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Sex Chat with Indian Bhabhi
06-04-2012, 11:41 AM
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Sex Chat with Indian Bhabhi
colorderainbow:hi darling
chitra angel:hi there
colorderainbow:happy new year
chitra angel:same to u
colorderainbow:so how is life going
chitra angel:ok, how bt u
colorderainbow:at office or at home??
chitra angel:office
colorderainbow:its great
colorderainbow:its so cold in here in delhi
colorderainbow:although not as much as states
colorderainbow:u r in us at present right ???
chitra angel:yeah
chitra angel:hm i c
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Sent at 10:27 AM on Monday[/font][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/font]
colorderainbow:so what r u wearing darling
chitra angel:blouse and skirt
colorderainbow:any aynthing inside
chitra angel:offcourse panty
colorderainbow:n not bra
colorderainbow:u gave rest to bra
chitra angel:naah not today
colorderainbow:off loaded them
colorderainbow:what sort of panty
chitra angel:kinda
colorderainbow:describe a bit
chitra angel:just realized my boobs have outgrown them, so cant wear them anymore
chitra angel:panty is a g-string, black
colorderainbow:g string
colorderainbow:is it covering ur pussy
colorderainbow:or the string got losy in pussy lips
chitra angel:its trying to
colorderainbow:that would be a great site
colorderainbow:string vanished in between the lips
colorderainbow:how does it feels when it rubs ur clitoris
chitra angel:not yet
chitra angel:feels like i may cum at anytime
colorderainbow:thats the reasonu like g string more
chitra angel:right under my skirt
colorderainbow:hey would u mind if i post this chat on web site
colorderainbow:offcourse with ur id changed
chitra angel:well i would expect you dont do it.
chitra angel:but i cant really stop you, can i???
colorderainbow:its not going to harm u
chitra angel:but please do not spread my email
chitra angel:or id
colorderainbow:not but still i wanted to do it with ur consent
colorderainbow:coz i dont want to hurt u babe
colorderainbow:i respect ur privacy
chitra angel:thanks appreciate that
colorderainbow:yeah i will change, the id
colorderainbow:for sure
colorderainbow:thats like a gud buddies
colorderainbow:boys like to read horny chat as u do
chitra angel:btw may i ask why u want to do that/
chitra angel:i c
colorderainbow:they think indian women cant do that
chitra angel:u may use my first name as is , thats fine.
colorderainbow:let them enjoy yaar
chitra angel:hee hee
colorderainbow:they jerk off in their pant
colorderainbow:reading such chat
chitra angel:i think it is wrong to generalize me to indian women
chitra angel:besides i m not really indian,
chitra angel:well i was never indian resident
colorderainbow:then how do u know hindi
chitra angel:i dont want to tarnish the image of indian image by representing them in any way.
chitra angel:well my parents are indian
chitra angel:half indian
colorderainbow:its okay yaar
colorderainbow:ppl like such chat
colorderainbow:its okay
chitra angel:ok, but dont expect that I will always co-operate
colorderainbow:n i m not gonna post it all the time
colorderainbow:just to have a bit fun
colorderainbow:its not that we are going to create any script for net
chitra angel:ok please dont change my first name.
colorderainbow:this is our normal chat
colorderainbow:okay buddy
colorderainbow:so tell me ur asl once again
colorderainbow:mrs. chitra
chitra angel:23 los angeles
colorderainbow:a real angel in los angeles
chitra angel:I've just sent you a file through meebo, click on the link to check it out! (Remember to only accept files from people you know) .day&fileid=2119252938&u= &p=yahoo
chitra angel:hee hee.
chitra angel:ignore that pic, please dont post it anywhere.
colorderainbow:so u r single n desperate
colorderainbow:okay buddy
colorderainbow:its safe with me
colorderainbow:so u r single
chitra angel:single, but not really desp, i get my quota
colorderainbow:so when did u get ur first injection
colorderainbow:what age chitra
chitra angel:17
colorderainbow:wow so early
chitra angel:yeah
colorderainbow:who was the lucky guy
chitra angel:x bf
colorderainbow:what national
chitra angel:russian
colorderainbow:so how was the feeling
colorderainbow:doing for first time
chitra angel:scary, nervous and guilty
colorderainbow:guilty for what
chitra angel:for not being sure if i shud have done it or not.
colorderainbow:n scary ??
colorderainbow:his tool scared uJ[FONT='Arial','sans-serif'])[/font]
chitra angel:yeah
colorderainbow:w o wooooo
colorderainbow:how long he had
chitra angel:not that it was long, but it seemd huge coz it was the first time i had seen
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Sent at 10:52 AM on Monday[/font][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/font]
colorderainbow:a lilte virgin choot
chitra angel:i had fingured it a lot before
chitra angel:well it was not that it is little
colorderainbow:so it wasnt painfull
chitra angel:it sure was
colorderainbow:how did u take such a monsterous cock in ??/
chitra angel:i dont think i took it all.
colorderainbow:there buddy

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06-04-2012, 11:42 AM
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RE: Sex Chat with Indian Bhabhi
Simran:hi there????
simran:gud mrng
colorderainbow:no office today
simran:client site
Sent at 10:42 AM on Tuesday
colorderainbow:in delhi or out of station
colorderainbow:yaar sherdi bohot ho rahi hay
colorderainbow:kisi ko kiss karne ka dil ker raha hay
simran:kar lo
simran:koi to hogi offc mein
colorderainbow:office me to hay
colorderainbow:but all are married yaar
colorderainbow:they are used up
colorderainbow:need some fresh juicy lips for that
simran:ab wo kahan se laun
Sent at 10:46 AM on Tuesday
colorderainbow:tu hay na
simran:chup kar oyeeeeeeee
simran:dont u dare to expect nething frm me
colorderainbow:why is it so
simran:ainwe hi
colorderainbow:tell me honestly dont u feel like
colorderainbow:the same as me
colorderainbow:may be not with me
simran:ofcourse, I do
colorderainbow:but some guy ur dream guy
simran:but i cant so it jst for the sake of doing it
simran:no feelings involved
simran:just a desperation
colorderainbow:so how do u control then urself
colorderainbow:do u masturabte
simran:dont u think......u r crossing ur limits....jay!!
