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Pushpa aur Uska Beta
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Pushpa aur Uska Beta
It began when my sister Pushpa and her son Ravi came to stay with my wife and me for a week. Although older than me at 39, Pushpa was still an attractive woman who looked 10 years younger thanks in part to her slim figure (despite having three children). She was married to a successful businessman although they didn't spend a lot of time together unless it was at the office (she also worked part-time at his firm). Although at the beginning of the marriage she was not happy with the hours her husband worked, once his company became profitable, she got to enjoy the dividends that it brought (money, car, designer clothes, etc…). She also organised herself a good social life (separate from her husband); though she never dallied (all my sisters were brought up to believe in Turkish values as to regarding marriage).
They had three children - two girls (19) & (17) and one boy (15). The eldest girl was tending college while her sister and brother were still at school. Although Pushpa loved them all, it was her son Ravi who was her favourite.
As I said, Pushpa came and visited me for a week. She and the kids had just returned from a holiday in Goa (visiting relatives) and she was sporting a healthy tan. Ravi had nothing better to do before going back to school (all his friends were away or busy) so he tagged along.
Unfortunately, my wife had to work up north all that week and although I was able to take most of the week off, there was one day I had to go into Bombay to attend an important business meeting. On that day, Pushpa gave me a lift to the station and promised to pick me up when I called.
Although the day started out okay, by mid-morning I was starting to feel a bit unwell. Before lunch I was forced to leave my meeting and catch an early train home. I tried phoning my house but all I got was my answer machine (presumably Pushpa and Ravi were out) so I took a taxi. Once home, I found the house empty and I collapsed on a settee in a small room just off the living room and fell into a light sleep, a warm rug wrapped round me
I awoke a while later feeling almost my old self and saw Pushpa slumped in a chair in the main room wearing a dressing gown (obviously she had just had a shower) sipping juice. She looked upset and later it came out that my brother-in-law had phoned saying that he had to work all the following weekend and they wouldn't be able to celebrate her birthday (though he did promise to make it up to her). I was looking directly at Pushpa but she hadn´t spotted me.
I was just about to call out to her when a voice shouted: "Amma are you home?"
I kept quiet as Pushpa answered him. "In here, beta." and in walked in Ravi.
Ravi was a good-looking kid who was fast growing into adulthood. Just slightly taller than his mother (she was just over 5 foot); he still had some growing up to do. Judging from the muscle tone of his arms (he was wearing a t-shirt), it looked like he had started working out. He obviously saw that Pushpa was upset and when he enquired what was the matter, she told him about the weekend.
Sympathetically, Ravi pulled Pushpa to her feet and gave her a hug. Smiling, he suggested that they go out since I was not due home for at least a few hours. She agreed. They seemed to pause in their embrace and then Pushpa pulled away, perhaps aware that she was only wearing a dressing gown (and a thin one at that)?
"I had better get changed," she said.
"Can't we have a quick drink first?" asked her son.
Pushpa paused for a moment and then said, "Okay, what would you like?"
"A whisky?" I heard him asked.
Pushpa looked at him; "You know that you are too young to drink whisky, young man" she scolded.
"Aw come on Amma, one won't hurt - please?"
After a pause, she said "Alright, but don't tell your father!"
Pushpa bent over the drinks cabinet and poured both of them a whisky. With her back to him, she didn't see Ravi look at her covered rump.
"My God, was he actually eyeing up his mother?" I wondered, "Surely not?"
Then I happened to glance at the front of his pants and saw what looked like a bulge. I was speechless; he actually had an erection. I couldn't believe it! I know that boys his age were constantly horny (I used to be like that myself) but to be aroused by your own mother?
Ravi was already sitting on the settee by the time Pushpa had finished and came over to join him.
"Cheers" she said and both of them took a swig from their glasses. They idly chatted for a few minutes and then Ravi saw that Pushpa's glass was empty.
"Come on Amma, I'll get you another one" he smiled.
"I shouldn't really. I have already had two." she replied.
"Oh come on" persuaded the boy.
She relented and Ravi went over to the drinks cabinet. I noticed that his glass wasn't empty but he quickly remedied that by gulping down its contents and then refilling both glasses with liberal amounts of whisky and a very small amount of soda.
Ravi returned to the settee and handed Pushpa her glass. She took a mouthful and said "My God! How much whisky did you put in this?".
