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Kunwari Priyanka - Virgin Girls Sex Story
03-03-2012, 10:52 AM
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Kunwari Priyanka - Virgin Girls Sex Story
The story starts during the marriage function of my Vijay Mama/Rani Mami’s son Adhir. I attended the marriage function along with my wife. I was asked to be present three days in advance. I was happy to see Nitu Mami/Ajay Mama who had come from Canada along with their children Priyanka and Mayank to attend the function.
I would like to remind readers that I had sex with Nitu mami and Rani Mami few years back when Priyanka was still young old and Mayank was born. It was the day preceding the marriage. All the men folks were to sleep in a hall and women folks in another room. It was 11.00pm and I could not sleep properly. I desperately needed a smoke so I went to the rooftop for the same. I had spread bundles of hay on the terrace andcovered it with bed sheet for workers/servants to sleep. But it was unoccupied till then.
I lay my blanket and lay on it. I was smoking merrily when I discovered Priyanka coming to the terrace. I hid myself behind ( ) arc light in such a way that I could see her but she could not see me. She too was smoking. I was aghast to see her in this position. Suddenly she felt my presence and came towards me. Seeing me she threw her cigarette butt which fell on haystack. I immediately stubbed the cigarette butt. I said, “Et tu Brutus.”
She apologized for it, sat near me and began talking. She asked, “You are tired.” I nodded my head. She added, “Please do not tell my parents about my smoking. I will do anything for you.” I laughed at her and said, “I will not tell them anyway but why are you awake so late? Now go to sleep.” She said, “You mindif I sit in your lap for a while.” I allowed her. She positioned her head on my thighs facing me andlay down on the haystack.
Priyanka was getting naughty, “It is so romantic. Lying on haystack, under moonlight, getting cozy smoking. Are you sure you do not want anything from me.” She was acting coyly. Iignored her and continued smoking, I had to because she was 18 yrs old and I was 36 yrs old. “I am adult, you know that Mannu Bhaiya.” She persisted. Her head was on my thighs very close to my crotch. Her subtle movements were having desired effect on my cock. Suddenly she shifted in such a way that her nose was inches away from my dick.
She snatched my cigarette from my mouth and while doing so her elbow brushed my cock. My cock was getting hard. She took three puffs from my cigarette and gave it back again purposelybrushing her hand on my now erect cock. Priyanka giggled pointing at my erection, “Am I having this effect on you? Wow.”I wanted to ignore her but still nodded my head. Priyanka became chatterbox, “I know everything that happened between you and my mom and Rani Chachi in 1995.”
I asked, “How could you?” came the answer, “I saw most of the sex act and I heard mom discussing the same threadbare with Rani Chachi yesterday. They were talking about you only. They still like you. I felt jealous for you. I decided I would have my cherry broken by Mannu Bhaiya who had sex with my mom. You know I cannot have it with my dad. This way I can fulfill my desire.” Saying this she caught my cock with her hand above the pajama material and kissed me squarely on my lips.
My body was melting with desire; life had completed a full circle. 18 years after having sex with mother, I am getting opportunity to fuck the daughter. I responded to her kiss. She inserted her tongue in my mouth forcing it to open. Hertongue began licking my tongue thus tasting my saliva. I also responded to her advances. I hugged her tightly. I shifted her gown strap making her shoulder bare. She gripped my arm, clinging to me; our lips were still touching, and we sat like that for a minute or two, listening to the
Shehnai music playing in the backgroundwhile I continued to stroke her bare shoulder. We broke after two minutes to take a breath. Then, at first almost imperceptibly, our mouths started to slowly move against each other again – I do not knowwhether this time she initiated the kiss or I did, or perhaps it just happened, but neither of us broke the contact, and we carried on kissing each other softly.
I hugged her, and then I felt her mouth open slightly, and we were suddenly kissing each other with slowly mounting intensity. I was still stroking her body, running my hand over her shoulders and up and down her spine, then from side to side until my fingers brushed against the side of her softly swelling breast, and I let them trace its outline. I gathered all the courage I couldmuster and slowly let my right hand slide down to push the strap of her nightdress off her shoulder, completely baring her left breast.
Somehow, the other strap of her nightdress slipped down so that I could fondle both her breasts, and her bare arm brushed against my penis, whichhad hardened itself inside my pajamas and was jutting up eagerly. Then we were kissing again, and Priyanka was making little noises in her throat. Suddenly she was stroking my penis, and Idragged the hem of her nightdress up until I could touch her bare thighs. I slid my hand up higher and higher, until my fingers reached the lips of her vulva.
Priyanka was panting, trying to catch her breath as we kissed endlessly. She was twisted towards me, her naked breasts grinding against my chest as we caressed each other. The fingers of my right hand were inside herdripping vagina, probing deeply, while my left arm held her half-naked body to me while she fondled my penis and testicles. “I guess your meat is upright and raring to go,” Priyanka said sliding her hands inside the waistband of my pajama.
I was equal to the task as I took it off in a flash to release my hard longdick. “Oh!” She exclaimed. “It is too long and too big.” She reached further down, gently cupped my balls in her right hand and lowered her lips to my shaft and kissed. “OhhhhhhhhPriyannnnnkaaaa!” Icalled her name in ecstasy. She looked up at me and placed afinger on my lips telling me to keep silent. The feeling of Priyanka’s moist lips and tongueon my cock sent shock waves in my nervous system.
She continued her oral adventures as my big meat was completely devoured by her hungry mouth. “Stop it now!” I began pleading with her. “I may cum any moment.” Priyanka gently slapped me on my cheeks and assured, “You are going to enjoy this.” She was right! What followed was a series of erotic sensations as I began feeling the stiffness inmy balls. As Priyanka enjoyed licking and sucking every bit of my ever lengthening dick, I was groaning while my grip on her tits was getting firmer and harder.
