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Aunty Sex Stories
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RE: Aunty Sex Stories

I am Anil. Quiet a new man to the keralaerotica site. It is very much glad to know that in our small God’s own country, there is a website for sharing sexual experience and ecstasy. I am really thankful to the publishers of this gorgeous site.

I am from central Travancore. To be exactly from Thiruvalla a place has got an import in the map of Kerala and in the psyche of Malayalis. Actually I was shameful to divulge my sexual experience in to a wide public. But when I went through the stories (I don’t know whether live stories or not) in the site, I decided to unveil my mind for the readers of this marvelous site.

This story may be a little bit embarrassing and unbelievable for the readers. But believe me this is a real stuff I elicited from my life. I was the only child of my parents and was a pet of my matriarchal family because my mother was the eldest and I was the first grandson to my grand parents and nephew to my mother’s sister. Though I was staying with my parents and studying there in Thiruvalla, I used to stay at my mothers home at Baranikkavu, near Mavelikkara during the vacation times.

One summer vacation arrived with its charming beauty. I was studying then. One week after the examination was over, my grand papa came to our house to take me to mother’s house. It was a real delight for me to accompany him to mother’s home at Bharanikkavu. Because my maternal home was in a big compound of four acres of land and there was a pond and many trees bearing different kinds of fruits (like Mango, Cashew, etc.). During the days at Bharanikkavu I will be very busy in roaming over the vast compound doing some naughty deeds.

That day we both reached my mother’s home with my dresses and all. There was a feast waiting for me. And my Madhavi grandma and Ganga cheriamma(Auntie) was on the doorstep waiting for me. When seeing them I ran towards them and hugged them all. They took me to home and all asked me about my examinations, my parents, my grand parents at father’s side etc. After dinner at 9.30 p.m., all went to sleep. I was taken to my Ganga Cheriyamma’s room for sleeping. She was staying in my mother’s home since my grand parents got only two daughters. Her husband was in Dubai for employment.he visited home once only in two or almost two years. Ganga Cheriamma was very cute and a perfect typical keralaite beauty (I was not conscious about women’s any beauty or charm ness at all by that time.). She was only 32 then. We were both sleeping in a room located at the extreme west end of the house. Before going to bed she took me to bathroom for pissing. I just unloaded my burden there. Ganga Cheriamma also took a comfortable position in the bathroom besides me and avoided the stock in her bladder. It was such a nice view to watch, I still remember. I naughtily kept my index finger on nose to tease her. She shyly pretended as to hit me. So I just laughed and got away from her hands’ reach. She after her pissing took a mug of water and cleaned her genitals. Then she led me to our room to sleep by holding my hand.

This was our routine. A few days after, one night, I woke up suddenly after a small nap. I think it was only after one hour we went to bed. I heard some unusual sounds. As I looked the origin of, I could understand that the sound was produced by my Ganga Cheriamma. I could have a look of her since the full lunar was very magnanimous to extend his milky rays in to the room through the glass window. I saw her saree was piled up above her waist and her right hand moving swiftly at her pelvic area. She was shuddering and spasm was going though all her body. I scared to see that because she was as a bad spirit entered in her. Those days I was familiar with such granny stories. So all at once I jumped up from the cot and made a crying sound. This brought back Ganga Cheriamma in to the real world. She as soon as seen me staring her in a fearful manner. She switched on the light and hugged me to console me. At this moment too I was afraid to her.

She tried to make me calm. She was all in fear. When, my grand ma and grandpa came to the room. They also heard the voice I made. They asked her what happened. She replied that “he must have had any nightmare”. They also said me not to worry. So they returned to their bedroom. Then she latched the room door and approached me. I was still staring her. She was little bit panic. She asked me “why you yelled?” I was surprised to see her normal. I answered that she only made me cry. Then she hugged me and asked me “what did you see?” I could not answer. Then she advised me not to tell this to anyone else what I have seen. I got some courage and asked what happened her and why to conceal it from others. She again hugged me in reply without saying anything. When she ventured to switch the light off I stopped her and was again in fear. Then she understood that I was in deep fear of her. So she again tried to sooth me with consolations and hugging. She feared lest I will tell it to somebody else. So she asked me whether I have seen something her doing. I reluctantly as asker her “what she was doing at her pelvic region with hands and why she shuddered?” She knew that I have seen all her activities. So she tried to make me understand about the incident. She told me it was a secret that she was doing and not to tell anyone else. Otherwise she will be in big trouble. I again asked “what is the secret?” She was all in a quagmire. She could understand and she will not be in a position to recover from it without convincing me (she must have cursed that moment).

She switched off the tube light and put on the bedroom lamp. I still hesitated to bed with her. She told me not to worry and all matured women are doing such activities. I asked her why? And said I have not seen anybody doing this.
Ganga Cheriamma: Dear, Every mature women do this, but secretly
Myself: What is the secret?
Ganga Cheriamma: “Appu, you don’t know about such big things and now needn’t to know about that. When you grow up you will come to know about all these.”
Myself: “why should I grow to know that? And why can’t I know now”
Ganga Cheriamma: “this is such a big matter, and don’t divulge it to others will be better”
Myself: “why don’t others know about? You only tell me right now everyone does this”
Ganga Cheriamma: “Shooooo……. How can I make him understand about that? It’s my curse or what else?”

She again said not to say this to anyone else. Then I threatened her to divulge it to everyone or otherwise she has to tell me about the secret. She understood that her fell in to hell was imminent. She told me that it is a sin to know about that. I again threatened her. When, Ganga Cheriamma in a desperate mood told me that what she was doing for a sort of pleasure. “What pleasure?” I asked. “You don’t know that pleasure since you are a child only”. “Oh, no I want to know that pleasure right now” I told. “You are a child, small boy. You are not supposed to know about that pleasure” she told. I insisted that I want to know about that and what pleasure can be generated by rubbing that area. She told me that it is a kind of ecstasy that both women and men getting in rubbing their genitals. I asked “whether I will also get that ecstasy in doing that?” “Yes you will also get it, but not now only when you grown up” she told me. I told her that I too want to feel that pleasure. It is not fair children getting some sort of pleasure” she told me. I insisted her, and I again intimidated her. She at last told me that “I will try to make you feel that pleasure, but on only condition that I should not to tell any thing to anyone else about it”. She asked me whether you know about the relation between married men and women. I said “no”. She then told me that all married men and women have a mystic relation in the bedroom. I innocently asked “what relation Cheriayamma?” She told me that is the relation in order to produce offspring. I was all in wonder to hear it. I asked her “whether she has such relation with her husband?” ‘Yes’ she replied. I then asked “why they don’t have any children?” “It’s a fate” she told me. By now she tried to divert the talk and turn the lamp off. But I was adamant. I didn’t let her anything to do her desire.

I insisted her more to tell about the pleasure as she told a little before. She knew that she has no escape. She asked me whether you have seen a woman’s genital. I said “no”. “You want to see that” she asked me. I didn’t respond. She took my hand in hers’ and asked me to promise not to tell anyone what she is teaching me there. I immediately did as she said. She then slowly unbuttoned my shirt and trousers. I was completely nude then and with a frantic look. My male organ was there like a piece of rubber. She slowly took it to her hand and slowly rubbed on it and moved the fore skin slowly up and down. I felt titillation and I giggled. She was then in an exquisite mood. She took my rubbery in to her mouth and stroked slowly with her tongue. I felt something inexplicable. As she done this I felt my penis getting a weight. When she drew back I was surprised to see that my little boy was like a 3.5” choke piece. She smiled at me and told me that “you are a naughty”.

She then started to put off her saree slowly. When it slid off her body I could see her beautifully shaped breast in jacket. She then untied all rest, one by one. When she unraveled her underskirt I saw her milky legs and thighs fully covered by the thick dark-blue hair. I had no sense of it that time. Later when I was able to get more exposure on sexual life and women, only I came to know about the body hair of women. She was in a black bra and Rose panties. She lied on her back keeping her thighs apart. Then she took me to between her legs and caressed my body. She whispered me “see your Aunty in full” then she took my hand to her bosoms and told me to press them gently. I did so. A bit later she smiled at me and asked” have you ever seen a lady’s most valuable treasure?” I said no. She then untied her bra and panties. She told me that “this is the thing that a lady is primarily concerned for” the treasure they hiding between legs. I innocently asked “why that is” she replied me “because of ecstasy we get while paying on those organs. Then she briefly narrated me bout the “secret” alliance between men and women.

