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Indian mom Son Incest
07-15-2012, 06:40 PM
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Indian mom Son Incest
Today I am going to post a very sexy story about my sexy mother.
My mother’s name is Samita Ghosh. Her age is 45. At this age she is little bit plump and healthy. She has a very bulky body as most of the Bengali women do have at this age. I can assume her sizes are 40-36-42. As other Bengali ladies she wears saree almost all the time. She goes to sleep even wearing a saree. As she has a fleshy belly she has to tuck her saree below naval. With the pressure of upper and lower belly her naval appears like a straight line and looks very much inviting. When she walks around her big ass oscillates like pendulum. When she goes outside or travels by bus then males of every age stares at her. I can assume that every one wants her in bed.
Whenever I started to read pornographic stories I felt a desire to fuck my own sexy mother. But I have no courage to approach. This is because that, though my mother is looking like a sex queen, she is a very modest woman. She always tries her best to cover her voluptuous figure to be viewed by people. So I fulfill my desires by masturbating thinking about her in my bed. I always assume very dirtily about her. My desires are to fuck her in her each and every hole in body. I thought this will always remain as a dream to me. But for my good luck this happened in real for me some days ago.
Last week my father went to Mumbai with his friend for some work. I knew that he will return after 3 days. So I became very glad that I can see my mother naked from the bathroom holes as I do every time when there is no one in home. But I did not know that my mother also wanted to show her nude body to her own son.
At the first day when baba left for Mumbai, maa was doing her daily works in home. I was around her all the time, as I did not want to miss any chances to see her curves through saree. When she sat on floor to cut vegetables her belly was folded in 2 or 3 curves. She was also sweating. For this reason I can see her white bra through her green blouse. She was wearing a yellow colored cotton saree. She was looking like a sex goddess at that time. Whenever she pressed more to cut the vegetables her belly gets more folded. The view of the belly is big, as in home she used to wear saree very low under her navel. She used to wear her blouse tight upper wards to keep her breasts not hanging. For this they are still look like pointed through blouse. I love to see her blouse covered breasts from the side of her saree. When she went to kitchen to cook she tried to get up from floor, as a result of that the pallu of her saree fell from her shoulder and I can saw the big cuts of her breasts through her blouse. Ohh what a sight that was. For some time I can see her in blouse and half saree covered. What a bosom she has. As she is aged lady she has fleshes around her shoulder, neck. The pressure of those fleshes makes her breasts more sexy and fleshy. Then she covered her blouse covered breasts when she got up from floor. She ordered me to bring the bowl of vegetables with me in kitchen. Now she became more conscious and tucked the pallu in the side of her belly as if it not fell from her shoulder again. Maa then started to cook food for us. I stood there as if to help her in her work. But my intentions were to see every glimpse of her body. When saw her belly again from the side I can not resist more and my 8 inch dick started to grow more. I was wearing a Bermuda then. So my pant also grow in front. I tried to cover it with my hands. Maa suddenly looked at me and my position. Then she got angry and said: “ what r u thinking about? Your organ is growing. Are thinking about some woman?” I said: “ no it was just an accident, I have to go to bathroom and clean it out.” But maa was not convinced and forced me to tell what I am thinking about. At last I have to tell her that it was she, whom I was thinking about. She got very anry and told me to go away from her and not to come in front of her. I was very sorry at theses words and went to my room in a dejected mood.

After sometime I heard a knock at my doors. I opened the door and saw my mother was there with a glass of juice in her hand. She smiled at me and told me to sit down on bed. She then tried to teach me that this is not a right thing to think about your own mother in a sexual way. There are many other women in world, you can think about them. I know that this is an age when boys think about their own relatives as they are the most close persons they know in their lives. But this is not right. Saying this she was going. But I told her: “ but maa I still love you, I want to get you in bed all the day. I can help myself out thinking about your body. You have a great figure.” Maa laughed and said: “but son I am old now, I can’t fulfill your desires. I have not enough juices in my body left to give you enough pleasure. Better you can find someone younger.” But I told her : “I don’t care, I love to watch aged women like you. I will be glad if I can play with your body.” Hearing this she smiled and said me: “ok I am giving myself to you. But after our act you can not complain to me that I am not an enjoyable lady.” Then I can’t believe what I was hearing. I jumped out in joy. Maa then closed all the doors and windows of my room and then came to me.

