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Marathi Bhabhi Sex Story
06-16-2012, 07:32 PM
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Marathi Bhabhi Sex Story
I have from a long time being fascinated by Marathi bahbhis, they have a distinct way of dressing bright colors their ornaments and most importantly their figure. U know when they bend or put theri saree aside u can see their boobs with poky nippels from the dark color blouse its different and all together they are always laughing and cheerful mood.
I had a crush on one of my neigbour marathi women her name was Sonal.
Sonal was 32 married and her husband was on the ship she also had a 4 year old kid and her figure was awsome she was tall had green eyes her stats were 33 c boobs i know tht coz i had seen her bra and smelled it and seen the tag and she had a sexy waist. she was fair and smooth. the reason i was in a good term with her was coz i was damn ffreindly with her 4 ys old son i used top atke him out for stroll and play with him.
Let me come to the incident now it was month of july 09 it was raining heavily one day as i didnot go to work i was getting bored so i decided to go to her house when i rang the door bell her maid opend the door she said sonal wahini had gone to the market she has done all the work but she needs to go to school to get her children so i called up sonal and told her she requested me to wait till she comes and i was glad. I enquired about the kis she the maid he was fast asleep. so i put on the tv suudenly there was this lingerie add looking at the ad i got horny so i decided why dont i search her wadrobe and smell her bar and panty or wear them.
So in excitement i started searching her wardrobe suddenly o came along a small drawer i found her bra and panties mann what color were those balck prple red white blue she had various panties too the most sexy one was the thong later on my discovery i was shocked to find out wht i saw i saw a big 9 inch balck vibrator looking at it i went high as horny. i put on her bar and pantues laid on the bed and started the vibrator it was great. I kept the vibrator below my balls and moved it in circles i stared licking it and then slowly i stuffed it in my ass i saw myself in mirror i was wearing her sexy purple padded bra and the thongs i also wore her green blouse.
After i mastuburated and kept all the things back just after 10 mins Sonal enterd the house she was totally wet her saree was dripping and u could see her cleavage and her nippels poking from her blouse i got an hard on immediately. i helped her to unload the goods she brought from market while doing so i accidentaly toucher boobs and pressed her nippels i knew she was feeling. I asked he to go and change or else she may catch cold she went inside but later on after 10 mins she came she was furious i was caught coz ny accidentaly i cumed in her bra and panties and forgot to wipe the sperms properly.
She scolded at me and was going to tell my parents i plaeade with her begged her she was in no mood i grabbed her by her arms and threw her on the sofa. I told her i had a big crush on her and knew she sexually frustrated too hearing this she started crying she told me its been 10 months since her husband is gone and she didnot had sex till now. i went to close to her took her face in my hand and kissed her on her lips and then i whispered her i marathi "tu gabru nako me aahi naa" and then slowly stated kissing her she co-operated with me then we stated kissing each other and slowly we were french kissin each other . my hands were on her boobs and her hands on my cock she could feel my heat om my dick.I asked her whats her fanatsy she said she wanted someone to eat her pussy still she cam i agrred i wore her bra and panties and i went down on her pussy. Firstly i sarted licking her tighs then inner tighs up and down slowly and steadily then i went to her pussy gosh she was damn hairy i smeeled her pubic area it was a strong musky smell. and then i lowered my tounge in her clit she was damn wet i started exploring her cunt with my tounge circled her pussy lips and then went directly for her clitoris then ther was no stopping she was fucking my mouth and i was enjoying she was going up and down and faster and faster and then after 15 mins she came with a big oooooooooohhhh and orgas she was half dead and as shivering.
Now it was my turn she started to lick my penis from the soft fabric of the thongs i was wearing she licked and played with my penis my tool stated to grow and it was in its full glory of 9 inch monster was ready for her love hole. i went to her bedroom got the vibrator first i played on her pussy deeeper i could see the pussy juices flowing and then she played it under my balls now i wnted to fuck her i spreaded her legs and kept it on my shoulder and then i went in straight into her love hole she was so wet and hot and i worked the vibrator on her ass i was double fucking her i fucked herr deep and fast deep and fast every stroke was a difreerent one and then after 25 mins of banging i came all over her body i was drained put but she wasnt she wanted her ass to be fucked too she again gave me a blow job licked my cock clean and i was ready it was my first anal sex. but she was an expert she got some lbricant from the fridge apply on her ass hole some on my cock and told me to enter her i entered her with big stroke i was in heaven she maoned and maoned and i fucked her in doggie style eagle style and then i blasted my second load in her ass.
Now she was satisfied and now onwards im her second husband we even had sec on the terrace in her car and also on the beach. After reading such an real life story if any unsatisfied/married/widowed/singel women in her late 30s 40s would love to contact me at shalu_hot46 and bet u wont be disspaointed to hear more from me.

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