My dick was getting the treat of my life for sometime before I lost control and my hot cum started releasing spurt after spurt in Priyanka’s mouth. Priyanka kept gulping most of the thick loads as I watched in utter dismay. She wiped her face with her nightdress and kissed me. She was breathing very hard. Priyanka dropped to her knees to hurriedly spread the blanket on the hay, and then she stood up and dragged her nightdress over her head and tossed it aside.
Her dark panties flew to nowhere as she stood revealing aperfectly maintained hairy pussy.I marveled at the sight of her naked body, watching her swaying breasts and seeing the luxuriant mat of her pubic hair for the first time in the moonlight (as well as decorative series bulbs.) She briefly smiled at the way I was staring at her, seeing her breasts heaving slightly. My eyes widened as I watched the naked girl standing like a sex demon who had played in my lap 18 years ago.
She wasted no time inreturning to the hay and spread her legs wide apart for me. She pointed at her pussy and winkedat me. I got her message. I went on my knees, held her waist and reached her clit. The feminine aroma emanating from her clitoris stimulated my cock to regain its vigor and length. Myhands began moving as my fingers started opening her lips gently before I started licking her slogged womanhood. I kept motioning my tongue brush slowly up and down her pussy while she swirled. She began jerking her body up to meet my strokes.
It was indeed very romantic; I was sucking my cousin’s pussy under moonlight on haystack. I continued for two minutes. “Yes,” she screamed. “You are doing alright! I am on the verge of coming.” As my lips and tongue enjoyed her clit she soon convulsed with her first orgasm as her hands held my head firmlywhile her pussy was grinding against my face.
My face was full of her love fluids as I finally lifted my mouth from her pussy. It was an amazing sight to see her sitting with legs spread wide apart, gasping for breath while her breasts swelled up and down in the process. We kissed once again. It did not take much time for me to get hardened again. At last we could stand it no longer. We were both struggling to get my pajamas off. It was myPriyanka’s turn to gaze at my body, and she reached out her hand and lightly held my penis for a moment.
Then she bent her head and kissed it briefly before she lay back on the blanket and parted her legs. Do it to me, darling – I can’t wait any longer!” I slid on top of her and she helped me guide my throbbing penis to her vulva. Shegroaned as I eased it into her, and she clung to me. I was almost frantic with ecstasy, feeling the hot wetness of her vagina engulfing my cock and squeezing it as she contracted her muscles.
Oh, yes, my darling – it’s wonderful having you inside me like this! Fuck me harder, dearest– I won’t break!” I started to thrust into her with increasing force. My cock reached her hymen. She called, “Stop stop I cannot take it anymore take it out.” But I ignored her. I took out my cock waited to catch my breath and again pushed it in with full force reaching her hymen. She screamed, “Oh God, help me.” I had burst her hymen and she was writhing in pain.
Myhands were all over her lush body, gripping her breasts as ourmouths ground together. We were seeing each other eye to eye and I could sense feeling of love and affection more than lust. Her eyes were filled with tears. It did not take long – I hadbeen on the brink for a long time, and suddenly Priyanka waswrithing beneath me, squirming on the haystack kicking them here and there. Her body was soaked with perspiration, then she began to jerk spasmodically, and I exploded in her with what seemed like the force of a 500lb bomb.
She clung to me, her hips jerking up to match my movements as my semen flooded into her in a series of endless spurts. I pasted my mouth on her lips to refrain her from screaming again. Her mouth worked on mine hungrily and her fingers dug intomy flesh as she twisted under my weight. We clutched each other fiercely, our bodies slapping together, until finally the flow of my semen dwindled, and Priyanka’s body went limp in my arms. She closed her eyes, but I kept kissing her, constantlyfondling her breast, feeling it heave as she painted in an attempt to force air into her lungs.
Then her eyes opened. My cock again began rising in her pussy. She felt the movementin her. I began moving my hips in her already wet cunt. My cock was massaging her pussy’s innerwalls. “Oh my God! Your dick’s still hard, darling! Wasn’t that enough for you? No! You will kill me, dearest bhaiya! Oh, yes, I am18 yrs old girl not a mature woman.” she breathed, as I rammed my penis into her. “But who cares keep ramming in.
Yes!Do it to me again, darling! No! I want to be on top this time!” We rolled over together, keepingmy cock in her, until she was straddling me and I was able to reach up to fondle her hanging breasts, and then she started to raise and lower herself on my penis. Neither of us noticed that the sounds of Shehnai had abated, and Priyanka continued to fuck me while my hands roamed over her naked legs and body. This time it took longer for me to come;
Priyanka was moaning, her body trembling, begging me to finish her, and then she threw her head back and cried out wildly when I eventually ejaculated. She collapsed on top of me, kissing me and saying how wonderful it was, having my cock in her and feeling me come inside her, and as we kissed and clutched each other we heard the footsteps’ sound. Finally, Priyanka kissed me againand climbed off me. She started to get to her feet, and she smilednervously. “Your stuff’ is trickling down my legs, darling! You just kept coming in me.
She made her way towards door picking up her nightclothes – I followed her, staring at her naked bottom. I raised my hand and gripped it, but she smiled at me over her shoulder and took my hand away. I heard Nitu mami’s voice looking for Priyanka. I hid behind arc light while Priyanka dressed up without her panty. Nitu mami said, “Where were you? Again smoking na, this time I will tell your dad. What if anybody would have seen? Mannu is very observing person. Now give me your cigarette packand go downstairs and go to sleep?
I picked up her panty and kept in my pocket. The next morning she was having breakfast in the kitchen when I came to her. She smiled at me and I kissed her good morning, saying how much I loved her, and that I’d been awake most of the night thinking about her. I wanted to give back her panty she refused saying, “Keep it as my parting gift.” She let me kiss her for a moment, and then she drew back.
Bhaiya – what happened last night – it mustn’t happen again, and we can’t go on like that. I was afraid, and I needed you so badly – I needed what you did to me. But now we must get back to normal, and try to forget what happened.” I honored her wish I broke her cherry and she was happy. Priyanka left for Canada after themarriage. We never contacted after that but it was awesome having sex with a girl half your age.