Then she advised me to play with her “omanakkutty”. So I focused my attention to her vulva. Her genital was covered so thick with long hairs. I think their length was 4 inches. I curiously placed my hand on my “kunjamma”. Pulled the hairs and my fingers were buried like in the forest. I asked her why she has so much hair there. She told me that mature women have hair all around their private part. While I was playing on her “beauty” she was reclining on a pillow placed on the rail of the cot, with a hushed smile. She asked me to ride my hand well in the bush. When I moved my hand down my fingers explored a crotch which was wet, inside the bush. I asked her whether she got an injury over there and it is bleeding, for that she laughed a lot as she got mad. I was all in shy then. After the mad laugh she hugged me. Then she told that is the way to heaven. I was all in doubt. So she made it clear. She told me that the way men insert their cock in to for getting the heavenly pleasure. She then kept her legs up and with one hand she took the caught of my “king” and rubbed him on her crotch. That rippled me. After a little while I got feeling like I slipped in to pool. That feeling made me partly unconscious. But I could hear her moaning and hissing. I thought that I was in a chariot, flying in the sky. ‘Yes’ really I was in a chariot. Whole the while, she was moving her waist in a circular motion. I knew that something is forming on my pelvic area and there was thunderstorm in my brain. I afraid, that I am going to explode. I screamed loudly but my voice went in to deaf ears. She was holding me all tightly to her body. I felt something erupting inside my scrotum and like hot lava passing through my dick. The room was reverberating like in tremors. After a little while everything went in to calm. It was as if after a stormy mad rain. We continued in that still position for a little further time, all in sweat, like took a bath. A just time after she parted me from her and examined my ‘little play boy’ in the bedroom lamp. He was like a lifeless worm and bathed all in a sort of sticky pale gum. She devoted a sweet kiss on my lips and covered us with a blanket.

When I woke up next day my Ganga Cheriamma was in front of me with a cup of hot coffee in her hand. There was boy sun shining behind her but he seemed to me dark as compared to her shining face.
We continued our secret in nights full long that vacation. When the vacation was over I hesitated to go back home. I still remember both us were crying as I bid her a short separation. But when ‘Onam’ vacation neared she was taken to Dubai, to her hus’s place. Slowly I forgot all the matters and I continued my studies in ‘Ootty.’ It took almost 8 long years to meet with my sweet aunty again. I will tell you about that in another occasion. Hope you enjoyed my experience.

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RE: Aunty Sex Stories
I live with my family here in Mumbai. My aunt. she does have a huge pair tits and a round, shapely ass, she is 46 years. She also is having good shaped tits and good figure. But the uncle is short, not having a good figure and might be impotent.
I always use to look at aunt's body whenever got time and often masturbated by thinking of her. She is really a beautiful and a very sexy lady.
I was in the neighborhood. And just thought I should visit my aunt. I was at my aunt’s door and rang the bell. My aunt was surprised and happy to see me told me come in and since Uncle is also on official tour, she is also alone in the house, and my cousins had gone to college and would be back late evening.
She made some tea and as I was sipping we talking about our good old days. She was looking quite sexy in the nightgown and I was wearing blue jeans and t-shirt. We were also watching movie on cable as talking to each other. She shifted the topic to my future plans and about marriage. I told her no plans for marriage at present since I had settle in my professional life however any good proposal came for girl having qualities like to you, I will consider the things. She asked what qualities I like about her. I told her that she is well educated, settled , working, beautiful and sexy. She was said I consider her as sexy I told her yes.
She came close to me and started kissing me on lips , checks and neck. She said your Uncle has are not been able to satisfy her and she is sex hungry for long time, she wants me satisfy her sex urge. She slowly removed my t-shirt and started kissing on my chest as well as sucking my nipples. After few moments she shifted her attention downwards and told me let me see your tool. She removed my jeans as well as my underwear and now I was nude before my sexy aunt. She said help me to remove cloths, I gently removed her nightgown. She was wearing black bra and a white panty underneath the gown. I removed her black bra and started sucking her big tits. I placed her on the bed and started sucking her right nipple first , it became hard and erect.
I touched her boobs tenderly and then tried to size them up by moving my palms all over her boobs. She was looking at my hand moving on her boobs. I caressed them slowly and massaged them. Then I increased my force and pressed them hard and I could hear her moan. I played with her boobs to my satisfaction and then sat down on my knees to take them in my mouth. I sucked her nipples, chewing them, then I took her full breasts in my mouth and sucked them one by one. She was moving her hand lovingly through my hair now. I released her boobs from my mouth and asked her, “How do you feel?” She replied with a smile, “Ummm. very good. But please do not bite the nipples so hard. It hurts.” I smiled and got back to sucking her breasts. I was sucking one of her boobs and caressing and pinching the other. When I was fully satisfied enjoying her boobs, I kissed her belly button and kissed all over her tummy. Then I turned my attention to her panty. At last I was getting to touch, smell, feel her panty. I moved my fingers over her white panty. I smelled it rubbing my nose on it and smooched it. I slowly pulled the panty down and out of her feet. Now my aunty was completely naked. I moved away from her and took a good look at her naked body.
I slowly sucking vagina and she was moaning. I gave a long smooch on her vagina and moved my fingers through her bush. I parted her legs and rubbed a finger though the slit. I was fingering a virgin slit. I was touching where only uncle must has ever touched. I applied some saliva on my finger and continued my fingering her slit. Slowly I inserted my finger in her cunt and started finger fucking her. That was too much for her. She let go of her loud cry with ecstasy. Her cunt was now getting wet and warmer. I was enjoying moving my finger inside her warm and wet pussy. I was touching and pressing her inner walls and her g-spot with my finger. It appeared it was her first time as soon as I touched her g-spot she moaned loudly.
Then she started to kissing me. First on my chest, then on my neck and then on my lips. We kissed long time in the same position. I licked her lips, tongue. Then she pushed me off and ordered my to turn over. She parted her lips and moved them lovingly over the head of my penis, and I groaned watching her head bob up and down, I noticed a few gray hairs on the crown of her head, and I thought to myself that this was the first time I ever had sex with a older woman-my own aunty! I was stiff as my aunt built up the pressure in my balls to unbelievable proportions with the touch of her hot, sucking mouth. she had both of her hands around my penis too, squeezing it into her mouth. She looked up at once in a while, her eyes wide open and fill with love. I began lifting my hips off the bed to fuck her mouth, and aunt slipped one of her fingers in my ass. Just then I came, shooting a hot stream of cum into her gulping gullet. She tried to get away, but spurts of it splattered all over her face and chin and she smiled and said “I love this cock of yours.”
I kept on pressing and squeezing her breasts and her nipples. She was moaning and groaning like mad. I gazed at her long smooth legs and her thighs which formed a valley at bottom of which lay her smooth almost shaven pussy. I started to lick her thighs and bit on her inner thighs. She was caressing my hair with her fingers and began to pull my head towards her pussy. Her pussy was dripping wet and shining with all the love juices. I began to lick her pussy like a hungry dog. She kept on pushing my head deep into her pussy. I discovered her love hole and started to lick and suckle on it. She was now mad with ecstacy and started to moan louder and louder ... AH AH AAH AAH AAAH UH AH AAH UH AAAH ... I kept on the assault on her cunt without giving her any let up. She started to breathe heavier and heavier. Finally she was not able to control herself any longer. Her entire body shuddered as she experienced the first orgasm of her life. ( ) Her love juices flowed down like a river. I drank all of it. It tasted like life-giving sweet nectar. Now I looked at my aunt. She looked back at me. "I love you, Darling.", she said with a sparkle in her eyes. "I love you too.", I replied.
I kissed her on her lips, she responded back. We kissed passionately for a while like there was no tomorrow. By now I again had a hard on. Looking at my dick, my aunt looked back at me with surprise in her eyes. She didn't know what to expect next. I went down and spread her legs wide so that there was some opening for my long and rod-thick dick to enter her pussy. I placed the head of my penis at mouth-opening of her pussy and smiled. She smiled back indicating that she was ready to take me in. I pushed my dick slowly into her vagina with a small thrust. She screamed out aloud with her eyes wide open. I continued with my inward thrusts. First slowly and then gradually increasing the pace and the power. I continued to ram her pussy with my rod. She was moaning and groaning as if she was being fucked to death. Her loud cries encouraged me further more. I increased the pace of ramming her love-hole. I thrust it in so powerfully that she started gasping for breath. I held both her hands over her head and left it there and continued to ram her pussy with my long & powerful thrusts. She was so short of breath that she started scratching my chest & my back with her nails. I slowed down my thrusts so that she could take in some fresh air & regain her breath. Then again with one huge thrust I rammed my rod deep into her pussy. This time she was ready for it & began to respond to my thrusts in a rythmical manner with her hips as if she was fucking me back. She was making very loud noises yes yes yes take me, take me now ... that encouraged me further more. I began to bite onto her lips & nipples while I was ramming her pussy with my rod. Then suddenly with one big thrust I shot out a truckload of semen into her pussy & even she reached her orgasm at the same time. We were so exhausted by now that we just were lying in each others arms. I later began the stir her, she opened her eyes and gave me a wicked smile which conveyed to me that she was sexually satisfied fully. "Lets clean up ourselves.", I said. And I lifted her up into my arms and took her into the shower where we had a second round of sex in the bathroom.

