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First Night with Husband After Marriage
04-26-2012, 03:01 PM
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First Night with Husband After Marriage
This story about my first night with my husband. My parents arranged this marriage. His name was Remesh. Remesh was a normal guy. He lived with his parents and had lots of money. He had written plus2 and that was it. I had gone to college. My parents didn’t tell me about him very much. I didn’t want a person like this but my parents forced me to marry him. So after the wedding function, Came the FIRST NIGHT. I was wearing a kerala sari and a sexy little bra and panties inside. U see I was a little modern…. I was a virgin, but I knew all about sex since I had gone to college. So my mother in law and some relatives gave me a glass of milk and send me to the mani arra. I opened the door and I saw Remesh sitting in the bed.
The bed was decorated with flowers. He was wearing a traditional mudu. I looked at him and he smiled, but I think he was a little nervous. He asked me to sit down beside him. He then took the glass from my hands touched my hands slightly. He drank half of the milk and gave the rest to me, I drank the milk and he took the glass and kept it on the table.
The light in the room had been dimmed. After a little bit of talking, he put his arm around my shoulder. He asked me if I was sleepy. I nodded indicating that I was not sleepy. He then kissed me on my cheeks. I liked it very much, this was my first kiss from a man. He then kissed slightly on my lips. It was heaven. He then gave me very big kiss, he touched my teeth with his tongue.
I rubbed my tongue with his and we kissed passionately. After some time, he laid me on the bed. He then gave me kisses and the placed his hand on my breast, because of the sari he couldn’t grab it right. I loved it, I gave me a shiver. We both kissed again and again with our tongues dancing with each other. He sucked on my tongue and drank my saliva.
He then moved the sari so he could hold my breasts. He squished my breast Ahhhh I let out a cry in pleasure.. He liked that so he did it again…He then kissed on my neck and gave me kisses on my cleavage. Then with on hand he started removing the hooks of my blouse. After each hook he gave kiss on my breast. Now he had done all the hooks and opened my blouse, he saw my luscious breasts inside my bra.
I was wearing a white laced wedding bra, u can see my nipples through the bra. He pressed on my breasts Ahh Ahh I gave out cries of pleasure. He then put on leg on me and while kissing me he smoothly turned me over. So now I was on him, he was beneath me. We kissed for some time. He then moving his hands on my back, unhooked my bra. He ran his hand on my bare back. He took hold of my hips and squeezed my hips with his big hands….
He then turned me over and took my bra off…. My beautiful breasts were in the open… I was a little shy and covered my breasts with my hand. He kneeled over my body and took his shirt off and grabbed my hand and kept It on his back. He had a great body. He started kissing my breasts and took my right nipple inside his mouth and sucked on it Ahhhhhhh, I was in heaven.
He squeezed my left breast with his hand and and sucked my right nipple. I just ran my hands through his hair and back. After some time he suked my left nipple…..After a little while he kissed my bellybutton and he kissed my lips. He then took his right hand and grabbed my sari folding, he then pulled the sari folding out. He pushed the sari down to my thighs and he the turned me over, now I was on him.
He then in a smooth movement, with his both hands over my back and grabbed my ass. He squeezed me ass a little bit and pushed my sari down. With his legs he took the rest of the sari down. Now I was only wearing my underskirt. I could feel his big erected penis through his underwear on my under belly…
We kissed very passionately and his hands squeezed my ass. After a little while he un tied my underskirt and I lifted myself a little so he could get the underskirt off. I was wearing a little white panty, It was a bit like a thong. He squeezed my juicy ass and he turned me over. Now he could see my pussy through the panties because it was a see through panty.
He then with his hand pressed on my crotch, ahhhh I moaned. It gave me such pleasures….. Then he took my hands and placed it on his underwear I could feel his erect cock but I was shy and took my hands off. He then grabbed my breast with one hand and took my hand inside his underwear, and with my hand he grabbed his cock…
It was my first time touching a man’s cock. He then pressed down on my panties and I suddenly squeezed his cock. He then put his lips on my panty and gave a kiss on my panties… now I was rubbing his cock and I removed his underwear, he was totally naked. He then with his hands slowly pulled down my panties. I was very shy and kept my hands on my pussy. So he gave me a kiss and went down to my pussy. I had shaved my pussy.
He grabbed my hands and took my hands off the pussy and pined me down on the bed and he was on top of me.. With his finger he touched my pussy and rubbed my clit, I was in heaven I moaned Ahhhhhhhh mmmmmm AHHHHHH…… He played there a little bit and he went down and kissed my pussy….. It was very pleasurable. He licked my wet pussy for some time.
I arched my backing in pleasure… and I after some time I had my first orgasm. It was wonderful I moaned ahhhhhhhhh……….After that he kissed me for some time and I rubbed his cock and he sucked my breasts. After that he took a small pillow and placed it under my ass. Then he spread my legs. I spread my legs as possible. Then he licked my pussy a little bit, and now I was wet. The kneeled in front of my pussy and held his cock in position.
He rubbed his cock on my pussy lips. And after a little bit he suddenly in one move he thrusted his erected cock in my pussy. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I almost cried in pain and pleasure. He kept his penis in side for some time and slowly pulled it out….. There was a little blood coming from my vagina. He then gave me a kiss and slowly pushed his cock back in ahhhhh…. Then he started pushing and pulling slowly.
I was in heaven…. He grabbed my hips and started moving my hips. He increased the speed little by little… I moaned ahhhhh mmmmm…… I arched my back in pleasure moved with the rhythm. He was also moaning ahhhhh.. After a while we started moving fast… he thrusted me with his penis….. Then I had my orgasm, it was very big.
I cried ahhhhhhh mmmmmmm ahhhhhhhh…… my body started shivering and my heart beet became fast…. Then he also had his orgasm… he moaned and let his milk come out in to my pussy….. Then we both laid there kissing and hugging…… We had sex many times that night.

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