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RE: Kunwari Priyanka - Virgin Girls Sex Story
Hello all my friends, myself Neeraj (22 years) from Lucknow. I’m desperately waiting for your responses on ***************especially from the female [Gals, bhabhis, aunties] readers of Lucknow. Now enjoy the story, It happened when Shaifali came to Pune from Mumbai and we met accidentally. I took her to my place knowing there was no one and this was a very good chance to fuck her. She came for just 5 minutes and was asking to leave as she knew Nikhil won’t like it. I said have a juice and then leave.
She agreed and she had no idea that I was planning to have her milk in return of juice. She was wearing a red tight shirt and black jeans. Her boobs were so big that accidentally her button opened up exposing her white bra and mild cleavage. I told her that the juice is being prepared till then I could show her my home. That was a plan to take her to my bedroom. She agreed and her button was still open.
She came to my bedroom and then I told her to sit on my bed while I bring the juice. I got the juice and purposely I acted to fall and spill her glass of juice on her shirt and my glass on her jeans. She was wet totally. I told her not to worry and that I have a very costly washing machine which will wash and dry it within an hour. That was the time I was going to fuck her. She denied and said its ok But then I said I will give you my t-shirt to wear till then and without waiting for her reply I removed her shirt
Completely. She had a white bra covering almost all her boobs. But she had amazing big boobs and then even I removed my everything except undies saying that even my clothes were wet. She was staring at my 8 inch cock which got erect seeing her boobs. She dint like it she asked me for t-shirt and jeans. I told her that her bra was also wet. She looked down. It was wet and sticking to her boobs and her nipples were clearly seen.
I went ahead to remove her bra but she moved back and fell on bed. I told her not to worry. She told me to go out of the room. I told it’s not possible because only I can operate the machine. She was very afraid and was not agreeing. Then I gently placed my hand on her waist and said that I will not tell this to anyone that you had to remove even your bra and while saying this I grabbed her and hugged her tightly. She could feel my cock and I was feeling her soft boobs.
She resisted me and said no need to remove the bra. Then I told her look, your bra is very wet and it is sticking to your boobs so just remove it… I will give you my shirt. She finally agreed and removed her bra and gave me. I gave her one of my shirt which dint has 2 buttons. She was just in that shirt and panties. As soon as I saw her, I could just not help but to look at her boobs. Her boobs were freely swinging as she walked. My dick stood up to salute her boobs. Then I switched on the TV. She was sitting on my bed and watching.
I went and sat behind her and kept my hand on her shoulder. I said her why don’t you just move back a bit in my lap so that we both can watch it relaxing. She moved back a bit and I pulled her more so that my cock was pushing against her asshole, my chest was in touch with her back and i cud easily sense her warm breaths by my side. I slowly put my hands on her waist from both sides and then, Slowly I was like hugging her from behind. I slowly moved my hands up. I diverted her attention and slowly opened her lower button.
Same with the middle one. She realized this and tried to move away from me. But I didn’t leave her. I immediately took her in my arms from behind and cupped her boobs in my hands. My dick was touching her ass and she was trying to move away. But then I hold her tightly and then my dick was pressing against her ass nicely. I started to press her boobs softly. Slowly I started pressing her boobs hard n pinched both her nipples n she moaned like hell.
She said not to pinch. I didn’t listen and then started i kissed her on her lips and neck by pulling her back and then I got a complete hold of her boobs. I started pressing her boobs hardly and kissing her neck. After some time she started responding by kissing my deeply on my lips. I instantly removed her bra and her big boobs spilled out. What amazing boobs she had. I was pressing her right boob and sucking and biting her left boob.
They were round and soft and her nipples were erect. I sucked her boobs for fifteen minutes and then I removed her panty. Her pussy was already wet. I didn’t waste a second and started licking her pussy. She was enjoying it very much. Then I inserted my tool in her pussy. To my surprise she was a virgin and her pussy was very tight. I licked her pussy and made her cum. She was moaning badly. I placed my cock in front of her pussy and tried to enter her. She started moaning badly as soon as my cock entered her a bit.
I somehow inserted my dick completely and started stroking her. She was going mad in pain and pleasure. After 15 minutes of stoking I spilled my semen in her pussy. I was sucking her boobs even while stoking her. She was moaning even after I fucked her. I continued to suck her boobs even after fucking her for 20 minutes. She was then about to move of the bed went I pulled her back for another session. I kept my dick in her cleavage and started fucking her boobs. This continued for 5 minutes. Then I rolled her on her back and pointed my dick towards her ass.
She rejected but then I forcefully entered even her ass. She was moaning badly. I continued to stroke her for another 20 minutes and then I spilled my second episode in her ass. Then she dressed up and prepared to leave. I demanded a blow job. She refused. I then again forcefully even fucked her mouth and her mouth was full of my semen which i made her drink.I still can’t forget the moment went her boobs were in my mouth and my dick was in her pussy.

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RE: Kunwari Priyanka - Virgin Girls Sex Story
Hello Reader, I have been an avid reader of many sex stories site and have decided to pen down some stories, these are not actual happenings, however the situations / scenario’s are true and have happened, it’s more like you find yourself in perfect situation where you day dream what – if scenarios and then snap out of the dream.
I am Rahul aged 33 Yrs from Noida, average looking may be a sidey to your crush in school but a very good listener & conversationalist, 5’5” with average build & tool around 6” with good girth, I hate stories where people fake with “my 7-9” tool popped out”. I passed out of college in 2000 and got a job in middle east, was working as customer support engineer in IT company, over a period I realized I was good at solving complex issues and was reserved for desperate situation. It was one of those evenings when I was returning from call;
I got a buzz around 7:45 in evening by my field manager asking me to provide support to a crashed HDD, a replacement of which was delivered to be rebuilt in close proximity. I took the number half heartedly and called up; a nice soft Arab voice picked up at other end and directed me to her office. When I approached the place I realized it was a semi-govt office in a Bunglow / Villa. The lady around 5 feet height wearing black abaya was at the gate, she motioned me to park my car in the compound & she locked the gate.