colorderainbow:okay cool down
colorderainbow:i was just asking
colorderainbow:being a human being
colorderainbow:but if u mind
colorderainbow:need not to answer
colorderainbow:so how is work going on
colorderainbow:hey u had told u r going to ur friends marriage
colorderainbow:did u buy ur lahnga n choli

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06-04-2012, 11:42 AM
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RE: Sex Chat with Indian Bhabhi
colorderainbow:hi vasudha , whats up
colorderainbow:nice chat yaar , it truly shows ur sexperince
vasudha:Gee thanls
vasudha:I just used what others had done to me while screwing me hard and used that in chat
vasudha:for it to seem authentic
colorderainbow:yeah its 100% authentic
colorderainbow:n giving harrd time to boys
colorderainbow:so, did u fuck any net buddy, so far bhabhi
vasudha:No way
vasudha:I am happy the way I am
vasudha:Off sex since dec 31st
vasudha:Poor me
colorderainbow:but u had good time with rajat
vasudha:Yeah I know
vasudha:He is a harmless sweet guy
vasudha:That is why I can chat like that with him
colorderainbow:not a real dick but atleast got away from sexual tension
vasudha:Incidentally I got his dick pic I was seeing while chatting sex
vasudha:He had sent a erect one and I asked for a placid one !
vasudha:Somehow placid dicks turn me on. Erect ones seem so badly formed LOL.
colorderainbow:placis is cute little and its pleasure for women to see them grow
vasudha:You are tunrning me on now!
vasudha:I like them grow in my hand
vasudha:The become warmer
vasudha:in the hand
vasudha:as they grow
colorderainbow:thats like a real bitch
vasudha:The sex chat has done somethinng
vasudha:to me
colorderainbow:u need that warmth in this fucking winter
colorderainbow:my balls has shrinked to almost zero size
colorderainbow:its frizing here in delhi
colorderainbow:rajat must have told u
vasudha:Or chat and self medication!
vasudhaunno where he stays
colorderainbow:he is from del only
vasudha:oh ok
vasudha:So what do u do
colorderainbow:i m Desing Engineer with IOCL
vasudha:r u the married guy ?
colorderainbow:do u know iocl as u said u r on technical side
colorderainbow:no i m single but neither a virgin
vasudha:Hmmm. So how many?
colorderainbow:2 3
vasudha:2 or 3 or 23 !)
colorderainbow:lol 2 are MBA student here from Acfai
colorderainbow:and one is aunty
colorderainbow:her hubby is out of station most of teh time
vasudha:whos better ? Aunty or students ?
colorderainbow:its always fun to do with aunty they are experinced
vasudha:How old r u

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06-04-2012, 11:42 AM
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RE: Sex Chat with Indian Bhabhi
colorderainbow:i m 26
colorderainbow:n the aunty miss priyanka
colorderainbow:she is 37
vasudha:Hmmm. Right age for aunties to fall for
vasudha:EVen I get sexed seeing young boys
vasudha:Hard not to stare
vasudha:Somehow I manage
colorderainbow:did u see the Flix what women want
vasudha:I didn;t get u
colorderainbow:WHAT WOMEN WANT
colorderainbow:is a hollywood movie
colorderainbow:here the girl cant resist looking at guys dick n scold herself for such a weird behavious
colorderainbow:n the problem with ladies is that they cant even rub like boys in public
vasudha:But we can rub anywhere
vasudha:esp if not wearing a panty
vasudha:Yeah pushing finger in to clit is difficult but managable
vasudha:and we do not release liquid the way u do
colorderainbow:so how do u rub urself in public
vasudha:Sitting in the chair
colorderainbow:suppose u r on airport in jeans n see some hunk
colorderainbow:how would u rub out there
vasudha:In a crowd self-control is automatic
colorderainbow:hey may i ask u one thing
colorderainbow:do u put heavy perfume
colorderainbow:when u go for office
vasudha:Funny I don't use perfume
vasudha:I use shower gel
colorderainbow:coz when i cum in pnat in office i can smell the semen, n i wonder if other can as well
vasudha:We can retain it inside. Too less liquid released
colorderainbow:good for u girls
colorderainbow:moreover saree gives u a better protection
vasudha:Funny thing
vasudha:We do it through the saree folds
vasudha:So simple
colorderainbow:yesterday i was hesitant going to boss cabin
colorderainbow:what if he can smell it
colorderainbow:married guys knows its smell very well
vasudha:And then there is always a slit in the pettycoat that we can adjust
vasudha:Funny thing when I was young I liked getting laid by old men and now at my age I like young dicks>
colorderainbow:it happens
colorderainbow:i dont know the mystery
colorderainbow:may be one shall be experinced in bed
vasudha:mystery is just one hole right in the centre of the body )
vasudha:BTW do you like fucking naked or with clotes on?
vasudha:Cause I have had men who don't even want to show their dick !!!
colorderainbow:with clothes on
vasudha:Hmm. Second variety

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RE: Sex Chat with Indian Bhabhi
colorderainbow:no not that
vasudha:What about your partner
colorderainbow:let me tel u
vasudha:you want her naked or some clothes on
colorderainbow:i get full naked that not an issue i dont think there is any thing to hide when u r fucking a girl
colorderainbow:but sometimes i like the lady to be in thin t shirt withought undergarment so that i can feel the hardened nipple from top of tee
vasudha:With me I like to feel the nakedness of my partner and for him to feel me all over
vasudha:Esp for him to send his finger into my pussy. Rub the clit and at times drive it deep in to make me wet before we start fucking
vasudha:BTW seriously did you find any diff in th epussy fucking priyanka and the young girls
vasudhaunno why people say pussy becomes loose. Mine got a lil loose yes but only after child birth
vasudha:But not that much a noticable diff
colorderainbow:no she has good tight pussy
vasudha:That is what
colorderainbow:her hubby not much interested in fuck game
colorderainbow:he wants emotional support more than sex
vasudha:Only thing is when I was young I was more stifff. Took time to become wet inside. Now a touch is enough. Maybe that is y the feeling comes
colorderainbow:so now u can reliev urself faster
vasudha:No I can relieve myself slower actually. Prev it would be faster !
