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It was their first night after marriage
07-18-2012, 07:25 PM
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It was their first night after marriage
It was their first night after marriage and Neha was all set to execute her plans. She wanted to make it clear on the very first night as to who was going to be the in ‘boss’ and what her poor unassuming husband had in store for him in times to come.
She had noticed a peculiar shyness in the demure of Sudhir while they were going through marriage rituals, especially whenever their body parts happened to touch each other. This further strengthened her believe that her would be husband was going to be a ‘soft target’ and her pussy leaked some hot juices thinking about perverted prospects lying ahead!!!.
So now she was in their decorated and newly done bedroom which was having a dim lighting and lots of flower arrangement. Few moments later, Sudhir also entered the room and Neha was quick to realize that instead of the bride being shy and nervous, it was her husband who looked sort of uneasy and confused!
“AAo Baitho” she patted the bed surface on her left side which had very little sitting space let , as Neha herself sat more towards the foot end of the double bed. She was going straight for the kill!
“ Aaja Behnchoad” she murmerd in her mouth .(she uttered these filthy words , to excite and fuel herself ) Sudhir heard the new bride say some thing looking into his eyes but it was not loud enough to be clearly audible. ”Ji?!”.
Ignoring his question he held his arm and made him sit on her left side making sure that their thighs firmly pressed along each other .
To be continued………………….Comments and Suggestions are welcome.

Candidly but with a confident motion Neha put her arm around his neck pulling him closer to herself .Without giving Sudhir any time to react, she bent sideways and captured his mouth with hers !!! Mean while she boldly thrust her hand into his crotch and started rubbing and fondling his semi hard cock and balls over his pajamas. She was shamelessly rubbing his groin, her tongue deep into his mouth .
This went on for a while and when she felt Sudhir was fully hard from her actions , she suddenly withdrew back from the kiss , gave his cock one final squeeze and stood up.
In her minds she was satisfied on the account that what ever she just felt appeared to be a ‘promsing equipment’
“But he better learn fast to use it under my guidance” she thought to herself.
She moved back a bit and stood a little distance from Sudhir, all the while staring into his eyes, as if trying to gauge his reactions. Sudhir looked up towards her for a moment but as his eyes met hers , he quickly put his head down , obviously not able to match the stare!
“There it goes! Perfect begining!” Neha was filled with a sense of triumph .”he is a submissive meek male, an ideal husband for me--- like I always wanted in life!”
Neha ,all the while staring at him began to remove her jewellary and heavy bridal clothing. Soon she was in her petticoat and blouse and was comfortably seated against the head rest of the big king size bed. Sudhir hadn’t budge an inch from his place and was still sitting at the foot end of the bed and still looking down !!!
“Kabhi Kiya Hai Kisi Ke Saath?!”
“K…Kya” Sudhir looked up.
“Yeh!” Neha quickly replied making a an obscene fucking gesture with her hand ,still boldly looking at him. She was taking no half measures and was determined to exert her total dominance !Sudhir was visibly shaken at this blatant display of the new bride. His face became beet red and just kept gawking at her with a feeling of disbelief !!

“Bolo Na”! Aise kya dhek rahe ho”?!”.
“Are mein puch rahi hun kabhi kisi ladki ya aurot ko choda hai?!!” “Chodna samajhte ho na?!”. She again made that obscene gesture with her hand.

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RE: It was their first night after marriage
The baffled look on Sudhir,s face was contradictory to the bulge in his pyajmas .Was he getting turned on subconsciously by such lewd behavior of his wife?!!!-and the bulge was obvious to the experienced eyes of Neha as well. She decided to turn on the heat further.
“KYon kabhi nahi choda na?!”
“N Nnahi!”.Sudhir barely managed to utter and looked the other way again.
“To kya haath se hi…..!?”
Sudhir was stunned to hear the last question. His very personally guarded secret ,which afforded him pleasure but about which he felt blameworthy and sinful as well was known to his just arrived wife?!!!
He wished earth would split and swallow him up away from the piercing glare and questionnaire of his novel wife on his wedding night!
“Idhar dekho?!”
“Muth marte ho kya”?! This time Neha’s tone was softer and huskier……
“Mujhe dikhao kaise marte ho!” Neha came closer to Sudhir and almost whispered in his ear. She was now by his side on all fours .She started giving soft and sensual licks to his ear once again put her right hand on his cock
“MMMM Muth maro na please!. Mein Dekhna chahti hun” Rubbing his cock she moaned again before resorting to nibble at Sudhir’s ears. Her skilled administrations
had intense effect on Sudhir ,who was now supporting a maximum erection. Neha went for the cord strings of his night wear and soon opened them. “Utho. Utaro ise”.Sudhir stood up and his pajamas fell down. He walked out of them. His cock was now tenting out from his white jocky underwear. Neha caressed it from above his underwear and herself felt moist between her legs as she saw and felt a magnificent erect cock “But No! First things first!” She resolved. She lowered Sudhir’s underwear and his cock sprang up hitting her face. She liked what she saw. It was a lovely 6 inches cock with almost a young teenager’s look on it with a nice pinkish glans .
She adjusted her face and was soon sniffing the tip of his cock”MMMMMM”!” she moaned loud enough for Sudhir to know the she was liking the smell of his cock.
“Mast Lund hai tumhara!” she said looking into Sudhir’s eyes.

She got up and made Sudhir sit on the bed with his throbbing erection . Neha ,now on her haunches, positioned herself in front of him. She took his cock in her left hand and let out a big wad of saliva on its tip. She rubbed it along the shaft of his cock and repeated the procedure several times , till she was satisfied that Sudhir’s cock was well lubed.