At first Maa pull the pallu from the side of her belly where tucked out at the time of cooking. Then she pulled the pallu down from her shoulder to show me her huge breasts covered in green colored blouse. I was so excited that I couldn’t resist my hands from putting on her chest. Maa was smiling and started to remove her saree from her waist. After 3 or 3 rounds she removed her saree completely and threw it out. Then she kept her hands around my neck and pulled my head towards her. I could see that she was opening her lips slowly and started to approach towards my lips. When my mother touched my lips with her I shivered. I have no plan what to do but my mother approached and started sucking my lips. I then started to give her good response and bring out my tongue and put it inside her mouth. We continued this act for at least 15 minutes. Then we split this action and kept some breath. Maa then smiled and told me : “ you are very good in this act. Now show me your tool. I want to take it in my mouth. U can upload your excitement in my mouth. I am eager to drink you.” Hearing this I started to remove my pant fast and brought out my cock. She smilingly kept in one of her hands and then kneeled down to suck me. When she put almost half of my cock in her mouth I saw at her face. She was closing her eyes. Then she started to suck my cock. First she did this very gently by putting in and out slowly. Then suddenly she started to do it fast. I can assume that she is now excited. I also closed my eyes in pleasure. What a situation. I drunk my mother’s milk in my younger age and my mother is drinking my cum in her later age.
After some time with vigor sucking I came in my mother’s mouth like a flood. Maa could not keep it in her mouth then and with a huge force rest of the cum split in her whole face, her neck, her breast cuts. She then licks the tip of my cock to have the taste of every bit of my cum. After that I told my mother to take rest for some time for the big act. Maa told me to lie on bed. I can assume that she want to be fucked in western style.

Maa then started to unhook her boluse. After few seconds I saw the glimpses of her white colored bra through her semi opened blouse. She then tried to pull her blouse from back. I helped her in that act. Then Maa opened the strap of her bra from back and make it loose from front. I pulled it from front in excitement. Maa then smiled and covered her face in little bit shame as she knew that she was half naked then in front of her own son whom she gave birth. Then I untied the knots of her saya (petty coat) and make it loose. As a result of that it fell on the ground and my dear mother became full naked in front of her own son.
What a scene, my voluptuous mother became naked in front of me. She then came out of her saya and put it aside by her leg. She climbed up on the cot and slept beside me. I started to play with the naked body of my own mother. At first I started to fondle her huge breasts. Each breast is so big that I can not held with one hand. I have to give pressure of both of my hands on those pieces. Her round brown nipples attracted me to suck right then. So I kept one hand on one breast and started to suck another. I almost bite each nipple. Maa cried in pain: “ aaaaaaaaaaa aaaaahhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummm ooooooooofffffffgggggghhhhh.” She was screaming loudly then. I was really giving so much pain on her breasts as I can see 2 3 teeth marks of mine on her breasts. After half an hour I left her breasts. Those huge pieces are then red in color by mu sucking and biting. The whole room is then full of the smell of our sweat.
Then I moved towards her belly. When I toughed my finger to her navel her navel gets somewhat back in shiver and excitement. Maa was then shivering in excitement, as she was constantly making sounds. I started to suck her deep navel. First I put my finger in that hole. Then started to put my tongue in her navel. She was screaming in enjoyment : ‘ ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ggggggggggggoooooo”. I was so excited that I started to fondle her belly. Then I started my journey towards my birth place. My mother has so much hair at her cunt that I cannot even find the hole of cunt. When I discovered that I started to finger in the cunt. Maa was crying in pain: “ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmm maaaaaaa”. I then started do it vigorously. Then I put my mouth and tongue in act. She then can not hold it out and came first time in my mouth. I drunk the juices of her cunt. Then I wasted no more time and told her to sit on my cock.

Maa took my order and sit on my lap. As a result of that my 8 inch long cock entered in her cunt easily. I can assume that my father fucked her many more times that her cunt hole becomes wider and wider. I then started to give upthrust and give her cunt some good bang. She understood my thrust and responded my act by dancing her heavy waist on me. After 20 minutes I cannot hold myself and made her fell on bed and I got up on her. Then after few strokes I came into her cunt like a flood. She told me “ your juices touched me in my womb. Today I am filled by my own son.”

After the act both of us were so tired as we laid on each other at that position for some time. Then she pulled my dick out and told me to go to bathroom and wash it out. We will make this act again in night. But that was my first time, so I could not let her go. So I hold her as she was getting up from bed. I gathered some excitement again and told her that I want to fuck her in all her holes. She got scared and told me to go away as she did not like to be fucked any where else. But I forcefully kept her on bed by pressing her hands at the sides of her bed. She was then crying as she can assume that I want to fuck her in her ass. I forcefully make her in doggy style and enter my cock in her tight ass. She was screaming loudly in pain : “ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooommmmmmmm mmaaaaaaaaaaaaggggooooooo cheeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeee deeeeeeee”. I was not in an intention to let her go away. So I started to give pressure and put my cock full in. maa was then crying in pain. I then gave full strokes to clear my loads in her back. Within 15 minutes I fucked her totally in her ass. She was looking like a doggy mother then. After that act I can see some bit blood on her back. My cock also covered with some bit of shit of her. I then went to to bathroom and cleaned my cock. Then I came back to room and saw that my mother was crying that the last act gave her so much pain in her back that she can not even get up now. She was sitting completely naked. So become so much excited that something dirty came in my mind. I got up on the cot and make my doggy mom lay on bed again and fucked her once more. At last I made my mother drink the most unique water in her life. I piss on her mouth and made her drink that.

☆☆☆☆☆ Meethi Gaand ☆☆☆☆☆ Maa ka Agyakari Beta ☆☆☆☆☆
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