vasudha:I hold on much longer now
colorderainbow:hey its better now
colorderainbow:u can fly in the sky for longer period
vasudha:No I like to keep myself pressed under my man while he lowers his butt at unbelievable speed
colorderainbow:like a dog fucks his bitch
vasudha:Hmm. But he does it from behind
vasudha:Ok from that I remembered a joke
vasudha:A guy screwed his sec from behind
vasudha:And went home all happy
vasudha:Wifey got a lil suspicious and asked him what happened
vasudha:He didn't want to lie and claimed. I worked like a dog in office today
vasudha:Actually from behind fucking me in the pussy gives me a nice feeling. The guy fondles my boobs from behind
colorderainbow:double pleasure
vasudha:Only issue is if the penis is bent upwards fucking is easier
colorderainbow:n the scene when the boobs moves around with each thrust
vasudha:Else half the time it slides out or he is unkowingly fucking me along the outer lips )
colorderainbow:hahahhahah a
colorderainbow:my cap is bigger than shaft
colorderainbow:so hope it will fit better
colorderainbow:n wont slip more offen
colorderainbow:so far the 3 ladies never complaiend it )
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Sent at 10:59 AM on Tuesday[/font][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/font]
colorderainbow:most of indian are having straight dick
colorderainbow:how come forgieners get such dick
colorderainbow:bent upward
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Sent at 11:01 AM on Tuesday[/font][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/font]
colorderainbow:there bhabhi ???????
vasudha:BTW you wound't even know if you screwed from behind if u were in the hole or along the lips. That is what the guys who bed me have claimed. Maybe since my pussy lips are longer
vasudha:And more flat. There is not perceptable hump in my pubic region

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RE: Sex Chat with Indian Bhabhi
colorderainbow:not a puffy choot
colorderainbow:i tell u my incident
vasudha:go ahead
colorderainbow:i was fucking this mba girl for first time n
colorderainbow:i screwed her laying on her back n then she come over me
colorderainbow:n i was trying to slid my tool in her wet choot
colorderainbow:but as she said she wanted to do with light off
colorderainbow:i was trying to put in her ass hole
colorderainbow:by mistake
vasudha:I love guiding the tool!
colorderainbow:n she shouted suddenly
colorderainbow:jay its a anus , dont do there
colorderainbow:n then she guided herself
colorderainbow:but i loughed alot the way she shouted
colorderainbow:JAYS ITS ASS HOLE
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Sent at 11:07 AM on Tuesday[/font][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/font]
colorderainbow:indian ladies ko sharm bohot aati hay
colorderainbow:pata nahi light off karne ko q bolti hay
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Sent at 11:09 AM on Tuesday[/font][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/font]
colorderainbow:busy with work madam ???
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Sent at 11:15 AM on Tuesday[/font][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/font]
vasudha:Yep was
colorderainbow:hey u were saying u r on technical side
colorderainbow:so may i know
vasudha:nothing else will be known to u )
vasudha:Ok dear nice chatting with u'
vasudha:see u soon
vasudha:lemme go now
colorderainbow:okay bussy
colorderainbow:buddy c ya
colorderainbow:nice talking
colorderainbow:i lovint itt, yummyyyyy

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RE: Sex Chat with Indian Bhabhi
me:hi darling
me:fuck even now busy with work
suchitra u p:hi
suchitra u p:job ke time pe aur kya hoga
me:but job all the time
me:isnt it boring
me:get some break
me:for kinky chats
suchitra u p:acha
me:haaan jeee
suchitra u p:chalo 10 min ka break leti hun
me:thats great
me:so what r u wearing today
suchitra u p:brown pantrs
suchitra u p:white shirt
me:must be a tight pant
me:showing ur butt to those guys
suchitra u p:LOl
me:giving them hard on
suchitra u p:yea
suchitra u p:a bit
me:n what about ur panty n br a
suchitra u p:wo bhi hain
me:color type
me:some detail of ur lucky inner wear
suchitra u p:black
suchitra u p:normal type
me:i envy them that they are so close to0 u suchitra
me:how much butt its covering
me:full butt chick or .........................
suchitra u p:over 50%
me:cotton type
me:hey do u shop ur own or hubby brings teh inner wear foru
suchitra u p:me
me:any embrassing incident happened with u
me:in lingerie store
suchitra u p:no
suchitra u p:i dont get embaressed LOL
me:right coz u dont care about that
suchitra u p:no
me:so which is ur tiniest and sexiest panty
me:u ever brought
suchitra u p:g strings
me:which color
me:n where did u buy it
suchitra u p:purple
suchitra u p:at shop where else
me:i meant in india or abroad
Sent at 3:53 PM on Tuesday
me:hey may i ask u one thing
suchitra u p:over seas
me:some of white men from abroad has dicks bent upward
me:any specific reason
me:while indians are straight
suchitra u p:i dunno
suchitra u p:LOL
me:have u fucked any bent dick
me:which one is better
me:straight or bent
suchitra u p:i like both
suchitra u p:LOL
me:hey no diplomatic answer
me:which will u give first choice
suchitra u p:no i like a deep hard fuk
me:hahhahah a
suchitra u p:with a nice thick cok
suchitra u p:rest is not so important
me:there u go
me:most of ladies want thickness
suchitra u p:yea but i dont want a 4 inch one either lol
me:to rub tight against there choot wall
me:4" midgets must be having of that size
me:so when did u had sex last time suchitra
suchitra u p:last time, i ve not had it for last time yet LOL
me:very funny
suchitra u p:)
me:u know what i wanted to know
suchitra u p:that would be on my funeral i guess huh
me:when did u fuck anybody
me:hahahah a
me:friends of ur grandson will fuck u at that age
suchitra u p:may be
me:when did u fuck anybody recently
suchitra u p:day b4
me:n who was teh guy
suchitra u p:hubby
me:o ooooo
me:did u fuck any body else then hubby recently
me:coz i know u were not a virgin at marriage
suchitra u p:a friend
me:a friend ................................?