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RE: Aunty Sex Stories
Hello all. I am Subin from ernakulam,kerala now working as Software engineer in a private firm at ekm.I came through this site recently and decided to write one of my gr8 experience in life.During this story,I was doing my 12th in a school nearby.I go to school by 9 am and will be back 4.

Let me come to my experience directly.Infront of our house there was a husband and wife with 3 daughters.I called them Babu uncle and Mini aunty.Babu uncle was working in dubai and will come on leave once in an year.Ever since I met them I had a lust upon Mini aunty.Whenever she washes clothes,cut fish,I used to look at her through my window without knowing her.Her round boobs and big ass had that much effect upon me.I often think how lucky Babu uncle is…

One Saturday I had class till noon and was back by 2 pm.On reaching home,there was a note infront of my door.It says that my parents went to kottayam as they were informed that a cousin of mine is seriously injured in an accident.They left the key with Mini aunty.I hurried to aunty’s house.On reaching Mini aunty’s house I knocked at the door.No answer.I tried the calling bell.Seeing no response I rushed to backside of house hoping that she may be there.On way I heard her singing ‘enthu paranjalum nee entethalle vaave’.I saw the ventilation of bathroom and thus understood that she is inside taking bath.I went frontside and again used the calling bell.She replied ‘varunnu’ and after 2 or 3 minutes she opened the door.Oooh!I can’t imagine her view.She was in damn sexy way with her long black hair wet,wearing a light green nighty.I could see her smooth backside and creamy, waxy legs through the light nighty.She told ‘njan subine kathirikkukayayirunnu,varoo’.She went inside and returned with my house key.Taking the key hesitatingly I turned back to go’.She told ‘aa povano,ur mother hadn’t made you lunch in that hurry.Told me to give you,so have lunch with me’,I told ‘no aunty,it would be difficulty for you’ praying in mind she won’t agree.’What difficulty,I have already made for my kids’.She told me to sit on the dining room and went to kitchen.While eating she asked me ‘do u like the food?’.I replied ‘just as good as you’.She smiled noiselessly.

After food she went to put the plates in basin.I looked at her.Her ass was moving in a rhythmic way and her structure made me mad.I went after her.I hugged her from behind and kissed on her back.I placed my hands on her boobs and slowly massaged them.She yelled ‘subin,what are you doing,leave me plz’.I told ‘I was waiting for this moment for long and plz allow me’.She pushed me and slapped hardly on my face.She shouted ‘Get Out’.I turned back and walked to my house.
On reching home I went to my room and lied on my bed.

After half an hour,I heard a knock at the door.I went and opened.She was there with a smiling face.I turned back and sat on the soft with bowed head.She slowly approached me ‘Do u want me that much?’.I didn’t spoke a word.She told ‘Earlier you were hungry and tried to grab the food,now food is ready before you and you didn’t want it?’.I was astonished by her words and looked at her.She hugged me and planted a kiss on by forehead.I started to react.I made her lie in the sofa and placed my lips on hers.Those rose lips were trembling.I grabbed both her boobs by my hands.He began to moan ‘Aaahh’.I slowly parted the upper hooks of nighty.She told ‘let’s go bedroom’.
On reaching bedroom,I made her stand by the wall and removed the nighty.Oh she was a goddess in black bra and green panty.That look itself will make one ejaculate.I opened hooks of the bra.She moved and lied on bed.I started sucking those huge boobs.Brown aeurolas with black nipple,I chewed it slowly.Sucking in more and more,her moans increased and she told ‘more more’.I felt her boobs milking and drank it greedily.I slowly moved to her navel.I circled my tongue there.There were small hairs there going inside to her panty.Those brown small hairs tickled me.I slowly made her panties down.It was that much tight as she adjusted her thighs to take it off.Her pussy was thick like a forest.I like pussy having hairs coz natural has its on look.She parted her thighs to have a clear view of her love hole.Those rose petals made me mad and I put my tongue on them.She shook a little and moaned in a very sexy way.’You are killing me’ she cried.I put my tongue deep inside her and licked wherever I could.I tried to access more by parting vaginal lips by my hand.Her cries became loud and she began to murmur some words unclear.

A sudden volcano!She erupted all over my mouth and face.I sucked all those oozing nectar without wasting a bit.She told ‘I hadn’t had this much wonderful orgasm in my entire life’.Lie or not I didn’t tried to realize it.My next destination was her biggg ass.I made her turn and put my hands on her ass.Oh its rather big than I thought.I tried to look at the ass hole and had a lick.She told ‘are u going to use my ass hole,I had seen it only in blue films as my husband had no affection towards it,he says its not our culture’.I replied ‘what culture in sex,I don’t know,I want it and I moved my view to that tiny hole’.Its a small reddish hole,cute and tiny.I wondered how her husband ignored this cute hole.I started licking it and she began responding by moving ass.By that time my dick became that much hard as it badly needs a nice fuck.

After a nice session of ass licking,she turned and caught on my dick.She slowly parted the foreskin and put tongue on it.During many of my masterbating session,I thought of her sucking my cock.Now it became true.I started to shiver as she was giving such a nice blow job.She is such an expert in it.She sucked my cock deep inside her mouth and also had her tongue upon my balls.It became unbearable as I shot my cum.It was unexpected for her and she choked.But she drank all and made my thing crystal clean.
We both knew we can’t wait for the climax more.I took the initiative.Parted her legs wide and put my cock to my dream destination.I started riding her like a horse and she was breathing fastily.She adjusted her position so that I can have more easy move.She tried to move her up making more acess to her.I don’t expect that much effort from a mother of 3 kids means aged 40.But she was wonderful.And atlast we both cummed simultaneously and fell tiredly.She asked ‘What next?’.I told ‘my dream is not fully fulfilled,turn round’.’No I’m afraid,it will pain in ass’She told.’What pain,all pain leads to a pleasure’ and I made her in doggie position and put my dick onto her ass hole.It being first time was very tight and she tried to pull me.Nearby there was a Vaseline box and I slowly applied it into hers.Then put dick onto hers and with a strong push had half inside.She screamed as if somebody is killing her.Movement increased and it became lubricative.I played that move and had another shot onto that tiny hole.

We both lied in each others arms for sometime.I asked her ‘Why don’t u resist me at first ?’.She told ‘Women are like that,being away from husband for long they needs sex but can’t express it fearing the society,they tried to control the best.But in my case I can’t wait more for a fuck and at that time u lighted the fire’.I smiled naughtily.We had this relation for a long time.I used to fuck her jumping her wall at night and entering through backdoor and whenever she or me alone at home.At last her husband came and took her and children with him to Dubai.But everytime I remember the very first fuck of my life.