She introduced herself as Karla and asked me to follow her. When I walked in I found the entire villa empty with lights faded out and the only light coming was from the kitchen converted into server room. I walked into the room and for the first time I saw her, she had wheatish complexion, but what struck me were her perfect dark full lips, the ones you would want to be wrapped around your cock. She smiled nervously and told me she needs the servers up and running before 7 in morning. I smiled and told her not to worry that is what I was there for.
I asked her to show me the servers and followed her, the server room was too small for 2 to stand and I was standing right behind her while she showed me the details, I couldn’t resist the sweet smell of bukhur coming from her. Once done she left me with the server and went back and sat on her desk surfing YouTube and other sites. I continued my work for a while but being so chilling I asked her if I could use one of the terminal to remotely login, she offered me one next to her.
While I worked on her server she was surfing net and reading something. Quite often I would sneak peek at her thinking she might be reading some technical stuff as it was in Arabic, after a while she went to washroom and I tried to squint to see what was she referring, gosh she was accessing some sex stories site in Arabic, I smiled at my luck and waited for her to be back. When she came back, I started a casual discussion on how long she has been working and came to know she has just been out of college, once the conversation got smooth
I popped the question what other kind of stories she likes, she was shocked she actually minimized the window and blushed. I told her that’s ok, that girls her age need to know the sexual preferences and that most kamasutra styles, positions and methods can be learnt from other peoples experience from these stories. She became a bit bold and asked me have I ever had sex and how does it feel, I told her it’s something that cannot be explained only experienced. She went on with her reading and me with my work.
After a while I asked her, is it true that all Arabic females wear best of the designer clothes under their abaya and that they have the best ass and enjoy having sex? She said it’s not all true. I asked her is it OK if I could see her without her abaya? She blushed but then nodded. She got up and removed her abaya… She was wearing a Tight T with deep cut and nice pair of skirt knee short, I noticed she had a nice pair of tits that my palms could hold, her mid section was a bit plump but I wouldn’t call her fat those were love handles and a nice pair of butt that she showed off.
I asked her if she knew how to do the Arab booty dance and she giggled, said of course she put on some Arabic hip hop music and showed me the perfect booty dance you would pay good money to see upfront. I rolled the chair close and held her, she turned around a bit shocked but I smoothly placed her in my lap, lifted my head and her head tilted and I went up for a kiss, it lasted for half a minute but I saw her opening her eyes slowly like in trance. I swirled her around and put her in ( ) my lap facing me and kissed her again, my hands were exploring her smooth back and
I kept softly kissing her, she started grinding her pelvic. I removed my T so as not to alarm her at same time make her comfortable and then placed my hand again on her back and unclasped her bra, removed the bra and the T together and placed my face between her tits. Slowly kissed the upper and lower part of her tits, circled the areola and then the first nipple that I took between my lips sent a shivering sensation in her back her head just rolled back and she held my head so tight to her tit. I played on to her other nipple with my finger and thumb while I sucked on to her other tit.
They were perfect size and so filling, I grabbed on to both, closed them together and licked from left to right, back & forth, nibbling and biting in middle. I asked her to get down and took her to the hall where I saw leather sofa’s when I came in, they were cold and felt good, I placed her on the sofa and sat down on the floor, massaged her calf a bit and spread her legs. I kissed her thighs and worked my way up her body. I sat next to her and kissed her softly again, kissed her cheeks, nibbled her ears and neck all the while playing with her nipple when I came down
I moved my hand further south while I played with her tits in my mouth, I found her panties wet with fluid and used my finger to outline her crotch. Played the circulation, scratching and once a while teasing the hood of her clit, till she could not hold and I put my hand in her panties, worried & ensured I don’t put my finger in, as hymen break is great deal in Middle East and that was something I didn’t want on my cards.
I played the outline of her pussy, labia till I found the hood of her clit, she was wet and all I had to do was suck her tits and keep rubbing my finger all the way down till her ass crack and come back and finger her clit she was bucking her hips and with loud scream she squirted all over the floor, another 30 seconds and she squirted again and then again. I let go of her and she hugged me. She was panting and shaking till she got normal.
When she came into her sense, I kissed her gently and told her well, this was just a small example of how wonderful sex feels. She kissed back and thanked me. She got up went into the washroom, by the time she came back my HDD rebuild was done, I had packed up and ready to leave. She walked me out kissed me again at the gate before she let me out. That was the last I had seen of her.

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RE: Kunwari Priyanka - Virgin Girls Sex Story
Hi friend i am salman age 25 mai ajj apko ek sachi kahani batane ja raha hu jise keh
apna paani chut jaiga mere pariwar me 4 log hai mai meri bahen bada bhai aur bhabi
mai job karta hu tailoring ka mera bhai tosif shadi ke 2 mahine bad dubai chala gaya
kam ke silsile me mai meri bhabi ayesha aur bahen salma hi gar pe the meri bhabi ki
umar 24 sal hai aur bahut hi sexy hai woh hamesha salwar kameez pehanti hai ek din
meri bhabi kapda doh rahi ti aur bahen kitchen me khana bana rai ti uski umar 17 hai
aur bahut simple hai par uska bol bhabi se bi bada tha pata nai kisse badwati hai
haan toh bhabi kapda do rai ti maine kaha bhabi bazar se kuch lana hai toh usne kaha
hai nahane ka sabun lekar aana jab mah le aya sabun toh woh nahaye gai bhabi apni
bra aur panty lena bhul gai ti bhabi ne kaha salma idher ana toh par meri bahen
khana bana rai ti maine kaha kabi kuch chaiye toh woh sarma ke kaha bra lena bhul
gai jab mai bra dene gaya toh bhabi ne muje ander bula lia mai hairan reh!

