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Kolkata mein Servant ki Chudai
05-11-2012, 06:38 PM
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Kolkata mein Servant ki Chudai
Living in Kolkata has always been a treat!!! For a guy my age, (21) feeling a bulge in the pants almost every 20 mins is not abnormal, trust me, the girls here are so good, they can give you a hard on with just one glimpse. I have been one of the lucky few who has been able to deal with the problem without jerking off every now and then!!! Thats the advantage of being in a steady relationship!!! But the disadvantage is dat though u dont need to masturbate to calm down, not being able to fuck the rest of the sweet pussies in town is a little frustrating!!! But last December, things got out of hand!!! My house was undergoin renovations, so my family shifted to this empty flat we own in a suburban locality on the outer fringes of the city! Communting to and fro the office from this place was very tiring, so my encounters with my steady also decreased as we couldnt meet as often.

But my sex drive however, hadnt gone down 1 bit! And no matter how much porn i jerked off to, it was nothing compared to the real thing!!! But the worst part was still to come!!! The first week there i hardly got to know or see anyone!!! And since my family consists of all working people, I used to be pretty lonely! However, the 1st Sunday i was at home there, things got a lil wierd! There was this Gujrati family right next to us.While the family itself consisted of an aged couple, their son, and Daughter in law, my eyes fell on the maid servant there! She was of wheatish complexion, straight hair, a lil chubby but not fat, and tall for a girl! And I cud tell she must`ve been around my age!!! Since the day i saw her, my urge to plunge into a pussy went even higher, but knowing that making passes at girls,whoeva they r, and dat i had a steady relationship, kept me out of danger!!! Little did i know dat things were about to change!!!

I had been told dat this gal would often sneak out at night to meet the local guys, one night while i was on the phone, speaking to my gal in the verandah, i saw her quietly sneak out and go into the lane right beside our house. Lil did she know, that while the lane was a blind spot from the apt she worked in, my balcony had an unhindered view of the same!!! I saw her fling the dupatta that was covering her face off, as soon as she entered the alley!!! This was while i was still on the phone.Not knowing wat her intentions were i decided to observe her. The alley was pretty dark, but i could make out 3 figures in the empty alley, including hers through the dim light coming into it from a nearby lampost and sorrounding buildings!!! By this time i had already lost interest on the phone call, so much so that i didnt even realise when she found out i wasnt really listening, got angry and hung up.My attention came back to the phone call only when i heard the call getting disconnected, but i was too interested in the events to follow to call back!!!

The gal hopped towards the 2 figures, at the end of the alley and it was obvious they all were pretty excited!!!The other 2, both young local guys, were as happy as a dog would be if a meat stake were thrown in front of them! The gal sat on a low wall in between 2 buildings and the 2 guys stood on either side! For a minute or so they just spoke, but then the inevitable happened. The guy to her left, put his hand into his trousers and said something to the girl, hearing which the girl laughed in muffles and replied something back, on hearing which the guy yanked down the zip of his trousers immediately and put forth a dark cock, the girl got down from the divider and kneeled down in front of him, taking his knob with her hand and gently giving a flick to the head with her tongue! The guy closed his eyes and tilted his head back, anticipating the pleasure to come! By now i had recognised the other guy, Hari, the newspaper vendor of the area. Without warning, he took the cock hungry tigress by her shoulders and turned her attention towards himself, kneeling down right next to her!!!But she had no interest in the still fully clad male and turned her attention back towards the throbbing manhood in her hands, all this while i was pinching my own one eyed snake, treating myself to the live porn!!!

While hari was still struggling to unhook the clasps of her nightie so as to expose her breasts, she took all of the black dick in her hand, and in one swift motion took it completely inside her mouth!At this point the poor guy couldnt help but let out a moan of pleasure!!! But alas, that would doom their secret lovers` midnight rondevous! Soon some commotion was heard from the ground floor of one of the buildings on hearing which in a flash the girl picked up her dupatta and rushed back into the building.Hari scampered over the low wall into the hedges and dissappeared into the darkness, and the other guy did the same, after a lil bit of a struggle to pull the zip of his pants back up!!!

The next day was difficult! I hadnt slept all night, bcos there was a hard equipment in my pants dat just wouldnt go down! And to top it off, i kept on torturing myself, by cuddling it, but not letting myself climax! Throughout the day i could think of nothing but the maid! How she had sneaked out prepared to taste the manhood of 2 men at the same time. How she wanted them to do her in every way possible to satiate herself! And how i wanted to do the same things to her!

In the evening, i was back home at around my usual time, 6:45-7:00! Climbing up the stairs, i could hear a voice, a female one, filling the air by humming a song softly. But then as i had almost reached the source, it stopped. Probably on hearing my footsteps!!! As i turned to the landing of my apartment, wonder of wonders, there she was, sitting on the flight of stairs to the next floor, with her right elbow resting on her knee, and her face placed on the right palm!!!She looked content, waiting, but for what?For whom? Could she be waiting for me? Then I realised, she`s probably not waiting for anyone other than her masters to return, as my eyes fell on a packet of groceries next to her. I realised the possibility of her most probably locking herself out! Something came over me, an evil side that had probably suddenly taken birth inside me because of my eagerness to put my manhood in her nest!!! What increased it more, was that for the 1st time i could see how well endowed she was! Her ragged clothes where struggling to keep all of her fair breasts inside themselves! And seeing that she is looking elsewhere, I took the opportunity to observe.I saw as the beads of sweat from her face, slowly climbed down her neck, into the divine depths of her cleavage! My mind could think of nothing but tearing all the clothes of her and fuck her hard, while sucking wildly on her breasts! Then I realised she noticed me looking, and then I saw that she had also noticed the throbbing bulge in my pants!!! Embarrassed, my mind returned to the earthly affairs, and as if to make up for my ungentleman like behaviour, i blurted out, "Kya hua?". To my surprise she replied in bengali, as she explained, that she had gone down to get some items, and had forgotten to take the keys before pulling the door shut! So my hunch was right,she had infact locked herself out!!! Once again, devilish intentions took over me, instantly i got an idea.

If I could coax her into coming in and waiting in my apartment, by offering to help her, i could blackmail her, with what i saw the night before, and get her to satisfy my hunger for a place to park my cock in!!! But i wasnt sure if she would take the helping hand, cos i knew she had read my mind too, she knew i was tempted! But was she curious too? I did notice her staring rather curiously at the bulge almost ripping out of my pants.I couldnt wait any longer, without thinking, i blurted out and asked her in Bengali, "would you like to come into my apartment and wait?" a pause followed...till the silence was broken by her reply, "Yes, its too hot today and if you have Didi`s (the housewife) number, then maybe you can call them and make me speak to them." I wasnt sure if we did have the number, but before i could say anything, she herself cleared my doubts. "Didi had given her number to your mother, in case of emergencies!" .I immediately recalled, she had in fact, and my mom had scribbled it down on a pad and stuck it to the refrigerator! Excited at the prospect of getting her to come inside, i couldnt control my emotions and excitedly blurted out, "Yes yes. I remember now, please come in". Saying this i saw her grabbing the grocery packet and standing up, and as she did, her heavenly bobs, bounced, only to entice me more and assure me again that heaven was waiting between those giant mountains!!! I somehow hurriedly opened the door and turned on the fan, deliberately not turning on any light in the drawing room! But instead turning on a light, again a dim one in the adjacent dining hall. And asked her to come into the dining hall, as the phone was in that room only. I took the no. form the fridge and dialled it, and waited for the irritating caller tune to end and for her "DIdi" to pick up. She did, and i explained the situation to her, she said the family had gone out for dinner and a movie and couldnt come back before 10!!! Those words were music to my ears as i knew even my family wouldnt be back before another good 2-3 hours!!! She hung up, but not before cursing her maid for being so careless. As i kept down the reciever, i contemplated my next move!!! I turned around and saw her right behind me. Seeing the main door still open, i asked her to go close it. and watching her go to follow my orders was a delight, as her pear shaped hips swayed from side to side!!!

I put on the Tv in the dark drawing room and asked her to be comfortable, while i go take a bath. She went to the seating area and sat down on the floor. Again without thinking, i said, "Its ok if u sit on the couch.."I didnt know how she would react, but luckily this made her happy and she gladly sat there! I went to the bathroom, and while bathing, was contemplating whether i should actually do what i had planned, i knew she would have to do as i say, but to have her as the slut she had transformed into the night before, i would have to have her on her consent! By the time i was done, my mind had still not cleared, but i had decided not to blackmail her and coax her, but rather tempt her to. Which shouldnt be too difficult, considering i was far better looking and bigger in size (u know wat i mean) compared to her partners from the night before! So i deliberately wore the towel out to the drawing room, making absolutly no effort to hide my still erect cock. In fact, i had deliberately kept the parting of the towel right next to it, so that my eager snake would peep out with too much movement! she was watching tv, intently, as i walked up to the couch and asked her what she is watching, she turned around and immediately her eyes fell on my peeping Tom. Little embarrassed, she turned back in front and looked down at her lap, as if a little shy! Shy she was.

But i knew that it wasnt the sorta shyness that would mean she is scared or does not want to go through, because i could see the grin she was hiding by biting her lower lip, while looking down! I didnt spare a second and came down and sat right next her. As soon as i did, she slyly put her stare on my dick again. Seeing this i took the towel off, and sat completely naked right beside her, resting back, so as to give her a better view, to make her realise she was wasting her time on small toads last night, while she had an anaconda right next door!!! I put a hand on her shoulders and pulled her closer, and whispered in her ears," I know you want this..." saying so i took one of her hands and placed it on my cock,as she just rested her fingers around it lightly, "And i want you too!" i said, on hearing which her grip tightened, as she looked up into my eyes and asked me, "Isnt this wrong?"