"Sorry, Amma!" was all Ravi said before bolting the entire contents of his drink down his throat, causing him to splutter.
"Silly! You shouldn't drink it like that!" Pushpa said.
They continued talking and the conversation came round to my brother-in-law. At length, Ravi started going on about how badly his father treated her and that it wasn't right. Pushpa only half-heartedly tried to defend him.
Ravi leaned forward and embraced his mother, kissing her on the cheek.
"I do love you, Amma".
"I love you too dear" replied his mother, hugging him back.
Ravi then pulled back a bit and then kissed her hard on the mouth. Immediately, my cock soared into an instant erection.
"Ravi! How many times have I told you not to kiss me like that!" Pushpa scolded after she broke the kiss.
I couldn't help but stare. I knew that Ravi had always been affectionate towards her, more so than his two sisters. I just didn't know how affectionate. When Ravi clasped her to him and began babbling, she still thought she could handle the situation.
As far as I could make out he was groaning, "I'm sorry! I do love you, Amma" and he started palming her breast through her thin dressing gown!!.
I was stunned, but Pushpa seemed to take it in her stride. It didn't look like this was the first time she had to fight off her son's amorous advances. Regaining control, she pushed him gently away.
"Ravi, I am worried about this crazy love you have for me." she said firmly.
"I'm sorry, Amma - I couldn't help it" Ravi replied.
Looking at him as she put down her glass, she said, "No it's my fault. I know that all you boys think of is sex. But you should be interested in girls of your age, not your mother."
"But you are so beautiful!" Ravi protested.
"Ravi, STOP IT!" said his mother sternly, "You have to stop this. your uncle may come any time." She paused, looking at herself in her dressing gown; "Now, I think I'd better get changed before you get any more ideas."
Ravi didn't say a word except just sit there.
My sister took one sip of her drink and then leant forward to put her glass down, on to the coffee table. That was where she made her mistake, as she leant forward, the top of her dressing gown came apart slightly. The gap was too little and too far away for me to see but obviously Ravi could see right into it and I saw him stiffen. I still remembered her gasping as he shot his hand inside her robe, scooping out one breast which he literally covered with great, groaning kisses.
"No, no Ravi, don't start it now, please!" I could hear the gasp in her voice as she pushed him away.
To my astonishment I was now on Ravi's side, and willed him to carry on. I felt my erection getting stiffer (so much so that I had to unzip my flies) as watched and almost collapsed with frustration when Ravi slipped to his knees, blurting apologies amidst a stream of tears with Pushpa trying to comfort him. But it was only momentary, and I watched anxiously as he raised the bottom of Pushpa's dressing gown almost to her waist.
Groaning, Ravi bent to kiss her legs, but sensed that his fingers would have the most effect at this point, and his urgent probing at the very top of her legs made Pushpa gasp. She made one tremendous effort to still the hand that was caressing her flesh, but Ravi wasn't about to give in. I could hear her whispering "Ravi, stop it! I mean it!"
"But I want you so much, Amma!" groaned the boy and if to prove it, it leant back and quickly undid his belt and flies, freeing his erect penis.
Pushpa's eyes bulged as she took in the dimensions of her son's huge erection.
"Oh my God! It's enormous! " she exclaimed bring her hand to her mouth.
I must admit, I always I thought I was nicely blessed but next to this big brute (which looked more at home on a donkey than a young boy), mine looked like a tiddler.
However, what shocked me more was seeing my sister, groaning, reaching out and taking it her hands and finding it too thick for her fingers to encompass it. For a while Pushpa manipulated the strong shaft, as if she could make it expand even further. Then she swung her legs along the settee, lifting her arse so that Ravi could open her robe further.
Simultaneously, Ravi and I gasped at the sight of her cunt. I have never saw a cunt looking so wet and flushed, ruddy with lust as I did hers that day. I sensed, rather than saw, that a sheen of Pushpa's love juices had flooded on to her thighs which she had spread wide, still arching her bottom off the settee towards Ravi's tool. He had slipped down his trousers and poised his muscley thighs between his mother's totally abandoned legs. There was to be no finesse. Both mother and son were lost to the lure of incestual lust, and I raised my head slightly, panting almost in time with the mating of mother and son before my widening gaze.