“Lo Ab Maro muth“ ise meine apne thook e chikna kar diya hai!!”. When ever she would say some thing kinky or sexy to her husband she made it sure to look into his eyes to maximize the desired effect such dirty talking was supposed to have on him --- And it was working every time! “SSSS” She heard Sudhir moan.
She took Sudhir’s hand and placed it on his cock .“Lo pakro apna lauda aur shuru karo muth marna” Already hot with excitement , never ever been before with any female, first ever time exposing his erection to some one else , Sudhir started pumping his cock Soon his hand gained momentum .He was obviously in supreme state of arousal ,watching his lovely wife as he masturbated. Neha was keenly watching his face. Experienced in matters pertaining to sex, she intended to ‘interfere’ in her husband’s solo sex act when he would be close to his orgasm. Just as she felt that Sudhir was about to release his load of cum , smiling wickedly ,she squeezed his balls and pressed the root of his cock at the same time, causing him to groan in pain and frustration!!! -----And Neha? Well, She took pleasure watching the pitiful state of her miserable shy husband , the perverted wife was still supporting a wry smile on her face ,obviously contended that things were going the way she desired!. “Jaldi kya hai ! Oh my dear sohna , my baby……..!”Now she was standing in front of her husband again running her hands over his cock and balls. She pressed her tits into his chest and ran out her tongue across her lips acting like a perfect slut. Soon she got Sudhir rock hard again and started shagging him with her hand. Holding him by his cock , Neha started moving across the room till they reached a side table . Still in her petticoats she was rubbing her pussy against his thighs and thrusting her breasts on to his chest . Jerking her husband in such passionate manner she soon made him reach near his climax stage again. As she realized the moment had come, the evil lady smartly took some ice cubes from the ice bucket and shoved them into Sudhir’s crotch!! “
“OHH MAA! ………..!” Sudhir shrieked.
“kYA JI! Muth marte huye maa ka naam leten hain kya?! Chhhi chhI chhhi!”.Neha showing no respite teased him in a mocking tone!
“Nnnnahi Who Tumne…..barf dali ….is liye..!

Neha stood watch fully. Now twice she had made her husband come close to having an orgasm but not allowing him the desperately needed release on both occasions.
Any signs of anger ,rage or violence?___ There were none!
Of course, quite understandably Sudhir was in a bewildered stage-----but importantly for Neha, he was not showing any behavior suggesting he had a stout male ego or temperament.
Neha moved back , opened a small bag and took out some whitish papers from it. Sudhir was still standing there with a drooping cock ,now somewhat ashamed standing naked ,below waist ,in front of his wife. He felt more mystified and confused by Neha’s conduct.

She now wanted to give her hubby some teasing show before having what she had in her mind.
“Kabhi kisi ki dekhi hai?!” She sat on the bed with her legs uncrossed and pointed towards her pubic area.
Slowly raising her petticoat up to her knees she again fixed her eyes on Sudhir.
Sudhir was stunned looking at the creamy legs of her sexy wife, obviously never been treated to such a visual delight!- and imaging what more will be unveiled , once more the despondent husband was getting hard yet again in front of his teasing wife!

Neha lifted her drape fully in a jerky motion and now her crotch was bare revealing her panty clad pussy!. Boldly she pushed one of her hand inside her panty and started to rub her clit. A bit of her luxurious pussy hair became visible as she was doing so.
Sudhir’s throat became dry! He was keenly watching the proceedings with a child like curiosity and strong sexual urge. Neha brought out her hand and motioned Sudhir to come closer. Like a zombie Sudhir walked across to her Neha and put her finger’s beneath his nose .She knew it always worked. Scent of a female never fails to excite any virile male, no matter animal or human!!!

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RE: It was their first night after marriage
And it did excite Sudhir! Neha could make it out from his throbbing cock!

“ Teri behn ki chut………..! Teri behn ko tujh se na Chudwaya to Mein bhi apne baap ki aulad nahin…..!”….Neha softly whispered to herself.

(It was the second time Neha let out such words which were not meant to be audible, but uttering such filthy remarks from her mouth was mainly intended to excite herself all the more….. Such distorted imagination was what turned Neha on!….. She liked to play on the psyche of ‘submissive’ people and in this case it was her husband who was the fresh victim. She was thrilled on the account that her darkest fantasies were being materialized.)
“Tum ne meri baat ka jawab nahi diya”
“Ji …. .Kya?” She liked the reverence he was showing ------ “Ji for Tum…!!!.“its going the right way!”
“Kisi ki Chut dekhi hai pehle?”. She stressed on the word ‘chut’ .

Then turning on the heat she opened her legs wider and in a quick motion lowered her panty down to her knees and bared her lash vicious pussy !…. She preferred her cunt with a bit of bush, which she would meticulously trim from time to time….At the moment the folds of her pussy were swollen ….. glistening with a coat of lubrication…Something which was very very poignant and exciting for Sudhir! …For the first time in his life a naïve and shy guy like him was looking at ’private parts’ of a mature adult female! --- and in that too , a very splendid pussy in an ‘inviting state‘.

Neha could read from his face and level of his erection, what effect her bared cunt was having on her hubby. Acting according to her plans, she swiftly pulled her panty up, devoiding Sudhir any further view .

“Kaisi hai meri chut”?
Sudhir was still looking towards her crotch area, obviously expecting more ….and a bit distraught on the account that his wife covered her pussy…Even her pubic mound with folds of her pussy visible under her panty , looked so good …..!

“Bolo Na”!“J JI……Acchi hai!”.Sudhir could barely manage to reply. Once again his shy and gentle demure was causing him embarrassment.
“Tumhe pehle kisi ki chut dekhne ka mauka nahi mila na?!” Now Neha wanted to assert her full dominance…
“ji nahin!”
“Kabhi ghar mein…….?!” She deliberately left her sentence curtailed…..looking up at Sudhir’ with penetrating gaze….and seeking his response to such a vulgar suggestion.

“j ji nahin” .Sudhir was looking down….!Bingo!.----And his cock didnt wilt a bit! "Perfect!" Neha thought.

“Chalo choro. Meri phir se dekho ge?”
“ji hain”
“kya?” . Neha continued the teasing torture..
“Ji woh…h”
“woh kya?!…..Bolo woh kya?!”
“JI Apki ch…..”
“Meri kya Sudhir!?”….Neha called him by his name now in a bit hurried tone.
“ji chut!”
“Tumhare laude ki tadap dekh ke pata chalta hai ki tumhe maza aa raha hai! Hai na Sudhir?!”
“ji hain”
“Sudhir tumhe apni biwi kaisi lagi?“mein gandi baten karti hun …..buri aurat hun naa?! Neha made a baby like face….what a bitch!“ji nahi Aap Aachi hain”.Sudhir promptly replied not wanting his fun to end .
“To tum muhj se pyaar karte ho!?”
“ji hain”
“Phir in kagzon pe sign karo Sudhir”.Neha picked up the papers which she had kept by her side earlier.”
“JI Yeh kya ha?”
Neha had addressed Sudhir in English language for the first time since they were in the room. It was her way to show her dominance and assert her superiority !