I replied, "it would be wrong, if anyone found out. But we wont tell anyone, will we?" and my hand moved from her shoulder and came around under her armpit and squeezed her breast, as i could feel her fully erect nipple against the palm of my hand! "Would we?" I asked again and pressed her nipples slightly, and with a moan she replied, "No...." Her eyes were now closed in ecstacy,as she felt my hands carressing her beautiful breast, then she opened them, and started bending down towards my manhood, while bending down. The moments i had so lusted for, were around the bend!!!

Bending down she put a soft kiss on the tip of my now massively throbbing manhood! For the first time in my life i was sharing an intimate moment of this sort with someone other than my gal! Feeling her soft lip touching my stick gave a spasm as all my muscles clenched and it felt like a thousand bolts of thunder passed through me! Sex with Laboni (my gal) was good, but it was more like soft love making! I had never felt these sort of animal urges in my body, where all i wanted to do was consume her and in turn, get consumed until it was impossible to figure out who was who, where my arms ended and hers began! So close that we would be joined in unison as one body, sharing our heartbeats, our breaths, and i would fill her with my juice of ecstasy!

She landed a few more kisses on my head, and then, ever so slowly pulled my foreskin down, and rubbed the tip of her tongue all around, right under the right of my dick`s head! The feeling of pleasure that it made me feel is not comprehensible! I realised this cannot be the first time she is doing this! But it didnt matter, as long as i got mine! she put her saliva on the tip of my cock and with her hands, lubricated me using the juice from her mouth! By now my hands had reached for the band keeping her hair in a knot, and undid it, as her hair fell, it brushed against my dick. With one swift motion i pulled her hair aside, so as to make sure it doesnt interrupt what she is doing, and dropped it behind her! Knowing that i was enjoying every minute of what she is doing, she got busier, as the kisses and wet handjobs gave way to what i had been waiting for, as she parted her lips and was about to take me inside, but i didnt want her to do it, not just yet. I wanted to explore her mouth with my tongue, before my penis and juices made way there! So i pulled her up! I put one hand behind her head and the other under her knees and pulled her legs up on my lap, and then slowly tilted her back until her head rested on the arm rest of the couch! I twisted and turned a bit, so that now i was on top of her!I brushed my hand through her hair once, while looking at her eyes, her lips, her facial features, even in the dim light, it was obvious, she was a beautiful flower born in poverty. If she were decked up, she would probably look better than any girl I have ever been with! I moved my lips close to hers and parted them slightly. She was waiting for me too, she whispered something which i couldnt make out. "Did u say something?" I asked her..."I have never felt this way before..." was her reply!

I smiled, doubting her statement, cause a moment back she was working her tongue on my dick like a pro. So i asked her, if that was true, howcome she knew how to please men so well. "My master tought me..." was her reply. Realising that the S.O.B next door, who pretended to be a happily married man was already using her as a treat! "What else did he teach you?" i asked, "Nothing, he only made me suck his cock and took pleasure.At night he would wake up and come into the kitchen where i slepp and make me suck him off, while Didi was sleeping" I still had my doubts, but i guess he might have had reservations to go further cos he was afraid he might impregnate her. Plus he ran the risk of his wife waking up, or his parents, who were always home! She knew i was distracted, and moaned, "Do what you want to do na...". "Do you want me?" i asked..."YeS!!! Yes!!! Very much!!! Was her almost out of breath reply! So i moved back, close to her lips, she didnt close her eyes this time. I wanted to tease her, so i just parted my lips and took the tip of my tongue and traced imaginary lines, around her lips, all the while feeling her hot breath, mixing with mine! I moved to her ears, took her earlobe in my mouth, and sucked a little on them and nibbled, ever so gently! She was trembling in lust now! But i wasnt done teasing her, as soon as my lips moved back in front of hers, she pulled her head up, desperate by now to feel my tongue!!! I Moved back, and smiled wickedly!!! "Pls dont tease me...pls..." she said, almost begging for me to take her! I obliged, and pressed my parted lips hard against her, our tongues dancing away glorious ly with each other! In between, she would take every opportunity to nibble on my lower lip, as i sucked on her upper lips! We parted for a second, and bent down with my tongue out, she got the message and pulled her tongue out too, as now the dance moved outside our mouths, after playing with each others tongues for sometime, we got back into a passionate kiss. For the most part i was leading her, becoming more and more sure that she might not actually be as experienced as she might come across, not experienced at all in fact! I put my tongue in hers, and she sucked on it! And then she gave me hers, and I returned the favour! The kiss wasnt ending, but my hands grew restless, while my left hand was still under her head, my right hand moved out from under her waist and reached for the buttons on her clothing! After undoing them, i parted my lips from her and made her sit up, to take her top off, and as i did, my eyes fell on her breasts. The fairness of her breasts gave indication that her now wheatish complexion, which wasnt too dark anyway, was in fact a tan! And my eyes couldnt stop feasting, as they were even bigger than I had imagined them to be. She had to be a D cupper! I couldnt wait to free her globes from the imprisonment of her bra and reached back, and unhooked the clip of her bra! As she slid it of her arms, i could see beads of sweat dripping down in between her globes. What a site!!! I got wild, pushed her back down against the head rest, grabbed her breasts, parted them, and licked the valley in between, and took the salty nectar that was her sweat into my mouth. It acted as an aphrodisiac as my lust went up ten folds, and now i would be satisfied in a very long time! I came down to her navel, as i mentioned, she was not thin like most maids her age, but was slim, but she had just enough flesh on her waist to add to that voluptuous image she had!

I kissed her navel, and started licking her, my hands still working on her breasts! Her nipples were now at full glory and i would pay them extra attention, rubbing them and squeezing them every now and then! I turned her around violently, so that her bare back would be facing me! It was sweaty by now, with her hair sticking to her back in a eclastical tangled mess! I moved her hair out, and started kissing her back, with my right hand reaching under to grab her right boob! I was in heaven, her musky aroma sent me there! Taking care to lick off every bead of salty sweat! I decided to move on. while she was still lying with her face down, i reached under her navel area to reach for the button of the old frock she was wearing! As i did, she let out a moan of anticipation, thats when my eyes fell back on her pear shaped buttocks! I grabbed them and squeezed them while they were still under clothing! I couldnt find the buttons! "Not there", she said, turning slightly! it wasnt a frock after all, it was a sarong, probably a used one that her "Didi" had given her, i saw the knot and undid it and with a jerk took it out and threw it off! But her panty still prevented my view, i got kinky and starting licking at the extrmely lower end of her back, right where the tail bone would be, knowing that area is a pleasure point for most women, and i was right as an uncontrolled but soft, "Oooh!" escaped her lips, i smiled and took the sweat wet elactic of her under garment in between my teeth, and slowly pull them down using only my teeth! When i was done, she was completely naked and was about to turn around, anticipating that now i would take her, but i stopped her! "Not yet...let me explore you a little more..." Saying so I went up to her ass cheeks, and ran my tongue right down on the ridge! "dont go there, pls, it will hurt" she begged, I assured her, "I wont, but i want you to feel my lust!!!" saying so i bit one one of her cheeks! She tilted her head up! But i knew it wasnt pain she felt, it was ecstasy, pure ecstasy!!! It was time to go on, but before i would, I got up a little, put my left knee beside her on the couch with my right leg on the floor! My dick was right above her ass, I bent down and put it between her ass cheeks,and rubbed it for a while. She didnt complain, she trusted me i guess, or maybe she was enjoying it too. I put my hands on either side of her waist and turned her around!!!

Her bare, naked womanhood was in my full view, and she looked sexier with the dim light from the dining room and the light of the muted tv tracing dark sexy shadows of her bodily faetures. She had pubic hair, i like it, cos clean shaven pussies seemed a little unnatural to me, but she didnt hide a jungle either, fortunately!!! once again i kissed her midriff, but not too long, soon i help her hands in a strong grip, and pinned them above her head with one hand, she gasped, judging the wildness of my passion, and looked straight into my eyes, i could see the same hunger i had in her eyes to. with her hands up above now, i noticed that her armpits were shaved, "You did that?" i asked..."I saw didi doing it once, so i tried it" I took my mouth to her armpits, to get another wiff of her musky, natural scent, a scent of the heaven she had taken me to that evening! I kissed her underarms and licked them! and then my tongue traced a passage down to her hairy pubic region. I licked a few hairs and made them stand up, so that i could take them into my mouth! I dont remember how it must have actually tasted, but i remember that it made us both wild. Till now her moans had been soft, but now she let out a semi scream, arching her body upwards, as if to pull my tongue into her womanhood completely, i too wanted to eat her up. So stood up, and took her in my arms! She put her hands around my neck and our eyes were still fixed in a gaze with each other, no it wasnt love, it was lust, pure lust! But for the first time I realised, that at its peak, lust can be as beautiful as love! There she was, cradled in my arms, with her hands flung across my neck, i bent my head down as she picked her`s up, and out lips met in a kiss, with our lips joined in unison! Then i took her to the washroom, "Where are you taking me, fuck me right here na!!!" was her desperate statement! i want to treat you to pleasures you have never felt before, but there are things to be done before that! saying so i put my back to the bathroom door and opened it!!! There was a bathtub under the shower and thats where i took her. And turned the shower on. The dim lights were gone, the bathroom light was quite bright and we could admire each others body! For a while we both waited, staring at each other, but definitely not into each others eyes, i took 2 steps back right under the shower, and flipped the shower on, still looking at her beautiful breasts, her dark nipples in perfect contrast to her white milky breasts! The nipples where still standing tall! and she had her gaze fixed on my manhood, standing tall, proud and erect, anticipating when she can feel me inside herself! "I turned the knobs a few times to make sure the water was of the perfect temperature, and once i was satisfied, i asked her to come under the shower, right next to me.