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RE: Aunty Sex Stories
Searching through all the sites that contain sex stories I found one the most interesting Kerala Erotica site that publishes stories written by keralites. After reading all the interesting things that happened to the authors in kerala I decided I should also reveal the secret hidden in my mind .This secret was kept hidden in my mind until I exposed it in this site. I know all of you are interested in reading it so go on read....
Introducing myself........ I am from Cochin and I have completed my college life. On 5th June 2005 I celebrated my 20th birthday. From sept2005 onwards I will be doing my MBA in Bangalore. I had read a lot of sex stories in my life from my 11th class onwards first of all I want to thank my parents for getting me an internet connection. Then to the readers who read this story of mine. It’s a true incident that took place in my college life.
My Aunt (my cousin’s wife), named bindhu , 4 years older than me is so good looking with well shaped body . She lived near to our home (about 10 minute walk from our home) and her husband is in US for the last 6 months. He left after their marriage. Aunty has a job in our nearby town as a tutor in a computer institute. She had a two wheeler and usually come to our home on the way from and to the office, which she is working.. I respected her as an elder sister. She also loved me like a brother. But once after an incident my sisterly love for her changed for a short period of time….
I usually come back form my collage straight at about 4.30 PM, went to my room and changes my dress. One day I came back from college and my mother was in kitchen. When I was changing my dress after closing the door I saw a sari and blouse on my hanger. Then I noticed that someone was in my bathroom, which is attached to my room. Somebody was taking bath. I slowly took the blouse and smelled it.. Wawww….. The smell from the blouse made my ‘thing’ erect... Suddenly I changed my dress, opened the door and went out of my room. I came to know from my mother that my bindhu aunty- is there in our home and both aunty and my mother were going to a temple near by our home. That’s why aunty is taking bath in our home. Otherwise it would be too late if she went to her home for bath. After some times I found my aunt coming out of my room with sari and ‘that blouse’. she seemed sexier and my heart was beating fast. It was my first time I was thinking of her like that. From that day onwards I kept a desire in my mind to have sex with her… with my Aunt- bindhu…... I had never enough courage of telling to her of sex till the right day came. And at last that day came…….
Once my parents had to go out of station for a marriage of our relative which was a long distance from our home. I have the study leave then so I didn’t accompany then.. Daddy told me that they will come only the next day (Sunday) though they have to go somewhere else. Then I was only at home .I went to a nearby video library and bought 2 blue film cds and was on its hangover. I usually masturbated thinking of my aunt and was looking for a chance to have sex with her, though I know it was impossible.
I always watched movies with a high volume. So I did not know when my aunt came there.She opened the door of my room and saw me watching the blue film. When the door got opened I stood up with fear in my face. She was also in a shock and was perplexed in seeing me half naked with a bulging in my shorts and the film was already playing in the screen. I saw her face turning red. Through my shorts my ‘thing’ was pushing out. She suddenly went out. I then really felt ashamed and got feared. I suddenly shutdown the computer and went out of my room wearing my shirt and jeans.
I saw my aunt sitting in the drawing room. I went near her. She was so nervous and I stood near her. She looked at me and bent down her head to a magazine on the table.. I said sorry for her. She also looked me and said sorry for entering my room without permission. My ‘thing’ was so erect that I could see it bulging through my jeans. I asked her not to tell the things to anyone and ran to my room. I was really nervous because I feared that she will tell all those to someone. I sat on my bed in my room. Really I am perplexed without knowing what to do .My heart beat rose because if she tell this to anyone my entire good image will lose. Then after sometimes she came to my room and asked about my parents. I told her about the marriage. She sat on the chair looking at me. She was so nervous then. She was sweating. She then stood up and told me she was going. I once more said sorry for her. She then came and hold my hands and said “its all right”. From her eyes I came to know she was totally perplexed. But I stayed calm. Then she came to notice the cover of the cd, which I was seeing. In the cover there was pictures of girls fucking. I suddenly took it and throw it down my bed. She then said bye and went.
After that I felt so sad and ashamed. I lost my entire mood then. I called her by phone in the evening and said sorry again. She told me don’t be upset and invited me to her home for dinner. But I hadn’t the courage to face her again. So I refused her call saying that I have had my food in the fridge.
That night I was alone in my home and I masturbate many times thinking of my aunt and watching cds. On the next day morning about 7.00 A.M I heard the doorbell ringing. I was sleeping then .I got up and opened the door. It was my aunt. I am surprised to see her in the early morning. I never expected her then. She came in with a packet of bread and butter and said that it was for my breakfast. She was in a nightee then and she was looking soo sexy. She then went to the kitchen and put some tea and bought it to my room. She talked to me casually like nothing had happened last day. After sometime she stood up and went to the bathroom, which is attached to my room.
My God………., I am shocked then ...In my bathroom I dropped all my ‘juice’ of last night’s masturbation and I didn’t washed it. There was a smell also. She suddenly came back from the bathroom with a smile in her face and told me whether I am tired of the last nights work. I felt ashamed. She looked at my face and asked me if I am satisfied. I was shocked hearing this and stayed there without saying anything. I never expect that from my aunt. My ‘thing’ got erect then. She noticed it. I suddenly walked to the bathroom but on the way she caught me in my arms and said silently in my ears that she will help me. . It was a license for me to have a play with her. I saw a new spark in her eyes. I was not able to control anymore. She again gave me a sexy smile and didn't told anything She was standing right in front of me in a light green nightee . I could see her two boobs bulging out and that made me out of control. I was very much tempted. She was breathing so deeply. I suddenly hugged her. I didn’t know from where I got that courage. She also hugged me. It was my first time I am hugging a lady (in my teen age). I kissed her on her cheeks. She began to kiss me passionately. We both sat on the bed and I was so ashamed to do anything more on her. But with full of courage I again hugged her and we both lay on the bed facing each other. My one hand slowly moved caressing her back, as I held her tight against me. My stiff 8” ‘thing’ was hitting her abdominal area through my shorts.
I was not able to control my feelings and I then touched her breast. I felt like an electric flow over my body. I massaged them. Ohhhhh it’s an amazing experience. My body temperature seemed to increase a bit. She started kissing me. I slowly raised her nightee up with my legs and her thigh was visible .Her thigh was marvelous and soft. She was so horny at that time. I asked her to remove her nightee and she removed it with some shyness and then I untied her underskirt and removed it…ohhhhh… She is looking like an 18-year sexy bitch in her black bra and rose panties. She then suddenly got hold over my ‘thing’ over my shorts. It was hard like a rod. I removed my shorts and I was totally nude. She was surprised to see my cock and said that I have cock bigger than she had ever seen. It was stiff hard and big. She slowly moved her mouth to my manhood .She holded my ‘thing’ in her hand and moved it to and fro. I was in full excitement. With some shyness she tasted the pre cum on its tip. She was breathing deep and I can feel the heat of her breath on my fully erected ‘thing’. She began to play on it. I can’t explain my feelings. I have then my first sex experience with my aunt…Ohhhhhhhhh… . Each time she sucked it, I could feel my ‘thing’ hitting the back of her throat and felt myself getting nearer to the orgasm. As it was my first experience I thought I was going to explode any time. I felt it was coming and within seconds I dropped my ‘Juice’ in her mouth.. I thought it was too much than I ever had. I was in heaven then. I can’t explain the feeling. She was surprised to see my orgasm within a short period of time. May be because I am first in real sex with a lady .She stood up and went to bathroom to wash and came back.
I stood up from my bed. I slowly hugged her and unhooked the bra from back and her breasts got freed from that tight bra…. She removed her panties and again hugged me. For the first time in my life I saw a nude woman near me.. Her vaginal ‘areas’ were not shaved and was full of hair. Her breasts stood out from her chest, firm and big. I could enjoy her beautiful structure. She began to play with my cock again. It began to grow again. I had an another erection within minutes She put it in her mouth and began sucking it. Then we both lay on the bed.
I was the playing with her breast. I sucked her breast like a baby. Sucking harder on her nipples they swelled and turned dark brown. I reached for her nipples; it was erect and I pinched it gently. She was enjoying those movements. I took my hand and placed it on her stomach and started pressing her gently. Now she was getting horny then I moved my hand down to her thighs and started touching her cunt. I then wanted to penetrate her so hard .Though I am very new on that job, I explored through the hairy areas and I put my figures slowly in her vagina. …Ohhhh…. its tooooo hot and wet then.. It was tight and made me feel that she was virgin. .I smelled it….Wowwwww … Really she lived with her husband only for about a month, so she was not enough satisfied with sex. I figured her for about 5 minutes and began to play with my tongue. She was moaning slightly then. She was too horny then and was moaning slowly without much noise. She told me to get deep into her. Her ‘areas’ were then too wet with her fluid. I then got on top of her . I then positioned my cock to her vaginal opening and began to move it slightly inside. Her walls were too tight for my 8” ‘thing’ to enter fully. Ohhhhhh….. It’s wonderful. I pushed all my cock in her and began the movement .slowly slowly I increased the speed ….Ahhhhhhh… She was moaning with every push and held my back to herself for pusing deeper. I increased my speed and fucked her harder and harder. She was in full excitement then .I was about to come. Even though it was her safe period she insisted me not to cum inside her and so I dropped it outside. It’s plenty of semen. It jetted all over her body. Some of the cum fell on the bed. She holded me tightly and we both lay there for about 15 minutes. I felt so weak then. The smell of of our juice spread the entire room. We together saw a xxx cd and we both got the mood again to have sex. I told her to do once more but when she started playing with my ‘thing’, it felt too painful for me. Anyway it cumed once more and make it fell on the cleverage of her breast. I spread all my semen on her breast with my hands.Her breast seems more beautiful then. She went to bathroom then, washed it and came back.
We both kissed again and it lasted for about 10 minutes. My tongue exploded her mouth and her to me also. I only saw this type of kissing in the movies and then I was enjoying it in the reality, with my sexy aunt. She then stood up. She took the bed sheet and went to the bathroom for wash. There we both have our bath together. She washed my body and washed her too. Then once more we have had our sex but I was so weak then because of last nights ‘work’ and the ‘morning plays’ with my lovely aunt. I got totally exhausted.
After that we both had our breakfast and she went her home though it was a holiday.. That evening she called me by phone and we then had a serious talk. She told me not to continue that type of relationship as it was against the custom. I thank her for giving all of her. I also promised her that I will not tempt her for sex from then onwards and would view her as my Aunty and would respect her as so…….
After that we never tried to continue that relationship. I never disrespect her with any extra freedom and she is my respected aunt now also…We never talked of that subject.