“Tumhe koi aitraaz hai Sudhir?!”…she again put her hand in her panties ,rubbing her pussy……then gathering some of her own juices on her fingers, put her fingers in her mouth again looking at Sudhir all the time! “To rehne do!”

“N n NAHI .Laayie kahan sign karne hain”.
Without giving him any more time to think ,reason or logic, in a business like manner, she stood up and took Sudhir to the study table. Soon Sudhir was signing at the papers as per his new wife’s instructions. Neha made sure his erection never wilted by rubbing her breasts on his back, nibbling his ears and slowly jerking his cock as the poor unsuspecting husband of her signed the documents!

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RE: It was their first night after marriage
As Sudhir was done with signing the documents, Neha carefully put them inside the bag from which she had taken them out earlier.
“Poor guy deserves some reward!”. She thought to herself.
She took Sudhir to the bed again and once again parting her legs lowered down her panties to her knees “Lo Ab ji bhar ke dekho Meri Choot Sudhir!” Neha moaned huskily.
“Paas se dekho” .She positioned him inside her legs in such a way that his face was just inches away from her pussy.
Sudhir’s excitement reached new dimensions at the spectacular sight of his wife’s pussy. Not only was he beholding the object of his new found fixation, he could also smell a peculiar aroma coming out of it!….. It was scent of a ripe and mature woman..... and it was was having an stimulating effect on Sudhir.. Surely the sight and smell was kindling some animal like passions in the hitherto naïve husband !
Sensing it pretty well , Neha opened her pussy folds thus affording him view of the pinkish interiors of her pussy. She was simultaneously fingering her clit which by now was out of its hood, presenting itself in its full magnitude and glory!
Sudhir was fascinated by his maiden view of what his wife kept referring to as ‘chut’
Again, sticking to her pre formulated plans ,Neha decided to carry on the action further.
“Chal ab tujhe aur maza deti hun”.She referred to him as ‘tujhe’ to continue asserting her dominance and as expected there was no objection from her subdued hubby.
She took both his hands to the side of her panty, lifting up her bottoms a bit from the bed “Meri Kacchi upar kar Sudhir!”
Reluctantly and a bit disappointed, Sudhir proceeded to do as told….
His hands slided along the sides of his wife’s soft and creamy thighs as he pulled up her panty…. And it was again the wicked wife’s deliberate idea! Sudhir realized that it was also amongst the very many ‘firsts’ in his life that he was experiencing tonight-touching a woman around the upper portion of her thighs …..!
“Sudhir! Sidha Let Jao…,Peeth ke bal” .Neha declared getting up from the bed.
He lay on his back, wondering….,his cock hard as a rock aiming at the roof!
Neha climbed up the bed and stood with his legs across the groin area her husband….
Looking in his keen eyes ,lifting her petticoat up , with her thin silk black panties still on , she slowly descended on his erect cock till the tip his glans was adjusted in the outer folds of her pussy through the fabric!…..
Sudhir felt as if his life was going out from his body!….his cock twitched and came close to bursting as he felt himself against his wife’s ‘choot’, even though with a layer of her panty fabric in between them Neha would make slight adjustments in her position….At times , she would rub his cock against her clit to get for her own pleasure…,at other time she would take his cock ,some length inside her pussy….as much was possible with her panty still on….She noticed Sudhir,s face becoming redder….and taking the hint quickly thrust his cock deep inside her pussy fold and felt hot spurts of his cum inside her legs…. The poor hubby was relieved at last !

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RE: It was their first night after marriage
Neha gave her hubby time to recover. Mean while she got up from his body and lifted herself from the bed. She liked the feel of the sticky cum between her legs…….but given the ‘slut’ she was , Neha began removing her panty…..When she was sure Sudhir had gathered his composure , she held her soiled panty to his face and uttered.”ise ganda kiya hai to saaf bhi karo Sudhir”
Without waiting for his response she shoved her soiled panty in her husband’s mouth!
“Madarchoad! Chus meri kachi!” Neha murmered again!
Sudhir could only hear ‘Chus meri kachi’…….
Again ‘Madarchoad! ‘ was not meant to be audible to Sudhir, but was Neha,s own style to get her ‘satisfaction’!
Shoving her panty close to his mouth, Neha made sure that part of her crotch area ,which
was holding Sudhir’s cum was presented Sudhir’s mouth!--------- And Sudhir!!? __ He was more than eager to taste and savor what ever new experience was coming his way on his “Suhaag Raat”!……

Sudhir could get the taste and smell of mixture of his own cum and his wife’s cunt juice.
“Chuste raho!” Neha instructed.
Sudhir ,like an obedient pupil ,continued to suck his wife’s soiled panty till Neha removed it from his face to inspect that the ’ slimy wetness’ over the crotch area was no longer there.
“Hmmm This dude will make a fine ‘cum junkie’!!! Maza Aaega!” Neha wondered in anticipation.
“Chalo Sudhir ab So Jayen Kal Honeymoon ke liye nikalna hai”
Neha cuddled Sudhir and soon the couple passed into deep slumber.

Next day , close to afternoon they were ready to depart for there honeymoon. (Before marrige) She had chosen Goa as the place for honeymoon as it was her favorite holiday destination for several reasons. Sudhir had booked their tickets and hotel as per Neha’a instructions well in advance.
They were at the porch area of their big bunglaw where Sudhir’s mother Vimla Devi
and his younger sister Nimmi were bidding them farewell.
Sudhir touched his mom,s feet and she showered her blessings like any other typical Indian mothers do.
Now it was Neha’a turn…She bent down ,touched herm mother in law’s feet.Vimla Devi held her from her shoulder and lifted her up. ”Bas Bas meri bachi jeeti raho!”Neha pretending to show her affection, hugged Vimla Devi….and while doing so pressed her jutting tits against her mother In law’s!…."Mmmm Sali Bhudiya ke mamme abhi bhi tana tan hain!”.Leaving her mother in law, Neha gave a similar “affectionate’ hug to her husband’s sister ,Nimmi. As she hugged Nimmi, Neha touched her cheek against her’s……(Sudhir was standing just near by and Vimla Devi was at the other side.) Keeping her cheek against Nimmi’s , Neha swiftly let out her tongue and flicked her sister in law’s ear lobe!….looking straiight into Sudhir’s eyes……She winked at him and ran her tongue across her lips,like some whore does in ‘anticipation’ and in aroused state. With a jerk she separated from Nimmi. “Chal Take Care” Neha winked at her ’Nanad’ smilingly.

