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Story Of Sex With My Daughter
05-23-2012, 10:34 AM
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Story Of Sex With My Daughter
i am telling this story to share my sex with my beti b,coz she told me
to do so the story start when my beti came our house after two years
of her mariage with her 1 year old son. i was very much horny men i
use to satre my daughter breast from her saree and from side it give a
good look in her blouse. i even see her while feeding her baby she
some time noted me doing this but she do not know my intesion. but one
day she noted me that i was intrested in her body .it happen when i
was smelling her panty and kissed her bra which she undid befor she
went to bath in her room she watched me doing so.she didnot told me
any thing that time . i also came out of her room without noticing
that she watched me doing so.

after that she was giving me good glimps of her body while working and
feeding her baby. after three days my wife went to her friend house
for mariage.for four days.and on the second day was my birthday. my
daughter packed her bra and panty in gift box and gave to me on my
birthday as a present . in we both sitting in hall on sofa.i opened
the gift given my beti i shocked i look on her she smiled i feel ugly
.but she came near to me and told daddy i too like u . pls do it
withme i know that u like my figure i watched u smelling my panty and
kissing my bra why not u smell my pussy and kiss my breast pls and she
near me and took my hand and kept it on her right boob i got erected
.she told me pls daddy dabaoo na pls.i done as she odered i start
pressing her right boob she told me jor se dabaooo aur dosara bhei
obeyed now i also got horny and kissed my beti on her lip for long
time .then we went to the bed room we both was on the bed kissing each
other and pressing our body with each other body. she moned ohhhhh
daddy pls suck hard my lip oooohjfhhhhhhh ahahhhhhh and press my boob
ohhh ahhhhhhhh pls ahhhhhhhhofhhhhhhhhshe start pressing my lund from
my pent i told her to un dress each other. she agreed but she told
first i feed u like my baby daddy .i told yes my dear i am hungery to
drink ur milk pls feed me like a baby she told come u big baby drink
ur daughter milk and she unhooked her blouse two button from down
side and took her one boob out and gave it in my mouth i started
sucking my beti ka boba and she told piyo na daddy apani beti ka
poora doodh pilo aur chooso pls ahhhhh she moned and u ziped my pant
and start playing with my cock i told her to take her another boob out
zara apna dosara boba nikalo na meri jaan meri beti is me int to doodh
bahoot kam aa raha hai she told tum hi nikalo na daddy . itold how
can a baby can take big breast out pls take and give oh daddy mein
tho bhulo gai tum to chote ssa baby hai mera doodh pine wala baby
.she took another and gave it to me in my mouth and told me chooso is
mein bahoot doodh hai piyo.

i sucked it hard and after some time i got up and told her now pls un
dress me and i undress u she sayed okey now we both are nude she came
near to me and told me daddy mujko apani bahhon mein bhar lo aur muj
ko apana pyar do .i took her in my hand and presed her with my chest
and then she set down and start sucking my 7; inches lund i monaed
faahhhhhhhhhhh beti oahaohhh hhhhhhh and i moving my lund in her mouth
in and out like i am fucking her mouth after five minute she got up
and told me now it is your turn daddy i understand what she want is i
too set down and kissed her pussy and start licking it she moned
ahhhhhhhhhh daddy pls chooso aur jor se isko chhoso is ko chhoswane me
kitana maja atta hai ahhhhhhhhhh woh to isko kahbi nahi choosete and
moned when i insert my tounge in her choot her each and every drop of
her pussy iwas licking . she monaed ohhhhhhh daddy mer i jaan pls
apani jawan beti ki jawani ko pyar do ohhhhhh mere piya ohhhhhhhh au
apani beti ko apani bibi banao mere pyare doosre pati apani beti ki
choot ko kha jao aur apani doosari biwi mean apani beti ko pyar do
then i licked her hard i got up and told dear i will we very much
happy to marry my daughter and make her my patani doosari patani oh
daddy u bludy talking only not amking love u fuck ur daughter and make
her ur wife second wife.
now i cnanot waid dear fuck me pls my beti told and i spread her leg
and keep my lund on her choot and gave a hard shot she shout ahhh it
is hurting slowly daddy i pressed her boob for a while she start
shaking her buttok i gave another shot now it was full in her pussy i
sleeped on her for some time and kissing her and sucking her boob she
monaed and gave a jerk now she was readdy for fuccking she yeld u
betichod chood na apani beti ko bhen chood harami mera doodh piya hai
to us ka hisab to pura kar mujko chood ke .

i start like a bullet train in and out in and out .she monaing ahhh
hohjhhhhh daddy fuck me hard ohhhhh phad do meri chhot ko mujko apane
banalo chodo mujhko jor se chodo pls ahhhhhhhh oddddddddhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
piyo mear doodh bhi piyo pls tum mujh ko pahela kyoon nahi mile mein
tumhare bache ko janam dena chahati hoon chodo mujko chodo jor se
chodo aur apani patani banalo mere payre daddy mer patti ban jayo aur
mujkoapani ek nissani do mer pet mein tumhara bacha palana chahati hoon .

mere daddy mujko apne bache ki ma ban do pls .chodo na and then she
moned loudly oh ohhhhhh u bithch a daughter fucker fuck me and told
ahh h oohhh daddy mere pati mein gai ohhhhhh plllsssss ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
ohhhhhhhhhhhh and i too moned and told i am cumming ahhhhhhhhha and
loaded my thick and white milk in her chhoot adn sleeped on each other
for 10 min .and the i got up ,i asked her do u really want a child
from me she told yes daddy mein apaki doosri patani ban sakti hoon , i
told woh to tum ban gai tumhari doosari saadi mer saath hui hai aur
abhi hi tum ne mere sath suhagraat manai hai . tum roj muj se apani
choot marana to tum ko mein ek present doonga jo 9 month ke baad mein
apana result dega.and she came to me and told oh daddy mere pyare
daaddy. mein kitni lucky hoon mere do pati hai ek mere daddy aur ek woh.
till she was with us i fucked her many time whil going to her first
husband house she took my baby in her .
Now she was happy with her two child one is mine . now when ever she
come to our house i fuck her very much my daughter make my life more
sexy .i still jerk my lund thinking of her when she was not here.

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