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Fucked Aunt Isha While Uncle Is Sleeping
06-27-2011, 04:36 PM
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Fucked Aunt Isha While Uncle Is Sleeping
Hi Everybody I am Maddy from Andhra but now living in Bangalore. This is my first story in ISS. I work in Bangalore and stay in a room. I often visit my uncle’s home who is a close friend of my father. Late me say about my uncle’s wife. She is a gorgeous and sexiest lady with all dick making hard features. Her assets are 38-32-36. I am very close to her and share everything with her. She is an HR in a reputed software company and she is so modern.

I often visit her during weekends and spend most of the time speaking to her sharing everything what happen during all the week. She often asks me about dating, my affairs and parties, I used to say her about boozing betting’s(Bottoms up) I Share everything openly. I always ask her how she maintains her figure so perfectly even in her 30′s. She always say me only one reason that is having lot of sex with my uncle. I am even very close to my uncle as well. One Sunday I got call from my uncle saying that he wants to speak to me. I replied him saying I’ll be in his home that Sunday evening.

I Started in the evening at 7 and reached my uncles home by sharp 8:00. Uncle was staring at me very angrily. I was surprised and shocked because he was never like that before. Aunt was standing next to him. When I was about to ask what’s the matter uncle started to speak in an anger voice. “I came to know that you are partying a lot and boozing a lot now a days”. I was shocked and surprised listening to that from my uncle. I was looking at me I thought she will never say to my uncle about all this. When I was about to speak uncle and aunt started laughing vary wildly.

Then Uncle started saying that they made me a fool. Then uncle said that he is feeling bored at home to drink alone and wanted my company. Your aunty told me everything about you and your parties so I thought why not I have your company to night. Mean while aunt arranged everything for me and uncle. On the table. Uncle said this is not just for company but will have betting as you do in your parties. Initially I was little hesitated to drink in front of uncle but aunt made uncle and aunt made me feel comfortable. We started betting of boozing bottoms up who will drink more pegs in a short time.

Aunt was seeing uncle and me very curiously. Uncle was Drinking like a hell one after another. He drank four pegs continuously in no time and I drunk three. In between aunt was very excited and she said that even she wants to join us. Then started the real fun. When aunt joined us uncle was almost out of control. Am sorry I forgot to say my aunts name….. She is Isha. She was wearing white nighty with deep V shaped neck on that day and looking more Bitchy. We had three more pegs continuously even my aunt Isha. by 11:30

Uncle was totally out of control he was about to getup n fell on Isha who was next him and opposite to me. He told us that he is feeling sleepy and kissed my Isha very hardly on her lips infant me for one minute. Aunt and I helped uncle till bed and we came back to hall to start boozing. The site of uncle kissing aunt made me horny. After 2 more pegs I can’t resist myself and started staring at my aunts boobs . Aunt noticed me staring at her boobs and diverted my looks. She came next to me and with an anger voice she asked me “What are you staring at?”. I had no words and was blabbering.

She came very close to me and said ” I know You like my boobs very much and you are now staring at them” Y cant you kiss me like you uncle did just now. Once I heard those words in no time I took her lips into my mouth started sucking her tongue deep inside my hands were on her 38 size boobs pressing them real harder. She started moaning loudly ummm…. aahhhhh….. I was scared that uncle might get up. Isha said don’t worry he is not going to get up till morning am yours fuck me.

I slide her nighty till her navel put my tongue deep inside it and rolled my tongue . Started sliding my tongue down and down reached her pussy. I opened her pussy lips with both my fore fingers and inserted deep inside her pussy at once. She was moaning and screaming so sexily aaaaaah…….that made me more horn. I took of her nighty and panty moved her one side lifted her one leg up and inserted my dick at once into her pussy. She screamed very loudly aaahhhh. I started giving her harder and faster jerks .

Room was filled with her rhythmic moaning aah aah aaah aaah aaa! After Continuous 15 min side fucking I turned her to me and inserted my cock directly into her sticky pussy. My dick went deeper into her pussy in no time I can feel my cock touching something inside her wet pussy. After continuous strokes in and out in and out I started dragging my body and cock inside her pussy.. She felt real pain and moaned loudly aaaaaah…that’s hurting me my pussy will tear don’t do that. But after listening to her moans I’ve madder

And did that continuously dragging my cock inside her pussy her body was rubbing to me very hardly and I can feel her nipples pressing to me like needles. She was unable to control the pain and started biting me on my neck but I was not able to stop she was speaking to me in husky voice and heavy breaths please stop that mad fucking aaaaaaa am your aunt common don’t do that her pussy started bleeding . After 10 minutes of fucking her in that style I turn her back, made her to sit on the sofa on her knees and bent fucked her in doggy style. Her ass hole was even tighter than her pussy.

This made the fucking real hard and it lost for continuous screaming of her for 15 min aaah umm mad fuck me bastard fuck me like a slut…aaahhhhh mummy ahhh……both our bodies were completely sweating and i can see her sexy back in bed light shining my cock was hitting her buttocks very hardly and making a loud sound there….I turned her to me now and hold her boobs pressed hardly squeezed them pinched nipples …when she opened her mouth with pain I took her mouth into mine kissed her. I played with her tongue licked her juices then

I asked her to hold her boobs together and fucked her boobs. My cock became harder and I was about cum…She asked me to cum all my juices on her boobs and mouth. I released my juices on her boobs in her mouth. That night I fucked her three times and all the three times I screwed her pussy. I hope You All enjoyed this. I am waiting for your comments and reply.

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