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Wonderful Sex With Neibhour Aunty
05-16-2012, 08:30 PM
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Wonderful Sex With Neibhour Aunty
This is Rajesh from Hyderabad. I hope all the readers of this site remember me with my earlier submissions of my sex encounters with my colleagues Madhavi and Sujatha and also with the daughter of Sujatha. The readers will also remember me with my another encounter with my servant Savitha. Okay, now my present submission is my encounter with our neighbour aunt Seetha. She is a widow and staying nearby our house. Her husband died 5 years back and she is staying lonely in her house. She is white coloured lady with 36-32-40 and about 35 years. My age is 19 years. At the beginning I did not have sexual feelings on her but later with an incident I am very much hungry and fantasizing her thinking of her measurements, horny looks, and her hair style. She has no issues. One incident leads me to have a thrust on her and planning of fucking of my neighbour aunt. I will put forth the story of my sex encounter with this beauty aunt.

On Sunday at about 9 AM, I am going to market. She is standing at her house on the road side. I saw her and smiled. She asked me “Hi, Rajesh, where are you going?.” I told her that I am going to market for vegetables. She told me that she will also come along with me for procuring vegetables for her. She went inside and locked the door and proceeded along with me. We both hired a rickshaw and sat in it. Her seat is pressing me very hardly, since the size of the rickshaw is small. My right hand is touching her boobs whenever the rickshaw going thru on stones road. I do not know till that period what this is, but I am feeling happy with this incident. After some time, I noticed that my aunt is moved towards me and rubbing her boobs to my hand. I did not know is this unknowingly or with her intention. Anyhow I am enjoying this situation. We purchased vegetables in the market and returned to our houses. We have to go to our on crossing her house. While I am crossing her house to my house, she asked me to come to her house and have some coffee. Even though it is already late, I obliged her invitation and went to her house. I sat on a sofa and she went into kitchen to prepare coffee for us. She brought two cups of coffee for me and her and sat on the sofa beside me. While I am sipping the coffee, she asked me “Rajesh, how you feel my touch? Is that okay to you? Or you want more?” I stunned and how to reply her, since she caught me red handedly while rubbing my hand to her boobs. I did not reply to her question. She again asked me to reply and told me that if I am not satisfied with that, she will give more and more, if I want. Now I understand that she is ready to satisfy me. Then I told her “No, aunt I did not know what you are telling?.” She laughed and told me that she noticed that I was rubbing her boobs while we are in rickshaw. I kept silent on this. She moved towards me and put her hand on my cheek and told “Rajesh, do not shy….it is not wrong…..every human being will do like this… are young and can do anything……not only that anything……”. I asked her what aunt anything. She replied “You can do anything with me, if you like me……are you interested me…….are you fantasizing me in your dreams…..are you willing to have sex with me?” I am very much surprised to hear these from her and with a shy I did not answer to her. I thought that if I tell okay, she will tell this my mother. She understood my situation and moved towards me again, and told that don’t shy and tell me if you really want me, I will fulfill your thrust. She placed her hand on my thigh and rubbing smoothly. My cock is erecting inch by inch with her movements. She observed a big bulge in my pant and put her hand on my pant and pressing slowly. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh…I am feeling very happy and enjoying her movements. She is kissing my mouth and lips and throwing her tongue deeply into my mouth, while pressing my cock. I felt a good aroma is coming from her sweet mouth. I did not control this and I am also pressing her both boobs with my hands. We hugged each other and doing whatever we like for half an hour. Later she woke up from the sofa and taken me to her bed. She removed her saree and blouse, later her bra and panty. HOOOOOOOOOO…what a sight I am seeing…she is very beauty and looks like an angel….if she contested for Miss world beauty, she will be the winner…..her white boobs are moving up and down…..her novel hole is in medium chocolate colour and giggling me. She moved towards me and removed my pant and shirt and also banyan and underwear. We both are in nude. She pushed me on her bed and put her hand on my hard erected rod and pressing slowly. After that, she put my rod into her mouth and licking and swallowing it. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH….what an enjoyment she is giving me and I cannot describe the enjoyment in words…….she is taking me to heaven………by doing all these, she is slowly pressing my balls with her another hand. She told me that she is interested to have sex with me for the last two years and fantasizing me and masturbating herself. She is kissing me and licking my face every inch. She is also kissing my chest, nipples and everywhere. Then I turned on her and rubbing her gigantic boobs which are still having their power. I kissed on her face, eyes, nose, lips, and cheeks, and swallowed her saliva with my tongue. I went down slowly and kissed her navel and moved towards her pussy. I noticed the great heaven of her light pink coloured pussy with black silky hairs surrounded, and her seat is very big in size. If I am a poet, I can praise her body and the readers can imagine this. She spread her legs widely so that I have a clear seen of her heavenly holed. I kissed on her hot pussy and separated its lips with my lips and licking and sucking her hot pussy lips and clitoris. I fondled her clitoris slowly and later rubber with my finger. I took the clitoris into my mouth and kissing the same. She is mourning “Hhhaaaaa…Rajesh… like that……it is giving me heavenly pleasure…..ooohhhh…good… more and give me pleasure…..very gooooddd……what an enjoyment you are giving me with your movements……I certify that you are a good looking young boy and good sucker….come on Rajesh…..I cannot wait……put your hard rod into my hot pussy and give best strokes”. Then I moved on her and catched my lund and throwing into her hot and wet pussy with one hand and pressing my back with other hand. I moved towards her in a best jerk and with this my hard rock erected cock went inside her pussy deeply. I am moving in and out and she is shivering and pressing me towards her tightly. She is mourning “Rajesh…..”. I cannot write all the words of her because of ugliness. Later she came on top of me keeping her legs both sides of mine. She caught my erected hard cock and put it into her hot and wet pussy. She is giving jerks and moving her body to and fro by keeping her hands on my chest. She leaned on me and fucking hardly. OOOHHHHHOOOOOOOO….what a horny lady she is? She is giving good fucks and riding on me like a man rides a woman. She told me that she did not get this happy fuck in her life previously and this is the first and everlasting fuck she is enjoying in her life. After 20 minutes, she is screaming and told me that she is cumming. A big flush came and my lower part is drenched. I understood that the flush came from her hot sweet heavenly pussy. Still she is moving on me and after 10 minutes, I felt that I am also cumming. I told her and flushed my hot rod cock’s juice into her pussy deeply and she told that it touched her womb, and with that she reached another orgasm. She came beside me and hugged and kissed me and we were like that for half an hour. I woke up from the bed and dressed up as I have to move to my house with the vegetables. She is still on the bed and kept her hands behind her head. On seeing her, my rod is again erecting to its level but it is not the time to enjoy again. She told me “Okay Rajesh, we have a good real hard fucking. I am satisfied with you hard dick and do not want to loose you and your long cock, which is bigger than my hubby. Whenever free you come to me and give me your good fucking and we will both enjoy.” She also told me that she will teach good lessons on sex and give me pleasure with her ass wild fucking next time. She woke up from the bed and kissed me and dressed up. Then I left to our house by saying bye to her.
Now I am in Delhi, with the same horny activities looking for gals, housewives. Anyone wants to have complete satisfaction. I prefer to go step by step. Blowjob, pussy eating, missionary, doggy etc. Please mail me
After that I have brought some of my friends to have sex with her and she had brought some of her friends to have sex with me.

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05-16-2012, 08:31 PM
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RE: Wonderful Sex With Neibhour Aunty
I was getting tired of driving. We had started early in the morning and it was now getting dark outside. Rishi and Daman were in the back asleep and Nidhi was conked out against the window. I was getting punch drunk at the wheel and decided it was time to call it quits. I turned to the back seat and woke Rishi and said, "Rishi, I am bushed would you mind if you spelled me? The motel is just an hour away." "Sure no problem, pull over." Rishi replied. I pulled slowly to the side of the road pulled the car to a gentle stop. I didn't want to wake our sleeping wives. Rishi eased Daman's head off his lap and inserted a pillow. I opened the car door and we did a Chinese fire drill and he took the wheel. It was a good thing that the front seat was power. He eased the seat forward and Nidhi didn't even budge. He eased the car out onto the freeway and picked up speed. I took a pillow out of the back and arranged it against the window and settled in for a little nap. My dream had something to do with cannibals, and I awoke with a start.
Rishi was just passing the state line and the moon was passing behind some clouds. I started into my shirt pocket for a cigarette, when I felt a hand inch its way up my leg. I looked over to Daman. Her eyes were closed but there was a smile on her face. The hand continued up until it rested squarely on my cock. It started to rise in my pants and when it was about half staff Daman started to gently stroke it.
I pushed the hand away, thinking that she didn't know it was me. Her finger went to her lips she made a sign for me to be quiet, opened her eyes briefly and winked. Her eyes closed again, and I pulled the blanket up to my chin and resumed my sleeping posture. The hand crept up my legs and started stroking my cock through my pants. I eased my arm over and rested my hands on her breast, I could feel her nipples already erect. She must have been having a great dream. I closed my eyes and her actions under the blanket became more urgent. I took my hand from her breast and eased my fly down. I glanced up to Rishi to see if he was aware of anything out of the ordinary. He seemed engrossed in the road and absorbed in the music on the radio, so I breathed a little sigh of relief and closed my eyes again.