gaya pehli bar kisi ladki ne aisa kia aur jald se kis karne lagi mera land khada
ho lal lal saap ki tarah 8 inch la land tha mera mai bhabi ko chod dala bathrum me
woh ahahahah kar rai ti itne me meri bahen ne awaz sunli jab woh bathrum ki taraf
ayi toh maine use pakad kar nanga kar dia aur bhabi ne bi mera sath dia meri bahen
ko maine kub kiss ki woh na na bol rai jab uske muh me maine land dala toh pagal
ho gai woh boli bhaijan chod do allah ke wasteh chod do maine useh kaha jawan
bahen jawani ka maza le maine bathrum me hi use pakad kar chod dala kya chut ti
kasam meri bahen ko dekar 80 sal ka buda bi chod dalta useh kya chut ek bi bal nai
tha aur bhabi ko bi maine 2 bar choda bahen ne kaha bhaijan bhabi ko maine bhai se
chudwate dekhi ti aur usdin maine college meri frd ko kaha tha aur humdono ko 5
ladko ne milkar rape kiya tha mai yeh sunkar hairan reh gaya usne kaha bhaijan woh
ladko me muje bahut chodo meri saheli ke gar par maine usko kaha toh teri shadi
karadeni c!
haiye tu 5 ladko ka pap lekar ayi rand sali aur use maine nika!
l dia aur ajj tak meri bahen gar nai aye pata chala keh woh chinal ban gai hai
chuda chuda ke aur me aur bhabi roz choda chodi karte aur maza karte maine bhabi ko
apni wife bana lia.kaisi lagi apko real kahani mailme

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RE: Kunwari Priyanka - Virgin Girls Sex Story
This is what happened when we were final year students in our college and had planned a trip to Goa. The long journey from New Delhi was to happen in a train and we were looking forward to see a lots of hot semi-nude chicks on the beach. Why our college sponsored our trip to Goa was because we had convinced our professors that we would be doing some site-visit and learning new things that would be beneficial for our career and future.
Beneficial, it was, indeed, but not quiet in the same sense of a factory-visit but of the order of experiencing the realities of adult life that laid ahead of us all youngsters. We were 24 of us boys from the same class and batch travelling in a non-A/c compartment (well, that is what the college administration thought would be an appropriate expense). We had brought and bought snacks for munching, cards for playing and music player for enjoying this time together.
The seats were not contiguously allocated due to late booking but we had asked the fellow passengers to adjust for the day while promising that we would return to our seats as the night sets in. The journey started with over-enthusiasm cracking jokes, singing songs, enjoying hot-tea at stations, singing and dancing to music and claps. Our professors had their seats in a different compartment and they were travelling with their respective family members.
They would have anyway not enjoyed our jokes and humor that was progressively turning explicit, and had they been with us, it probably would have not turned explicit at all. By 7:30 pm the energy levels were depleting and tiffin-boxes were starting to pop-out of bags and the smell of food really filled the compartment. We settled back on our reserved berths as some passengers wanted to rest. I returned to my coach with 4 of my friends. This is where the real fun starts. We were accommodated with a South-Indian family which consisted of two old women, one young daughter and a small kid.
They did not speak our language and neither did we understand what they talked. After finishing with our dinner at 8:00 pm we started playing “Antakshari”. Its a game where each contestant sings a movie song that begins with the letter which the previous contestant’s song ended with. I was sitting on the upper-side-berth (above RAC seats) while my two friends were diagonally opposite to me (in front of the family) and two were sitting on the berth above them. We were singing quite well and melodious Hindi songs.
I looked at that girl and she seemed quite interested in our activity. She would sometimes turn her head looking at us, sometimes tap her feet to our tune and was enjoying her time. She was wearing some yellowish-brown not-so-attractive salwar-suit which contrasted her personality. She should be around 20 years old and had nice long legs and a petite figure. Maybe her parents asked her to dress like that so as not to attract too much attention. But, whatever, we boys knew that she was much more than what meets the eye.
The ladies and the kid slept after some time while she was still awake enjoying her time and our game. I got a chance to catch her glance when she looked up at me. Oh seriously, I had my blood gushing just waiting for this to happen. We smiled at each other for that small moment and then she suddenly looked back if her family members noticed, but they were fast asleep. I could feel the nasty thoughts building inside my mind but didn’t really have any strategy to initiate talking to her. Also my friends, who were sitting right in front of her, (I don’t know why) were not taking any interest in her
I was taken aback when she again looked at me and stared for a little longer than before, as if she wanted to say something. Her eyes were speaking louder than the noise of the train and the songs we sang. I immediately thought of an idea. I asked my friend if he wanted to exchange his seat with me, as I was getting tired sitting on the upper berth. He agreed without any fuss and I went and sat right in front of this girl.
Wow, at least I made some progress. Sigh! She smiled and accommodated me by shifting her feet a little to make some space. We continued the game and I kept on finding small moments in between to look at her and adore her beauty secretly. I had a small pack of bubble-gum with me, that I took out of my pocket and offered to her, as she was the only one awake out of her family. She refused (obviously) and continued enjoying the Antakshari. I knew she would not accept, as we were still strangers to one another, but it was just to show her that I was interested in her.
Suddenly, I don’t know how that woman sleeping on her side woke up and started talking loudly with her, asking questions and making some remarks. It was some small altercation but we didn’t understand even a single word what they said. I suspected it may have to do with my action (offering her the bubble gum) as it looked most likely to me, but was that lady secretly watching what I was up-to, with her daughter? I doubt.
I kept ignoring their language and actions and thought to myself, I just offered some candy. What could possibly be taken as an offence in that. Anyways, things fell quite while none of my friends bothered about the incident. My blood was still gushing to be able to talk to her. She excused herself to go to the loo and came back in 10 minutes. I didn’t want to follow her and get caught unguarded, talking to her, by her relatives or my friends, so I resisted and didn’t move from my place. The night fell dark lights in the coach were switched-off by fellow passengers who wanted to sleep.
