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Massage Parlor Boy
06-09-2011, 07:48 PM
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Massage Parlor Boy
Hi, this is Sameer again from Bangalore, I am 27 years old and had worked as a male prostitute for several years in Mumbai and Bangalore, recently some 2 years back I got trained in massage and joined SPA in Bangalore, I have posted many stories about me, as I am a male prostitute, I often visits many places in India, as per the customer request, I have to go their home and satisfy them, this stories is not about male prostitute but about a massage parlor,

I joined SPA as a part time job when I don’t have any customer I use to go there and do massage for male and females. This stories is about a female whose name is Sunita, aged 28 and good looking and sexy figure, it was Sunday and I was in the parlor, a lady Sunita came for massage, there was no female available that time as everyone was busy, so my manager told her that females are busy, only 1 male is free, she said ok, and showed me, she said ok and we both went into the room and I introduce myself to her and asked about her

Then I asked her, she likes oil massage or lotions massage, she said oil, I said ok, then I asked her to remove her back and lay down on the table, she said, she won’t remove it, I told her if she wont remove her blouse I can’t massage on it, for that she said, what will I wear after removing the blouse, I gave a cotton cloth and told her to use it. She said me to go out for a while, she will change it, then I moved out and after 2 min she called me, I went inside and told her to lay down facing her back towards me, she did it, and I started to massage her slowly I put some oil, and started to massage it, she was enjoying it, and

I was too enjoying too as her body was so smooth, after massaging back I asked her to turn towards me, she did that, and slowly I started to massage, she was closing her eyes, and I can feel that her body temperature was increasing I ask not to get tensed, just relax, then she suddenly asked me, how many females u had massaged I said some 29 females and she asked whether u can come home and massage if she pays, I said yes, but it charges around 2000 she said no problem and took my number and left after the massage.

2 days later she called me and asked me whether I can come tomorrow afternoon, I said ok, she told after coming call to this number I will tell u, where to come, I asked the place she said Rajajinagar, I told ok, and next day I went to Rajajinagar and called her, she told me the address and I went according to her instruction and I found she was standing outside near the gate, and the house was super, It was like a bungalow, she welcomed me and took me inside, she gave the money first it’s was 2500, I told its just 2000, she said she need a special massage I know what she means, I asked her purposely what special massage, she said anything which can make her very happy,

I said ok, but for that u should remove all your cloths and should be nude, she said ok, and then she locked the door and took me to her room and showed the bed and asked, is this ok for u, I said ok, and then she slowly removed the cloths one by one and I was standing and watching it, my cock was jumping inside to fuck her, but I controlled it, and after removing the cloths she laid on the bed and I started to put oil on her back and started to massage and slowly she was shivering I asked her, why r u shivering she said, no one had ever touched me other than her husband and asked her?

Where is your husband she said, he is in Delhi, and will come after 1 month and we are talking and I asked her to turn and put some oil and started to massage, as I kept my hand on her boob she said, oh god, aaaahhhh, I started to massage her boobs one by one and she was in deep fantasy, she was moaning slowly and slowly I came down and told her can I touch your pussy, she said ok, as I touched her pussy, she moaned loudly oooohhm, and slowly

I inserted one of the finger and looked at her she was closing her eyes, then I inserted on e more finger, She moaned loudly and asked me, can u remove your cloth and massage as my clothes were disturbing her, I said ok, I removed and continued to finger her, suddenly she hold my cock in hand and said, I will pay u please fuck me once, I said ok, as I too was interested in that, I fucked her 3 times that day and left her house, till today she will call me once, or twice in a month for massage and fuck

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