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RE: Kolkata mein Servant ki Chudai
For the first time, she took an initiative, and as soon as she got close to me, she pulled my face towards hers and started smooching me! I was surprised but pleasantly. She was close, but i realised out bodies were not being able to meet completely because my manhood was creating a gap of a good seven inches between our pelvises! So i crouched down a little and pulled her up just a little so that she would be on her toes, and i put my cock in between her thighs, so that her wet pussy would now be resting on it! She tilted backwards, with pleasure and i bent forward, cause probably i couldnt except the parting of her lips from mine! I toke my hands to her buttocks and squeezed them! And then pulled her up, as she crossed her legs around my waist, her ass resting on the bridge my hands had formed! We continued to kiss for sometime, but then i remembered the business why i had brought her there! I put her down of her own feet and turned her around so that she would have her back to me! I took the bar of soap and created a lather in my hands, and then reached my hand out, between her legs, my hand coming in from in front of her her, going around her waist, while i was still behind her. As i cleansed her woman hood, a took care to rub it it!!! Even in the shower, i could feel her pleasure as her warm, thick juices started puring into my hands, from feeling the touch of a mans hand in her womanhood. once done cleaning, I put my middle finger up her vagina, and she screamed with pleasure! She reached her hand behind her, searching for the snake which was till now probing against her ass cheeks and took hold of it! She had had enough, she wanted me in her mouth now, and as she turned around and faced me, breathing heavily, her mounds going up and down with every breath, I could understand her intentions! I started melting, except my manhood was still as hard as a rock. Still under the shower, i sat inside the bathtub, stretched my legs out and parted them!!!!She got on her knees in front of me, pulled her hair back and took hold of my dick! And bent down, this time there would be no soft kisses, no prelude, no exploring my dick with the tip of her toungue, she took my erect, throbbing manhood inside her mouth and started sucking on it while simultaneously swirling her tongue around the head!!! In between she would bite on it softly! i had never felt pleasure like this before! My gal had gone down on me too, but she was far too mechanical. And she never did what this gal was doing. Which is staring at me fixedly. Then she grabbed on of my free hands and put it on her breast which had fallen on my thigh! I needed no indication, she wanted me to massage them like i had been doing all evening, so i obliged. Then all of a sudden she put her lips at the base of my cock head and gave it a hard, glorious suck! "Oh yes!!! Oh ..." I screamed out with pleasure, as my other hand came and rested on her head, my intentions were to run my fingers through her hair, but she took it as another signal, and as i looked on, she almost took all of my 7 inch monster in her mouth going up and down, coming up on gagging for a little while and going bcak down! I felt a climax building up, and my hands and feet started trembling, every muscle in my body twitching uncontrollably! I thrust my pelvis up with the support of my hands and arched back! she must have realised i am about to climax, but she didnt stop in fact her sucking got even more rigorous and then...I came...i came like never before, and came for what seemed like an eternity, and she swallowed every drop of my hot cum, not letting any get spilt!!! I saw her, stop sucking, and just keep my dick in her mouth! Till she was sure im done cumming, as my manhood went limp! Thats when she took her mouth of!!! She looked up and smiled, drops of my cum on her lips, she wiped her lips with one finger to collect the drops of cum that had escaped, and than put her finger in her mouth and took those last drops in too! It was hard to tell, who had enjoyed more? Me or her? Didnt matter, I had never felt so good ever before!!! "Come her" i ordered her as i grabbed her and pulled her into my arms, she did and sat on y lap with ankles resting on the ridge of the bathtub, and i put her head on a makeshift head rest made out of a towel and her head rested on the ridge opposite to her legs!!! I put my head on her warm bosom, and closed my eyes, as she put her arms around me to pull me in. One of her hands went around my neck, and then other she put to good use by playing with my wet locks, the shower was still on, but the water couldnt douse the flames burning inside of us! My head still resting on her soft and huge breasts, i kissed the mound closest to my lips and said, "That bastard has tought you well!". She laughed and said, "Really? Well, im more intent on learning what you will teach me.." She said. I looked up and saw a wicked grin on her face, for the first time i saw the colour of her eyes prominently, the were a lighter shade of brown than i had thought! " I will, I will teach you so much! Dont worry, we just gut started, we still have a couple of hours! Lets just stay in this sweet embrace for a few minutes.." I requested. "You love my breasts dont you?" She asked, with a bewitching tone, almost with a light laugh. "Cant get enough of them." was my reply before i went back in between her mounds with my eyes closed and she clutched on to my hair even tighter! Moments later, i opened my eyes, but didnt look up. "You know what" i said "im really glad you got locked out today!!" She chuckled again and replied," Yes, me too!!!"
There were still other holes on her body, that my manhood was eager to explore, and if this was the effect of just one of them, i couldnt wait till my dick would be inside her, rubbing against her vaginal walls!!!
For about 10-15 minutes, it seemed like there was nobody else in the world, other than the 2 of us, locked in an embrace. Locked in a kiss that refused to end itself,out tongues were creating motions that would put latin dancers to shame, her hands running through my hair and rubbing my neck, my fingers exploring the depths of her tight, wet womanhood, coming finally only so that i could lick them and taste her juices, smell her lust!!!"finally i`ll have a real dick in me..." she said. I smiled, and asked," howcome a simple lower class girl like you has such an urge to fuck so badly?Even last night i saw you were desperate enough to take 2 men at the same time."She blushed, and almost with a whisper replied,"Jaisi malkin waisi naukrani!" Still confused i asked her to clarify! "My master`s parents moved in when i was 17, but i have been a domestic help to the couple since i was 14. Both of them have looked after me not as a servant, but as a member of the family.Even before i was old enough to understand these things, i often used to peep inside their room at night to see them fuck wildly! But I guess Didi wasnt satisfied, at least 10-12 times every month, whenever Bhaiya wud leave for work, she would call guys over, and for the rest of the day, have a treat for herself in the bedroom, sometimes with more than one person at a time. As i began to understand these things, i started yearning for them too. As bhaiya started realising what was going on, he called his parents over to stay with them.Deprived of her feast of lovers, Didi`s fucking sessions with bhaiya also decreased! And he would come to me to ask me to suck him off, on nights when the urge got the better of him. Everytime he did, my own urge, built on seeing how happy Didi looked after being satisfied by her lovers, would make me wish he would gather the guts to go all the way. but he never did." I was getting turned on by every word she said, not that her speech had any seductive qualities or sophistication, but just the thought of her peeping into her mistresses acts of sins and rubbing herself was a picture too fucking sexy! "Didi and her husband dont even talk much too each other anymore, unless they need to discuss something serious. Didi relied on the pleasures her toys gave her to keep her peace!" "What toys?" I asked, knowing she fully well she must have been talking about vibrators and dildos! ""I dont know what they are, things like these..." she said, holding my dick in her palm, "only made of rubber.Even i put them in sometimes." I looked a little startled, but she ignored it and continued."First time i plunged in the big one, it hurt, and i bled. Then few months later when i dared to try again, it wasnt painful anymore, but i couldnt get myself to climax either" The girls had no hymen, but she had only been fucked by a rubber toy! That explained why she was so tight! I was getting my erection back, but she wanted me to be at full glory faster, she was impatient, her lips parted mine, as she crawled out of my lap, to kneel down again in front of me, and suck my cock back to life, not that it would take too long. She picked my semi-erect dick up and started licking my balls, every now and then she would take one into her mouth gently and give it a light suck, then she gave her attention back to my penis as she started sucking it and slobbering it with her spit! Just seeing her doing all those kinky things to me, was enough for me, as i rose to the occasion and pulled her up by her shoulders. She understood that i was ready to take control again, "Will you fuck me now? Will you?" she asked, almost begging me to take her, but i still had a favour to return. I stood up, and she did so too along with me. I got out of the bathtub and held her hand, and as she came out too! Once again i cradled her in my arms to take her out of the bathroom and she smiled! i guess seeing that I didnt just look at her as a piece of meat but was gentle enough to please her as well made her happy! I took her to my bedroom! And flung her on the bed! She laughed as she rolled across the bed once and rested face down, pulling her hands up to rest her head on her crossed arms! She was looking at me, more specifically, my pulsating beast, all moist in her saliva, waiting to take her. "She looked up at me, in my eyes as i walked to the foot of the bed. She knew i was ready so she turned around facing up and sat up just a little, putting herself on her hands behind her! As she was still looking into my eyes, she parted her legs slowly, in the most seductive motion i had ever seen, and gave me a full view of her pussy! Perfectly shaped pussy lips, and just the right amount of pubic hair! When my eyes fell met her eyes again, she lowered her eyes once and with her eyes pointed me to her pussy again, telling me exactly how much she wanted me to take her, but i knew that i could give her much much more pleasure than what she has been anticipating! I held her ankles tight and pulled her towards myself, to the foot of the bed.

