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My Mom's Ass fucked by a Bully on Crowded Bus
03-23-2013, 11:16 AM
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My Mom's Ass fucked by a Bully on Crowded Bus
My mom Jeena is a LP teacher.She is a Hindu Nair shy housewife and very conservative. She is 5’4. He only got fat at her right places. Mom is the most hot teacher of our school.Her most precious asset is her volouptous butts .Those melons dances while she walks and bulks when she is sitting.Most of the boys cant resist looking at her dancing buttocks while she is walking.I have seen many of my friends oogling at her buns.Even my friends use to comment on her butts..Her dancing buttocks is a great fuel for masturburation.
I was ** at that time.It was the farewell day for 12th students inour school.
.There was a PTA meeting assocaited with it.It is a festival for 12th students.There were dances,songs,skits perfomed by students.The entire school was decorated for the event. Only 12th students was allowed to dress in colour since it is their last day in school.

In Fairwell days boys’ll bring bear /rum to celebrate the event(done w/o knowledge of school authorities).I heard even girls used to take a sip.In this festive mood no one cares about it which encourages them. I canse sense alcoholic smell around them.After the long speeches of HM and secretaries students conducted many programmes.There were songs,dance and every body was ina festive mood

It took so long, the programme ended at 7.45.B4 that most of the girls leave and the rest stay with their boyfriends.Usually there was a schooltrucker to carry teachers.We usually returns home by this trucker.But this time unfortunately there was no trucker so we goto bus stop. We waited for bus and got a bus.There were lot of students waiting for bus.Every body rushed to bus.Bus became so crowded. We can’t get any a seat so we get sanwitched in the rush.All seats were packed.This time I got to see my cousin,who was studying 10th inour school.He called me and I sat on his lap to get a relife from the crowd.We were near window seat.

My mother was standing beside the standing bar of the bus.There were a lot of students in bus boys and girls.Its in this day the seperating +2 teen lovers got into act.Boys stand behind their girlfriends and secretly molest their teen butts and boobs,kisses them behind ears neck with their support.I only heard it from seniors and this time I witnessed the boys humping their teen gf’s asses.I was enjoying the scenes.No one can notice their act because they done it very slowly.

And when I looked for mom..i was shocked:: A +2 was standing behind her and the shocking part is that his hand was resting on none other than my moms awesome butt!

When I looked at him I realised him.He was Ajay and is my bully!!!
He is studying +2 and was bullying me ever since the starting of the year.He was lusting for my mom. He is strong built with a height more than 6’00”. He would humiliate me by saying bad about my mother infront of me. But I was helpless. One day he demanded me to give him a photo of my mom. But I refused..For that he beat me to pulp..Fed up of his torture I handed him a photo of mom..He made me stroke his cock while he was fucking her photo with his eyes.He made me point his cock towards photo of my mom and he shoot all his warm cum over moms photo in her breasts ,face and every were.But he still beats me and demanded a photo showing my moms backside, so that he can enjoy watching her huge buns.From that incident I was trying my maximim to get away from him.

His hand was feeling my moms delicious buns over her saree.he was just resting his hands over moms ‘applebottoms’ .My mom didn’t care much bcoz she might think that it was a commom accident on a crowded bus.So mom doesn’t show any resistance.This may have encouraged him.When the bus accelerated and started off he give a little pressure on my moms asscheek and it trembled. Mom look behind and Ajay was standing as nothing happened.She looked away.He then again continue to feel mommys ass.He slowly began to move his hand around moms kundi.Ajay was now slowly circling my moms right ass cheek. Mom was getting very upset but doesn’t react. If she reacts then everybody in bus will be know about it and that’ll degrace her reputation. So she stood silent for his ateenage act.

.His eyes were red and was definetely drinkened.He is looking at moms bottom with his mouth opened.He was enjoying the sight of his hands fondling my moms Hindu fat chubby butts.His eyes are filled with lust.