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RE: Aunty Sex Stories
Hi gr8 mallus, this is Rahul from Cochin. I am an avid reader of this stories site. I am sure there is no site whatsoever to compare with it muchless compete withit. Anyways I like the aunt stories collections.they r my favourite for the simple reason that I've had a couple of liasions myself.

This is no fiction,if u can believe it,nor is it my was a wonderful thing that happened to me on that eventful afternoon.

I was at my friend's house to pick him up as I planned a sudden visit to the nearby movie buddy wasn't there, and his busty mom was home alone, his sister had been to a oneday tour from her school. Anyway she insisted I come in and have some coffee and chat with her. Till then I was a virgin, having not even a girlfriend, not to say the least of having a mature women. Nor did I think I had a thing towards elder woman either.

Ramaunty was wearing a faded red saree with matching blouse. We sat for some chat on her settee, with coffee of course. With no caution she began coming on to me. I must have been 19 at the time,and this was a 44 year old mom of 2. I had no clue what to make of her intrusion at first. We were sitting close in the sofa, and she started making cracks and slapping my thigh(i didn't find anything funny,but laughed as I was expected to) with each fond slap her hands were approaching my danger area. She was laughing and her big breasts were heaving. I knew it was forbidden, but couldn't resist peeping down her bosom cleavage. Without my intention I was having a hard on for my buddy's mom, and she was driving me mad with her hands seemingly brushing my prick. I asked to be excused,as I was planning to watch a movie.

I was embarrassed at what she'd feel if she found my hard on then it happened, without warning she knelt on the floor, unzipped my zipper, pushed aside my undershorts. Bam my hardon was jerking at her face. Mine wasn't so studly for her, or atleast that was what I thought.her eyes were hazy with lust, i guess. She pouted her lips and kissed me hard on my penis upon which my dick started throbbing. She felt it pulsating with her mature palms wrapped around my shaft. She parted her luscious lips and took me in up till the tip.then she started sucking me hard, her head bobbing between my wobbly knees.

My eyes began to blur with ecstasy. I couldn't think clearly. My best friend's mom was sucking my cock like a expert cocksucker, or was it she at all.she lifted her chin to look at me. There was a grin on her face with my penis wedged between her sexy lips. She started slurping hard, then she licked me and held me like a lollipop inside her mouth. It was too much and I came inside her mature mouth. My buddy's mom didn't even blink,not to say about seems she knew perfectly my timing, being an experienced slut. I shook my head to clear my thoughts, suddenly I was feeling hot and shaky(guilt or drain,i know not to this date) she was blushing after fully swallowing my virgin cum and she grinned showing her teeth biting my deflating penis between her teeth. Young as I was that started my limping cock again. She resumed sucking until I begged her to stop due to pain due to the stimulation immediately after coming.

My friends mom was clever. She was aged maybe a little plump on her stomach, but she had beautiful breasts with blood filled nipples jutting out. She knew how to ignite my penis. She undressed her saree and flung it aside,then she did a mild striptease with her blouse hooks.i was straining with my eyes hungry for her next move(guilt replaced by lust)finally after an hour it seemed her blouse came off.she had a white brassiere on with one size less maybe to contain her 39d tits (she explained later)she bent her elbows behind and unhooked her seductive bra. Instead of freeing her boobs. She teased me by slowly wriggling her bra straps off the shoulders. I tried to pluck it out,and got slapped fondly on my hands.this was all too much for me.

I begged Ramaunty, i want to suck ur nipples.' U have the time of world and my breasts, don't worry'she said with a nasty grin. It was hard to imagine her as my dear friends mom, she has transformed into a seductive witch, and I was bewitched for sure.

That moment if god offered me a boon,i would have asked for her and nothing else.she wedged my penis in her cleavage.she was sitting on the floor opposite to me on the sofa.then she asked me to jerk myself in her valley. She was crushing me by pinching her breasts together with her palms pushing her massive tits. My 6 incher started the jouney of it's life. She was trying to kiss my penis tip as it pushed forward up through her cleavage. I virtually cried as I spurted a couple of spurts, one landing on her chin, the other smearing on her neck. She took her blouse and cleaned herself, and my rod with her mouth ofcourse. I lay back and fainted it seems.

Awhile had passed iam surebefore I sensed that my best friends busty hot mom was mounting me. I opened my eyes and sure saw her sliding her old cunt onto my young cock which was mysteriously hard yet again.she rode me like it was her last prick was paining and I yelled at her to atleast slow down.but she maintained status quo with her tempo. She made me pinch her erect nipples with my fingers(she instructed me to use forefinger and middle finger like scissors,and wedge her nipples between them). Suddenly she screamed in her orgasm,then fell forward her breasts heaving from laboured breathing,leaning their soft pillowy weight on my young bare chest.

Shen she got up, pulled me up from the sofa, walked me into her bedroom. She fell on her bed and pulled me on top of her. My dick was still hard as I couldn't come fast because of coming twice already within one hour. She obviously knew this and was urging me to mount her. I earnestly allowed her to fondle my cock and place it's tip into her wet and slimy pussy again.she wrapped her fleshy thighs around my lean buttocks.she asked me to penetrate her deep until my balls slapped in rhythm on her bum. She words she used bluntly was unbelieavable and drove me on if wasn't dawning on me then that I was mounting and fucking my best friend's mom on her own marital bed.

I was guilty towards my friend as well as his dad. But who cared then. I don't think I could've stopped fucking his mom, even if he were there yelling at me. Anyway I established a rhythm inside my buddy's mom's womb. She was my first woman and best till date for sure. I was enjoying losing my virginity to my sexy Ramaunty.

Ramaunty was moaning in my ears to encourage me, I guess. I started instinctively like a man plunging it hard and straight.she instructed me to rotate my hips for more fun. I did and liked it even better.her pussy was gripping me, I was straining to go up pulling my dick from inside the vice like hot grip of my buddy's mom's cunt.she was bucking upwards to meet my thrusts. I could feel her toes slapping my buttocks softly with each thrust. I saw in my mind her red polished nails and soft heel lapping on my butt.

I bent myself and sucked her right breast like a baby. She was groaning in encouragement. Suddenly I stopped panic I reminded her of not wearing a condom.she said coolly'. Ti's okay one doesn't need to wear condoms with his friend's mom as she was no stranger. I wasn't sure, I believed her or rather understood her. But instinctively continued fucking Ramaunty. I was calling Ramaunty , Ramaunty, but my voice was muffled by her breast which filled my mouth.and I came big inside my Ramaunty, into the womb of my best friend's best ever mummy.

I fell on her heaving breasts, took her left breast in my mouth and sucked voraciously and slept fully drained for the day. An hour later I woke with a start and found her breast still tucked inside my mouth, my penis still inside my buddy's mom. Ramaunty was stroking and combing my hair with her fingers. I sleepily looked up at her face, hesitant to let her juicy nipple out of my mouth.

'U can have all ur dreams come through with ur friend's mom, as she is your's too. Whenever u feel like u can come to ur Ramaunty provided the coast is clear, she ambled on, I fell asleep again till she woke me up saying the kids will be home anytime.

Next time I will tell u how I doggy fucked my best friend's mom and more.