I took a pillow and kept it under my knees as i kneeled down, and put her legs on my shoulders. My head went in between her legs, and i kissed the inside of her thighs! "Uuhhhh!!!" she moaned! I was just getting started. Her wet pussy was right in front on me, i gently blew on it, and could feel her feeling a spasm all through her body! She couldnt sit up anymore as she collapsed in pleasure and fell on the bed on her back! Her hands reached for my hair, grabbed hold of them, and she pulled me in completely! My face was burried in her pussy,it was still smelling of the soap i had washed her with, and her desperation got me wild too! I brought my hands up to pull apart the lips of her cunt and exposed the clit! Her pussy was now like a blooming lotus, pink and open! I put the middle finger of my right hand inside her vagina and with the other pulled up the fleshy cover from the clit once again! I started fingering her, feeling her moan slightly! But i wanted her to scream, scream with pleasure, letting me know exactly how good i am! And dad she did, as soon as i put my lips on her clit and started drawing circles around it. Then i would flick it up and down, with my tongue and then occasionally suck and nibble on it! All the while my fingers were going up and down her cunt! And by now, there were 2 inside, barely though! After having given her clit a lifetimes`s worth of love, i stopped, and took the fleshy lips into my mouth and sucked on them, she was restless and wild by now, i knew i was putting her as high in heaven as she had done to me earlier. Then right before i pulled my fingers out, with my finger i searched for her G spot, on the ceiling of her cave, then i got confirmation that i had found it when she let out one of her loudest moans till then and started squirting her juices on my face and hands. When i realised she is flowing, i took my mouth close to her squirt and took her juices in, her juices aroused me even more and i kept on swallowing her taste as long as she came ! I rubbed for sometime until i was sure she had been turned on again, then i took my finger out and squeezed my tongue in. As soon as i did i felt her grip on my hair getting tighter! She tasted like heaven, her sweat and juices mixed to create a unique flavour inside her. I rapidly motioned my tongue in and out of her, she was reaching her peak again,(multiple orgasms, the biggest advantage of being a woman)and then I swirled my tongue in her cunt tightly a few times, as i explored her depths with my tongue!!! She had reached her height again, but this time she wanted me inside her too! "Take me now pls, dont torture me like this anymore, take me and fuck me like i was your whore" she screamed, little did she realise, that from then on till i wanted, she WAS in fact my whore!!! I got up and pulled her up from the bed. And threw her at the desk in front of the table, she knew what i wanted, she knew i wanted to take her pussy from behind her. So she stayed in the position she fell on the desk with, with her ass facing me, and her hands on top of the desk, giving support to her body! Her wet hair was a mess and her face was looking down at the desk! Beads of sweat were dripping down her skin! In one swift motion i bent down and licked them off her back as my tongue climbed from her ass cheeks to her neck! I pulled the chair of the desk, which was my work table out and put her right leg on it! Then sweet ecstasy took over as slowly i moved my cock into her dripping wet pussy! She was tighter than i thought... "Oh God, you are so big!!!" She screamed, "Just to fuck the shit out of bitches like you my whore!!!" I whispered into her ears! And then I was fully in! I pulled my hand up to her breast and started squeezing them and massaging her nipples, only the gentle touch was all gone, i was groping her huge mounds like a sex starved wild animal now! And the bitch liked it! My other hand reached for her hair, as i held her head and turned her face around. She looked at my face with eyes that she could barely keep open! "Taste your own juices on my tongue you dirty slut!" i said in English, though she couldnt have understood even 1 word im sure! And saying so i kissed her lips in a far more wild manner than ever before, we were almost biting at each other like a street dog and bitch engaged in violent sex!!! But then as my hips started motioning and my dick started going in and out of her, she parted her lips and started gasping, while i bit her lower lip! I sucked on it like it was the very material sustaining my existence!!!"Deeper, go deeper in me, you are so good!" she read my mind, i did want to go deeper myself, but it wouldnt be possible from behind her. So i backed out and went to the bed, lying down face up, knowing i would get maximum penetration if she came on top of me! She still couldnt understand my intentions, not having been in an encounter like this before she didnt have the experience to know what i was planning! "Come, cover my cock with your pussy!Sit on me" She understood and almost jumped up on the bed!!! Knowing that deeper penetration would stretch her more she seemed careful!
She crouched on the bed with her Cunt right over my throbbing manhood!!! She grabbed it with one hand and slwoly navigated it and her pussy to each other, then after taking only the head of my dick into her vagina she let go, she leaned on her hands with her palms resting on my chest, and closed her eyes.Thats when i noticed her lip was cut just a little, definitely from our animalistic kiss a while back! She soon bit down on her lip again as she sat down on my dick ever so slowly, making sure she doesnt hurt her tight pussy in the process! When she was done i felt like I had been granted all the earthly pleasures one can have! My cock had been swallowed up almost completely by her pussy and i could feel myself hitting against the wall of her cave! After pausing for a few seconds, she started going up and down on my pole, i reponded by moving my hips to make sure that we bang into each other every time she came down and my hips went up! As she got comfortable, we built up speed, she let go of her hands and rested her bare body against mine! I grabbed her as and folded my knnes so that know that she was down, i could take chrge of the motion and fuck her!!! I was nearing climax as was she, so i stopped once to fill her up completely again, I was in her, deeper than ever before! She was desperate no, she wanted me to fill her up, "Fuck me hard and fill me with your cum", I wanted to oblige, knowing that she can take pills later! So i held her hips and threw her on her back right beside me, she kept her legs in the air, parted, waiting for me to come in and take her! I held her ankles and pulled her legs apart, she grabbed my dick and pulled it into her dripping pussy!

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RE: Kolkata mein Servant ki Chudai
I went in with one quick motion and guided her legs around my waist and interlocked them there! Her hands went under my arm pits and rested on my back, as if to pull me closer! I crouched up a little so that i could still suck her magnificent breast while i gave her the dream fuck she had always wanted, one which she saw made her Didi happy, but could never have for herself! I was the first man to give it to her and complete her transformation into a fine ass big breasted woman!!! I put my hands under her shoulder blades and started sucking on her nipples wildly, paying equal attention to each breast with the licking and sucking i was performing, soon i started plunging in and out of her! There was no building up of speed, just fast, hard fucking! I stopped every thing else and started fucking her wildly! She started screaming loudlly "Aah...aah...aah" A moan came from her wide parted lips every time i plunged down into her depths and hit her inside!!! Her hands went up and held on to the head board of the bed! Literally clasping on to it!!! I was about to reach my climax, but i didnt want to come before her, so i paused, and kissed and fondled her breasts again!!! After some time i put my hands on either side of her, arched back, with my weight on my palms facing down on the bed, i started moving even more rapidly and fucking her even harder than before. It worked, she started nearing her climax as well, as she brought her hands back down this time on my buttocks and clenched on them, her nails digging into my flesh!
A storm rushed through our bodies, we both reached heavens far from earth and electricity in the form of goosebumps made every strand of hair on our body stand up, as we both came, simultaneously, our orgasms wrapped in each other, I came just as hard as i had done before, and a cocktail of our juices flowed out of her pussy and pured on to my bed!!! Exhausted i wanted to lie down, but i wanted to still be in the warmth of her womanhood. So i grabbed her and pulled her over me, as i lay on my back! She collapsed equally fragilly on me, as our faces got covered by the forests of her long black hair! I turned off the bedlamps, which had been on so long, and put my arms around her as she put hers over my head, her head on my shoulder and her lips biting my neck. We lay there, like that! Spent and satisfied, but surely not forever. She was no whore, even though i roughed her as if she was, neither were we in love, but still, the sex between us was so beautiful. Love is no doubt what completes life, my sexual experience didnt make me forget that, but if lust reaches its peak, and both the parties share it, sex can be just as glorious!
Our time was almost up and my cinderella had to be heading back. I knew that, so after cuddling and kissing a little more, we got dressed, i hated to see her perfect breasts getting covered again, but i was sure i`ll have her again. We put on the lights in my house, and i as she was about to leave and grabbed reached for the knob of the door, i turned her around and planted a deep but gentle kiss on her again! The message was clear to her, i wanted her again sometime, and she smiled, as if to console me, let me know that i will have her! As she opened the door and was about to walk out, we saw her Didi right there, just about to reach for my doorbell, the rest of the family memebrs could be heard climbing up the stairs! "Chal!" she commanded her, and then she noticed. "What happened to your lip?" she enquired of my desired creature, "I bit it while eating..." she mumbled. "On the outside?" she asked, raising her eyes towards me, i could have sworn i saw a devilish grin on her face. We both knew what had happened, there was now a third party who knew, at least through suspicion, of our exploits that evening!!!!