Soon they were on their way to air port. Neha , acting as per her plans ,made sure her thighs touched Sudhir’s tightly as they were being driven by their old faithful driver in their big Scoda car.She started to fondle his cock through his trousers……
“Tumhari Maa Aur Behan…….” Neha uttered looking into Sudhir’s eyes….
“..Bahut……Acchi hain!……….
Kitni Garam……..” she paused again …..“Joshi se milti hain”!
“I am lucky meri aise ghar mein shaadi hui”she gave his cock a tight squeezee as she said all this!…and Sudhir’s cock was hard…….!
They reached airport and after the formalities of deposition of their luggage and
security check were waiting for departure which was in a few minutes time.
The cabin crew team passed by the sitting couple.
Neha leaned towards Sudhir and whispered in his ear: “Who dekho! Us Ke Chutar kitne mast hai! “She pointed with her eyes towards one of the stewardess.
“Hai na?!”…Sudhir!/?”
Hh..hain”. Sudhir blushed, having fully understood ,what his wife was suggesting. He could feel tingling in his groin…..! Sudhir by now had started to enjoy Neha’s company and her erotic demure.
“Bilkul Apni Nimmi Jaisi !”
As she said the last words there was announcement for boarding. Neha stood up and holding Sudhir by his hand made him rise from the chair. Sudhir was having a kind of blank look on his face…In fact he was going through a range of emotions___The lewd suggestions of his wife ,her intimate mannerisms and last but not the least her mentioning about his sister Nimmi, in the same vulgar context was keeping him at a continuous aroused state ..
This was perfectly as per Neha’s strategy. Right from the start she had been bang on target and relentless in her approach in molding her hubby as per her whims.
“Chalo” She started walking towards the shuttle with Sudhir in her tug.
After few minutes of take off and flying ,Neha was comfortably seated in the executive class seat ,with her eyes closed ,thinking about the wonderful prospects that were awaiting them in Goa…..!

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RE: It was their first night after marriage
After landing at Goa Air port ,they checked in their hotel, where a luxury suet had already been booked for them earlier. As soon as they were alone, after thier luggage etc was deposited, Neha started her flirtations again.
Rubbing her crotch over her dress , she hissed” Darling! Zor ka peshab laga hai! I need to piss badly!”
Without bothering to bolt, leave alone locking the washroom gate, she loosened her Salwar, lowered her panty, and giving her pussy one long rub with her hand, proceeded to urinate!. All this was of course deliberate to keep Sudhir in a perpetual aroused state.
Neha began peeing with some force, making sure, the noise of her piss heating the toilet bowel waters was loud enough for Sudhir to listen.Sudhir was standing right in front of the batroom gate, his feet ‘planted’ to the floor as he watched his lovely wife pissing in front of her. His eyes were fixed at the groin regoin of his wife. He couldn’t believe that a very private and basic bodily act like urination could have an erotic effect on him!
Neha leaned back a little so that creamy her upper thighs ,pussy hair and piss flow could be better visualized by Sudhir.
“Kya Dekh rahe ho!?…. You naughty boy! Bad manners! " Neha said in a teasing tone, registering a mock protest!
Like as if caught stealing, Sudhir broke his gaze and hurriedly walked away from the toilet door to sit on the sofa with yet another hard erection!
“Saala chutiya! Baccha hai bechara !”Neha wondered.
“Yeh dekh leta to heart attack se hi mar jata!”. With that she put two of her fingers in her pussy ,gathering some remnant piss drops mixed with her own body juices and put them straight into her mouth , before giving them a quick sniff!. Given her perverted nature, doing so was one of the acts which never failed to turn Neha on!
She flushed ,arranged her dress and washed her face. She applied some fresh make up and put on a darker shade of lipstick. As she was coming out of the washroom Sudhir could see her dialing from her hi tech cell.
“Hello Jaan” Neha greeted ,the person receiving her call.
“Yeah we reached a few moments ago”
“Yeah me too!.I was waiting for this day for so long you know”!
Sudhir could not figure out ,whom his wife was talking to but could make out that she definitely sounded eager and excited as she talked .
“All right then! I will give you a call when I am ready”
Still talking on the phone, she walked across to Sudhir and started playfully playing with his hair
“ Ok Bye Taufik!” She ended the call.

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RE: It was their first night after marriage
Neha kept the phone aside.She Lowered her self on Sudhir ,who was sitting on the luxurious sofa. Neha was feeling kind of horny after talking to Taufik. Taufik was her erstwhile colleague, in her college days. He was also one of Neha’s best friends and favorite sexual partners. Coming from a rich and cultured family , his sexual tastes matched Neha’s.----He liked his sex to be raw , dirty and un inhibited.! They had enjoyed each other’s company previously on many occasions in their private world, together or in groups, that included people having similar deviated sexual preferences.
Little did the poor ,unsuspecting Sudhir knew that Taufik was already present in the same hotel as per prior plans !
Thinking about her past escapades with Taufik and ‘brilliant’ prospects around the corner, Neha was getting thrilled and wet in her pussy, with her dirty mind speedily weaving new plans all the time.
She leaned on Sudhir, and kissed him square on his lips, shoving her tongue ,inside his mouth ”Meri jeebh chuso!”
Sudhir promptly complied and began sucking on his wife’s juicy tongue.