As soon as I had the zipper all the way down a thrill went through me as Daman released my rod from its confining underwear and stroked it. She scooted close, and her hand was replaced with a warm set of lips. She licked little circles around the purple head and in one gulp swallowed my cock. I was trying to keep my breathing even and not make any noise as I eased my hand down her belly. Her legs parted slightly and I rubbed her damp pants over her pussy. I began a steady massage as she fastened her lips at the ridge of my cock-head and stroked with her fingers the shaft insistantly. I couldn't help myself, and quickly came to an orgasm and popped off in her mouth. The music covered the sounds of her swallowing my cum. I worked frantically at her box through the jeans, but felt I was getting nowhere.
She kept up the sucking till I was totally limp, then she pushed my hand from her snatch and mouthed "later." I couldn't believe it, I had just had a blow job by the wife of my best friend while he sat inches away. He must have heard something. I checked the back of his head and saw no response, shrugged my shoulders and settled back against the pillow and fell quickly to sleep.

The motion of the car stopping in the motel awakened me. Jan made no sign to me about what had happened as we checked in and took our bags to the room. I made an excuse to my wife about not being sleepy and went to the game room of the motel to think over what had happened. I was in the middle of my third game of Centipede when Daman walked in all dewey eyed. "Sorry about before," she said, "But having your cock that close to me just drove me wild. I have always wanted you but didn't quite know how to approach you." "Well, it was quite enjoyable, if unexpected. I never suspected
you were that foxy." "There are a lot of things you don't know about me," she said with a gleam in her eye. All I could think about was to get her somewhere out of the way. I searched my mind and had decided on getting a room when she took my hand and led me from the game room to the elevator.
I had an idea she wanted it in the elevator, so when the doors closed I embraced her and kissed her deeply. She responded eagerly, but broke away and pushed a button. As the elevator rose she engulfed me in a wild passionate embrace as she explored my mouth with her tongue. Before I could explore her body the elevator arrived. She unentangled herself and walked away beckoning me with her finger.
In the alcove with the ice and pop machines was another door marked "LAUNDRY". She entered and I followed. As soon as the door closed she went to her knees and started tugging at my zipper. I couldn't believe how brash she was. I helped her along, and as soon as my cock cleared my pants she engulfed it in her mouth. Exhibiting wild abandon, she really gave my cock a workout. As it grew in her mouth, she vacuumed it up and stroked it with her tongue. In no time it was at full staff, she was having a hard time getting it all in her mouth. I concentrated on the blow job 'till I felt the pressure build under my balls.
I pushed her away and she came reluctantly. I pushed her against the wall and raised her sweater and bra so I could get at her petite tits. Her nipples were like marbles between my lips and teeth. I tried to poke them in with my tongue but they were too firm. As I was sucking away at her tits I worked at her pants. I eased them down to her knees and tugged at her panties. In my haste I guess I pulled too hard, they ripped and came away in my hand. I threw them in the corner, and traced a line with my tongue between her tits, down her belly and straight to her pussy.
I was greeted by drenched bush. I parted her cunt lips and dove on her snatch with my tongue. I pulled the hood from over her clitoris and tongue lashed directly on her love button. She responded by rotating her hips, and succeeded in drenching my faces with her love juices. I could stand it no longer. I stood up and dropped my pants. I grabbed her by the buns, and lifted her onto my cock. She let out a sigh as she slowly sank on my engorged tool. Damn, her snatch was tight. You would never have know she had had two kids, she was as tight as a teenager. I braced her against a washing machine and pounded into her furiously. She came quickly in a great shuddering orgasm that threatened to milk my cum before I was ready. I paused just long enough to turn her over on the machine and mount her from the rear. Her tight snatch met every thrust as I pounded into her, her pubic bone rubbing the tender spot under the head of my cock. The pressure in my balls was getting almost too much to contain, so I pulled all but the head from her dripping snatch. I fucked her with short jabs with just the head, holding her buns
so she could not back onto my cock. The pressure subsided and stopped my motion for a bit. She was straining to have my whole manhood deep in the folds of her flesh, and I released my grip on her ass. With one great rush, she impaled herself on my member. I held her to me, loving the way her wet snatch was pressing on my balls. She reached back and started playing with them. I figured that it was now or never. I started building my strokes until I was ramming my dick furiously into her tight snatch. She started playing with her clit and shuddered in another orgasm. The contractions of her pussy put me over the edge. I buried my cock and shot great streams of sperm deep into her cunt. I could feel her cunt expand with each spurt and soon it was filled to overflowing and cum ozzed out onto my balls. I laid down on top of her and luxuriated in the feeling of my dick in her cum-filled pussy as she contracted her cunt around my shrinking cock. She wordlessly pushed me away and picked up her panties, and wiped my juice from her satch. She then went down and licked the droplets from my balls and limp organ. Standing, she gave me a deep kiss. We dressed in silence and made our way to the elevator. I pushed the button for our floor, kissed her one last time, and allowed her to go to her room as I continued down to the bar. I had to have a couple of drinks to convince me that it wasn't just a dream.
I sipped each one reliving that fantastic fuck.

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