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Maa aur Bete ki Prem Kahani Upar se Sex
04-27-2012, 11:44 AM
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Maa aur Bete ki Prem Kahani Upar se Sex
Mom and I began to have close relationship after dad was gone. A week ago mom had gone for some treatment regarding her back. She was told not to bend down for at least a week. That resulted lots of stress and discomfort. On the way back from the hospital, I told mom that I would take care of her. After we were back home, mom went to the shower where she started to call me. I rushed out from my shower with my towel on. She wasn’t able to bend or squat as the pain was great.
That was late evening with her in the bathroom. She stood there in front of me with her skirt dropped and I was there naked with my towel on. “You know… I think I should stand peeing,” she said with an embarrassed look.
“Come on mom… you can’t be doing this all the time, I’m here to help,” I offered as I got close to her. I reached up and took hold of the narrow elastic band at her waist that held up her pink panties. Her skin felt so soft when I touched it, her shadow of the dark patch at her crotch was taking away my focus. I slid her panties down very gently which made her shiver as my finger touched her skin. Mom had her hand on my shoulder to steady her while she stepped out of her panties.
Mom was there with her shirt on. At the hospital the nurses were the one who cleaned mom after she peed. She was reluctant that I should do the same. “You can still sit right?” I asked. She knew what I meant. “Well, I’m not sure if I could squat that low,” she said worriedly. I took her hand while we walked to the commode. “Its… it’s too low,” she almost cried.
Her eyes widen when she saw me sat on the commode with my legs closed. “Sit on me mom and I will adjust the rest,” I whispered. The towel on me slid apart revealing my soft penis a little. Mom was reluctant and blushed when she saw my naked penis. “Mom I know you need to pea and you can’t hold it long…” I said.
Mom gave in as she sat on me. I gently cupped her soft buttocks which made her gasped and slid her towards me. “Just come closer hug me ok,” I instructed. Just before she came closer, I managed to take off my towel. Mom wrapped her hands around my head and she pressed my head against her full rounded breasts.

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04-27-2012, 11:45 AM
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RE: Maa aur Bete ki Prem Kahani Upar se Sex
From an awkward moment, it became a fantasy world when we felt our bodies hugged. Mom was breathing hard and pressing herself against me. Her V crotch met mine and we felt the heat emitting. I was semi hard by then and my penis was aligned against her dry slit which made us shiver. “I’m sorry for that mom…” I apologized. She knew what I meant but she didn’t answer. “I… I can’t… pea,” mom complained as she was breathing hard. I was able to control my sudden desire of natural instinct. Every time mom moved or adjusted herself, her slit sort of massages me. She must have felt me harder and longer. “I… I can’t let my pee touch your… skin… it’s dirty,” she whispered in my ears as her breath was warm. Her voice sounded seductive but mom has really a sweet voice.

“Mom, just do it or else we’re going to end stay here longer,” I whispered back. In a way I was glad mom never got off me. I was a virgin and all this was my first time. Mom kept adjusting herself while I held her back of the spine firm just to keep her back straight and support. Slowly mom settled herself still and I was rock hard underneath her. My foreskin withdrew back due to her movement earlier and she felt my wet rosebud on her lower end of her vagina. I was worried of my oozing precum that could have a chance of getting her pregnant. Mom was only 45. Mom wasn’t seducing me and I wasn’t trying anything on her. I had little fantasy about mom but I never want to do it with her. My moral towards her was high but the feeling of our private parts rubbing unintentionally was creating a desire. Finally her warm golden stream washed out my guilty feelings. “Oooooo… god,” mom moaned. She held close while I did the same while I felt more of her water rushing out without shame. I felt her vaginal lips swell and her parted slit where my dick was between it, feeling more of her warm wetness. I felt safe and nice although I shouldn’t. A faint smell of her urine surface but it got worse mom hit the flush.

“I need to clean you…” mom whispered but she kept holding me. “It’s ok mom, you don’t need to” whispered between her breasts. I wasn’t sure if mom was getting wet below just like mine. When I tried to adjust myself, my dick could easily glide along her slit which makes her gasp. I felt more of my precum flowing out making her slit slippery. Mom must have felt that as she released her grip on me while she backed a little. We could smell our sex. The tip of my ( ) dick was lubricating and gliding along her slit. “I need to clean your penis,” mom finally broke the ice. I knew expected the word “penis” from her. She backed a little more while my penis pasted more of my love-sauce along her upper slit. I gasped when her trembling hand held the base of my rod. I lifted her shirt so that I would get my messy dick stained on it. Mom unbuttoned her shirt while I saw her white semi cupped bra. I could see the shadow of the dark circles of her areola and nipples through it when she tossed her shirt away.
She blushed instead of getting mad when she caught me staring. Her hand curled around the shaft and she sort of squeezed while slowly she brought her grips upwards close to my exposed rosebud. She took the hose just beside the commode and she sprayed water in very low pressure knowing that I was sensitive. None of us spoke a word. Her fingers caged my exposed tip as she lightly ran her fingers over it as if she was cleaning my naked tip. Mom saw more of my clear precum formed, she scooped it with her fingers at first thinking it was water and her face flushed in red. She knew I was aroused.