Pushpa's nearer leg trailed on the floor, enabling me to watch her rubbing his prick along her slit prior to the ramming piston action of Ravi's tool as he began to sink between her dark pubes. He was too large for him to get all of his stiff shaft into her in one go. Grabbing hold of her for leverage, he slowly pushed his large prick further and further in. I looked at Pushpa and saw her grimacing and moaning "Oh God!" to herself as her son fed her his impossibly huge cock into her until finally he was in her up to the hilt, his balls slapping against her arse cheeks.
At this point, it all became too much and I came, keeping my mouth shut so that I didn't make a noise, I spurted a stream of cum across the floor (luckily I remembered to clean up or my wife would have killed me). Once I had recovered, I could hear the settee creaking violently as I saw that Ravi was furiously fucking his mother. Each thrust getting longer as every time he pulled out more of his cock out of her before burying it again up to the hilt. Each time it came into view it seemed more and more drenched with her wetness, and though I longed for his knob to come out and ram back into my sister's reddened cunt, he kept it encased in her heaving gash. Pushpa had been moaning deeply as her son powered himself in and out of her but then she suddenly cried out and seemed to freeze as her back arched while clinging to Ravi's neck.
Ravi's hips thrusts were getting more spasmodic.
"I'm going >huuumph< cum, Amma" shouted her son.
This must have brought Pushpa to her senses because she shouted "NO! Not in me, beta! Pull out! PULL OUT!"
Well, it must have got through to him since he pulled his cock out and immediately shot his thick white spunk into the air. I was astounded, I never saw so much cum as the boy shot wad after wad. Finally he collapsed next to his mother on the settee, panting.
Finally, after what seemed an age, Pushpa slowly stood up.
"I must get dressed", she said coldly and went upstairs. Exhausted, I drifted off to sleep.
Later I woke up to see her sitting beside her son again. She was wearing a thin saree and low-cut blouse. Ravi was in his lungi.
"Ravi, what happened could lead to trouble," she started, "I had my period only ten days back and I could be fertile now. That's why I told you to pull out. You do realise that you could have got me pregnant and God knows what would happen if your father ever found out"
"Pregnant?", Ravi looked up, looking up with a miscievous look in his face. "B-but you may notbe fully in your fertile period yet, Amma."
"Probably not, " Pushpa replied, "Anyway! You must promise that you will never try to do this again."
"I am so sorry, Amma. I don't know what comes over me when I make love to you. You must think I am really sick!" he whined.
"No! No, I don´t think you are sick, honey. A lot of boys make love to their mothers. But making your amma pregnant is a serious matter. It could lead to lot of trouble, beta."
"But Amma, I just love you. It is so good when we make love. I never thought sex would feel like that." Ravi replied.
Pushpa looked at her son with affection. "You are really crazy about making love to me, aren't you Ravi?"
"Yes, amma." Ravi nodded slowly.
"Oh my God," Pushpa said with tears in her eyes, "I am so lucky to have a son like you, Ravi."
Pushpa slowly stopped sobbing and then cleared her eyes and looked directly into his.
"But it is a problem, Ravi." Pushpa said finally, "Now I want you to promise me that you will try your best not to cum inside me."
"I will try, amma." the boy said.
Looking at the clock, Pushpa got up. "I'd better get going, your uncle is due to phone any time for me to pick him up from the station. You had better put some clothes on.", pointing to Ravi's naked chest.
Both mother and son left the room.
Even though, I had long spent my load and would be a while before I could get another erection, I wanted to see how far this scenario could play out. Would Ravi try again and would Pushpa succumb? I had to find out.
Since I had already zipped myself up, I slowly crawled off the settee and went through the kitchen to get into the back garden. Fishing out my cell phone, I called the house. Ravi answered.
"Hi, Ravi, it's your uncle. Is your mother around" I asked.
"Just a mo, Unc - MMAmmaMM! It´s Uncle!" he shouted.
"Hi, Pushpa. Bad news! I won't be able to come home tonight, the meeting is taking longer than I thought. But I should be back sometime tomorrow." I said.
"Um, okay, "she replied, "problems at work?"
"Oh no! Nothing I can't sort out. Look, I am feeling tired, I'll phone you tomorrow." We said our goodbyes and hung up.
I quickly crept back into the house (thank God I keep the door's hinges well oiled) and was soon back in my hiding place in time to see the both of them come back into the living room.
"What's happened?" asked Ravi.
"Oh, he's been held up and won't be back until tomorrow." Pushpa replied.
"Oh" was all Ravi said.