She was still awake and looked interested. I smiled and indicated to her if she wanted to play, but she was afraid of her mother. However, after some time, she finally got some courage to ask permission from them to play the game. The old woman looked at all of us with a long skeptical stare and told her something which made her smile even wider. I understood she was game. She sang a few jumbled-up Hindi songs that she might have learnt and also sang a song in her native language for us. Soon some of my other friends fell asleep and we (me, my friend, and the girl) were left wide awake and still continued singing.
All three of us shifted to the two upper berths sitting close to each other. We did not sing out loud anymore as the night was silent and we didn’t intent to wake anyone up. I tried to ask her if her parents got mad at her because of me, but she denied and said it was something else. She also told that she was travelling with her relatives and not her mother. My friend asked her what she did and she replied she was studying in some dental college. We introduced ourselves for the first time and told her we were going to
Goa as our college trip while she told us her name was Vidhya. The night was getting chilly (as it was November) and the fast moving train, and rexine seats of our berth were not too comforting. She took out a shawl from her bag while wore our jackets. I was sitting on the same berth as her, while my friend was in the front. My hands were so cold as the train compartment was not A/c and some windows were not closed. We were having fun and I suddenly gathered the courage to ask her if I could also share her shawl.
She didn’t have a problem and gave me enough to save myself from the cold. We kept playing. Her shawl was really hot due to her warm body. I was enjoying every moment of this. Once again her aunt woke up and got mad at us that we were sharing the same cloth. She scolded Vidhya in her local language but she said something in return and kept sitting with me. Her aunt got disgusted and went back to sleep mumbling something inaudible and incomprehensible to us. This was a great boost as I smiled back at her but said:
Me: Sorry Vidhya, I think you received the scolding because of us.
Vidhya: It’s ok. Its better to enjoy even if little scolding than get bored and sleep.
Me: Do you think she will get mad if we keep playing?
Vidhya: No. Just play slowly. I have told her that I am unable to sleep.
Me: So can you play whole night?
Vidhya: Let’s see… I don’t know many songs
My friend: Thats ok. We can make a team.
Me: Yes! Me and Vidhya on one side and you on the other side
Vidya: Done!
My freind: (Grudgingly) ok
My hands were quite warm by now, but still inside her shawl. I somehow gathered the courage and got hold of her right hand as she was sitting towards my left. She looked at me and gave me a naughty smile. I rejoiced in my heart and kept caressing her hand. Sometimes touching her hand and fingers and other times going up towards her arm. I could feel the sweat in my palms even in this cold weather. My dick was really hard by now as she was mixing freely with me. My friend went to the loo and I suddenly gave her a small kiss on her right cheek. She looked at me in shock and said:
Vidhya: Careful! Someone would see.
Me: Who? Everyone is sleeping
Vidhya: Your friend, if he comes back.
Me: Till then, can i kiss?
Vidhya: No… someone will see…
I held her hand tight and pulled her even more closer to myself. We were now slouching on the upper berth and my left hand was around her waist. Since the shawl covered us till out shoulders, no one knew what was going on inside. I was feeling very horny. My friend had come back and said he would lie down in the front berth but keep talking until he sleeps. I thought this was the right opportunity to have some great fun. She was really easy to deal and was not creating much fuss of my actions. And I was being a nice guy to her till now.
Suddenly I took her hand and slowly moved it on my jeans. She resisted initially, but I forced a little and kept her hand on my hard cock. She looked at me wide-eyed and a little shock (Maybe she didn’t know I was hard for some time now) but then kept talking without showing too much emotion on her face. Wow! I was in heaven as she kept on sliding her hand slowly on my hardness while talking to us, simultaneously. My speech and thought process was obviously slowed and interrupted as half of my mind was in my Jeans now.
She touched my penis from top of my jeans and tried to grab it, but the jeans were too tight for it. I slouched a little more so that my legs were now bent and facing my friend and gave easier access to her to fondle my tool. My cock was restless to come out and stand in its full glory. I asked in her ear to open my zip but then I opened it myself as zips are too dangerous to trust. I slide my boxers down and took out my cock and gave it in her hands. She gasped a little and held it from the base and looked at me again wide-eyed. I smiled at her and told her to enjoy with her new toy. Very slowly and carefully Vidhya moved her right hand on my dick and pulled back the foreskin completely.
I was very excited and from back of her waist I moved my arm to reach her left breast. She had average tits and didn’t mind while I fondled her softness, while she was busy shagging me. My friend seemed to have slept off but we were careful not to reveal what was going on secretly under the shawl.
Me: Like it?
Vidhya: You have a big one.
Me: Can you remove your Bra?
Vidhya: Wait…
Vidhya sat straight, and took her tits out of her Bra which she was still wearing. I could now feel her nipples and soft boobs easily. I moved my hand under her suit and touched her naked boobs for the first time and teased her nipples with my fingers. She adjusted herself again and I pulled her suit a little above her stomach. She was so smooth and warm. We looked at each other, smiled and continued playing with one another. I could feel the load building up in my balls and I was getting more and more horny every moment.
Me: Do you want to watch a sexy movie?
Vidhya: How?
Me: I have in my mobile phone.
Vidhya: Let’s see.
Vidhya was a real sport. I took out my mobile phone and played a sexy clip. Initially the voice was too loud so I immediately stopped it, lowered the phone volume and started playing it again. The clip was showing a girl stroking a man’s dick. I told Vidhya to do the same as it was going in the clip. She pulled the mobile from my hand and started doing exactly the same. It was so erotic. The scene was getting hotter and the girl in the clip had really big melons. The man was kneading her boobs and squeezing them.
Vidhya: Will you do this?
Me: Sure, why not?