He bagan to fondle my moms buns,slowly slowly he was increasing the intensity.By the time mom was really irritated,she is very conservative.Mom never had the guts to react so she tries to move away from him but the bus is so thickely packed so there is no inch to move.She cant even look back due to the crowd in bus.He was really taking advantage of the situation.
He was now molesting her ass more intensively.Moms face was getting reddend.But poor mom was helpless.
I was watching this whole thing .but I was very embarresed to will be too emberrasing for mom too.My only relief is that mom doesn’t know I am watchimg her .

He now realised that mom is not reactive and doesn’t have the guts to react so he continue kneading her buns without any worry. He was now fondling mommys ass like mom is his wife.He bacame very free with her butttocks.After enjoying moms buttocks by his hands he further proceeds placing his hips close to her ass.he sticked his hips to mom ass and started to hump her slowly..Mom was highly irrated by this act.for the first time I am seeing what is humping.My heart beat is going upper as my bully is humping my mothers ass…but if I react he will beat me to pulp.He increased his pace and was rubbing against her apple bottoms.

My dick already got erected..and suddenly I feel a push in my thighs.Something was pushing and raising below my thigh.I soon realised it was my cousins dick.He was also enjoying the scene of mom abused by someother.I looked at him and he smiled at me.He place his han on my cock and he smilied at me when he known my cock is erect.He whispered that
“Hey,don’t feel guilty about is usuall thing in buses, I have seen many womens butts getting molested in crowded buses, now its your mom’s ass.dont worry he’ll leave her soon.Now lets enjoy the seen.”

I was very emberrased.I looked down and cousin said ”Hey don’t worry..Its a usuall is not about your mom look how Ajay is humping and fondling those plums. Look how her butts is swaying while he humps.Its not your moms mistake.I have also witnessed my mothers ass humped by others and I really enjoyed it.”

Saying this he began to press his manhood against my thighs watching my mom struggling to get away from Ajay’s humping.Ajay became very free with my mom.
The passanger besides us got away and I sat in his place freeing cousins lap.Cousin placed his bag over his lap and me tto.Then he placed my hand in his private area.No body can see this bcoz bag is placed over his lap.He took out his erect cock from his zip and told me to shake it.I started to shake it and he started to shake mine while we are busy watching Ajays acts on my poor moms ass

It bacame so power was gone.So there were no street lights..Our bus is an old KSRTC bus so there is no light in it either.This blured our vision a little.But Ajays face sprited up with excitement.Ajay now became very close to her privacy now lifted her saree with his legs.He took the tip of her Saree and further lifted it till her thighs .This time mom reacted,she said to him in low voice..” you are crossing limits.Stop it.Else I’ll complint police”
But there was no confidence or guts in her voice…He never minded her reaction
..He lifted her saree from thighs giving us a clear display of her milky legs.He got his hands and tries to lower it but there is no use..He is well built and strong .My poor mom don’t even get a chance to resist.He raised her saree till her upper thighs and inserted his hands inside her saree.

“Ohh no..take out your hands…don’t touch there..uhh please....get away from me…I’ll shout..”Mom began to plead at him

Mom was struglling to get away from his ‘clutches’. We cant see his hands but can see bulging and movement of his hands inside her saree.He moved his hand uppward.I can see his hands through her saree playing with her buns.He then slowly withdrawed his hand downwards and I was shocked to see her panties with his hand!.He was lowering her panties till it reaches her upper thigh.Mom was looking here and there very tensed.I can hear mom murmuring something..but was very very feeble and tense.He then curiosly raised moms saree to take a glance on my moms fleshy pair of buttcheeks .His eyes protuded out when he saw her fleshy white buncheeks.My heart beat was accelerating by the sight of a stranger shuffling my moms butts.Mom was yelling at him”leave me,leave me alone.”She was now trying her max to free from his clutches over her ass but feeble resistance never stood a chane against his powerful hands.He began to play with her ass. He was expirimenting on those precious treasures which is got trapped in his hands.
“leave me please..dont do this to me”mom pleaded.