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RE: Aunty Sex Stories
Dear readers iam back with my confessions of fucking
my best friend's mature mom in hardcore doggy style.
After the initial shock I've accepted
ramantie as my friend's mom,but for me she was perfect
Mrs.slut and she was my mistress for a long time.I've
fucked my ramantie atleast some fifty times and more
in a span of five years.though it may seems in less
frequency,I had to be careful not getting caught nude
with my friend's mom in her own marital bed.So we bid
our time and made up for it making sex wildly for
hours whenever we had a nice chance.I remember clearly
going for my second time sex with my best friend's
Ramantie was waiting like a bitch in heat,
I've informed her about coming.This time my friend's
mom had dressed up for the occassion.Ramantie was clad
in a dark black saree with matching blouses.His mom
has also added red lipstick on her voluptuos lips.
Without wasting time she tore down my clothes
My boy was eager to enter into the warm enclave of his
friend's mom's mouth.Expert slut as she was,she soon
opened her sexy mouth into a perfect 'o'and took me
My friend's mom sent me to heaven,rolling my penis
with her tongue inside her mouth.I groaned
Then I held my friend's mature mom by her hair and
started thrusting hard into her mouth,entering her
throat.Instead of gagging my friend's mom is devouring
my cock in her mouth with shut eyes.Ramantie was
moaning seductively and then she took one of my balls
in her mouth and started squeezing the other one.her
right hand was giving me a hand job also.this mature
mom of my friend knew how to love a man and she was
loving me the maximum way.Ramantie also reduced her
tempo when she thought I would spurt,hence she managed
to lengthen my coming time upto around 15 mnts.My
friends mom then decided I have to come in her mouth
now.Ramantie took my cockhead into her mouth and
started sucking hard bobbing her head up and down on
my young penis.I was enjoying my stay in my friend's
mom's mouth very much and wanted it never to end,but
as all things good and bad come to an end,I came down
into her waiting mouth in wild frenzy.Ramantie kept my
penis tip in her mouth,with her lips forming a vaccum
seal on my cock nd she vigorously shook my cock.I gave
my cum juice for my friend's mom to drink.Ramantie
gulped it fully down very eagerly.
Now it was my turn to give her head.I
slowly undressed her saree ,then her blouse,then black
brassiere,black underskirt and red panty.My friend's
mom stood in front of me in her birth dress.I made her
lie down on the bed.I showered kisses like I've seen
in bf.My kisses trailed down,sucking and swigging her
big breasts,then I licked down her navel and finally
reachen the lip doors to heaven.I plunged my tongue
into my friend's mom and she giggled wildly,which
spurred me on.Now ramantie wrapped her thighs on my
head and I started suffocating.But I bit on her
clitoris and she screamed 'aaaaaayyyyyyyyyeeeeeee,mone
videda,auntikku tharikkinnu.mathiyeda .ooooooohhhhhh,
mone videda.My friend's mom was whimpering to me and
made me more horny than ever.I jabbed my tongue as
deep as possible,I licked and sucked and mouthed her
love juices.Ramantie came twice before she flopped out
her thighs parted and I got up.I washed my face and
came back.My friend's mom looked longingly at my
throbbing organ and decided she wanted me deep inside
her again.Ramantie would'nt let me wear condoms,saying
it's okay man.Iam ur friend's mom and no stranger.Not
that iam complaining,It only thrilled me more to fuck
this mature mom with my nude cock and cum inside her.
I rolled over my friend's mom and she
stood on her fours knowingly.I plunged hard into my
ramantie.'aaaagggh she groaned,I started thrusting mad
holding her fleshy hips in my hands and feeling my
thighs on her thighs.My friend's mom has a big ass
with soft flesh which was slapping on my groin as i
fucked her in doggy style and lost in bliss.I was
atlast fucking my friend's mom in doggy style and it
was so thrilling ,I can't describe it in words even.I
squeezed my friend's mom's breast from behind,held her
hips and fucked like a mad doggy fucking his bitch.I
lay on her back and climbed on her hips and fucked her
in real doggystyle and came deep into her.feeling my
cum splash in her womb,she also came.We flopped down
in exhaustion.I rolled my friend's mom onto her back,
spread her thighs and mounted her with my deflating
penis.'Monuu mathi adhikam cheythaal nee thalarnnu
povum,aunty etra neram venellum kidannu tharaam,
ninakku pinne ennittu pokaan pattilla'.Enikku auntyude
akathu kidannuranganam'i said.Ramantie smiled and said
'athu sariya ninte sthalam enikkakathannallo'.I
flopped down on to my friend's mom's heaving breasts
with my limp cock resting in her cunt and drowsed
blissfully until she woke me up later in the evening
and asked me to leave until next sex time.
I want to thank you all people who mailed to
me.especially nalini aunty and sheela aunty for
advicing me not to feel guilty for fucking my friend's
mom.It's only natural to feel horny for ur friend's
mom if she is sexy and hot.Since she as a mature lady
allowed u to make love to her.She knew what was best
for u and herself.with ur advice u will find that i've
not written this episode in a guilty mode.As to those
hater mails I recieved from many guys,all i've to say
is that it was my friend's mom ramantie who seduced me
first.I couldn't hold back against her expert blowjob
and there after fucked her very willingly.

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RE: Aunty Sex Stories
My Name is Rahul, 26 yrs live in Bangalore and Parents live in Hyderabad. I like to share the experience I had a year ago when I was returning from USA. I am a software engineer and I travel to USA frequently. On one such trip on the way back to India I have ran into one of the most gorgeous mature woman, sitting next to me on the plane to India. Let me describe her. She is around 5 ft 6'' tall, beautiful smile, silky curly hair, beautiful eyes. She has wheatish skin. She has a perfect sexy figure. She looks around 35 yrs at glance, but I will reveal later her actual age. She has perfect tits, waist and sexy curvy ass (38 -30-40). She was wearing jeans and tight lacy v neck- t-shirt and sexy looking heels. She looked very rich. I could clearly see her bra lines through her t-shirt.
I was in the seat and she kept her stuff in the carry-on, as she was about to sit, she glance towards me and gave me a smile. I said Hi to her and exchange friendly smiles and introduced my self as Rahul, Software engineer blah blah... I was eager to hear what she is. She introduced herself as Ria Kapur, lives in New York, originally from Bangalore, visiting and attending a family wedding etc... She also said she has kids living in USA. She did not talk about her husband. I did not care to know about him. She was eager to know how it is like in Bangalore as she has not been for about 15 yrs. She was excited and also bit sad that she does not have many friends left in Bangalore and was not sure how she is going to get around in Bangalore. As she was talking I was looking into her eyes and lips (shiny) and could not take my eyes off of her face and crazy ideas started in my mind. She was so damn sexy. I lied to her that I am on vacation next week and if she does not mind I can accompany her around in Bangalore. She was very pleased and said I looked smart and sweet and she would not mind at all and gave a sexy smile.

As plane took off, she was feeling sleepy and closed her eyes. I started to check her out. I see her sexy tits perfect shaped hidden under her bra. I could see her bra through her t-shirt. My cock started to get hard as crazy ideas started to fill my mind. She slowly put her head on my shoulder asleep. Now I could see her tits through her v neck t-shirt. I could see her bra cups hiding her nipples and my cock got hard under my jeans. I was hiding it under my hand. I did not dare to touch though I wanted to squeeze them and suck her nipples. I slowly brushed her tits with my left arm. She did not respond as she was sound asleep. I enjoyed doing that for few minutes. I also felt asleep. Plane stopped in Paris got fuelled. She got up and ordered some wine, she quickly sipped it and went back to sleep again. Next day we got landed in Bangalore got our luggage, exchanged our cell phone numbers and went our ways. It had been couple days; I masturbated thinking her sexy tits, arse and lips and sucking those tits and fucking her pussy.
I got a call from Ria asking if I could meet her tonight and go around the city. I immediately said yes, she asked me to pick her up at the Hotel Taj. I went there with my car and picked her up. She looked very sexy in see through sexy blouse revealing most of her stomach and arms and cotton khadi pants. As she was getting in the car I had complimented her about how sexy and gorgeous she looked. She gave me a wicked smile. We went to a nice restaurant, ordered nice dinner and drinks. We were talking as we were eating and topic got diverted to love and girlfriends. She enquired me about my girlfriends. I said none, I asked her how about her husband, and she said she is divorced for last 5 yrs and living alone in New York. She said she is 45 yrs. I said her that she looks young, sexy and cannot be more than 35 yrs. She was flattered. I was feeling so good in my mind and pants. She was surprised that I have no girlfriends and surprisingly asked , if I was a virgin. I said no and she gave me that sexy smile.
She said she was tired and would like to get back to hotel room and we drove back to hotel. She asked me to accompany her into the room. We got into the room; it was a 5 star hotel and was luxurious inside. She ordered some drinks to the room. We got drinks as started to drink while we sat on the bed. She got up and said would be back and went to the bathroom. Crazy ideas started to go through my mind and started to flip through TV as I started to drink. I was going crazy and wanted to fuck her tonight and thought it is great opportunity. I lifted the pillow on bed to use as support; surprisingly I see a dildo just look like a real cock. Now, I was sure that she is really horny and would not mind if she can get a real cock from me. I put the pillow back on the dildo. She came out of the bathroom in sexy shiny nightgown covering until her thighs barely covering her butt and exposing her back until waist line. She has got sexy beautiful thighs. I dropped my jaw looking at her and she noticed me and said Rahul, Are you ok?.
I pretended nothing, and cleared my throat and looked at her and smiled and said yeah, I am ok. she came closer and sat next to me with a wicked smile on her face. I could see her naked back almost to her hips. She smelled like a fresh jasmine. I could not resist any more and touched her silky back and kissed on her neck and back. She turned and responded by kissing me on my lips and we were kissing with tongues in our mouths deep and intense for at least couple of minutes. I touched her creamy thighs and slowly slide my fingers under her gown and brushed over her panties. I stopped to see her reaction. She said don't stop Rahul, it has been a long time that I had real man, let me enjoy you. She grabbed my cock over my pants and squeezed gently and whispered “I am going to eat it." I jokingly said it's all yours. I touched her tits and squeezed over her gown and she was not wearing any bra. I could see her nipples pointed under the silky satin gown. She got up and stood in front of me showing her back. I stood up and started to kiss on her neck, back and under her ear. She moaned Rahul.....Ah!...ummm!.. It feels so good... don’t stop.

