kneading my breasts vigorously as if with a vengeance.....I was sensing a peculiar tremor on his body and his quivering voice and reddened eyes were sufficient proof to his monstrous passion.......under normal situation, I would have vehemently objected to such vulgar terms...but now his ugly words worked like an aphrodisiac on me. I wished to hear more obscene things from him which he returned immediately... “you are a sexy bitch on hit” ....he too started teasing me .”you dont get sufficient from your husband.... you need an energetic male like me... dont worry...I will fuck you like a whore now...I dont have a wife but I am an expert in treating an itching cunt like yours...... just lay there and open your thighs and taste my big 9 inch dick” .....Saying this, he swiftly unzipped his pant and brought out his was rock hard and really huge in size...long and equally thick....and throbbing in brute passion. Stroking it obscenely he looked at me and said “ I bet you cant get a bigger size than this......I want to hear you moan when this penetrates into your pussy.....saying this he pounced on me like a hungry wolf and started smooching my breasts with monstrous passion....I lost count how many times he kissed or licked or chewed my breasts and neck and cheeks and lips.....he was furious and untenable....being totally submissive to his animal passion I was merged into a world of lust and passion failing to record what that bastard was doing to me and how he was plundering my body until....... I felt as if a big thick rubber pipe is getting forced in to my pussy quite ruthlessly.......a shriek escaped my lips but for a moment only and I felt as if I am getting filled deep into my sex cavity and my cunt musceles are stretched to the maximum making me unable to move.....his body was covering me totally and he was kissing my lips avidly....he had completely invaded my love tunnel and was sleeping on me clasping my both the shoulders...he remained still for sometime perhaps to allow my pussy to accomodate with the bulky invader and then started to move his hip slowly and later fiercely....ohhhhh... what a feeling??? my sex tunnel was experiencing a really tight fucking...the mixed feeling of pain and extreme pleasure was enough to make me swoon....I had heard that different males ..give different pleasure ... now I was experiencing it practically.....his rustic way of ravaging my body had a different taste altogether than the sophisticated way both I and Ravi use to do sex ....he was banging on my loin with a thud... thud... sound and panting heavily..... the bastard was simply out of his sense getting the rare opportunity of enjoying the body of a well nortured high society lady with all feminine glory in abundance..... his black body was with a deep contrast to my fair and glowing skin creating an impression as if an apsara was being ravaged by a lecherous demon....... I was lying spreadeagled and his belligerent hips were moving vigorously in between my shapely ample creamy thighs....he was grazing my body like a rowdy wild bull and groaning with extreme passion, pumping his enoromous tool in to my sex cavity with full force..........his thick penetration was producing a very obscene...gach.. .....gachhh..gachhh..gachhhh....sound....the table was creaking loudly and I was panting and moaning and shouting just like a shameless street whore forgetting all my inhibitions.......
I was so dazed with pleasure ,I could not know that one full hour had already passed since I have been to this place... the bastard was slamming on my loin with hurricane that time, I had already experienced a couple of very satisfying orgasms but I was surprised to see his staying power...for the last twenty minutes he had been ravaging my body like a hungry wolf and I was enjoying a pleasure unexplored by me during all these days...I was over enthusiastic about getting my long cherished fantasy coming true atlast and the plesure I was deriving was much beyond my expectation...his thick long dick was giving me a wild pleasure I never dreamt of...the heavy friction on my pussy walls was producing 1000 volt of sexual current in my body....I was almost out of my sense and moaning hysterically and the bastard too was babbling incoherent obscenities to release his suppressed libido. Both of us were behaving like senseless wild animals. At last,he released himself in side me with a loud savage grunt and paused.....Ohhhhh!!! what a relief....I was feeling relaxed and light....the bastard got up and with a wicked smile winked at me....he was behaving with me like a cheap woman now....but I did not feel upset..this cheap style was the special ingredient I was looking for to satisfy the slut within me...he brought a peice of cloth and wiped my thighs and my pussy and wiped his own private parts and then asked me to get up. There was an evident exhaustion on my body but I hurriedly dressed up my self and sat on the chair like a sweet innocent girl. Grinning widely the bastard asked me “did you enjoy my fucking”?? I did not answer...but he insisted upon me to answer his question... with a little bit hesitation I said “YES”...he just went mad hearing me say “yes" , came running and clasped and kissed me madly...oh you are such a sweet female...I like you dear ... I like you very much... I was so hungry for sex all these days and you fed me so well...I shall never disappoint you hereafter....I will fuck you like this again and again and make both you and me happy to our heart’s content.... but tell me frankly ...does your husband has a size equal to me??? “NO” yours is a much bigger one....he has a very ordinary size...I said was quite surprising for him that I shared my views so spontaneously...his face was showing a satisfied smile now...I asked him...dont you have your wife??...he grinned and said I am still unmarried ...why??? I did not believe him...”who is there to take care of me...I am an was too late when I became conscious of my marriage and prefered to stay a this profession it was difficult for me to afford time and money for my family dom....I dont regret a bachelor life...I can give more attention to people and serve them dedediactedly”.... “as you did it to ME quite not it doctor”...I tried to tease this time he was busy extracting something from 2 / 3 bottles ...with a wicked smile he said “lady...I had never seen a beauty like you ...I could not control my dick seeing you naked....I am very happy that I enjoyed a real beauty today ..... if you really liked my big tool...I would make you tatste it again and again and make you happy and satisfied...dont worry about your pregnancy...the medicine I applied in your pussy will take care of show me the spot I would apply madicine on it....saying this he confidently lifted my saree and applied the medication on the spot caressing my thigh muscles with the spare hand and planted a hot kiss there...I smiled and got up and asked for the fees....”NO” ....I will treat you free my darling...but come every day atleast for one month and see that the patch vanishes reasonably within that period....but I convinced him for coming on alternate days since I have a small baby and came out of the room with a victorious smile and started walking towards my car in a slow but confident pace..... I was laughing all through...the patch which led to my hot sexual escaped with that lecherous bastard was nothing but a scar of my childhood.days......
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