Now Sudhir was falling in love with his wife. Remember, she was the first female in his life and since she had arrived ,Sudhir was afforded with immense sexual pleasures. He was developing strong feelings of warmth and affection towards his newly wedded wife, who had been successful in keeping him in a constant state of arousal , since they started to get intimate, opening new horizons for him from time to time.
Like a diligent and attentive pupil, he was willing to learn , whatever new lessons in lust, Neha was coaching him ,since her arrival.
Neha still dueling her tongue with Sudhir, took his hands and placed them over her taut breasts
“Mere Mamme Dabao Sudhir!…Zor se! ….Dikhao tum kitne mard ho!”. Neha sort of challenged her hubby in a sexy husky tone…They again locked in another passionate kiss,their eyes closed as Sudhir, ‘rising to the occasion’ began to maul and knead his wife’s breasts!
Neha liked her tits to rubbed and pressed with some force and vigor and Sudhir was doing pretty good job____ Massaging Neha’s tits ,he centered on her nipples pinching them Hard, causing His wife to moan in pleasure!
“Shabash mere sher! Aise hi!” Neha encouraged him to continue cruel and harsh manipulation of her breasts!. This went on for some time, when Neha breaking the kiss ,rising from the Sofa got away from Sudhir. She liked to carried own but was moving in accordance with her plans.
“Kuch kha pee leten hain Sudhir! Phir maza karenge!" She winked at him as she said“maza karenge!”, leaving Sudhir in pleasant anticipation.
"Ji ! Acha!”.He replilid .
Neha appreciated that “JI”for “tum” was still being maintained by Sudhir !Neha moved to the other end of suet and ordered some stuff from the room service.Sudhir noticed,how gracefully she moved and talked into the phone .He was looking at his wife with a feeling of awe and admiration.
Soon ,two waiters were arranging their stuff in the cozy corner of the suet as per Neha,s instructions. She motioned Sudhir to come over .and sit besides her.
Neha had called for ‘Bicardi’ breezers (Vodka pemixed and bottled with lemon or orange flavored carriers) along with a mixtures of delicious looking and aromatic veg and non veg kababs. Sudhir had not seen such food stuff before. This menu had been carefully decided by Neha as per her taste and ‘designs’!.Sudhir had been a strict vegetarian and tea totalar till now due to his pious and strict upbringing .Of course Neha,s family also practiced similar norms, but she ventured into the ‘forbidden food zone‘, when ever she got chance. It was again much due to her distorted nature and rebellious attitude .She also liked to drink and had realized quite early that ‘liquor was her’ thing when it came to enjoyment and having good times. The ‘bubbly’ helped her unwind, made her enjoy her sex better and be innovative and un inhibited. Occasionally she would also smoke, mostly during her drinking sessions. Neha never did drugs though.
“Saala gala khusk ho raha hai! Kitne dino se pee nahi….” She murmeed as she put the drinks in two glasses. Picking one up ,she offered the other to Sudhir.
“Cheers!” she toasted her glass and took a strong gulp from it .
Sudhir also took a sip of the ‘new ‘ drink and immediately realized that it was indeed unique.“ Ji! Yeh Kya hai?”.
“Zannat hai mere Buddhu saayain! Pee lo gata gat!”
“Yyeh ssharab hai!?”
“Nahi !Gadhi ka Peshab hai!” Neha replied ,sounding frustrated and some what annoyed.
It was amongst one of her wicked policies to morally corrupt her husband and his family as per her whims.“Pee lo! Daro mat! Dekho mein bhi to pee rahi hun darling!”! “Tumhe who maza dungi ke yaad rakho ge!…Agar nahi peoge to yahan honemoon pe bhi muth hi marte rahoge!” “Ise chuune bhi nahin dungi!“ She pointed towards her pussy.
Taken aback by her threat Sudhir started to take small sips of his drink.
“Good boy! Now wrap it off! Ek ghunth mein khatam karo!”. She ran his hands on Sudhir’s thighs coaxing him to gulp his drink
“Dekho aise!”.Neha put her glass to her mouth and finished its contents all at a same time. Feeling her hand on his thighs, inching up towards his crotch and seeing Neha polish off her drink in one go, Sudhir also gathered his guts ,and closing his eyes, tried to
do as he was told! .Though the poor boy, managed ‘bottoms up’, but it was not without uneasiness and discomfort!. Not only he coughed violently, he felt the cold liquid, causing intense ‘burning’ in his body as it traveled its way down his food pipe and then down intestines This physical discomfort was perhaps far less than the ‘denting’ caused in his psyche, which made him painfully aware that he had treaded into the ‘prohibited domain’, having just broken an important family tradition of not drinking alcohol!
Neha was smart enough to notice all this .Quickly she moved closer to him, her hand grabbing his cock, over his pants and kissed Sudhir on his cheek!
“Oh Sudhir! Iove You!….my darling husband! Tum wakai mein sher ho!”Her words and actions were not only meant to apply ‘balm over her husband’s wounds’, but also to take him further down the lane of depravity….!
Neha offered him a piece of veg kabab and before he could finsh it off had already poured the other drink. She knew the simple rule well the way to get drunk--- Simply drinking
“Accha! ab jaise mein peeti hun ,waise hi piyo!”
Neha went little easy on Sudhir with the second drink but made sure he matched sip for sip and finshed the second drink in couple of minutes along with her. All this time,Neha kept looking in her hubby’s eyes with a loving and seductive look….! She could make out, that Sudhir was slowly but surely coming under influence with his eyes flaring and his face getting redder.
“Darling tum mujh se pyar karte ho na!?” she asked him.
“hain! ji” Sudhir answered looking in her eyes.
“Ji Bahut sa!”
“Ooo my sona! I love you too!”.She again pressed her body close to his.
“Chalo ab ye khao!”.Neha picked one chicken kabab and took it nearer to Sudhir’s mouth.
“yeh chicken kabab hai! Very tasty!"
“JI mein chicken nahi khata!”
“Raja meri khatir! Thoda sa bhi nahi khaoge!”.Neha again ran her tongue across her lipis like a seductress, keeping the kabab close to Sudhir’s mouth.
The alcohol, his wife’s close proximity and now this sexy seductive gesture were all having their toll on Sudhir!
“Par Ma ji ko pata chalega to….!”
“Ma ji ko Laude pe rakho aur maza lo!”. Neha pressed his cock and said!.”Aur Phir! Unhe kaun batayega!” .Wihout giving him time to react to what she had just said suggesting his mother, she pressed the piece to his lips and seeing Sudhir open her mouth to receive it ,smiled with a feeling of triumph and satisfaction!----The perverted wife was enjoying herself!

