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My Sister Is Only Mine
05-27-2011, 10:13 PM
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My Sister Is Only Mine
Hi my name is Waseem I’m 22 I’m a sister fucker, my sister name is Salma who’s 27 an has a big ass an milky tits coz she’s pregnant with my baby, I know brothers should protect there sisters an there pussy till they get married but I opened my sister choot myself in fact I have ripped my sisters pussy because I fuck her a lot, I don’t have a wife cant afford to bring one home so sisters pussy is free an its at home when ever you need it.

It al started 9 months when my mum an dad went Pakistan, I used to wank watching porn an one day I was in my room wanking when my sister walked in, she was shocked to see what I was doing an as I was so close to Cumming I couldn’t stop an I unloaded with my sister standing in front of me I felt like shit she started to shout we are Muslim you should not be doing this, I started to cry my sister said what’s wrong? I

told her its not my fault I cant get a girl friend or have money to get married so I can get pussy, my sister felt bad an said its ok I’m sorry. You carry on wanking I wont tell mom an dad.

An she hugged me, I used to wank reading Indian sex stories, an I used to wank reading sister fucker stories, the next morning my sister was shower an came out an was drying her self I watched her like a perv an wanked her big ass was so nice

I wanted to eat it an her tits big fat pink nipples mummy I need breast feeding. As my sister looked up see saw me she shouted what you’re doing I said you said it was ok for me to wank, she said not your own sister! It wrong I told her about my Indian stories a that I could not control an if I stop I will die! Do you want that! She said no I love you bro, but sex with your own brothers it not right, wile she was talking I had enough of listening to her,

I couldn’t control my self I got my sister from the hand a pushed her on her bed, she screamed no! I jumped on my sister an gripped her soft tits an started to suck her fat pink nipples one tit to the other It was a dream cum true, as I was sucking my sister tried to push me away but couldn’t she started to cry I didn’t waste time I sucked my sisters boobs like a big baby after 20mins

I forced opened her mouth an push my cock in her mouth made my sister suck cock yeah suck it you Randi! Suck your brother’s cock! She sucked it good, I noticed she stopped crying a now enjoying sucking my cock I knew it was al a drama bitch! Loved it but I played along an I was forcing her, my sister took my cock deep in her mouth for about 20min when I came in her mouth she took half in an half of my come splashed on her boobs,

I went down an licked my cum of my sisters milky tits an spitted it in my sisters mouth an then I forced opened my sisters pussy an there it was heaven on earth my sisters holy pussy I push my face in her pussy an started to eat it, it was good bit like salty cream but I loved it I griped her big tits as I was licking her pussy, then she couldn’t hide it anymore she started to shout bro I’m sorry I really wanted your cock o my bro eat your sisters pussy, its you’re my bro fuck me like a Randi! My sweet bro! Yes bro!

Your sister fucker! People protect there sister! You pimp your sister! I love you! After 1 hour I came out of my sister an looked in her eyes as I did what I needed to I put my cock on my sisters pussy lips an pushed it in. I couldn’t believe it I was fucking my own sister! It felt good as I was pumping my sister she should fuck me bro! Harder I want your cum in me I want your baby my bro! Give you’re Randi sister a baby! I want a baby in my pussy! I kept pumping my sister telling her to keep saying sister fucker! A then I started to cum I flooded my sisters pussy like Pakistan got flooded,

I could feel my cream filling her pussy up. I had given my sister my baby from my cock in her pussy, than I told her to bend over like a cow so she did an she was scared as I was going to fuck her up the ass I told her to moo like a cow as I put sum of her pussy milk on my cock an pushed my cock up her ass she screamed but my 6inch cock went in her ass ah she screamed! Bro I’m going to piss my self,

I fucked my sisters ass so hard that she pissed her self I could feel an hear her golden piss, an as I could started to see shit Cumming out of her ass around my cock I realize I fucked the shit out of my own sister, then I start to cum I filled her ass up with her shit am my cum, my sister couldn’t even walk, she was heading back in the shower to clean up as there was one more thing I wanted to an as she walked in the shower

I held her down an said open you mouth sister I always wanted to piss in you mouth saying that I starting to piss in my sisters mouth an I over filled my sisters mouth but bless her she tried to drink al of my piss. After that time went on me an my sister move out as my sister got pregnant an we told mum an dad we have to go collage really far an we got a flat we got a year to have the baby an give it up an go home, my sister is 9 mouths pregnant now an has lots of milk in her tits

I haven’t had sex with her after that day, but now in her 9th mouth I want it again, what do you people think I should do? Should I force her? We live alone now my 9 month pregnant sister makes me horny knowing what I have done to her and she’s having my baby. Let me know how to like my story it real no lie I swear on mum’s life. I think every brother should fuck his sisters pussy my god give every one a sister like mine who would have his brothers babies x

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