I hugged her from behind and putting my hands on top of her tits and squeezed gently. My hard cock under my pants stood like a pole touching between her butt cheeks. I pressed gently in between her round firm arse cheeks. She moaned ummmm.... while I was squeezing her big tits gently and kissing her neck and pressing my cock in her butt. I lifted her gown from behind until her waist to see that she was wearing a see through blue panty covering her nice butt. She slowly turned to wards me facing and said do you like them. I said I love them and going to fuck it and squeezed her butt with hard grip. She said oh yeah! Let me see what you got and dropped onto her knees in front of me and started unzipping my pants. She pulled my pants down and took my already hard cock in her hand and started to play with it, squeeze it and started to tease as if she was going to suck it. I could not resist, I held her by hair and pushed my
Cock into her mouth. She started to lick and suck my cock. It felt so good and warm in her mouth. She sucked over my entire cock and licking my balls. She started to suck my cock moving back and forth as if I was fucking her mouth. She pushed me onto bed and removed my pants. She started to lick and suck for almost 5 minutes. I could feel pressure in my balls and cock and I am going to cum and said Ria stop, I am going to cum in your mouth. She said she would like to taste my cum and started to suck me faster and faster and playing with my balls. I was moaning with pleasure "Ria... ummm. ahhh aaaaaaahh.... suck me.. as she was sucking her tits are jumping in the gown. I could not hold any more and with big loud moan aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.... I unloaded cum in her mouth. She sucked every drop of it with pleasure. My cock is standing like a pole. She rolled next to me on the bed and said she enjoyed it and was asking if I did enjoy it. I said it was ultimate pleasure.

She said there is more to come and she slipped her gown revealing her big beauty soft and firm tits. They are big and her nipples are hard like brown marbles. She got them closer to my mouth and I sucked her nipples and rolling my tongue on her dark brown nipples and sucking them and while squeezing the other. She was moaning with pleasure. Rahul......Umm.... suck them.... pinch them. I held her nipple and pinched it gently... she got wild and started to moan harder... my cock got back to its position. She started to stroke it to get harder. She removed her gown completely showing her panties and sexy thighs. I rolled on top of her and started to kiss her nipples and down her stomach and kissed on her pussy over panties while squeezing her tits. She held my hair and pulled my face onto her pussy and begging to play with it. I pulled her panties off revealing exotic pussy well trimmed and shaped pubic hair. She definitely took care of her of how her pussy looks. Pussy lips are pink and brown and pussy smelled good with feminine juices flowing in her wet pussy. I kissed her pussy lips passing shivers through her spine. She could not control it and started to moan louder and louder as I started to lick her pussy lips. I spread her pink thick pussy lips and started to lick her pussy juices. I started to lick her clitoris and rolling my tongue over it until she begged to stop. I slowly inserted my tongue in her pussy and moving my tongue in and out faster and faster and she started to moan louder and with orgasm.

It turned me on and I started to suck her pussy this time in 69 position and again and licking and fucking her pussy with my tongue until she got one more orgasm while she was sucking my cock. She begged to fuck her pussy and started to talk dirty and begged to fuck her like a slut. My cock was hard like pole again and this time I spread her legs in full v shape and slowly pushed my hard cock in her pussy. It was already flowing with juices and tight. She screamed with pleasure and I started to fuck her slowly and with big thrusts. She was moaning with pleasure, it felt so well in her pussy. I started to fuck her harder and harder and deeper and deeper reaching inside deep. She is moaning fuck me.... fuck me.... ahhhh.... Rahul.... ahhhhh..mmmm.... fuck me like slut.... ummmm... ahhhhhhhh... and she started to squeeze my cock in her pussy muscles. I started to fuck faster and faster and the lubrication helped and was fucking like a machine for 10 minutes. I could see her big firm tits jumping like melons. I squeezed one as I was fucking and I could feel pressure in my balls and said I was going to cum. She said unload your young cum in my pussy, it has been a long time I had cum in my pussy. I unloaded my cum in her pussy with one final thrust and deep and fell on top of her. We both kissed for minutes and we were locked in each other arms exhausted lying down on the bed and fell asleep. There is more to continue... come back to know what happened rest of that week between me and Ria and later when I visited her in New York in my next trip to USA.

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RE: Aunty Sex Stories
I am 19 year old guy from alleppy district . She is our neighbor as well as our family friend. She is a math’s teacher of age 26. All above this she most sexiest lady of our place of 28 24 36. She is married to an army man who comes for leave once a year.
And she is alone in her house. I often stayed with her as she was alone.

During my stay at her house for the first time I started to be keen about sex. At the stay at her house I often saw her huge bulges. Seeing these bulges my intention to have sex with her grown. One day she was out and she had asked me to be there at her house. On that day 22 dec 2004 1130 night I was watching ss music with nancy aunty. And the remote was with her. I know next programme is “hot hotter hottest” I asked her to change the channel. But she didn’t . programme started. Then she laid down to the floor adjacent to me . her low cut nighty helped me to view her bbbbulgyy breast thakarppan mullakal.
As she continued to view the programme and said a commet “ its extremely erotic”. I was trilled to her that. After the programme ended she went to her room. I was a little bit upset. When I went to my room I found that the bed was wet. ( ) I said the matter to her. Then she said stay in my room I was happy to hear that as there was only a single coat there. The ac was on with least temperature. I was shivering of cold. Seeing this she asked me to check out for blankets as she also needed one. But I saw there was only one blanket and I saw to sexy her its only one. She said “eda nammukke athe share chayyam come here”.
I said “ok”
And one the bed. Then she went out. After a little time came in.
I was excited to see her in a micro mini night gown.
I was so translucent that I was able to see that she didn’t wear her bra!
Aval ende adutthe vane kidannu.
Ende villan ethu kande ezhunnettu.
Eppol njangal randu perrum orumichhe ore blanketine ullilanne.
Any thing will happen.
I was afraid even to touch her.
And nothing happen for half an hour.
At about 1 aunty put her legs over my body.
And started to massage me.
Then I go the courage.
I turned to her side
I said to her to put on the lights.
She did it!
Njan aunty yude gown azhicchu matti .
It found to be 32 sized huge katta.
Njan aunty yude mulayyil pidicchu nekkan thudaggi.
Then I started to suck her breast
She then caught my sathanam and started sucking I was so exhausted by that reason.
Shae asked me to enter her.
Kettada monne
I started to do it
I was thrusting my cock into her cunt ! ' In a few moments again she moaned, Aaaah . . . Aaaaaahh . . . AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I realized with amazement that her cunt, had amazingly taken all of my cock. The bed started sounding loudly, I was now slamming my cock into her cunt. The noise of their bodies became louder I could also make that she had begun to enjoy, as she was now whimpering, ' Yes, Yes, . . aaahh..veegam . . .f..a..s…t… . . aaahoooo . . . ! ' she started to lift her buttocks and thrust back into me upwards. Yes she was getting desperate . . Veegam . . Vegam . . more . . I want more . .She was begging . !. . . . ! ' Suddenly she screamed, " AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!! ' I knew she had got an orgasm. Within a few moments, I shouted, ' I am going to cccuuuummmm . . . . . AAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . . . . and after a few moments the room was totally silent.