“ Jeena..I was lusting for your ass ever since I was admitted in your school….Now its my time..cooperate with me.It’ll only take 5 more mins.”he replied.
Saying this he began to part my poor mom’s asscheeks. I heard feeble moan of mom “ahh..”
“No stop it. Please what are you going to do with it”

“your ass is making me mad bitch”he said

She realised that there will be no escape from his clutches.
He then began to pinch her ass..
Uhhh…uhh…no…Its….making me hurt…..Pls ..Im married..Its only for my husband..ouuhhhhhh”;she was pleading him to leave.
For every pinch she closed her eyes and was pleading to stop.
I hoped she may react at this point..but it was too late for her to react..

He now even began to use bad words on mom.I feel very strange about his behaviour..
I heard Ajay using foulwords in school before..But now he is using it against my mother.
He parted his ass more and Ajays eyes got sprite up seeing moms pink asshole.
It was my first chance to see her asshole.I didn’t know her asshole was this much cute.

My cousin was also astonished seeing moms butthole.
.”wow look how he is parting your moms asscheeks..I don’t its appropriate to tell at this moment anyhow your mommys asshole is awesome man its making my cock hard and hard stroke it slowly man I am near to cumming seeing this hot stuff“cousin commented.
“do you see your moms ass being parted like this?”I asked with husky voice w/o looking away from her parted ass”(still continous to stroke cousins cock) I found myself becoming incredibly aroused as well

“Once I have seen a college boy squeezing and humping her(his moms) ass over her saree in a bus, but he doesn’t go further than that”he replied.

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03-23-2013, 11:16 AM
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RE: My Mom's Ass fucked by a Bully on Crowded Bus
He took out his mobile and got a quick snap of her tiny cute little asshole.

Meanwhile Ajay was saying something to my mom jeena
“Jeena look at your tiny asshole how small and cute it is “he complimented

“stop it stop …I don’t want you to get away from me..i’m not a callgirl…I’m a housewife and have a son..pls..“mom was at the verge of crying.

“OK there is one last thing to do”He told her while sqeezing her ass and opened his zip.And he took out his massive cock..It was looking very heavy and was about 3 inches in thick.His thing was already wet his precum..We were shocked to see his thick shaft.It was the thickest cock I’ve seen in real life(not as big as african pornstars).

He then immerse his cock b/w her asscheeks rubbing his shaft against my mothers warm buttcrack
And let out a short maon ”uoffffhhhhhhhhhhh…ohhh jeena what an ass …so hott….i wonder how your son controll his feeling when you are around..ouhhhh”
I can measure out his pleasure from his moan ”uofffhhhhhhhf…”..
Mom’s face got red when she felt the presence of his huge member b/w her buttcheeks.
”Whats it …what..are you doing..”mom began to look back
Mom suddenly looked down behind and saw his gigantic rod in between her bubbly asscheeks..
Ajay looked back to ensure nobody is reacting and saw me looking at the placement of his cock on moms ass.He saw me stroking cousins cock .He give me vicked smile and said
“I am going to screw your mommys ass..I am going to ravage her virgin ass with my monster infront of you her son…watch your mommy’s ass getting fucked by your bully”

For my luck mom didn’t hear it she was still in the persistance of ajays genital.
“Oh… my…Its..its so huge…take it …out…..I’ll shout..I’ll definitely… ouh...”Mom was the sight of his giant member cock in her crack..
I can see fear in her eyes..
“What are you doing to sqeezed,kneaded my butt and ..Pls I am a mother..Leave me..”She began to begg.
But he was busy searching for her asshole with his dick .He stopped his cock at somepoint in moms crack.And that must be her asshole.
I and cousin were watching what he is upto. I only started to watch porn these days and I only knows about vaginal insertion…So I thought what the hell is he doing around asshole.. I was very confused at the scene.
Mom was most frigtened..She don’t even has a chance to move away in this crowded bus.
Ajay spread her asscheeks giving us a clear vision of his cockhead kissing moms butthole. Suprisingly he began to push his kochhead towards her asshole.
“ohh..dont pls its so huge I am a virgin there….Please leave me….ufgg…..ahhhhhhhhh…no…..” Mom pleaded
But he was not in a mood to accept my moms request.
“Bitches are not allowed to talk.stay quite and let me fuck your ass”He said back.