suchitra u p:yea
suchitra u p:why
me:more detail what sort of friend
me:ur colleuge or what
suchitra u p:no just a friend
me:n how long it has been
me:u did with friend
suchitra u p:not all freiends are collegues
me:coz hubby is here in india for 2 month now i guess
me:yeah true
suchitra u p:it was about 10 days ago
me:so i wanted to make clear
suchitra u p:ok
me:so u gave a new year treat to friend as ur chooot
suchitra u p:no
suchitra u p:it was just a fuk
suchitra u p:noew yr had nothing to do with it
me:hey dont loose temper
me:u know
me:i m noughty stupid boys
me:who ask u weird questions which nobody asks
me:so, hubby got any clue that u had it with somebody else
me:myauuuuuuuuuuuun suchitra
me:break is not yet over

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RE: Sex Chat with Indian Bhabhi
[i][b][b][01:18] colorderainbow: did u get any stud
[01:18] suchitra u p: i know many
[01:18] colorderainbow: hmm
[01:18] colorderainbow: lucky guys
[01:18] suchitra u p:
[01:19] colorderainbow: what are u wearing tonight ??
[01:19] suchitra u p: nighty
[01:19] colorderainbow: which color
[01:19] colorderainbow: buddy
[01:19] suchitra u p: black
[01:19] colorderainbow: again of knee length
[01:19] colorderainbow: ??
[01:20] suchitra u p: yea
[01:20] colorderainbow: hmmm
[01:20] colorderainbow: u chat with ur lappy or what ??
[01:20] suchitra u p: yea
[01:20] colorderainbow: hmm
[01:21] colorderainbow: its easy to get noughty with lapy
[01:21] colorderainbow: lappy
[01:21] colorderainbow: being in blanket
[01:21] suchitra u p: no its just easier to use
[01:21] colorderainbow: hahahha
[01:22] colorderainbow: n what u weared at office today
[01:22] suchitra u p: jeans
[01:22] colorderainbow: n ...........?
[01:22] colorderainbow: just jeans yummy
[01:22] suchitra u p: shirt
[01:22] colorderainbow: hmmm
[01:22] colorderainbow: do u wear just normal bra under shirt
[01:23] suchitra u p: yea
[01:23] colorderainbow: girls look sexy when thier bra line is visible
[01:23] suchitra u p: even better if nipple line is visible LOL
[01:24] colorderainbow: u r too much
[01:24] colorderainbow: suchitra
[01:24] suchitra u p: y
[01:24] colorderainbow: did u wear such dress today
[01:24] suchitra u p: i tol dyou what i wore today
[01:24] colorderainbow: yeah
[01:25] colorderainbow: what i m asking that ur nips was visible
[01:25] suchitra u p: i didnt notice LOL
[01:25] colorderainbow: q
[01:25] colorderainbow: dress up ho ker
[01:25] colorderainbow: mirror menahi dekhati
[01:26] suchitra u p: nipple nahin daikhe mirror main
[01:26] colorderainbow: acha
[01:26] colorderainbow: boys will have tough time at office not ur problem
[01:26] suchitra u p: not tough time, good time
[01:26] colorderainbow: i like when bra n shirt are of contrasting color
[01:27] colorderainbow: like black bra with white shirt
[01:27] suchitra u p: yea
[01:27] colorderainbow: u know one lady came in orange pant today n her panty line was visible
[01:28] colorderainbow: she has protruding butt
[01:28] suchitra u p: )
[01:28] colorderainbow: dil kerta hay bas dal doon usme
[01:28] suchitra u p: dal do
[01:28] colorderainbow: kahan yaar
[01:29] colorderainbow: office me kahan possible ho pata hay
[01:29] suchitra u p: colorderainbow: dil kerta hay bas dal doon usme
[01:29] suchitra u p: kyu door band kar ke kar lo
[01:29] colorderainbow: yeah
[01:29] colorderainbow: once i had tried
[01:29] colorderainbow: but then
[01:29] colorderainbow: other colleuge knocked
[01:29] suchitra u p: so you like yung girls huh
[01:29] colorderainbow: noo
[01:30] colorderainbow: i like plumpy ladies more than skinny girl
[01:30] suchitra u p: i am askin about age
[01:30] colorderainbow: no i like older
[01:30] suchitra u p: ok
[01:30] colorderainbow: i dont know why m i
[01:30] colorderainbow: whom i m talking about is of 36 years
[01:30] suchitra u p: ok
[01:31] colorderainbow: she has 10 years boy
[01:31] suchitra u p: i like 20 year old boys
[01:31] colorderainbow: it would be fun fucking her when her son would be watching
[01:31] suchitra u p: why?