Vidhya pulled up her kameez and took her Bra off completely giving me access to both her boobs. It was dark in the train and we were on the upper berth while everyone else was sleeping. I started squeezing both her boobs and she was enjoying it fully. I cupped both her breasts and very slowly moved my hands on them, teased with fingers around her nipples, made patterns and wrote her name on her stomach. She smiled and kissed me on my lips. Her hand was still stroking my hard cock. I wanted to cum so bad but I controlled my feelings and moved her hands to my balls. She obliged and touched them and fondled very curiously after I had unbuttoned my Jeans.
Doing all this secretly with an unknown person was adding to our fun. I asked her about her experience in sex. She told me she was a virgin (not done sex) but enjoyed orally with her boy friend. I wanted to touch her virgin pussy so I moved my hands between her legs. She was so hot and wet as I could feel from top of her salwar. I un-tied her salwar and made it loose so my hand could reach her pussy. She spread her legs further and I touched her cunt.
Her hole was very tight when I tried to insert my finger, but her juices had made my work easier. I put my middle finger in her hole and slowly started finger-fucking Vidhya. She was allowing me to do everything to her. My friend (who was sleeping) now turned his face to the other side. I asked her to make me hard again. She gave me nasty looks and smiled at my request. I kissed her deep and she stroked me really fast. I stopped her again as I was about to cum.
Me: Lets go to the bathroom and have sex.
Vidhya: No, I want to remain a virgin.
Me: But, how will u enjoy?
Vidhya: Just finger me deep.
I did what she asked me to do. When she was really wet, I tried to insert two fingers, but that was not possible as she was feeling pain. So I finger fucked her fast with my middle finger only and she kept on thrusting her ass up and down with my strokes as she climaxed. I took out my fingers and rubbed her juices on my own hard dick. This made my penis very slippery and she started stroking me really fast and I came in her hands.
Her shawl also became wet as my cum flew and got stuck to the shawl we had taken. My cock had squirted all the semen out with such great force, I couldn’t believe. She wiped her hands with my handkerchief and tied back her salwaar. So friends, this was the real story of a hand-job I enjoyed in a train from this unknown girl. The family reached their destination station at 4:00 am in the morning and left me not before giving a nasty smile while she disappeared into the dark. Waiting for your comments and likes.

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RE: Kunwari Priyanka - Virgin Girls Sex Story
हंसी तो फंसी-1

यह कहानी है मेरी पड़ोस में आए नए किरायेदार की। परिवार में दो बेटियाँ और उनकी माँ, बस यही तीन लोग थे। लड़कियों में एक मोनिका 18 साल और दूसरी मानसी 20 साल की थी।
हमारे घर से उनका घर साफ़ दिखता था, कमरा भी पूरा दिखता था और बाथरूम भी।
एक दिन जब मैं अपनी छत पर खड़ा था तब मेरी नजर उनके बाथरूम पर पड़ी। बाथरूम का दरवाजा भी नहीं लगा था।
मैंने देखा कि मोनिका अपनी झांटें साफ़ कर रही थी, एकदम गुलाबी चूत !
मेरा लंड खड़ा हो गया। मैंने पैंट से लंड निकाल लिया और हिलाने लगा। तभी उसने मुझे देख लिया और मुस्कुरा कर अंदर चली गई।
मैंने भी सोचा- हंसी तो फंसी !
मैं भी उससे अब बात करने के मौके की तलाश करने लगा।
एक दिन वह मुझे बाहर दिख गई तो मैंने उसको बोल ही दिया- मैं तुमसे दोस्ती करना चाहता हूँ।
तो उसने मना कर दिया। मैंने सोचा कि मना कर दिया तो ठीक है, मैंने भी उससे बात करना तो क्या उसकी तरफ देखना भी बंद कर दिया।
एक दिन मैं छत पर बैठा था तो अचानक मेरी पास एक गोला सा बनाया हुआ एक कागज आ कर गिरा। मैंने उसे खोल कर देखा तो उसमें लिखा था- मैं तुम्हें पसंद करती हूँ। तुम मेरे से बात क्यों नहीं करते? लेकिन मैं थोड़ा डरती हूँ क्योंकि तुम्हारा बहुत मोटा है।
यह चिट्ठी मोनिका ने फ़ेंकी थी।
मैं उसकी तरफ देख कर मुस्कुराया और एक फ़्लाइंग किस की। उसने भी मुझे फ़्लाइंग किस किया।
मैं अगले दिन कुछ फोटो लाया। जिसमें एक छोटी लड़की मोटा लंड ले रही है। वो मैंने उसको दे दी।
उसने देख कर कहा- इसे देख कर मुझे कुछ हो गया था।
मैंने उससे पूछा- क्या हुआ था?
तो उसने कहा- पता नहीं ! चूत से पानी निकल गया था।
मैंने उससे कहा- मजा आया ?
तो उसने हाँ में जवाब दिया।
मैंने कहा- और मजा चाहिए?
तो उसने कहा- हाँ !