I don’t know what is going on and asked cousin”what is he going to dowith my moms asshole it is not supposed for cocks.Isnt it”
Cousin replied.”No..Eventhough ass fucking is unnatural but it can be done.It is called anal sex..Now he is forcing your mom for anal sex..but it is very painful ….and I don’t think his gigantic cock can even get its half into your mom’s tiny ass hole.

I was shocked to hear about anal sex ..My mom ass is being penetrated by his cock and her son is all wondering about it .But he was wery struggling to push his cock inside her. his cock bent with effort but was still denied entry.Mom closed her eyes with pain..and was moanig feebly.
”ahhh….stop it your thing is so huge..I cant take it..ohh .noo…uff..what you want from mee.”;
Mom tightly closed her eyes when he suceeded entering his cockhead into her ass.
He pushed it further but was no use. every push he appiled on her ass mom moved a little bit forward thus weakening his attempt.Moms attempt to avoid his cock was looking very funny though..Our bus is moving very fast at that time.His attempt to invade my moms vain.Her hole was too small for his jurrasic cock. But he still doesn’t give up his Moms face was looking tensed and worried and she was begging him to stop.He kept his cock still embedded in Mom's little hole

Suddenly the most unexpected and trajical event occurred..the driver applies a sudden break and everybody fall forward by the effect of break.He leaned over mom and he was in! his cock was in Mom's ass!...Mom groaned
“AAAAAAaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHH ………..aUuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

I was amazed by how far that giant cock of his could be rammed so far deep inside my mother's small ass. I could see her clinch her jaw from the pain and squeeze her eyes shut, causing all the lines on her face to show making her look older than she was.

He was also experiencing some pain.He let out a moan”oouuuuuuuuffffffffff”
From which I can measure how much pleasure he was feeling being inside moms ass.

It seemed as if her eyes would pop out of their sockets. Ajay didn't move for a while, allowing mom to regain her breath.

It seemed as if moms eyes would pop out of their sockets. He didn't move for a while, allowing mom to regain her breath.Tears was rolling down from her eyes as an effect of this horrible penetration
”ahhhhhhhh..ouffff…oufffff…oufff….”.She began to cry out of pain and humilaition.

They kept still for some moment about 1 minute and he looked at me..I was very humilated when he gave me a wicked smile pinting her housefull ass. His whole cock was inside her ass and he began moved slowly his cock to and fro inside her.

For his each thrust mom let out a”ouffff… ouffff… ouffff… ouffff…”moan

He got rhythm and mommy’s moaning also got a rhythm.
She was unable to make a response because she was in an extreme pain.her face is weting with her tears.
Mom was a model for me..In problems my dad got dissapointed but mom will stand still..she can controll her emotions veru well..she even don’t cried when granma died.That mom is now crying with pain with a huge cock inside her ass.

He done it very slowly enjoying the experience of his ripe cock rubbing against each portion inside my poor moms freshly paved ways inside her ass. When the bus shook in each gutter and humps of the rod his cock was pleasurising inside moms ass.

He has an easy access to her ripe breasts now and started squeezing them over blouse and fucking her at the same time. this was my favorite position and Moms ass and boobs were being fucked and fondled by my muscular bully.Our bus stop was nearing.The conducter came to them checking for tickets..Mom was unable to speak due to the moving sensation inside her ass. Bus Conducter noticed his hands kneading on one of her globular tits but pretented like he doesn’t. He may be frightened by Ajays size.In that range of pain mom somehow managed to pick up her ticket and show it to conducter.In that time he was busy shuffling her melons.
Me and cousin cummed seeing this hot scene.. And my mom also cummed at the instance.we can see her pussy raining her juices. He was nearing to climax. He suddenly grabbed moms melons tightly and thrusted his cock deeply inside mommys ass.He stopped at that moment mom was struglling to take breath.He was seeding inside her butt..”Ahhhhuuuuu””Ahhhhuuuu” both of them moaned simultaneously.But one with pleasure and other with pain.tear is rolling down from her eyes.