I looked back while sleeping on the events of that evening. I couldnt believe i had gone through with it! And though i should have been feeling guilty about cheating on my gal, I actually wasnt. Maybe because all i was looking for when i brought her into my apartment was a simple fuck to relieve myself of the frustrations that had built up inside me over the last few days! But what i got was much more. I had the best sex of my life that evening! She wasnt the first gal i had been with, but as i said, having sex with someone u r in a relationship means u have a lot to lose if u dont pls her. That anxiety. Though i didnt have that, i knew i could never ask her to get kinky, to swallow or something. With the maid next door, i didnt even have to ask her! And it was sex out of lust, it wasnt something we did just cos we were alone and had an empty room to ourselves.We did it bcos we both wanted it so bad!
But then while thinking about these things, i got scared too. Cos i knew her "Didi" had gotten a wind of what was going on! For the next few days, things were normal. I didnt see her much. Its another thing that she was very much on my mind! The following Sunday there was some sorta programme in the society! All day people were busy setting up the place, a makeshift kitchen was organised in the parking area, but it wasnt here that things were heating up! Around noon, some visitor came to the our place, hearing a conversation i walked out of my room to the living room to see who it was! And there she was, Mrs. Patel! Our next door neighbour having tea with my mom! Had she come to rat on me? As soon as i walked out, i saw her, sitting on the very couch where i had such a pleasant time a week back. "Good Morning...soldier" she said. It shook my brain! She was playing mind games with me, in my apartment! I got scared and went back in, knowing my mom`s presence made things awkward and nerve wrecking for me! I stood right next to the door, eavesdropping on the conversation. She was mostly informing my mom about the event. Usual women talk too! Then my mom`s phone rang and she needed to answer it! "Can u excuse me for a moment?" my mom asked her politely as she attended the phone call..."Pls go ahead!" She insisted..."Mind if i check how u have done up the place till u r done?" She asked my mom..."Ya ya pls, go ahead!" My mom replied! I knew her intentions, i didnt wanna be a part of it so i shut the door, and picked up some books from my desk and was about to walk to the bed, when my door was opened, without any knock or anything. And she stood there, a hip on her hand, and the other on the door knob. "Im sorry, am i bothering you?" I had every intention of being rude, but i wouldnt dare! "No" i replied, trying to act natural! Her eyes fail on some half done canvases at the end of the room. "Your mom was telling me, that you are a good painter,I see she was right". "Ya, i try, those things aint finished yet" I said. "I understand, its difficult to get any work done with so many distractions." she said and winked at me. I couldnt take anymore of her mind games, I couldnt wait for my mom`s phone call to get over. " Im sure a young man your age,is good at a lot of other things" she said as she walked towards me,and then put her hand on my chest and i bowed my head down suffering from anxiety,my heart beats jumping in my mouth "you know, things that are a little more physical....." I looked up at her "I mean, physically taxing"she continued, running her hand on my chest "things that are ( ) a little more intimate" her hand came down into my shorts and grabbed my rod! "Ooh, u r a big guy!" "Mrs Patel.." "pls, call me Jaya" she interrupted. "Ok"...i stuttered "I think this is innapropriate" "Oh i dont think so, Im not that old, in fact, most of my friends are single career women,hardly 6-7 yrs older than you" she replied. "No thats not the thing, my moms in the next room, and if she..." i couldnt finish cos she interrupted "Relax, we`ll know wen ur mom hangs up! And besides, u werent thinking about her findidng out when u fucked my maid were you?" She said, pulling me closer to herself holding just my cock, which had grown in her hands! Getting uncomfortable i pulled her hand out of my short, pushed her aside and walked to another corner of the room. "Nothing like that ever happened!" I said. "Dont lie to me boy"she said, while sitting down on my bed, "I know everything, I keep a tab on her you know. I know she is good to look at, u took her on this very bed did you? And I dont blame you for wanting some of her just like my husband!" I looked back at her, startled "Dont look so surprised, u think i didnt know? I have pictures and videos of her blowing my husband on my phone, would be incriminating evidence if we ever have to file for divorce" I knew that she was a cock hungry bitch, but never knew she was an evil, cunning cock hungry bitch! "If i had to tell on you" she continued "dont you think i would have done so by now?" She asked me fiddling with her hair."Well then what do you want?" i asked, my voice reduced to a whimper by her aggressiveness. "Oh cmon sweetheart, dont be so naive! You know what i want very well." She said, standing up, and then walking to me "and in case you dont, heres a clue.." saying so, she planted a peck on my lips, still unconfortable, i didnt dare look at her. So she put her hand on my chin and lifted my head up and looked into my eyes "And if that bulge in your shorts is any clue, I`d say you want the same thing" she said with a smile and walked out of the room! She had my thinking in knots! Every guy fantasises about a MILF, a beautiful, charming and attractive mature woman who would use him, i had just confronted mine, but she left me all shook up!
Around evening,around 5, my family had already gone to the complex`s compound for the programme, i had said i`ll join them later. Then i saw the Patels, go downstairs too, without the maid! I had to see her, ask her wat her didi knew!

As soon as i was sure they are down, i went and rang the doorbell of their apartment, and the maid opened the door! She was in fact decked up, but i had too much on my mind to be admiring her. I rushed in and asked her, "Did you tell ur didi anything?" she bowed her head down. I walked up to her,held her shoulders and shook her up "answer me!" I shouted. "I had to, Im sorry..." she whispered. "Why?" i asked, "she showed me photos of me and....she had taken them on her phone. She said if i didnt tell her everything, she`d put me into trouble" she said, as she broke down. Taking pity on her i took her head in my hands and pulled her into my chest. "Dont cry, its ok. But why didnt you tell her that if she did any such thing then you`ll tell everyone what she used to do when her husband was away?" "What proof did i have? She took me into her room after bhaiya left for work and asked me to tell her every single detail as she fingered herself to everything i was telling her" was her reply. "Its ok,its ok" i said as i wiped her tears "i`ll take care of things". Only then did i notice how stunning she was looking in that saree. With make up she was looking stunning, who would say she`s a domestic help? "You look beautiful by the way." I said and my lips on hers. She backed out and said, "We`ll get into trouble" "Everyone is downstairs" i assured her! I put her back to the wall and our kiss got deeper I bent down and lifted her saree up to her knees and put my hands in. My hands pulled her panty down and my left hand grabbed her ass and the fingers of the right hand went into her pussy and started fingering her. She arched her breasts out and her pallu fell, exposing her cleavage! I buried my face in between her mountains, once again forgetting everything else. "You just cant get enough of her can you?" Jaya was right behind me, with her eyes closed the maid had no chance of warning me either. I had nothing to say, i had been caught red handed. Both of us lacked the guts to look directly at Jaya. "Its ok, dont worry, I wont tell anyone." That wasnt very assuring to either of us! "Shibani, niche jao!" she ordered her maid, as she pulled up her panty and arranged her saree properly and rushed out, but not before pausing at the door and looking at me once, as if to beg me to take care of things. I didnt know what to do so i walked towards the door, but before i could reach there, she slammed the door shut, and latched it. Then she turned around and looked at me! "I knew you would come to her if i left her alone, I have had men far more intelligent and smarter than you fall under my spell or into my traps" She said proudly "Ya well then Im sure they will be more than willing to give a nymphomaniac like you what she wants!" And i continued towards the door with the intent of pushing her away and walking out! But as soon as i did, she pushed me back! "What are you doing?" I asked "You`ll see" she replied again as i tripped on the sofa behind me and landed on it! She almost jumped up on top of me so that i couldnt go anywhere, she sat right on my waist and held my hands above my head and bent down and put her lips on mine, in about 4 seconds i turned my head to break the kiss. "Stop pushing it.Stop acting like you are not liking it?Do you think I am holding you back?Do you expect me too believe that if you want, a guy like you cant push me off himself and walk out? Truth is you are enjoying this, you always had wild fantasies about a woman who would dominate you, and now when you can have her, you are acting like a pricey high school girl!" I was insulted, but she was right, somehow even i wanted this, i wanted her to take me, i wanted to know how it felt like letting an experienced woman take you inside herself and fucking your brains out! "Yes, i AM a nympho, and i enjoy it! My marriage was arranged, and 2 days before my marriage i realised that my life of changing boyfriends frequently and getting lotsa sex, my life of freedom was coming to an end. So guess what i did? I called up a few of my ex boyfriends and had myself gangbanged! " Saying this she dropped her saree off her chest and exposed her well shaped breasts confined in her bloused. Then she undid the clasps of her sleeveless blouse and took it off!!! "I want you to let me know that you want me too! If you do, rip this bra off me. Even if you dont, I`ll still rape you" She said with wicked chuckles. She bent down again and close to my lips she stopped, "Well?" she enquired, looking into my eyes. I put my hand behind her head and pulled her lips to mine. After keeping it light for sometime I put my tongue in her mouth, and she sucked on it! I put my other hand on her back, reached for her bra`s clasp and literally broke it off! She got up with a jerk and pulled her bra down her arms. I took it and flung it across the room!She smiled at this and said " I knew you want me, and i have wanted you so bad ever since Shibani told me how good you had fucked her. How wildly you took each other!" I want this cock so bad, she said, putting her hand on the bulge in my jeans! "Taste me" she said and put her breasts on either side of my face, i grabbed the soft globes in my hands and then put the nipples in my mouth and sucked on them! I closed my eyes and realised how right she is, she is only helping me realise my fantasy!