[01:32] colorderainbow: i get stronger hard on
[01:32] colorderainbow: in such condittion
[01:32] suchitra u p: why not fuck her in public then
[01:32] colorderainbow: hahhahahaha
[01:32] colorderainbow: u know i have seen such video
[01:32] colorderainbow: in which
[01:33] colorderainbow: fuck was happening in public
[01:33] suchitra u p: i think thats how we shoudl live
[01:33] colorderainbow: i meant it was a fuck festival
[01:34] colorderainbow: fucking was going on everywhere
[01:34] colorderainbow: in room in corridor
[01:34] suchitra u p: an orgy
[01:34] suchitra u p: yes
[01:34] colorderainbow: not orgy
[01:34] suchitra u p: any one can fuck any one else
[01:34] suchitra u p: thats how it shuold be
[01:34] suchitra u p: yea its a public orgy
[01:34] colorderainbow: so many
[01:35] colorderainbow: ppl all together
[01:35] suchitra u p: yes thats how it should be
[01:35] colorderainbow: n girls hole were so full of juice that it was dripping
[01:36] suchitra u p: i would love to ne there
[01:36] colorderainbow: hmm
[01:36] colorderainbow: n i would like to company u
[01:36] colorderainbow: there
[01:36] colorderainbow: stripping for public
[01:37] colorderainbow: stripping u for public
[01:37] colorderainbow: hahhaha
[01:37] suchitra u p: butt naked
[01:37] colorderainbow: a lady already sucking me
[01:37] colorderainbow: lol
[01:38] suchitra u p: and i would be sukin too
[01:38] colorderainbow: yeah
[01:38] colorderainbow: wonderfull
[01:38] suchitra u p: mmmmmmmmmmmm
[01:38] colorderainbow: u n another lady sucking me one by one
[01:38] suchitra u p:
[01:38] colorderainbow: fucking the both mouth keeping it side by side
[01:39] suchitra u p: yea and when i suk you another guy fucks my pussy
[01:39] colorderainbow: holding the hair like slut
[01:39] colorderainbow: aaah
[01:39] colorderainbow: n both of us going into u together
[01:39] colorderainbow: one through mouth n another through pussy
[01:40] suchitra u p: mmmmnow that be some thing
[01:40] colorderainbow: suck me baby
[01:40] colorderainbow: suck me
[01:40] suchitra u p: mmmmmmmmm
[01:40] suchitra u p: yea
[01:40] colorderainbow: take it deeper
[01:40] suchitra u p: sukin hard and deep
[01:41] colorderainbow: reaching deep into ur throat
[01:41] colorderainbow: close ur nose n u struggle for air
[01:41] suchitra u p: while the other reaches deep in my pussy
[01:42] suchitra u p: mmmmmmmmmmm
[01:42] colorderainbow: dont allow u to take my dick out
[01:42] colorderainbow: press the head on dick
[01:43] suchitra u p: as i struggle to get some air
[01:43] colorderainbow: aaahhhhhhhhhhh
[01:43] suchitra u p: tryin top push you away
[01:44] colorderainbow: aaaahhh
[01:44] colorderainbow: it feels so good
[01:44] colorderainbow: u know i m hard
[01:44] suchitra u p: and he is so deep in my pussy
[01:44] colorderainbow: yeaahhh
[01:44] suchitra u p: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[01:44] colorderainbow: giving u long strokes
[01:44] colorderainbow: r u wet suchitra
[01:44] colorderainbow: ??
[01:44] suchitra u p: yes
[01:44] suchitra u p: fuck my pussy
[01:45] suchitra u p: with that hard yung cock
[01:45] colorderainbow: yeah baby
[01:45] colorderainbow: i turn u around
[01:45] colorderainbow: n lick ur pussy
[01:45] suchitra u p: hmmm
[01:45] suchitra u p: yesssssssss
[01:45] colorderainbow: making it more slippery
[01:45] suchitra u p: i open my legs wide
[01:45] colorderainbow: yeahhh
[01:45] colorderainbow: open it show me the pink hole
[01:45] colorderainbow: i spit in ur pussy
[01:46] suchitra u p: yea fuck it with your tongue
[01:46] colorderainbow: n again lick
[01:46] colorderainbow: bite u r clit
[01:46] suchitra u p: mmmmmmmmmmmmm
[01:46] suchitra u p: fuck it with your cock
[01:46] colorderainbow: n suck it away
[01:46] colorderainbow: with teeth
[01:46] suchitra u p: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[01:46] colorderainbow: slap ur butt
[01:46] colorderainbow: n now position
[01:47] colorderainbow: my hard 7" stud in u
[01:47] suchitra u p: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[01:47] colorderainbow: n give a strong jerk
[01:47] suchitra u p: push it all in
[01:47] colorderainbow: n it goes all the way in
[01:47] suchitra u p: mmmmmmmmmmm
[01:47] colorderainbow: hold ur boobies n
[01:47] colorderainbow: start humping slowly
[01:48] suchitra u p: yes yes deep
[01:48] colorderainbow: moving the dick round n round
[01:48] suchitra u p: yes in circles
[01:48] colorderainbow: feeeling ur pussy walll
[01:48] colorderainbow: hitting the g spot
[01:48] suchitra u p: mmmmmmmmm
[01:48] suchitra u p: yes
[01:49] colorderainbow: now increased the pace n
[01:49] colorderainbow: fucking u like dog
[01:49] suchitra u p: yes
[01:49] suchitra u p: be a dog
[01:49] colorderainbow: fast n faser
[01:49] suchitra u p: mad
[01:49] colorderainbow: yeaaah baby
[01:49] colorderainbow: yeahh
[01:49] colorderainbow: aaaaahhh
[01:49] colorderainbow: aaahhh
[01:49] suchitra u p: oh yes i need a cock
[01:50] colorderainbow: n suddenly i took the cock out
[01:50] suchitra u p: y
[01:50] colorderainbow: n slap the pussy with cock
[01:50] colorderainbow: i just love this sound
[01:50] suchitra u p: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[01:50] suchitra u p: yummy
[01:51] colorderainbow: slap u harder
[01:51] colorderainbow: with cock
[01:51] colorderainbow: n again shove in
[01:51] suchitra u p: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[01:51] suchitra u p: and fuck again
[01:51] colorderainbow: n fuck u even faster
[01:51] colorderainbow: futch futch
[01:51] colorderainbow: sound is feeling the rooom
[01:51] suchitra u p: people watch
[01:52] colorderainbow: yeaaah
[01:52] colorderainbow: others are watching
[01:52] colorderainbow: my dick going in ur pink pussy
[01:52] suchitra u p: mmmmmmmmmmmmm
[01:52] colorderainbow: like tomato
[01:52] colorderainbow: fuck fuck
[01:52] colorderainbow: fuck
[01:52] colorderainbow: baby
[01:52] suchitra u p: yes yes
[01:52] suchitra u p: fuk and fuk some more
[01:53] colorderainbow: keeping the cock inside
[01:53] suchitra u p: mmmmmmmmmmm
[01:53] colorderainbow: holding ur waist
[01:53] suchitra u p: mmmmmmmmmmmmm
[01:53] suchitra u p: push
[01:53] suchitra u p: push
[01:53] colorderainbow: what a view when ur boobies move
[01:54] suchitra u p: yes look at my tits
[01:54] colorderainbow: everybody is enjoying the view
[01:54] colorderainbow: ahaaahahhaha
[01:54] colorderainbow: aaahahhh
[01:54] colorderainbow: aaaahhhhhh
[01:54] colorderainbow: babay
[01:54] colorderainbow: i m hard like anything
[01:54] suchitra u p: let me see too yea
[01:54] colorderainbow: in real
[01:54] suchitra u p: nice
[01:55] colorderainbow: how about u
[01:55] suchitra u p: yea i m wet too
[01:55] colorderainbow: hmm
[01:55] colorderainbow: fuckk u harder
[01:55] colorderainbow: darling i m gonna cum
[01:55] suchitra u p: mmmmmmmmm
[01:55] suchitra u p: good come hard
[01:55] colorderainbow: aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
[01:55] colorderainbow: aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
[01:56] suchitra u p: yesssssssssss
[01:56] colorderainbow: do u want junior jay
[01:56] suchitra u p: come come
[01:56] colorderainbow: aaahh baby
[01:56] colorderainbow: cumming in ur pussy
[01:57] colorderainbow: filling it completly
[01:57] suchitra u p: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[01:57] suchitra u p: nice
[01:57] colorderainbow: aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[01:57] colorderainbow: i just lay on u
[01:57] suchitra u p:
[01:57] colorderainbow: kissing ur neck
[01:58] colorderainbow: did u like suchitra
[01:59] colorderainbow: there ??????????