Pushpa looked at her son for a few seconds and then said "Look, what happened happened. There's nothing can be done about it."
"I suppose. " Ravi's reply was so quiet that I could hardly hear him.
"Look, " Pushpa said cheerfully, "come here and give your old mother a hug."
"You are not old, amma." Ravi said but nevertheless he walked into her arms.
"I do love you, you know that?" she said.
"Yeah," he said, "and I love you too."
Pushpa gently kissed Ravi on the cheek.
"There, that's not so ba…..mmpphhh!" Pushpa started to say as Ravi's mouth found hers, his body pushing hers again the wall.
His hands were all over her, rubbing her breasts. He then started to nibble her neck.

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RE: Pushpa aur Uska Beta
"Ravi! Don't start again! If not your unlce, sombody else may come!", she gasped, fighting against him.
Ravi made no reply as they struggled, my sister desperately trying to get out of her son's clutches. The struggling got more fierce. So much so, I started to worry that he try to rape her. I had originally found this all arousing because my sister had succumbed despite her protests. This was different. Pushpa was really struggling now and the way my nephew was acting, I didn't know what he would do.
I started to get up when Ravi pulled his hand off Pushpa's breast and stuck it up her saree. A moment later, Pushpa froze and just gave a deep-throated "Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh".
I just watched open-mouthed at the change that come over her. One minute was she had been struggling in protest, now she was grabbing Ravi's face and locking her lips with his in the deepest French kiss I ever witness.
Groaning and with their hands all over each other, their mouths still clued together, they slid to the floor. Removing his mouth from hers, I saw Ravi start a new struggle now, this time with Pushpa's panties. Pulling her panties down and off her legs, he then pulled his lungi down to his knees in his desperation to once again sheath himself back inside his mother. From the way he was acting, you wouldn't believe he had only fucked his mother half an hour ago.
Ravi got between Pushpa's legs and slowly slid into her, both of them groaning with the effort.

Once comfortably seated, Ravi bent his head down to his mother's as her mouth joined his in a passionate kiss. He then slowly moved his mouth down to her neck as one of his hands started pawing her breasts through her blouse, his arse slowly moving up and down between her legs. All during this, Pushpa just lay there moaning slightly but not resisting in any way.
Slowly, not to disturb them, I pulled my rug back, allowing me to unzip my trousers and take my fresh erection in hand.
Ravi's mouth had by this time rejoined Pushpa's and their kissing was getting really passionate as his arse moved faster.
Gasping, Ravi raised himself onto his arms as he started to throw his hips forward in rapid strokes, causing his mother to gasp and moan. In turn, she raised her legs and hooked them behind the small of his back and she sought to pull him even deeper into her cunt. Gone were any protests. Both of them were now intent on reaching their orgasms.
I started to wank myself harder as Ravi's thrusts got deeper and harder. All I could hear was them moaning and the slap, slap, slap of their bodies hitting each other.
The noise got louder and louder as they picked up speed. Now I started to hear a wet slurping noise of a large hard cock being repeatedly thrusted into a very wet cunt.
I was impressed by Ravi's stamina, they had been screwing for the last 20 minutes but I could see from his wild thrusts that he was almost there. Gasping he pulled his face from hers.
"I'm…>unnngh<..almost there, Amma….>unnngh<…I gotta pull out..<unnngh>"
"No! >uuugggghh<,,,,not now! I'm…>uuunnggh<…about…>unnnnghhh<… ooooooooooooohhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!" Pushpa shouted as I saw her bury her head into her son's shoulder, clutching him wildly as she started by the looks of it her biggest cum yet.
"Amma!…>gasp<…No, Amma!…>arrrh<…I gotta pull out…. ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!". It was too late, his mother was holding on to him too tightly for him to withdraw. Instead, I saw him bury himself as deeply as possible into her. Grabbing her hard, I could see his bum flex as he shot wad after wad of rich potent teenage cum into his mother's belly.
I heard his mother cry out "Oh, Ravi, my darling beta. Noooooooooooo…….oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh!" as she shook in orgasm.
My cock trembled as I remembered what she had said earlier and that now Ravi was ejaculating directly into his mother unprotected and fertile womb. Judging from the amount of spunk he had shot off earlier and knowing how fertile young men can be, I was certain that he could get her pregnant easily. In my mind's eye, I could imagine his sperm swimming deep inside her belly searching out an egg to attach to. The thought of her going round with a fat tummy full with her own son's baby was too much. With a suppressed moan, I came in my hand.