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RE: Kolkata mein Servant ki Chudai
Then all of a sudden she got up! "Come on" she said and pulled me up too. "Wait what if someone...." she put a finger on my lips and shut me up "Dont you think i would have thought of that? I gave them a good excuse for coming up, we have about 15 mins so lets not waste them!!!" saying so she took my hand and pulled me into her bedroom! As soon as got there she ripped my shirt off breaking a few buttons in the process and then brought my face closer to hers and licked me! My neck, ran her tongue down my chest and bit me once or twice, then she placed her tongue on my closed lips and pushed them apart and pushed her tongue into my mouth! At this point i held her body and pulled her closer to myself! She was a beautiful woman, and her agressive attitude had now taken the complete form of a turn-on! As we kissed, she reached for the buckle of my belt and undeed it, then slowly she lowered the zip and allowed my jean to fall to the ground! then she parted her lips from mine and pushed me onto a the bed! Then as i lay there, she undid the wraps of her saree, slowly, staring into my eyes, building my anticipation with the unwrapping of every layer. Then she pulled the maxi down, and then put her hands inside her lace panties! Then she came close to me and asked "Do u wanna taste my pussy?" and i answered hurriedly "Yes!!!" and she put the fingers of her hand, wet in her own juices in my mouth, and i sucked every finger, paying special attention to the index finger! The i said, "I want the real thing now...", she smiled and moved to the foot of the bed, and slowly pulled her panties down, and threw them onto the heap that had formed from our clothes! "Your turn to take urs off" she said, "I want to watch you do it" i replied! On hearing this she crawled onto the bed like a cat in heat and brought her face down to my chest and bit me again, only this time it was hard enough for me to say "Oww". "Sorry" she said and then her tongue followed an imaginary striaght line down from my chest, down till my jocks, which looked like they`ll get ripped any moment by my bulging cock!She placed a soft kiss on the sweeling and slowly started lowering my underwear. As soon as it had been lowered enough to set my cock free, it sprung up like a mamba and hit her on her face which was still hovering over my cock, and surprised her! " My my, you are a big fellow arent you? No wonder Shibani hasnt stopped grinning since you filled her up with this monster. But its time you did a real woman now!" she said and came up to the head of the bed and positioned herself right over me.
Then slowly she split her legs a lil, from down below i got my first good look at her completely shaven twat with puffy lips sticking out, inviting me to eat them up! Then carefully she lowered her pussy down on my face as i pulled her up just a little to make sure my mouth was right next to her pussy! "Yes, eat me up, Im all yours!!" She said, her voice sounding heavy by now! I stuck my tongue out and licked her pussy all the way down from her clit! "aahh yes!!!" she moaned and then she bent down, and took my erect manhood into her mouth! She sucked on me with technique i had only heard of so far, giving me royal pleasure. In return i sucked on her clit and every now and then put my right into her vagina. Pushing my tongue into her vagina was much easier than doing the same to Shibani, cos she wasnt as tight and when she stretched herself her pussy parted even more, giving me easy access to drinking all the juices flowing out from her. It was as if she was opening herself up to me, so that i may devour her completely, and i was happy to oblige! Down below she had already brought me to a point where i was ready to explode, and when i started twitching my muscles, she realised i was about to blow and took her mouth of my cock! "Not so fast killer, I havent had mine yet!" She said, and still on her hands and knees she turned around,coming out of the 69 position and sat her pussy on my mouth again , and held on to the wrought iron grilling at the head of the bed with one hand for support! She brought the other hand down to where my tongue had been workin and pulled the flsehy covering off her clit! "Suck on my clit!" she said and i followed her orders. Sucking and biting on it to make her wimper and whine! Then for sometime she allowed me to keep probing into her burning cunt!
When she was about to come she got off, "let me feel my taste in your mouth" she said and put her tongue into my mouth again and swirled it around, occassionally pushing my tongue so hard that it felt like she was trying to knot her tongue to mine! Then without warning she took my lower lips between her own lips and sucked on it violently, and then all of a sudden she bit down on it, making me scream, and making my lips bleed! I pushed her up and she said "Thats for Shibani you Dog!!!" she said almost out of breath! "Well if Im a Dog then what are you?" I asked, "Im the bitch whose gonna fuck your brains out!" She replied and took a scarf out from one of the drawers next to the bed! And pulled my hands up, and tied them to the iron grilling at the top of the bed! While she did this, I took one of her beautifully large boobs into my mouth and sucked on the nipple! Then right bit her right below the nipple and sucked on it hard enough to leave a love bite! And she didnt protest, the perverted dominatrix allowed me to do it, to leave my mark on her! "You want to mark me as yours do you? Well You dont own me, i own you!" she said, as she scooched down and moved her hips perfectly till her cunt was over my cock, and then she held my cock and navigated it into her pussy! And then arched back and she started going up and down on my cock, so hard that it felt like the room had been hit by an earthquake! I moved my hips to reciprocate her lust and hit her as hard as she was hitting me! Then she let out a scream "Im coming" and sat up, "So am I" i said.Her hand came on my chest again, and as she hit her orgasm she scratched my chest with her nails, we hit our orgasms simultaneously, but hers lasted longer than mine! But once we were done, she slumped and fell on top of me! As my cock went limp inside her, i could feel our juices pouring out and trickling down my balls!!! After about 5 mins of silence, i said, "We should be heading down now.." "Yes, you go down 1st, if we go out together people might suspect something!" she reasoned! She untied me and fell off on her back, and lay there on the bed tired. She sat up only when i started putting my clothes back on! She sat up and took pleasure in seeing me getting dressed! I took her lace panties and sniffed them right in front of her. Seeing this her fingers reached for her pussy "What are you gonna do with them?" she asked, she knew why i was taking them, and it pleased her to know she was gonna be a part of my fantasies now! "A souvegnier" I replied! "Of what? The best sex you`ve ever had?" she asked. "No, of the wildest bitch I`ve ever fucked! And I would suggest you dont take the pain of wearing another one before you come down, it might be a long programme, and we might get bored!" i said, getting wicked, "And if i dont wear those, you`ll have easy access to some entertainment right?" "The best fucking entertainment in the world mam!" I said as i reached for the door, and as i shut it behind me,i heard her say "Call me Jaya!". I knew this wasnt gonna be a one time experience, and i had to get even with her for the way she owned me that evening!
Till that morning I hadnt thought much of Jaya! She seemed like easy meat, or an ordinary slut to me who had an insatiable hunger for cocks! But the way she owned me on the bed, and seeing how she is by observing her that evening made me want her now! How was she? Lets see, how can you tell when a woman is a tigress on the prowl, when she knows how to be the centre of attention? Its when u see other women envying her, or rather being jealous! Jaya came down to the compound well after me, when i came down, i saw Shibani and walked up to where she was standing! "Im sorry.."she said even before i had stopped walking up to her, a little surprised i walked up beside her, pretending to be fiddling with the items on the table near her i asked her without looking at her,"for what?" "You still didnt get it?" she asked,"get what?" the conversation that followed made me feel like bolts out of the blue! "If i hadnt cried you wouldnt comfort me,hug me, give her the chance to catch you red handed?Didi felt u might be tough to seduce into bed, but she wanted you,so she needed someway of blackmailing you so that you would comply."Her words were hitting me hard,i was shell shocked! I struggled to utter a few words "But how is that possible, i saw you crying,you had tears..." before i could finish she interrupted "just because im a maid doesnt mean i cant act a little, specially when im paid a thousand bucks!Plus im a woman am i not?" I wondered what that meant, i had stopped fiddling with anything, my hands were shaking, i was angry! "And hey, thanks for the fuck,it was awesome! I had feared i would die a virgin, or worse yet, get married as a virgin!" And she walked away! I stod there, for sometime, thinking about everything i had just heard!
As i turned around i saw Jaya at the other end of the party! She was evil, but may i say just as seductive as the devil too! She looked striking in a black transparent saree. Her blouse was a tease too, sleeveless and a low cut back, and the front had a neckline low enough to expose a little cleavage! Her make up and jewellery were very simple, not loud like the other women there who by the way had started whispering into each others ears on seeing her! And the men, well, it wasnt hard to imagine that at least some of them hadnt already started undressing her mentally, looking at those creeps stare and oggle, they just couldnt get enough of her. Actually i myself was drooling at the site of the woman i had fucked just about 20 mins back! She was amazingly beautiful, but even then, my anger didnt subside, i couldnt forget how she tricked me! Finally our eyes met,she abruptly stopped exchanging those fake pleasantries with the other guests and took her steps towards me. When she reached me, she said "I just heard the news..." "what news?" i asked, before she could answer Mrs Chakrabarty called out to me,frantically shouting in bengali "so you are going back to your house,thats good, dont forget us!" I hadnt heard the news, but everyone else apparently had, my dad had recieved the phone call informing him that work had been completed before time at the party himself, maybe thats why he couldnt inform me.My thoughts rejoined the loud Mrs Chakrabarty and Jaya when i heard Jaya say "Yes its a pity isnt it, not having such a 'talented' boy around anymore..."she said, measuring me up. "we are going to miss you, I loved having you..." Mrs Chakrabarty sported a puzzled look in reference to what Jaya meant "having you over that is!" she completed, but im sure that tease of hers had insured that the absurdly over zealous entity standing with us now had suspicions in her mind!