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06-04-2012, 11:44 AM
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RE: Sex Chat with Indian Bhabhi
[00:08] suchitra u p: hi
[00:08] colorderainbow: whats up gorgeous
[00:08] suchitra u p: not much
[00:08] suchitra u p: tum sunai
[00:08] colorderainbow: i was in hospital
[00:09] suchitra u p: oh kya hoa
[00:09] colorderainbow: one of my friend was being operated
[00:09] suchitra u p: oh
[00:09] colorderainbow: came to home after 2 days
[00:10] suchitra u p: so he is ok now
[00:10] colorderainbow: yeah he is fine
[00:10] suchitra u p: good
[00:10] colorderainbow: ik week ki rest advice ki hay doc ne
[00:10] suchitra u p: ok
[00:11] colorderainbow: i realy felt gud that
[00:11] colorderainbow: u r concerned about my friend
[00:11] colorderainbow: thanks buddy
[00:12] suchitra u p: no problem
[00:12] colorderainbow: u r a good women
[00:12] colorderainbow: although we keep distance being a net friend
[00:12] suchitra u p: thank you dear
[00:12] colorderainbow: so how is ur life going
[00:14] colorderainbow: how is ur life going suchitra
[00:14] suchitra u p: it good dear
[00:14] colorderainbow: hmm
[00:14] colorderainbow: being noughty at office
[00:14] suchitra u p: at home now
[00:14] colorderainbow: okay
[00:14] colorderainbow: i asked in general
[00:15] suchitra u p: i m always good
[00:15] colorderainbow: hmmm
[00:15] colorderainbow: goood
[00:15] colorderainbow: hey
[00:15] colorderainbow: girls ko thand nahi lagti kia
[00:15] colorderainbow: ?
[00:15] suchitra u p: kyu
[00:15] colorderainbow: when i was coming to home
[00:15] suchitra u p: bilkul lagti hai
[00:15] colorderainbow: i saw a girl in bus
[00:16] colorderainbow: is thand me bhi uski waist aur panty dikh rahi thi
[00:16] colorderainbow: lol
[00:16] suchitra u p: thats fashoion dear
[00:16] colorderainbow: hahhahah
[00:17] colorderainbow: but thand nahi lagti butt me
[00:17] colorderainbow: waist me
[00:17] colorderainbow: hahahhah
[00:17] suchitra u p: fashin ke liye to sab thik hai
[00:17] colorderainbow: hmm
[00:17] colorderainbow: tabhi aunty december me bhi backless blouse me
[00:17] colorderainbow: parties me dikh jati hain
[00:18] colorderainbow: internal heat
[00:18] suchitra u p: yea ofcourse yar
[00:18] colorderainbow: hahhaha
[00:18] suchitra u p: why not
[00:18] colorderainbow: hmm
[00:18] colorderainbow: so do u wear such saree
[00:19] suchitra u p: yea
[00:19] colorderainbow: yummy
[00:21] colorderainbow: busy ?
[00:24] colorderainbow: raat me bhi office work
[00:24] colorderainbow:
[00:24] suchitra u p: lol
[00:24] suchitra u p: no no
[00:25] colorderainbow: hmm
[00:25] colorderainbow: then busy with hubby
[00:25] colorderainbow: do u chat with hubby
[00:25] suchitra u p: no he is comin on friday
[00:25] colorderainbow: ???
[00:25] suchitra u p: i call him
[00:25] suchitra u p: not chat with him
[00:25] colorderainbow: okay
[00:26] suchitra u p:
[00:26] colorderainbow: kahan hain hubby
[00:26] colorderainbow: abroad or india
[00:26] suchitra u p: abroad
[00:26] colorderainbow: tab to wakai rich ho
[00:27] colorderainbow: wo kahate hain na
[00:27] suchitra u p: kya
[00:27] colorderainbow: bade logon se milne me fasla rakhana
[00:27] suchitra u p: kon bada
[00:27] colorderainbow: jahan darya samandar ko milta dariya nahi rahta
[00:28] suchitra u p: yahan koi bada chota nahin
[00:28] colorderainbow: kahan aap , kahan main
[00:29] colorderainbow: ye to aap ki daryadilli hay
[00:30] suchitra u p: no
[00:30] colorderainbow: so what are u wearing
[00:30] colorderainbow: darling
[00:30] suchitra u p: nighty
[00:30] colorderainbow: blackwali
[00:30] suchitra u p: blue
[00:30] colorderainbow: ya different
[00:31] colorderainbow: ohhh i just lov blue
[00:31] colorderainbow: its my fav color
[00:31] suchitra u p:
[00:31] colorderainbow: woemn in blue
[00:31] colorderainbow: yummy
[00:31] suchitra u p: not in red
[00:31] colorderainbow: red
[00:31] suchitra u p:
[00:31] suchitra u p: lady in red
[00:32] colorderainbow: it will give hard time to my pappu
[00:32] suchitra u p: kon
[00:32] colorderainbow: lady in red
[00:32] colorderainbow: pagal
[00:32] suchitra u p:
[00:32] colorderainbow: u look so cute smiling
[00:33] suchitra u p: thanks
[00:33] colorderainbow: keep it up
[00:33] colorderainbow: so ready for hubby
[00:33] suchitra u p: i will
[00:33] colorderainbow: to rock the night
[00:33] suchitra u p: yea
[00:33] colorderainbow: got it shaved ??