I watched as they trembled, locked together. Ravi repeatedly shooting more of his spunk into Pushpa's heaving stomach. Finally, after what seemed an age, Ravi relaxed on his mother and they both lay there recovering.
I had expected that they had finished, but to my surprise (and I fancy to my sister's), Ravi started moving inside his mother again.
"Oh no Ravi, not again!" moaned his mother but she didn't stop him as she lay there gasping while he slowly seesawed into her. After a few thrusts, he stopped and I saw him pull out. He just knelt there with his huge boner sticking up, glistening with their juices.
"Ravi, wha? Pushpa gasped.
"Amma, please undress. I want to see you naked" the boy groaned.
Pushpa just lay on the floor for a moment. Then, still panting, she got up and started stripping. Within minutes, she was standing in front of her son, totally naked. Both our eyes bulged as we took in her body (though he had the better view). From the side view, I could see her legs (perhaps a little too skinny) going up to a small peachy arse, up to a smooth back. Her left boob drooped a little against her ribcage. For any age, she looked good but for a woman of 39, she looked great. I felt a tinge in my cock but it was too tired to raise again.
Ravi had no such qualms as he stood up and completely stripped. For seconds (though it seemed longer), the two of them just stood there eyeing each other up. Then Ravi said: "Amma, get on your hands and knees so I can fuck you from behind."
"Oh Ravi!" was all Pushpa said as she quickly complied.
Rubbing his, I imagine aching, hard-on (looking at the size of it), Ravi got down on his knees and shuffled up behind his mother. From my angle, I could not see the actual penetration, but from the looks on their faces and the moans that came out of the mouths, he was slowly but surely feeding himself back into her. By the time his stomach flattened against her arse, I could see a smile of satisfaction on Ravi's face while Pushpa looked like she was in agony with her teary eyes wide and her mouth hanging open as she continually moaned. I then realised that from this position, Ravi must had been in her deeper than ever.
This time, he started fucking her in earnest. Grabbing hold of Pushpa's shapely thighs, Ravi started move his hips back and forth. Slowly at first but soon he was speeding up. From my vantage point, I could see his stomach smashing into his mother's backside, making the cheeks of her arse quiver.
The slapping sound got harder and harder as he pounded into her. At first Pushpa was moving her backside to meet his thrusts but I saw that she soon gave that up as he started fucking her even more forcefully. In the end, all she could ( ) do was grip the carpet hard, her mouth open as she emitted loud "ugggh"s.
As she started to approach orgasm, she started getting quite verbal.
"Oh yes >uggh< my baby."
followed by
"Oh >unnngh< it feels so good. I love it up me. You are so big! Fuck me, honey. Fuck it up to your balls. I love your big hard cock!"
followed by loud cries as she very obviously came to orgasm.
By this time, they had been fucking for at least another twenty minutes (where does he get the energy from? I couldn't do that even at his age). Ravi had by now moved his hands up to his mother's naked breasts, gripping them firmly as he brutally shoved his large erection so far up her, I was surprised that it didn't come out of her mouth.
On and on they fucked. As before, the room was filled with sounds of bodies (this time naked) slapping together HARD, slurping sounds as a large stiff cock repeatedly reamed a soft wet cunt and the groans of two people in ecstasy.
I lost track of time but finally I sensed that that end was near. Both of their faces, especially Ravi's were showing signs of strain as his thrusts became more and more rapid.
">ummmph< I am going to cum, Amma. >uggggh< Do you want >uunnnghhh< me to pull out?" he groaned.
">gasp< Oh no, Ravi. Fill me, honey, fill me with that thick white spunk! Make me pregnant, put a baby inside me! I want your baby, my beta" Pushpa moaned.
I couldn't believe what my sister had just said. Nor could Ravi as he slammed into her one last time and gripped hard as he so obviously (by his face) started shooting off inside her.
"HERE IT COMES, Amma! Here comes your baby!! ARRRGHHH!"
It must have been a strong ejaculation since I saw Pushpa's eyes bulged and her mouth emitted a long "Ooooooooooooohhhhhh!" as he came inside her. I see his arse as he spurted more of his hot potent seed into his mother's receptive belly, adding to the sperm he had already deposited earlier. Pushpa then closed her eyes and bit her lip, crying out as she came again, making her son cry out as I imagine her cunt collapsed around his spasming cock.