“It shouldn’t right…” she looked blank. “I’m sorry mom… no one touched me there… and I might sort of pea…” I almost came saying it. When she saw my reaction she quickly brought my dick underneath her and came closer. “Are you going to ejaculate?” mom broke another ice. “Ummmph…. I’m ok … sorry,” I groaned.
“Will it be ok if I ejaculate?” I asked without thinking of the consequences.”No… not here when I’m around…” she said in a motherly tone.

“I think I need a shower,” mom whispered after a while. Without warning I held her buttocks as I brought her closer. “What are you doing?” she gasped. “I’m going to carry you…” I said as I got up. Mom wrapped her hand around me while I felt more of her flesh against mine. Her hard nipples through her bra poked my chest and I felt the upper bare of her breasts. I stood up while her legs were wrapped around my waist. My dick found her indent spot along her slit. Mom felt it too but she knew I was her son and she didn’t need to caution about penetration. For that moment I felt that I wanted to penetrate despite she is my mom. I knew it was taboo and I wanted badly. Mom slowly left the grip of her wrapped legs as she got down. Thankfully she did that or else I would have destroyed our relationship.

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04-27-2012, 11:45 AM
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RE: Maa aur Bete ki Prem Kahani Upar se Sex
With a warm smile finally she called me for a shower with her. And so she finally removed her last piece of material from her body. She stood before my eyes totally naked and she wasn’t shy anymore. Her nipples were hard and thick. She had a puffy areola which makes her nakedness unique from the ones I’ve seen in magazines. Her body looked young for her age, full breasts lightly sagged. Wide hips showed more with marks of her panties band. Her triangular pubic hair made me feel shy for a moment despite of what happened earlier. Trust me, seeing your own mother naked isn’t the same as seeing your girlfriends. She turned away to the shower and I showered with her. Well we didn’t soap each other but independently.
Later, I bought her dinner and we watched movie at home. Even to get her on the couch, I was guiding her and occasionally her breasts would brush against me. Thankfully due to the earlier incident all these were nothing. Just before bedtime, I saw her face red. “I should try pea myself right…” she asked looking confused.
“Mom take off your panties…” I told her confidently. She was wearing a nightgown and she walked towards the bathroom ignoring what I said. She stood there as I entered. I was topless with my shorts on. Without asking her, I dropped my shorts and underwear exposing my semi hard dick. Mom raised her nightgown exposing her pubic hair. She wasn’t wearing panties. I held her nightgown and took it off exposing her naked where she tried to cover her rounded breasts. “Mom…” I whispered. “I wasn’t expecting you to take off my gown…” she said in disappointment. There was tension between us at that moment. I felt guilty knowing lust was influencing me. “I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have…” I apologized while picking up her gown. I went to her but she didn’t want me to put the gown on her
I sat on the commode and she got into her position. I held her back while I pressed my body towards her nakedness. She shivered but she didn’t hold me. My dick was along her slit which was slightly moist. “I’m sorry mom… are you still mad….?” I asked. She kept quiet and she let go of her stream while she moaned lightly. Just as she hit the flush I carried her and she held me for balance. My fingers accidently slip into the crack of her buttocks which made her gasped. She held my body tight and my penis found her love passage. Just as she wanted to loosen her leg grip, I whispered to her “I’m sorry and I’m deeply in love with you, mom…”
Mom paused for a moment despite her buttocks was sinking a little while my dick was applying pressure to her opening. Her legs were still hooked on while I moved towards the wall so that her back will feel fine. She was in tears but it was tears of joy. Mom took that love as a mom and son kind of type. Just as my tip felt her hot labia caressing mom let go of her grip. She hugged me despite we were naked and we kissed each other on the cheek. “I’m suppose to wash your penis…” mom said.
Ignoring that I held back and we went to her room. Mom felt more of my clear liquid wetting her surface. She was trying to say something but before that I laid her on the bed. I fell on top of her and my penis was on her wet labial channel and her breasts pressed firmly against my chest.
“Honey, I’m your mother for crying out loud!” she snapped. “Sorry mom… I can’t control myself,” I started to shiver. There wasn’t any forceful attempt here. Mom was cool surprisingly but her breath was hot. She causally positioned the tip of my penis into her lightly furred slit and gently rubbing it.