I couldnt believe the audacity Jaya possesed! "Its also a pity that i have to leave for a friends house immediately,nice party though, now if you ladies excuse me..."i said as i stormed out. I heard Mrs Chakrabarty exclaim something about how i was a snooty fellow to Jaya behind me! I took the car keys from my dad and stormed out of the compound to the makeshift parking lot on the empty field outside the building, where all the cars had to be kept since the garrages where being used for the event! It was pretty dark by now and i couldnt see where my car was so i beeped the auto lock system to find out where it was! Once that was done as i was walking upto the car i heard Jaya`s voice behind me "Wait up killer!" "Stop calling me that, i hate it, i have a name you know, quite a few in fact, like my friends call me Troy but i guess you arent one of them" i said rudly. I opened the door of the car got in and started it up. Just then she came and stood right in front of the car so dat i couldnt move out!
"Turn the ignition off!" She commanded me, i ignored her and pressed down on the gas to wroom the engine up so that she moves away, "Turn it off, at least let me explain...please" . For the first time she wasnt acting like the commanding whore she is and rather begging for a chance! So i turned the rev off as she walked to the door of the seat beside me and got into the car! "What the hell do you think you are doin?What if someone sees us together?" i asked, " I dont care!" She answered, "Well i do..." "Why? Am i an ugly woman who you dont wanna be seen with? Was i bad in bed? Didnt you feel pleased to have your brains fucked out?" it was hard to tell what she had on her mind " Those things are inconsequential Jaya, fact is you duped me into it, a beautiful woman like you, you didnt even need to do something like that, if you had just asked..."she interrupted "then it would have been an adventure only for me, not for you. You would have been just another guy, getting a cheap fuck from a lonely housewife! Do you think i couldnt have paid Shibani more money to keep her mouth shut? Who do you think told her to rat it out to you?" " I was starting to get her, "You did? But why?." "Most guys your age go about pretending to have done it all, but im sure most of them dont know how exciting it can be to let go and hand over the control to a woman in the bedroom, how mindblowingly pleasurable it can be.They fuck their naive, easily satiable girlfriends and get bored, then they fuck equally naive,horny and lonely housewifes not much different than their gfs, except a little older, and then grow up get married, lose that adventurous streak and become wimps like my husband who think mature women are just as easily controllable as the girlfriends they had! Can you honestly tell me, it doesnt turn you on that a woman wanted you so bad that she had to dupe you to get you? Wasnt it exciting? This excitement will make sure that you always stay the killer that you are." What she said made sense, but i wasnt convinced, it could just be another trap of somekind for me. "Its true i didnt know you had such a libido, i coaxed Shibani into confessing to me without torturing her, and when she described how it felt, i too longed to feel everything you made her feel! Now you may ask why i had to beat around the bush so much, well, as i said. I wanted it to be an adventure for you. Years down the line, you`ll remember me as the woman who set you free, sexually. And as angry as you are now, this whole episode will soon be a cherished memory to you! You are a nice guy, i feel men undressing me mentally every moment, all they wanna do is pull my legs apart, and satisfy themselves. You are different. You are a decent guy, and even the day that you moved in and i came over to your place, you were not really checking me out...well maybe you had a few quick glances down my blouse..." I finally softened up, chuckled and said "you could tell?" "Trust me, us women, we can always tell. And we also know what intentions a guy has by the very way they look at us!You are a nice guy,handsome,terrific in bed!I just dont want you to grow up to be the kinda man every other guy becomes eventually,a loser with no interest in exploring new horizons, not enjoying life to the fullest. " Her hand reached out and held mine, she pulled it up and planted a kiss on the palm and placed it on her cheek. "I really care about you shona, and the truth is, even though i dont know what our relation is, I have really started liking you. Because i have done a lot of things to satisfy myself in the past, but no1 came close to making me feel the way you did!" "Jaya i so wanna believe you, but i heard women can also act really well!"she smiled and said,"Well if this next thing feels like acting to you, you can throw me outta your life..."saying so she pulled herself closer, took my face in her hands and planted a light peck on my lips, and then another, and then i started reciprocating. Suddenly she looked into my eyes, and thats when i knew, she was in fact being honest, those eyes, those beautiful eyes, they said it all. They testified for her. After the short pause she closed her eyes, and kissed me.
It felt wonderful. The last time, it was just wild, animalistic sex. This time it felt like so much more. I dont know how to explain it,but it felt out of this world we continued kissing for a long time. she took my lips between her own and parted them enough for her to put her tongue into my mouth. We swirled out tongues around and in each others mouths and tongues for quite sometime,then she pulled her tongue out and started sucking the air out of my mouth subtly. I had never been kissed like this before, though i wish i had been. Her palms let go of my face as she thrust her whole body closer to me, almost coming over the gear. She wrapped her arms around my neck. My hand reached for the band knotting her hair, after a little struggle i undid it and her long, streaked hair fell down. The left hand went between the seat and her back, as i hald on to her waist first and then after adjusting myself a little and pulling one of my legs over the gear, i put my arm around her waist and pull her even closer, all this while, it was impossible to seperate our lips, as she would occasionally only whip out her tongue and trace it on my lips till i did the same to her. My right hand reached for the pin holding up her aachal and pulled it off, when the aachal still didnt drop, i pulled it down. Then i briefly stopped kissing her and started placing soft pecks all over her neck and the claevage and chest area she was exposing. Then i went back to kissing. this went on for 5 mins till she suddenly opened her eyes looked at me and smiled, i smiled too, we could hardly see each other but the moonlight which was now prominent was seeping through the tree under which my tavera was parked, and allowed us to more or less make out the line of each others faces and bodies!I dont know why, but i asked "And what if i fall for you?" she kissed me lightly again and answered "then you`ll never have to worry about not having me..." I smiled and said, "You were right, i will always remember these moments, remember you...." "Then let me give you more reasons to remember me, saying so she first slid the driver seat back, and then reached over me for the handle controlling the seats inclination and leaned it over completely so that i was now lying on my back. She reached behind herself and undid the buttons of her blouse and opened it. "Remember this evening as the time you made love to a sexy lady in your car!" She was now only in a tight black bra, which could hardly keep her breasts in itself. She scooched as she pulled up her saree till her waist, exposing her shapely legs and sat on my lap, actually kneeling on the drivers seat with each of her knees on either side of me. Then she bent down and climbed up me, till her breast were directly over my face and then covered my face. Hidden in between her mounds, i could smell her perfume, which had an intoxicatingly sweet smell! Since her saree and maxi were up, her panty was touching me, as she climbed back down, her private area rested right over my crotch, which had now strated revealing a huge bulge! As she kissed me again, she deliberately rubbed her panty covered twat against my bulge! I reached for her pussy and as i touched her crotch, it was all wet! I rubbed her clit from over the panty itself! She did get more of me that evening afterall....

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RE: Kolkata mein Servant ki Chudai
Her fragrance ignited a wild passion in me, here was an amazing woman, who obviously wanted me. And for the 1st time i actually believed im getting more than i deserve! She ran her fingers through my hair, and moved them away from my forehead and kissed me on the forehead, then before planting a peck on my nose, she gently rubbed hers against mine with a sweet grin on her face, as if she was adoring me! "You know that thing you asked me about you falling for me?" she said, still running her fingers through my hair, "What if its the other way round and i tell you that after today, i might be falling for you?" she asked me and looked into my eyes, her eyes anxious, maybe hoping i would also let her know that she was more than just another piece of ass to me, and maybe, she was. Cos at that moment, when i should have been worried about things going into dangerous territory, should have been scared, i wasnt. Instead i pulled the locks of hair falling over her face and placed them behind her ear and said, "Well my lips!" and i pulled her face closer to mine, and kissed her ever so softly. Her eyes were now closed,again, and as our kiss got deeper, her breathing got heavier. This was the same woman who had been so consumed by the need of a good fuck a couple of hours back, that she rode me like a cowgirl and almost bit my lip off! Now she was gentle! Her hands moved in under my head as she took me in her arms and moved my face closer to her own. The kiss got even more exciting as we were now literally consuming each other with our mouths placed tightly against each other, seperating once in a while only so that we can suck on each others lips, and every time we would get back to kissing, she would tilt her head to the right a little more so that she can push her tongue even deeper into my mouth than before!
In the meantime my hands moved down to her ass, inch by inch i pulled her saree back up to her waist. "Here, let me make this easier for you..." she said and with her support on one hand the other worked fast on the saree first to undo it and then in a flsah opened the knot on the string of the maxi and her legs pulled it down after a lil bit of a struggle!" That was quick" i commented, she just chuckled lightly and got back to kissing me, this time taking my face in her palms and tilting her head almost sideways, her tongue protruding out of her mouth even before her lips met mine, and i reciprocated by keeping my lips right on top of my lower lip so that she knows that im just as excited about making love to her as she was. My hands now reached for the clip of her bra, my hands caressed her soft skin and smooth back, feeling every line, tracing the beads of sweat that had begun to build up before finally reaching its destination, the clip and undoing it. I held on to the straps and pulled them down and she moved the down her hands without even breaking off the kiss or looking up to open her eyes! Her big breasts were perfectly round,they were firm but not tight, they were soft enough to enjoy cuddling and sucking on, i held on to her waist and pushed her up, she got the message and moved up a bit and rested on her hands, looking down at me she must have been delighted at the sight of me hungrily licking her nipples, cuddling and squeezing her boobs, the when i finally took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked on it, she let out a soft sigh, i could still feel her eyes watching me as i could feel her heavy breathing falling on my head,i continued to enjoy her mounds and it turned me on even more to know that she liked the sight too! Then i turned my attention towards the other boob and sucked on it too, only a little harder, then with the nipple still in my mouth i pushed the rest of her breast upward toward her chest so as to create a suction pull on her nipples, the result was instantaneous as i could feel her nipple hardening and getting erect on my tongue! Oh what an amazing feeling sucking on that nipple gave me as it gained full erection inside my mouth.