For long seconds, I watch the two of them just kneeling there, their bodies locked together as they came. But finally they pulled apart, the boy's cock sliding out of his mother's cunt with a wet slap. Even limp, his cock was formidable.
They lay on the floor, arms around each other.
"I love you, Amma" said Ravi,hugging his mother tightly.
"I love you too, my son! " whispered Pushpa, kissing him lightly on the lips. "I should be feeling guilty about making love with my own son, but I am not, Ravi. No one has ever made love to me like that before. I didn't know sex could be that good. I am just in heaven when you make love to me, beta."
"Really?" smiled her son.
"Really!" confirmed Pushpa.
"Better than with Dad?" pushed her son.
"Yes, much better than with your father. Even when he was young. We never make love now. He spends all his energy on the business."
"Then Dad's a fool. You are the sexiest lady in the world and if you were my wife, I would be fucking you every morning, noon and night! And if you are not on the pill, you would forever be pregnant." Ravi continued, slowly bending forward to kiss her and then moving his mouth onto her neck..
"Ravi, " Pushpa giggled, "do you want me to be your wife?"
Then I saw her look down between his legs and gasped.
"I see that you do ..ummph." She was cut off as Ravi kissed her again, this time more ardently.
Within seconds, mother and son were kissing more passionately, now that they had decided to be husband and wife; I could see their tongues rolling within their open mouths.
Not again, I thought. How could the boy keep going? I was knackered and I was just watching.
Pushpa then moved away from Ravi.
"Amma?" quizzed the boy.
"Beta, I got to go and find a clinic. Despite what I said a few minutes ago, I can't risk getting pregnant." Pushpa said getting up and making for her clothes.
But I could see that my nephew was interested in other things (the boy was insatiable) as he got up and with a fresh hard-on sticking up in front of him and started towards his naked mother, herding her towards the stairs. Somehow, I don't think my lusty nephew was going let his mother out of the house, let alone near a clinic for a long time yet.
"Oh Amma! Just one more time, please? I'll be quick!"
"Oh Ravi, you can't want it again. Not so soon!" exclaimed Pushpa, her eyes were glued on the boy's erection as she was slowly pushed up the stairs.
"I can't help it!" replied the boy, "you are so beautiful!" as I saw him lecherously look at his mother.
Despite his mother's protests (which looked pretty half-hearted), Ravi guided her up the stairs and into the spare bedroom where Pushpa slept, closing the door behind them.
Oh to be young again. I was worn out. So much so that I fell asleep.
When I woke up again, I looked at my watch and found it was around 4 in the morning. I quickly nipped out in the garden for a pee (I couldn't use the toilet). Once back in, I went into the main living room and sat on the settee.
The house was stone quiet. I could hear nothing or could I? I slowly got up and crept to the bottom of the stairs and listened. Yes, I could definitely hear something. As quietly as I could, I stepped up the stairs. There, I could hear something coming from the spare bedroom.
As quiet as a mouse, I crept up and listened at the bedroom door, and to an orgy of groans and the bed protesting at the humping that the boy was giving his mother. I stood for ages until frozen, but they still carried on kissing, whispering, screwing and sucking. When I left them to it, desperate to get my own end away for the third time that day (haven't done that for a long time), they were in the middle of another good strenuous fuck. At times I heard Pushpa giggle loudly, and once give an 'ouch' and reprimanded Ravi for biting her nipples too hard.
After my third cum, I decided it was better to get a room in the hotel down the road for the rest of the night.
The next morning, I arrived at my house around noon. Pushpa was there waiting for me (I had called her in advance). She did look tired, her hair was dishevelled as if she had just got up. I told her that my meeting had finished early but I had to go back to the office for the rest of the day and had only come back to wash and change.
"We are not seeing much of you this visit." said Pushpa.
"I'm sorry," I said, "you know what work is like. Besides you got Ravi for company."
I saw Pushpa blush and behind me I got the distinct impression that Ravi was smiling.
After I has washed and changed, I left them at the front door, got into my car and headed off to the country for the day (well it was my day off).
I wondered how long before they would get started again? Not too long, judging by the look on Ravi's face.
But I did not wonder when I heard two months later that Pushpa was pregnant with her first child by her son/husband Ravi.
I just thank God I don't have a son though I wonder if my wife would have appreciated it if we had. With sons like that, why would wives need husbands?

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