“No intercourse ok…” she warned. “Just release your sperm away from my vagina ok…” she panted. I certainly couldn't hold out any longer and my penis was on fire. Mom rubbed my penis along her parted slit hastening my climax. I began spouting all my white loads of love over her vaginal opening. Mom let out a muffled scream when she felt my hot liquid on her. I made a mess at her bed. “Don’t leave Just hug me…” mom panted. “I’m sorry mom…” I apologized panting. “Shhhh…. I want to keep my mind blank,” mom said.
“Could you put a pillow underneath my lower back honey?” mom whispered after 5 minutes of silence. My penis was dried sticky and my hardness returned. I got the pillow and managed to slip underneath her back. I saw her big full tits were slightly sagging to the side but the rosy nipples stood up firm and hard in their dark brown areolas. Her slightly rounded belly curved down to the V framed by her full, curvy thighs, where her puffy, slightly gaping vaginal lips peeped through the pubic hair. She sort of blushed when she saw me staring.
“You shouldn’t be seeing me like this and you should go back to your room…” she whispered. “Could I just be on you for a moment…” I asked.
“I love you honey but not like this…” she whispered and her legs widen for an invitation. I was puzzled of what she said and what she was doing. “No intercourse ok…” mom warned as I got between her legs. She saw my hardness and she knew I would eventually try to make it between her legs.
It was easier for me to find her hole this time with her lower back lifted. I wondered in that moment if I could do it with her. Mom guided my penis up and down along her slit and made us watery. I reached between us and took my penis in my hand. “No honey…” she resisted.
“Just the tip inside mom… please” I begged. She was pushing my hand away. “I’m your mother…” she reminded. “Please….” I begged again.
“Ok, just for a second,” she said.
She held her legs wide and up giving me approval. I knelt by her rested my penis at her opening. "I will go slowly and you tell me to stop…” I groaned. Mom nodded with a very worried look like I was about to rape her.
I felt her soft lips caressing the tip of my penis. Mom was holding my shaft in case of sudden deep penetration. “This is wrong and you know that…” she panted. I felt a slippery dampness unlike anything I had ever experienced. “Ok stop!” mom shouted. I felt her hot wet walls and I push the slowest possible move. She adjusted her position and I made my deep penetration before she knew it.
“No!!!” she gasped but I was fully inside her. "Ohhhhhhhhh Godddd!" mom cried and pulled my body against her. Mom brought her legs up and wrapped them around my hips, holding me tight within their grip. I ground my pelvis against hers, pushing my pelvic bone against her so that it massaged her clitoris.
I felt my precum lubricating her inner tunnels. “You’re not coming inside right?” she asked trying to catch her breath. I began to slip slowly out and in of her vagina which she made no attempt to stop me. Gradually I increased the pace, but tried to keep the stroke long and deep. Mom started to moan which made me more excited. I wondered if she knew that I was fucking her because she didn’t resists. She was like a different person now.
Our faces were inches apart, her mouth was open and I could smell her natural breath. Softly I brushed her watery lips with mine. It was awkward at first, her mouth opened wide and her lips worked around my mouth, nibbling and sliding over its surface. It was an disoriented kiss. I felt her vagina tunnel heated up. Our lips were having war onto each other as her breath came into my mouth in little gusts.
"AAAAHHHHHHHHH," mom wailed as her orgasm ripped through her. “Please…. Stop…” she begged.
I reduced my tempo as our lips were brushing softly. I couldn’t kiss her as she was panting hard. “Oh god… Oh god… Oh god…” she kept chanting and panting.
Mom looked at me for a moment while she cooled down. She put her arms around my neck and pressed her big soft tits against my chest. Then she began covering my mouth with big wet kisses. Soon our tongues were playing warmly with each other.
Just as her kissing got intense, I started my movement inside her. The walls of her vagina fisted me as my penis swelled and throbbed inside her. Her locked legs released me as she brought her knees up. I felt the walls of her vagina clinging and clutching against my penis as pushed backed and forth. Mom kept kissing me more as I felt my second wave of hot liquid was about to erupt.
"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! I'm coming! I'm coming! !" I roared uncontrollably. I came shooting my love inside her forbidden passage. Mom locked me against her by wrapping her legs behind me. It was so tight as if no sperm could escape out of her tunnel. And finally I stopped spurting and mom gave a great sigh and released the her grip.
“Oh god what have we done….” She cried.

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