[00:34] suchitra u p: always
[00:34] colorderainbow: o hoo
[00:34] suchitra u p: kya
[00:34] colorderainbow: thats nice
[00:34] colorderainbow: koi particulat style u like for there
[00:34] suchitra u p: huh
[00:35] colorderainbow: huh
[00:35] colorderainbow: what
[00:35] colorderainbow: ye kaun sa style hay
[00:35] suchitra u p: what ru sayin
[00:35] colorderainbow: okay
[00:35] colorderainbow: aap utani bhi noughty nahi hain
[00:35] colorderainbow: simply shaved down there
[00:36] suchitra u p: to aur kya karte hain
[00:37] colorderainbow: there are styles
[00:37] suchitra u p: i dont know of styles
[00:37] colorderainbow: but uske liye saloon jana hoga
[00:37] colorderainbow: its hard to make urself
[00:39] colorderainbow: saloon gayi hain kabhi pubic hair ke liye
[00:39] colorderainbow: ya khud se karti hain
[00:39] suchitra u p: no
[00:39] colorderainbow: okay
[00:40] colorderainbow: acha ik baat batao
[00:40] colorderainbow: jeans ke niche kis tarah ka panty wear karte ho
[00:40] suchitra u p: thong
[00:40] colorderainbow: hmm
[00:40] colorderainbow: smart lady
[00:40] colorderainbow: tab to panty line nahi dikhati hogi
[00:41] colorderainbow: q ki thong is very much like string
[00:41] colorderainbow: just covering the cherry land
[00:41] suchitra u p: yeea
[00:42] colorderainbow: hmm
[00:42] colorderainbow: kuch bewquf lady normal panty wear kerti hain n unka panty line dikhata hay
[00:42] colorderainbow: its odd
[00:42] suchitra u p: every one has their choice
[00:43] colorderainbow: yeahhh
[00:43] colorderainbow: to thong bhigati nahi hay
[00:43] colorderainbow: susu ke baad
[00:43] colorderainbow: lol
[00:43] colorderainbow: )
[00:44] suchitra u p: you are quite stupid arent you
[00:44] colorderainbow: q
[00:44] colorderainbow: stupid or curious
[00:44] colorderainbow: ??
[00:45] colorderainbow: curious noughty boy

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06-04-2012, 11:45 AM
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RE: Sex Chat with Indian Bhabhi
22:48] colorderainbow: hi suchitra
[22:48] suchitra u p: hi
[22:49] colorderainbow: babe
[22:49] suchitra u p: han
[22:50] colorderainbow: so finaly hubby came
[22:50] colorderainbow: u know i was missing u
[22:50] suchitra u p: kyu
[22:51] colorderainbow: bas
[22:51] suchitra u p: acha
[22:51] colorderainbow: tu online nahi aa rahi thi
[22:51] suchitra u p: nahin
[22:51] suchitra u p: mer pati aa gae hain
[22:51] suchitra u p: so ab chat bahut bahut kum
[22:51] colorderainbow: hmmm
[22:51] colorderainbow: sahi hay
[22:52] colorderainbow: so enjoying his company ???
[22:52] colorderainbow: :P
[22:52] suchitra u p: ofcourse
[22:52] colorderainbow: goood
[22:52] suchitra u p: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 00:02:51
[00:02] colorderainbow: hellooooooo
[00:02] colorderainbow: hubby kahan gaye darling
Wednesday, December 30, 2009 22:20:54
[22:20] colorderainbow: hi darling
[22:21] suchitra u p: hi
[22:21] colorderainbow: how r u doing
[22:21] suchitra u p: ok
[22:21] suchitra u p: u
[22:23] colorderainbow: fine
[22:23] colorderainbow: liked talking to u in office
[22:24] colorderainbow: fine
[22:21] colorderainbow: liked talking to u in office
[22:21] colorderainbow: it was fun

[22:24] colorderainbow: being bitchy in office
[22:24] colorderainbow: hehehhe
[22:24] suchitra u p: lol
[22:25] suchitra u p: yea it was
[22:25] colorderainbow: hmmm
[22:25] colorderainbow: so whats ur dress now
[22:26] suchitra u p: nighty
[22:26] colorderainbow: niche kai dali hay
[22:27] suchitra u p: nothing
[22:27] colorderainbow: wow
[22:27] colorderainbow: yummy
[22:27] colorderainbow: let me check it
[22:27] suchitra u p: lol
[22:27] suchitra u p: kya
[22:28] colorderainbow: weather u have worn anything inside or not
[22:28] suchitra u p: i just told u
[22:29] colorderainbow: haan to main check kerta hun
[22:29] colorderainbow: here goes my fingers between ur thigh
[22:29] suchitra u p: kya check
[22:29] colorderainbow: to feel the lips
[22:29] colorderainbow: vertical lips
[22:29] colorderainbow: hahahah
[22:30] suchitra u p: ho gaya check
[22:30] colorderainbow: haaan
[22:30] colorderainbow: u r true
[22:30] colorderainbow: hey u clean shaved
[22:30] suchitra u p: always shaved
[22:30] colorderainbow: kab ki thi shaving
[22:30] colorderainbow: donw there
[22:30] suchitra u p: every 2 days
[22:30] colorderainbow: hmmm
[22:32] colorderainbow: n how about hubby
[22:32] colorderainbow: he also cleans
[22:32] colorderainbow: or hairy
[22:32] suchitra u p: yea
[22:33] colorderainbow: hmm
[22:34] colorderainbow: but i like hairy chut more
[22:34] colorderainbow: it looks gorgeous to me
[22:34] colorderainbow: hahahha
[22:34] suchitra u p: i dont and my hubbydont
[22:35] colorderainbow: hmm
[22:35] colorderainbow: thats why u both are cleaned
[22:35] colorderainbow: so u tried any thing new with hubby recently
[22:35] suchitra u p: no
[22:35] colorderainbow: thand me to mast chudai chal rahi hogi
[22:35] suchitra u p: yea
[22:36] colorderainbow: kitne baar ki kal
[22:36] colorderainbow: hahaah
[22:36] suchitra u p: 3
[22:36] colorderainbow: wow
[22:36] colorderainbow: 3 times
[22:36] colorderainbow: soti bhi hay ya nahi
[22:36] colorderainbow: what time u slept then
[22:37] suchitra u p: you said i was a slut
[22:37] colorderainbow: hahahha
[22:37] colorderainbow: i was kidding
[22:37] colorderainbow: its fun yaar
[22:37] colorderainbow: i like pussy which is always ready for lund
[22:38] colorderainbow: lund is their breakfast
[22:38] colorderainbow: lunch n dinner
[22:38] suchitra u p: yea and even better when lund is served on the table lol
[22:38] colorderainbow: on the table ??