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RE: It was their first night after marriage
Neha continued her drinking session with Sudhir. She ordered some more drinks and made sure that Sudhir was under optimal level of intoxication---Neither too drunk too pass away into drunken stupor nor to remain in a state that could enable him to ‘question ,reason or protest’ against any of Neha’s wicked designs. She achieved this by pacing rate and quantity of their drinks .The depraved and sinful wife also made it a point to keep her husband in a constant state of arousal and provocation by her kisses , caresses and of course her trademark 'lewd and dirty' talking! .
Neha had became all the more confident , after having succeeded in making her husband drink liquor and have non vegetarian food items , just by the magical power of her bodily charms and well planned and premeditated vulgar mannerisms.---She knew this was by all means, a great moral victory for her in her pursuit to assert her total dominance over her modest and unassuming husband ___ And it had made her more ‘lethal’ !!!

During this period Neha would take a generous sip of the drink ,then, asking her husband to open his mouth , would transfer the drink along with her saliva into his mouth and the couple would lock in a passionate kiss, after tossing the drink mixed with saliva into each others mouth a couple of times.
At other time, Neha would lift her kurta/shirt and bra and spill the vodka cocktail on her nipples making Sudhir to sap the liqour from lusty tits of hers….!
”Mere Nipples Chuso Raja!!…Ummmmm!……. Kato Inhe….Kha jao!..” She would coax Sudhir in a sensual tone.
Neha removed her Shirt bra and was now sitting along with her hubby just in a ‘salwar’. She had her breasts mauled and sucked , over a longish session. Getting bolder and adventurous ,she proceeded to put liquor this time in her armpits…..
“Yahan Se piyo Sudhir!…..meri bagalon se!.Chato meri kankh ke bal! Mmmmm. (What a ‘ heady’ cocktail!!!)
“Suck my armpits You son of a bitch !!! Mmmmmm” Neha moaned in lust and power she was commanding over her newly wed spouse!

Sudhir, perfectly under the erotic spell weaved by his sluttish wife and effect of vodka, was furiously lapping at Neha’s armpits. He was literally chewing on his wife’s substantial growth of underarm hair which were providing him a heady aroma of Neha’s sweat, mixed with liquor.
“MmmSudhir! You son of a bitch! ……..You are doing it just the right way..!…..Aise hi chus meri baglon ke baal Maadarchoad!”!!! Neha pressed her pits harder on Sudhir’s sucking mouth.
Neha was getting turned on getting rampant and zestful oral attention in her armpit area ,which happened to be one of her erotically sensitive zones .Also the continual success of the wicked wife in suppressing her husband and making him act as per her desires made her more positive and horny.
Now it was the first time , Neha had openly abused her new hubby loud enough for him to hear . By saying “Maadarchoad” (as if “Son of a bitch!” was a lesser degrading abusive remark) , she wanted to make sure that ‘vernacular’ and modestly educated husband of her got to hear and understand fully what she intended him to!……
“What would be his reaction to this ?!!!!) she was gauzing.
Besides, saying these derogatory words to degrade her husband and assert herself on him, the particular abuse that had a clear incestuous suggestion to it, was let out by Neha on a purpose! _________ The intent was to sow the forbidden seeds of incest in her hubby’s mind who was a novel entry into matters pertaining to sex. Neha understood it perfectly well that Sudhir’s mind was purely ‘raw’ and gullible to any sort of sexual orientation……..and her hubby nurturing incestuous desires for the women of his family , was amongst the perverted wife’s favorite fantasies…!
And so far there were no signs of protest or defiance from Sudhir , who was still
busy lapping up liquor from his wife’s armpits , taking turns each side , as per Neha’s instructions…!…

Neha got extremely hot by the ongoing situation .She wanted some more ‘physical’ satisfaction. How so ever shrewd and manipulative she was and how ever keenly she had planed Sudhir’s ‘gradual’ initiation into the perverted kind of sex, as per her wicked thoughts, still the fact remained , she was a young healthy lady ,whose mind and body got stimulated by alcohol and the ongoing sexual foreplay.
She hurriedly ordered Sudhir to remove his pants and almost like a famished animal took Sudhir,s throbbing erection in his mouth and began sucking on it ,making wet slurping noises……Her eyes closed in supreme bliss……her fingers furiously rubbing her pussy over her salwar…..Neha preferred stimulating her pussy when ever she gave a blowjob to someone……She was amongst those females who just loved the feel of a hot and hard cock in their mouth…and it turned her almost as much as having a cock in her pussy……! Basically she was a very ‘oral’ person…sucking cocks, tonguing someone’s mouth ,sucking on tongues, putting her mouth to the most intimate natural orifices of both, males and females, gave her immense sexual thrill and satisfaction….and it was with the same kind of thrill she was sucking her hubby’s cock.
Neha took Sudhir’s entire cock in her mouth…feeling the warm knob of his cock in her
throat….pressing her throat hard on it…..Now the most ardent of cock suckers would have gagged at such kind of ‘oral cock worship’…but not Neha. !……She had perfected the ’art’ of ‘deep throating’ over the years! Suddenly she released his cock from her mouth. Sudhir’s cock jerked like a spring causing him to moan in extreme sexual delight. Neha held his cock from its root and began rubbing it against various parts of her face. She hit it on her nose ,eyes….and against her cheeks……,before putting it again into her mouth sucking it like a ‘possessed slut’. She held Sudhir’s cock from near its glans , causing his pee-slit to open a bit. She pressed the tip of her tongue against the pee slit, as if she would fuck it with her tongue it self…!
The couple was thoroughly enjoying the fellatio-Both the head giver and the recipient.
Neha felt her mouth drying and jaws aching from such zestful cock sucking….She let out Sudhir’s cock from her mouth and sitting up took a strong gulp of ‘vodka breezer’.
After taking a few sips down her throat, Neha took another strong sip along with an ice cube in it and still keeping it in her mouth, again bent sideways, to take Sudhir’s cock in her mouth.
“Mmmmmmmmm!”…..Sudhir moaned in ecstasy feeling cool contents along with Neha;s ‘hot’ tongue on his cock.
She drank her sip sucking on Sudhir;s cock……
“Maza Aaya BEHEN KE LAUDE!……MADARCHOAD?!!!”. Neha asked her hubby , boldly looking in his eyes, with a expression which had shades of both , tease and triumph.!!!