मैंने उसे कहा- तुम कल स्कूल की छुट्टी कर लेना और तुम्हारी मम्मी और बहन के जाने के बाद मै आ जाऊँगा, फिर तुम्हें और मजा दूंगा।
वो भी मान गई।
जब मोनिका की मम्मी और बहन चली गई तब मैं उसके घर गया। वो उस समय नाइटी पहने थी, एकदम माल लग रही थी।
मैं जाते ही उसे चूमने लगा और उसकी चूची दबाने लगा।
उसने भी मुझे रोकने की कोशिश नहीं की।
मैंने उसकी नाइटी उतार दी, उसने ब्रा नहीं पहनी थी, सिर्फ पैंटी पहनी थी। मैं उसकी चूची चूसने लगा। चूसते चूसते उसकी पैंटी भी उतार दी और उसकी चूत में उंगली करने लगा। उसकी चूत से पानी निकल रहा था। मैंने भी अपने कपड़े उतार दिए।
उसने मेरा लंड हाथ में ले लिया और हिलाने लगी। थोड़ी ( ) देर बाद मैंने उसकी चूत चाटनी शुरु की और साथ ही उसकी गांड में उंगली डालने लगा। फिर मैंने उसके पूरे जिस्म को ऊपर से नीचे तक चूमा। फिर उसने मेरे कहने पर मेरा लंड मुँह में लेकर चूसना शुरु किया। वो करीब 15 मिनट तक मेरा लंड चूसती रही।
फ़िर वो तेल की शीशी ले आई और कहने लगी- पहले मेरी चूची और चूत की मालिश करो फिर मै तुम्हारे लंड की मालिश करुँगी, फिर उसके बाद तुम अपना काम कर लेना।मैंने तेल की कुछ बूंदें उसकी चूचियों पर गिराई और मालिश करने लगा और दबाने लगा, उसके चुचूकों को मसलने लगा। उसकी चूची एकदम सख्त हो गई। फिर मैंने उसकी चूत की मालिश करनी शुरु की, उसकी चूत में उंगलियाँ डाल-डाल कर मालिश करने लगा। उसके मुँह से मस्त-मस्त आवाजें निकल रही थी। थोड़ी देर में वो झड़ गई।
अब वो मेरे लण्ड की तेल लगा कर मालिश करने लगी। मेरा लंड एकदम सख्त हो गया।
फिर हम अपना काम करने के लिए तैयार थे। मैंने जैसे ही लंड उसकी चूत पर टिकाया उसकी बहन के आने की आवाज आई। मोनिका ने मुझे बाथरूम में छुपा दिया और खुद तौलिया लपेट कर दरवाजा खोला। उसकी बहन की तबियत खराब थी इसलिए वो जल्दी आ गई और हम फंस गए।
उसकी बहन उससे पूछने लगी- तौलिया क्यों लपेट रखा है?
उसने कहा- नहाने जा रही थी, इतने में आप आ गई।
तो वो कहने लगी- तू रुक जा ! मैं पहले नहा लूँ फिर तू नहा लियो।
वो मोनिका को कमरे में छोड़ कर बाथरूम की तरफ आ गई और बाथरूम का दरवाज़ा खोल कर अंदर आई तो उसने मुझे देख लिया।
मेरा लंड, जो खड़ा था वो मुरझा के मूंगफली हो गया, मैं डर गया।
उसने मुझसे पूछा- तुम यहाँ क्या कर रहे हो?मै कुछ नहीं सोच पा रहा था।
तभी उसने मेरे से कहा- मैं तुम्हारे घर पर कहने जा रही हूँ।
तभी मैंने उसे रोका और कहा- प्लीज़, मत जाओ, किसी से कुछ मत कहना ! तुम जो बोलोगी वो करूँगा। जो मांगोगी, वो मैं तुमको दे दूंगा।
उसने कहा- ठीक है ! पर मोनिका को मत बताना कि मैंने तुमको देख लिया है। बोल देना कि मैं बाहर से ही चली गई। मैं तुमसे बाद में बात करुँगी।
और वो चली गई। मेरी जान में जान आई।
थोड़ी देर में मोनिका आई और कहने लगी- क्या हुआ? दीदी ने तुमको नहीं देखा क्या?
तो मैंने कहा- देखा ना ! पर इतना लम्बा देख कर डर कर चली गई।
वो गुस्से से मेरी तरफ देखने लगी।
मैंने कहा- अरे बाबा, मजाक कर रहा हूँ, वो तो बाहर से ही चली गई।
मैंने उससे पूछा- तुमसे अंदर आकर क्या कहा?
वो मोनिका ने कहा- मेरे से कहा कि मैं पहले सो लूँ, फिर नहा लूंगी।
फिर वो अंदर आ गई और हम एक दूसरे को चूमने लगे।
वो कहने लगी- ज्यादा समय नहीं है, जो करना है जल्दी करो !
इसलिए मैंने उसकी एक टांग को टब पर रखवा दिया और अपना लंड जो कि चूमा-चाटी से दुबारा खड़ा हो गया था, पीछे से उसकी चूत के मुँह पर रखा और एक धक्का दिया।
उसकी हल्की सी चीख निकल गई। मेरा आधा लंड उसकी चूत में उतर गया था।
तभी उसकी बहन आई और बाहर से ही पूछने लगी- क्या हुआ? चिल्ला क्यों रही हो ? कोई सांप है क्या अंदर।
पर उसको मालूम था कि सांप नहीं, लम्बे लंड वाला मैं हूँ अन्दर।
मोनिका ने कहा- कुछ नहीं दीदी ! गिर गई हूँ मैं !
उसकी बहन यह बोल कर चली गई- थोड़ा ध्यान से नहा ! नहीं तो कुछ हो गया तो मुँह दिखाने के काबिल नहीं रहेगी।
फिर मैंने उसके मुँह पर हाथ रखा और एक और धक्का दिया। मेरा पूरा लंड उसकी चूत में था और वो रोने लगी थी, उसकी चूत से खून और पानी निकल रहा था।
थोड़ी देर मै वैसे ही रुका रहा और उसकी चूची सहलाने लगा। जब उसका दर्द कम हुआ तो वो भी मजा लेने लगी और मेरा पूरा साथ देने लगी।
वो थोड़ी ही देर में झड़ गई पर मै नहीं झड़ा था। मैंने उसको गोद में उठा लिया और फिर चुदाई की। और करीब 15 मिनट बाद मैं उसकी चूत में ही झड़ गया। इस बीच वो तीन बार झड़ चुकी थी। फिर हम साथ में नहाये और वो तौलिया लपेट कर अपने कमरे में गई और मेरे कपड़े उठा कर लाई। मै कपड़े पहन कर वापिस अपने घर चला गया।
तो दोस्तो, आपको कैसी लगी मेरी कहानी। बताना जरूर। अगली कहानी में बताऊंगा कि कैसे मैंने उसकी बहन को पार्क में चोदा।

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