[22:38] colorderainbow: u meant in office
Wednesday, December 30, 2009 22:42:32
[22:42] colorderainbow: on the table ??
[22:36] colorderainbow: u meant in office
[22:42] colorderainbow: welcome back
[22:43] suchitra u p: no i mean on the dining table
[22:43] colorderainbow: hahhahaha
[22:43] colorderainbow: have u done on dinning table
[22:43] suchitra u p: yea
[22:43] colorderainbow: its fun
[22:43] colorderainbow: n best position to fuck
[22:44] suchitra u p: indeed
[22:44] colorderainbow: hey i wanna hear u again
[22:44] colorderainbow: can u call me
[22:44] suchitra u p: no i cant
[22:44] colorderainbow: o hhh
[22:44] colorderainbow: hmm
[22:44] colorderainbow: where is hubby
[22:45] suchitra u p: be here soon
[22:45] colorderainbow: okay
[22:45] colorderainbow: hey
[22:45] colorderainbow: do u masturbate
[22:45] colorderainbow: even now
[22:45] suchitra u p: lol
[22:46] suchitra u p: what do u think
[22:46] colorderainbow: when hubby is present
[22:46] colorderainbow: like when u r in office
[22:46] colorderainbow: lol
[22:46] suchitra u p: what do u think
[22:46] colorderainbow: yeah
[22:46] colorderainbow: i think u do
[22:47] colorderainbow: may be even in front of hubby
[22:47] suchitra u p:
[22:47] colorderainbow: to tease him
[22:47] suchitra u p: LOL
[22:47] colorderainbow: kerti hay ya nahi
[22:47] colorderainbow: kuch bolegi
[22:47] suchitra u p: han
[22:47] suchitra u p: karti hun
[22:47] colorderainbow: in front of him
[22:47] colorderainbow: ever did
[22:48] colorderainbow: ???
[22:48] suchitra u p: i have yes, he loves to see
[22:48] colorderainbow: hahahha
[22:48] colorderainbow: u have got hubby like me
[22:49] suchitra u p: lol
[22:49] colorderainbow: even i love
[22:49] colorderainbow: when hubby does it
[22:49] colorderainbow: in front of wife
[22:49] suchitra u p:
[22:49] colorderainbow: hey tell me about blouse
[22:49] suchitra u p: what about it
[22:50] colorderainbow: pic search ker ke send ker
[22:50] colorderainbow: similar to one u were wearing
[22:50] colorderainbow: in day time today
[22:50] colorderainbow: send me teh link
[22:51] suchitra u p: acha kar dun gi but not right now
[22:51] colorderainbow: okay
[22:51] colorderainbow: thik hay
[22:51] colorderainbow: i like when bra strap is visible through
[22:51] suchitra u p:
[22:51] colorderainbow: sphagetti
[22:51] colorderainbow: its a turn on
[22:51] suchitra u p: yea i know
[22:51] suchitra u p:
[22:52] colorderainbow: but rarely girl wears such out fit in winter
[22:52] suchitra u p: han it i cold
[22:52] suchitra u p: much better for summer
[22:52] colorderainbow: hmm
[22:52] colorderainbow: but hot girls dont mind
[22:52] colorderainbow: wearing in winter even
[22:53] colorderainbow: :P
[22:53] suchitra u p:
[22:53] suchitra u p: hot girls and sluts
[22:53] colorderainbow: yeah
[22:53] colorderainbow: ss
[22:53] suchitra u p: yea
[22:53] colorderainbow: suchitra slut
[22:53] colorderainbow: ss
[22:53] colorderainbow: hahahah
[22:53] suchitra u p: )
[22:53] colorderainbow: hey
[22:53] suchitra u p: kya
[22:54] colorderainbow: tell me something about ur intimate moments
[22:54] colorderainbow: how u did yesterday
[22:54] colorderainbow: anal me kia
[22:54] suchitra u p: anal 2 din pehle kiya
[22:54] colorderainbow: okay
[22:54] colorderainbow: how was the experiance
[22:55] suchitra u p: he loves it
[22:55] suchitra u p: he loves it
[22:55] colorderainbow: hahaha
[22:56] colorderainbow: lund just needs hole
[22:56] colorderainbow: let it be ass or pussy
[22:56] suchitra u p: well not every one think that
[22:56] colorderainbow: but ass must be tighter
[22:56] colorderainbow: n how do u lik eit
[22:56] suchitra u p: pussy
[22:56] colorderainbow: was it pain full
[22:56] suchitra u p: a bit yea
[22:56] colorderainbow: hahahha
[22:57] colorderainbow: didnt use any lubricant

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