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RE: It was their first night after marriage
Neha continued looking at Sudhir,s face…., just having abused him in a fit of lust and owing to her naturally dominant demure. She was still gripping his cock …, hard and wet from her vigorous sucking…she messaged it running her palm and finger tips over its glans….Sudhir’ s facial expressions revealed that he was in a state of supreme bliss…
Obviously, the fact that his wife had just called him “Madarchoad”, “Behn ke laude” had not caused a wilt in his erection. ….Did he ignore the comments being in a state of ecstasy? Was it that his body demanded that the pleasure trip he was being afforded by his new wife, on their ongoing honeymoon just continued irrespective of anything else, what so ever? Or still , his wife’s naughty mannerisms since their being together had gradually succeeded in getting him to accept or even enjoy such like abuses with ‘incestous’ overtones!!!?
“Hmmmm Sala shai chal raha hai! “Cant wait to see his cock buried deep in his younger sister’s tight,hot pussy!!!”…was what was going on in the wicked and perverted mind of his wife, Neha, at his very moment.
(Reader’s are requested to read the earlier parts to ‘reorient’ them selves to the
the “Perverted Indian wife” as regards her sexual preferences and nature )
Neha decided to go on with the action to get her pleasure….She got up ,and stood before Sudhir. She had removed her shirt earlier and was in her silk black bra and salwar.
Once again she lowered her right half of her body lifting her arm a bit and kept her right armpit over her hubby’s face, making sure his nose was in middle of her hairy armpit. Neha had realized this very well that her husband responded wonderfully to her body smells and every single time she made him smell her body odors , she had succeeded in making him hot and horny. She knew she had succeeded yet again as she heard Sudhir moaning in her armpit , taking deep smells. Soon, Sudhir let out his tongue to lap up the sweat and began to virtually chew and nibble the hair in her pits. The animalistic sniffing and sucking of Neha’a armpit by her husband Sudhir went on for a while before Neha changing her position , captured Sudhir’s mouth, smelling and tasting her own armpit aroma from her hubbie’s mouth.The couple got another kick from this act and once again the exchange of saliva and tongue dueling commenced, with Neha virtually shoving her tongue deep inside Sudhir’s mouth. While still kissing Sudhir, Neha felt the hard and throbbing erection with precum on its tip.Now she was leaning over her husband on a sofa ,her legs aside his, their mouths engaged in a kiss and she holding his cock in her right hand. .In this position Neha began to rub Sudhir’s cock over her pussy, through her salwar!
Sudhir could feel his cock against the folds of the swollen pussy of her wife, even through the fabric! Neha was also enjoying the feel of the hard cock between her legs rubbing her pussy. This ‘dry humping’ went on for a while ,before the experienced wife, got up once again and shoved her crotch on her husband’s face!
“Meri Fuddi sungho! ” Neha urged Sudhir.
Sudhir didn’t need any encouragement He could smell the distinct, heady aroma of Neha’s ‘worked up fuddi’, even if was covered with her salwar.Guided by a pure animal instict it wasn’t long before Sudhir began munching between her wife’s legs.Neha responded positively to the oral administrations of her husband and began humping her crotch over his face rubbing her fuddi wildly allover it.
“Mmmm sungh!….., chat!….Sexy hai na!!!”
“Saaale! Tujhe zannat dikha dungi mmm! Bas tu mere kehne pe chalta reh ! ”
Now the dirty minded wife went for the kill….
“Sudhir Tumhari Behn…….UFFFF! N…N Nimmi…… mmmm uff….Nimmi ki Fuddi ki smell bhi sexi hogi!!!!u mmmmmmmm!!!”
She leaked a few more of her pussy juice in response to her own lewd suggestion and noticing her husband grab her ass firmly to get her pussy firmly placed over his mouth! Sudhir had liked the suggestion! Phew! Her ‘innocent’ hubby was getting fonder of ‘fuddies’!…. and it seemed .it didn’t matter whether it belonged to his wife or even his own sister!

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RE: It was their first night after marriage
Sudhir continued to tongue fuck Neha's 'fuddi' with an aggressive passion.He was grabbing her by ass as he kept his mouth burried beteween hiss wifes legs.Neha taking encouragement from her earleir 'perverted' remarks and the 'positive' effects it had on her husband, decided on to carry on the heat further.
"Sudhir tumhe fuddi pasand hai na?!......Bolo Sudhir is se khelna accha lagta hai kya?".She sort of pulled back and asked Sudhir in sexy and sensual whisper, again looking into his eyes..."Chut ko sunghna....,ise chatna,,,isme Lund dalna.....!? "Bolo na Sudhir?She continued with her sexy probe.
"Jjji Hain!"was all the aroused and intoxicated husband of her could mutter in response....
"Good!Mein tumhe aaj ke baad kabhi 'chuton' ki kami nahi hone doongi mere raja!Mera funda hai zindagi mein khul ke aish karo......tumhe aisi aisi mast chut tumhara lund mera murid ho jaiga.Bas tum mere kahne pe chalte raho!"Neha was now openly talking to her husband in a lustful and lewd manner,promising him a life, that would provide him full pleasures of sex, involving multiple partners!.

And Neha could see that the expression on Sudhir’s face was that of ‘lusty anticipation’ ,much to her liking. She drew a sense of personnel satisfaction and triumph on the account that she had been succeeding so far in initiating and indulging her husband into the world of ‘perverted’ sex. She was now sitting by her husband’s side ,holding his hard cock with her arm around his neck. She was lovingly staring into his eyes and would often lean to let out her tongue, to which Sudhir would promptly respond by capturing her wife’s tongue and sucking on it.