Every now and then i would take it between my teeth and bite very very softly, or take it out of my mouth and place it between my lips! My other hand let go of her other breast and moved down to her ass! I ran my hand over the lacy material of her panty, which by now was soaking wet! I squeezed her ass and then slid my hand into her panty and pinched her ass cheek hard! "Ouch!!! You are getting naughty now..." she said and smiled. I continued caressing the soft flesh on her well shaped ass, occasionally rubbing her asshole and running my finger through the ridge between her ass cheeks!! Then i took her breast out of my mouth and my hand out of her panty and pulled her back down, once again my face was right under hers! As she was bending down to kiss me, i put the index finger and the mid finger of my left hand inside her mouth. She sucked them first and then started licking them and slobbering on them. I to met her tongue with mine over my fingers, touching each other as the juices of our mouths mixed on my fingers, soon the fingers were gone and it was just out tongues fiddling with each other outside the mouth ! I put my left hand back in her panty and parted her cheeks just enough to allow my wet mid finger access to her butt hole! I shoved my finger into it as she arched back, closed her eyes and let out a moan! Then she came back down and we continued kissing as my finger kept going in and out of her hole! Then when it finall came out, i reached for her cunt! I rubbed her clit slightly at first and then with a little force shoved 2 fingers into her pussy! "Ohhh...yes...i want to taste you...cmon!!!!" she moaned as her face fell on my shoulder, she kissed my neck all over, then as i was fingering her, i could feel her dominating side coming back a bit, as she put her mouth on my neck and sucked and bit, as she worked on a love bite! Once she was done there she literally ripped my shirt off and kissed my chest all over, tracing a line down to my navel area with her tongue, goin farther down, suddenly she went to the passenger seat and undid my belt buckle, then unhooked my jeans and pulled the zip down, then pulled my pant off my legs, then she pulled my jockey down just enough for her to pull my cock out, as she bent down and took it into her mouth and gave it a deepthroat first, coming up then and giving it a long hard suck, making a loud sexy sound as she let go. She jerked the cock a bit with her hands and then went back down and lick it. She went back up and pulled my jocks off entirely! Then she came back down and licked my balls, occasionally taking one softly into her mouth and giving it a gentle suck, while her hand kept working on my cock. When she was done with my balls, she put my cock at the tip of her lips right where she lightly parted it and allowed her saliva to ooze out of her mouth onto my cock and then continued her handjob on me, while lubricating me at the same time. She was working on my cock like it had never been worked on ever before, and i was enjoying every moment of it! But i wanted to taste her too," I want to eat you too, while you suck me off!!!" As i said this, she smiled and without saying anything she just pointed to the back seat with her eyes and gestured towards it by tilting her head in its direction! I was more than willing, as we both crawled into the back seat i lay down on my back, legs folded at the knee but parted enough to give her space to move her head in, she kneeled down on top off me, keeping one of her knees on either side of me, as one of them was on the inclined driver seat.After a little stuggle she managed to spread out enough for her pussy to move closer to my mouth! In no time we were in the legendary position 69 and eating each other up like sex starved animals!!!!
There we were, hidden from the rest of the world in my car! Things were getting steamy inside, and we were enjoying our little encounter. She was working my cock like a maestro works on music! My dick was now slobbery from her saliva, and the sensation of it rolling down onto my balls, everytime she would just take the head of my cock in her mouth and give it a tight suck and gently bite it before letting go, how she would lick my shaft upto the head and swirl her tongue around me and then sliding her mouth over my dick, covering it completely while deepthroating me, everything felt fabulous! It was hard to tell who was enjoying it more, i loved the way she sucked my cock and lick my precum into her own mouth everytime, but the way she worked made it obvious that even she was enjoying feeling my shaft in her mouth! I wanted to return the flavour, so i twitched a little so that mouth was perfectly placed under her pussy! What a sight it was, the lips of her pussy just gently parted and throbbing out like it was inviting me, like they were the gates of heaven itself! getting a good look i realised she shaves her twat but maybe she hadnt done so in a week or 2 so a little hair had grown back!And the tips of the the hair had drops of her juices accumulated on them!I gave it one smooth lick and took it in.As i did, she reciprocated by literally squeezing on my cock with her hand! And the aroma that crept out of her womanhood was fantastic, it turned me on even more! As i placed my hands firmly on her butt and spread it a little, i could see beads of sweat mixed with the wet juices flowing from her dripping down her inner thighs and crevices! I took care to kiss and lick her inner thighs, making sure i got it all in my mouth, this was makin her go wild as she started rubbing my shaft even harder and the slurpy sounds of her blowing me soon combined with groans and moans. Then i spread her pussy lips and simultaneously placed a thumb right on her butt hole, then while probing into her ass, i pushed back the flesh on her clit and started flicking it with my tongue. This made her go completely wild as she again took all of my cock inside her and deliberately gagged on it for a while before letting it out, i could feel the tip of my head hitting against the roof of her mouth and the wall of her throat! She loved it! My thumb kept working her ass as i switched from rubbing my tongue against and sucking her clit, to fully probing her cunt with my tongue! It went quite a bit inside! She tasted wonderful! Her juices now found a bridge directly into my mouth by rolling down my tongue! I drank watever i got! As my probing got faster and harder she let go of my cock and sat up, spread a little more to invite my tongue farther in, then as the flow of her juices started getting heavier and i could feel her about to climax, she pulled her beautiful pussy away from my mouth! "I want to taste my juices!" she said and started licking my face, mostly my lips and put her tongue in my mouth again and tasted her own juices in my mouth! She was wild now, as she kissed me, her hands were behind my head and the kiss was so hard that our teeth were literally brushing against each other and i feared one of us might actually chip a tooth! Then she stopped the kiss, clenched my hair and pulled my head back and said "Fuck me!!! Fuck me hard! Now!!!" I didnt need to be told twice, i took her by the shoulders and pulled her down, she lfted herself off my belly and moved down to position her pussy right over my stiff dick, then she held my cock with one hand and supported herself with the other and guided my cock into her snatch!
As soon as i entered her, before she could get into a motion to ride me, i clenched my muscles a few times to make my cock move inside her tight pussy! she loved it, as she arched back, tilted her head back, her hands on my shins for support. She pushed the driver`s seat back up so i could straighten my legs a little more. As i lay there and watched her ride me in a slow pace, to get maximum penetration, i couldnt see her face anymore, which was tilted back behind her arched torso just enough to hide it from me. Everytime she came down i would get a glimpse of her chin but then they would go back hiding behind her heaving chest! What a sight it was too watch her sweaty breasts, moonlight bouncing off each drop of sweat, heave up and down and bounce everytime she came down and went up!!! Then all of a sudden she came back up and leaned in forward. I instinctively put my hands up a little and she placed her palms in my palms as they interlocked! Then her pace grew as the thrusts became more rapid, her soft sighs gave way to loud moans every time my shaft would hit the back of her vagina!!! She rode me like that for a little more time,she had almost reached her climax once and was about to reach it again but both of us wanted to delay things.So she got off, and i sat up! I pushed her back and she fell and sat on the seat, i knelt on the seat and pulled her legs up so that her back would be on the seat now! I pulled her legs up, and put my head between her legs, each of her legs or rather the calves area of the legs resting on my shoulders! With one big thrust i dove my cock into her depths! and started fucking her like a possessed man! My thrusts where coming hard and fast and she was now screaming with ecstacy! "Ohh...yes...thats it...harder, fuck my brains out!!!" Her dirty talk encouraged me and i used my strength to go in as deep and as hard into her as possible, she motioned her hips equally to match my thrusts giving me more penetration! The car was rocking and im sure if anyone else was in the parking lot and could see how the car was rocking, and could here the noises coming from inside, would have no doubts about what was goin on!!!! Then I stopped, and as soon as i did, she opened her eyes and asked "what happened?" "I want to take you from behind..." i answered. She stared at me for 4-5 seconds and then smiled, and said, i`d love that too. So she got up and kneeled again on the seat, i adjusted my self to the appropriate height, and then pulled her ass cheeks apart, i spit into her asshole and put to fingers in and rubbed my saliva all around making sure her hole was well lubricated, my cock was all ready glistening from her juices. I grabbed her ass cheeks spread them apart and slowly put my dick in, it was very tight and wasnt as easy as we thought it would be, but she could handle it, she was screaming but i could understand from her demeanour that she had done this before. I hadnt. This was my first time, and after the initial struggle, it was well worth the effort as i felt the tightness and warmth gripping my cock! I slowly built up pace, and the more comfortable i got, the more speed i`ll accumulate, in almost no time my thrusts had taken full form and i was hitting her deck with deep motions! I put one hand under her, went up and squeezed one of her boobs, then came down to her pussy and kept rubbing her clit as i humped her ass doggy style! Out motions intensified and she scratched the leather seat cover with her nails and i squeezed on her her ass as we both reached a thrilling climax , with a million bolts of electricity running through our bodies and i flooded her anus with my cum. It was the best climax i had ever had!!!!

She turned around facing upto me and collapsed on the seat, pulled her hands over her head, her eyes closed! She looked satiated at last! I fell on top of her, my head rest on her breasts, and as i took one of her boobs into my mouth again, she brought her hands down and wrappep an arm around me while the fingers of the other hand through my hair. "Thank you Tiger, I cant tell you how long i`ve been waiting to be fucked like that!!!" I smiled, closed my eyes and rested my head on her chest! We both lay there, in that position for 10-15 mins, not wanting to let go. Neither of us spoke a word, but we both knew we had made each other unimaginably happy! Then as i watched in surprise as she managed to put her elaborate saree back on in the restricted space of a car! " Come in 10-15 mins after me," she said as she unlocked the door and pushed it open. As she was about to get down she stopped, turned around, her smile was gone, her eyes lowered, and she asked me " When you go away, would it mean we together anymore? Would that be the end for us?" her voice had an unexpected sorrow in it,had she actually begun harboring feeling more than lust? Of course she was, even i knew it wasnt just about sex anymore, but instead of being scared of this complication and running away from it, i felt a sudden urge to let her know that we will stay together, this was not the end for us! Only i couldnt dare to say it in as many words,afterall, she was a married woman who was a good 8-9 years older than me! But i also knew it was only as wrong as we would think it to be, so i gathered my guts, placed one hand on her hands,and held them,with the other i lifted chin up, as her eyes met mine, "This is just the begining, not the end..." Neither of us knew the begining of what, but we both knew that things would be good, would be okay!


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