They stood still for 1 min like that allowing all of his seed to go fully inside her ass.He then parted her as to get a vision of his cock inside her ass.He then withdrawed his cock from her.His cock easly droped from moms since it lossed its stiffness .His cock droped out from moms ass with a “slurp” sound from her butt. Some of his thick white fluid came out with his cock. He looked at me with a satisfied smile and said”Take a closer loo at your moms ravaged ass.He then parted her cheeks to give us adetailed view of my mom’s asshole.
OMG!!!!!!… my poor moms asshole became so wide as a small girls mouth.
His gigantic cock molded my moms asshole like a open pipe.
“Look how big I made your bitch moms asshole…what you say about my cum flowing out your whore moms gaping asshole…Look how I made your bitchy moms tiny cute little pink asshole to a much larger hole?”He asked me

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RE: My Mom's Ass fucked by a Bully on Crowded Bus
I sat silent.His white fluid was flowing out of my mom asshole and formed a streamline flow as it descends down the flow is becaming thin and itching on the floor.There was droplets of blood mixed with cum in her ass.
Mom was became very feeble and was leaning on the standing bar besides her and breathing heavily..He then took out his mobilephone and taked few snapes of moms gaping asshole..And then he took a video for proof capturing moms sore ass and her face and his face and also he turned mobile towards me and including me on that video.

His face was indeed looking very satisfied and happy..He take back his cock and zipped pants and then he took her panti from her leg..”please give me my panty..pls give me my panty…you took all from me…give my panty…. show mercy”Mom pleaded for her panty.
“ufffugggg”mom moaned when hegave her a hard slap on her ass resulting his red handprints imprinted on my moms milky asscheeks. I became very emotional when my mom begged him for her panty…Tears filled my eyes when I saw my poor mom pleading for her panty to the same guy who ravaged her little butthole..
He show some mercy towards her by perfecting her saree and adjusted her blouse..He got out of the bus in the very next stop as he accomplished his mission. When he was going out he saw me with tear filled eyes and told me “Don’t cry ..Its all destiny..Your mothers ass was made for me for this day..I enjoyed every inch of your whore moms ass…I really enjoyed your mom…”.
My only relief was that mom didn’t know about me witnessing her ‘anal’ysation.

The next stop was ours I feel it emberrasing to face her..So I and cousin firstly got out of the bus. Mom somehow got out taking some time..My Mom was unable to walk normaly because of Ajays massive attack on her ass.She pretended like nothing happened and do we.Her ass is donking up and down while walking Since her panty was taken by ajay the droplets of his cum still left inside my mothers ass made her backportion of saree wet.
Moms buttocks was shaking up and down in an unusual way..Normally when she wakes her ass would make rhythamic movements.But now her rhythm was interpreted as an impact of ajays brutal mom was unable to walk and cousin formally asked what happened and she lied that when the driver applied break her leg hit in standing bar and got hurt.We called a auto and escorted mom to house. Cousin’s house was the other way so he lefted. Mom cant even sat she sat sideways with her thighs kepting her raped ass w/o contacting with seat.When we reached home she rushed to bathroom. Then she came out and due to todays pain and tiredness of mommys first anal sex she slept.He slept keeping her ass upper without touching the bed.
She took a leave of a week…to nurse her sore ass and to give it some time to get back to its normal size.She cant even sat on chair so she sat over a pillow…I don’t ask her why..

When the next day I log on to FB and in Ajays Page he post a Pic of my moms gaping asshole with his hot cum oozing from it and his swollen cock near it..The title of the picture was “SLUT JEENA’S ASS FINALLY INVADED ” and he got so many likes and response from even my friends like “u r vry lucky bastard to get her ass..”….”her ass ws t awesome hot thing of our school” ect like that..
There was an another in which the the total picture is divided to two parts
In one half there is the pic of my momis pink and cute tiny ass hole and the other half shows moms tored butthole after the invansion by his giant dick. There were a lot of comments and likes for that to.

After the incident my moms booty got fatter and about two weeks she do not wear any panties.She walked there and here in school w/o panties. Those days are really feast for schoolboys .

Later I felt dissapointed about the incident..But Its all destiny..My moms asshole may be made for him..

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