“Sudhir! Tumhe pata hai ke chut mein kya nasha hai?!” Neha ventured ahead, rubbing her palm over her pussy. “Aur is lund mein bhi!” ,.squeezing Sudhir’s cock in her hand, she continued her seductive mannerisms.
“Bas Un samajh lo ke agar inka sahi istemaal kiya jaaye to zindagi ka mazi hi kuch aur ho jata hai.Mein janti hun ke abhi tak tum is maze se mehroom the, Par ab nahi! Ab mein aa gayi hun naa!” “Lo Ab Dil Khol ke Maza lo!”
Neha got up and removed her salwar. Sudhir just loved the sight of her wife’s creamy thighs and sharp contrast of her black silky panties. Neha had a splendid figure with a very beautiful pair of legs to go with that. Her thighs were stout with creamy white flawless skin.. Neha thurst her pelvis towards Sudhir,s face, pushing her panties aside affording Sudhir a very sexy view of her wet glistening cunt and rich pubic bush.
Once again she relied on her old formula and before letting her vulva touch Sudhir’s tongue, purposely held her hot and aroused ‘fuddi’ close to his nose, in order to make him smell her private odors..SHE COULD EASILY MAKE OUT Sudhir was doing exactly that ,taking long, deepish breaths against her pussy with his nose embedded in her pubic hai.Neha would adjust her position, so that Sudhir could smell her intimate body parts all over and deciding to carry on her perverted ways further, she lowered her panties to her knees and turning her back to Sudhir, bent down holding her ass cheeks apart ,exposing her ass crack and beautiful ‘pinkish’ puckered asshole!
“Now smell this you son of a bitch….

A deviant rush rippled up Neha’s spine when she pictured her naïve husband sniffing and licking her asshole .It was also one of the means to show her total dominance over Sudhir. Sudhir meanwhile was looking for the first time , from such proximity at a young ripe woman’s ass and he was not disappointed in what he saw. There stood his wife, bent in a sexy and lash vicious manner , baring her posteriors to the gaze of her lustful husband and not only that, asking her to stiff her ‘inviting’butt. Any inhibitory thoughts to the downright filthy demand of her sluttish wife proved meek and insufficient and soon Sudhir was found leaning forward and burry his nose between Neha,s robust ass cheeks.
“Chat Gandoo! Madarchoad!!” Neha encouraged him. As if Sudhir need any!!!…The smell was different from how Neha’a cunt smelt , having an distinct earthy quality to it but was in no way not unpleasant to Sudhir, to say the least

Sudhir kept his face buried between Neha’s ass cheeks for quite sometime, his nose gathering her most intimate odors from the moist and musky ‘rosebud’,
He was in hailing deeply, savoring the smell. He became very hot thinking the nature of the gross act he was up to.!
Now this fresh flush of excitement was multi factorial. Firstly, it was due to the fact that he had been devoid the pleasures of sex, till he married Neha , given his basic gentle and shy nature and strict, orthodox upbringing.
Secondly Neha was versatile in matters pertaining to sex had been successful in ‘molding’ her husband’s ‘virgin’ mind as per her deviant desires.
And finally their contrasting natures, with Sudhir having a gentle demure and Neha being an oversexed young lady with rich sexual history and wild perverted desires were instrumental in Sudhir behaving as per Neha’s commands.
So Sudhir was relishing his introduction to the world of sex under the guidance of his wife ,who in a very carefully and well planned manner was exposing him to
The pleasures of flesh ____ and that too in the only way known to her___ kinky and perverse.!!!
The careful readers must have observed, how by now she had been able to deftly sow the seeds of ‘incestuous’ ideas in her husband’s mind. Not only that she had hinted him that it was all right to experiment with different sexual partners for ones gratification and sexual fulfillment and that she would provide the same to her husband in coming future! While doing this Neha had been relentless in her approach since beginning, asserting herself on him from the word go. Most alert of the readers would also relate that that the sexual activities between the couple so far were of ‘extreme’ kinds. (I have gathered some wrath on this account from some of the fellow members , who have found it….. ‘just to much to be true’!!!).
And it was a n accumulative effect of all ow what written above, Sudhir had his tongue out now and was lapping his wife’s ass crevice with a new found passion.
Neha guided him as to how he could use his ‘pointed’ tongue to fuck her asshole, what she loved calling ‘tushy love’. Neha helped her husband do so by keeping her ass cheeks kept wide open.
Getting her ‘physical’ pleasures from the dedicated annilingus she was receiving from her devoted husband, she intended to compound her joy by getting some ‘perverted’ mental satisfaction as well.
“Kaisa Lagta hai meri Gaand Chatna Sudhir Ummmm?!!!” She heard Sudhir moan between her ass cheeks in affirmation.
“Mere Raja! Tumhe Apni Maa aur behn ki Gaand bhi pasand aayegi!”
She realized Sudhir was titillated after hearing her vulgar remark suggesting licking his own mother’s and sister’ ass, as she felt Sudhir resorting to his rimming job with a new level of enthusiasm!. So there was no doubt left now in Neha’s mind that she had succeeded in making her husband lust for the women of his family!!!

Neha was getting intense physical gratification with Sudhir vigorously lapping up
his wife’s asshole. She also got mental titillation on the account that Sudhir had just responded very positively to her suggestion of incestuous sex.
This and the earlier ongoing sexual activities were enough to make her hot to the level where she needed to have a ‘real hard fuck; .Yes now her ‘mental games’ had heated her enough and she was ready for a cock up her pussy…and she had already made arrangements for that. It was amongst her perverted ideas to fuck some one else, on her honeymoon with her hubby watching and the readers can recollect from the earlier chapters that her erstwhile boyfriend Taufik was already present in the same hotel,
patiently waiting a steamy sexual session with his all time favorite ‘slut.’
So Neha moved ahead and Sudhir had to reluctantly let go the precious ass away from his eager mouth.
“Sudhir Ab Mein Tumhe Asli Sex sikhati Hun!”!Tum sex ke mamle mein abhi kacche ho,isliye pehle dekho aur seekho , phir hum dono ke pas to poori zindagi pari hai aish karne ko!.” .Neha picked her phone as she said this in a matter of fact tone to Sudhir.
Sudhir ,though not clear in her mind as to what she exactly meant but he could make out that perhaps Neha was hinting an involvement of a ‘third’ person- but again like the things had been proceeding between them, did not or rather could not respond in any way!
Neha was now on with the call still looking at Sudhir with an expression that made him broke his gaze and looked down, but not before he heard her say “Han Theek Hai,Taufik Come Right Over Jaan!!!!

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