We have emptied our secretions into one another. . she was completely naked . . I got up and went to her . . she was shivering and shaking ! She had marks of dried semen on her cheeks and mouth. She had bite marks and reddish welts all over on her neck, breasts, navel, thighs where I seemed to have bit her and scratched her in the heat of his passion. Her full body was glistening as she was drenched in sweat. She had a pungent smell of semen on her. Her long hair was completely disheveled. In fact her hair was matted to her face with the sweat. I could also see semen trickling from her cunt on both sides of her thighs ! Though I supported her, yet she was half shivering and shaking.

She seemed to be totally so tired, that she was unable to stand properly. I put my arm over her shoulder and supported her. I carried her to the bed again and made her lie down without saying a word. She was looking at me silently. In the dim light of the room, I separated her thighs and looked at her cunt. I slightly opened her cunt lips with my fingers. I could see her inner cunt was still full with semen. I inserted one finger into her cunt and felt the slushy semen all over. We still did not talk.

Slowly I climbed on to the bed, got between her legs, and positioned my penis on her vagina and pushed it into her. The feeling of the slushy warm semen in her cunt against my cock was so exciting and out of this world, that in just three to four thrusts, I ejaculated into her cunt again. As I was ejaculating She pulled me deep into her. I collapsed on her. She asked me, ' Did you enjoy ? ' I said, ' Yes,!
She said I was trying to have fun with u since long time.
From then we had intercourse for many time
I think u all have enjoyed this experience.

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RE: Aunty Sex Stories
Experienced with six different women and I will share all with you in my coming stories. First, I want to share with you my experience with my neighbor when I am young.

At that time I was living in a colony, where houses are of joined type. Here each unit consists of two houses attached with a common bathroom and toilet at backyard. I am the only son to my parents. We have neighbors, who stay in our next house for almost 10 years. We are also staying there for almost 9 years. My neighbor family is of a couple and two daughters. The age of the couple is 60 years old retired post master and his wife 45 years old lady. They are very sweet and very close to my family. The name of the lady is Malathi and she is very close to my mother. She like me very much and talks to me nicely as she has seen me from my child hood. She has two daughters, one is Priya aged 22 doing her graduation in Chennai and other is Ramya aged 17 doing her bachelors in Coimbatore.

My parents very often go to Chennai because my grandmother and all other relative are in Chennai. Whenever they go, they will leave me alone in my house because of my studies and my neighbor malathi aunty will take care of my food. It was during my half yearly exam vacation and my parents went to Chennai to attend a marriage function. They left me in my house because of my special classes. I was staying all alone in my house and attending my special classes. Malathi aunty use to give me the food. She wakes me up for break fast and gives me a pack of lunch which I will take during my classes and I will take dinner in her house. She takes care of me well and treats me as her kid. I respect her lot and never had any wrong intentions towards her. One day, around 7 p.m I went to my backyard to pass urine. I went towards the bathroom. There I heard water sound (Since its common bathroom for us and my neighbors) and I noticed from my side that malathi aunty was inside and taking bath with out locking the door. First time I have seen her in that style with the petticoat rolled over her body. She has finished taking bath and coming out of the bathroom. She has seen me standing outside and said that I can use the bathroom. I felt some electric shock in me after seeing her in a sexy style. She is sexy even in her 45 with 36-30-36. She is short, little bit fair and with big boobs, sexy hip and round ass. I am disappointed that I am not able to see her nude.

I am not able to concentrate on my studies, since my mind is towards malathi aunty. I use to masturbate atleast 5 timer per day on thinking her. Sometime I will smell her petticoat and blouse which she hangs in bathroom. I will get erosed when I see her bra hanging in bathroom. I made a plan to watch her nude when she takes bath. Now I understood that she will not lock the door when she takes bath in the night. I am waiting for the chance to see her nude. Whenever she comes to wake me in the morning for breakfast, I feel to grab her and fuck her ass. But I will feel fear that she will tell to my parents and to her husband.

One day around 8.30 pm, I went to my bathroom. I am waiting for her. But she was not taking bath. I waited for almost 20 mins, and then I decided to masturbate. I was masturbating in the bathroom and suddenly I felt that someone is opening the bathroom door. I for got to lock the door. It was malathi aunty with dress and towel in her hand. She came to take bath and she caught me when I am shaking my 7 inches rod. She was shocked after seeing me and went from that place. I felt bad and ashamed from that time and i don’t know how to face her. Next day morning I was sleeping and it’s around 7.00 am in the morning. I heard malathi auntie’s voice and she tries to wake me up. I was tensed to face her and she came near to me. My rod got erected after seeing her and I ant control my erection. There was no change in her attitude towards me and she wakes me up for breakfast. I use to sleep in shots with out brief when I am alone. She pulled my bed sheet to wake me up and got shock after seeing my erected rod. She smiled towards and asked me to take breakfast. She asked me when my parents are coming from Chennai. I said that they will be coming to after 2 days. She smiled and kissed on my forehead and went to carry out her work. I was shocked and can’t understand her mind.

I masturbated twice on that day. It was around 7Pm and malathi aunty came to my house and said that she will bring the dinner for me and no need for me to go to her house. She said that she will sleep in my house for next two days as her relatives have occupied the place in her house. I was happy that she is going to stay with me and I have to plan to fuck her that night. I don’t know how to proceed towards the good chance. She got the dinner for me and said that she will come to sleep after one hour. Its almost 9 pm, I took bath and I am wearing a shots and baniyan. She came in a blue saree seemed tired after her work. We chatted for some time. She asked my interest and about my studies and special classes. I was nervous while talking to her and she can see my eyes which are staring at her big boobs. She asked to me what I am doing in the bathroom and why he was masturbating. I can’t say anything to her and kept silent. She smiled and said good night to me. I said good night and went to my room to sleep and she was about to sleep in my parents room. She said that she doesn’t want to sleep alone and she wants to sleep in my room. I said ok and she was sleeping on my bed and I was about to sleep down. She asked me why I am sleeping down and said that I can sleep with her. We both lied down on the bed and we switched off the light. She started to talk about her husband who is 60 years old. I can t understand why she is sharing her personal things with me. She said that her husband is not interested in her and he got too old. He is 25 yrs elder than her and there sexual life stopped 10 years ago. Then she said good night to me. She was sleeping on my sides and her cleavages were well exposed. Her saree was almost down; I can see her boobs in the moon light in my room. I am facing her and she was facing me and sleeping. I don’t know how to proceed my plan. I am not getting sleep and I want to fuck her nicely. I was in total erection after seeing her bib boobs, cleavages, her sexy hip and her smooth legs with less hairs. I can’t control myself and started to shake my rod. Its almost 12 in the night and I thought of going to the bathroom and masturbate. I want to take a glance of her whole body once, so I started to watch her cleaves closely and her hip through which I can see her sexy belly. I can see her thyes as her saree was pulled upwards. She looks gorgeous and sexy even in her 45. I got bold and started to put my hand on her shoulders and acted as if I am sleeping. No response from her and I started to move my hand on cleaves. I can fell the softness and almost sweating in tension.

Then I touched her hip and started to rub it and I put my leg on her leg. She rolled her body and I was acting as if I am sleeping. She had removed my hand from her body and went to bathroom. I went back of her to watch her in bathroom. She has not locked her door and its was small opening in the door. I am shocked seeing her rubbing her hairy pussy. She put her fingers and shaking her finger. I can see her face expressions and she in want of a nice fuck. She is horny after my touch and I am happy that I got a signal for my fuck. Immediately I rushed to my bed and acted as I am sleeping. I have pulled my shorts little bit down and baniyan up and shoeing small portion of my rod. It is erected and pointing towards like an arrow. Its almost five mins and I are waiting for her return. She came to the bed and lied on the bed. She made a glance of my body and seen my erected rod. I watched her that she is watching my 7 inches penis. I acted as if am rubbing my penis in sleep. She got excited and I can see her noticing my penis. I waited for her approach. After some time she came close to me and hugged me thinking that I am in sleep. She unhooked her blouse and removed her saree. She removed her bra and squeezing her boobs. I was excited after seeing it and my rod was moving. She then brought her nipples towards my lips. I have not reacted to it, even it is touching my lips. I am acting as if I am in sleep. She was rubbing her wet pussy with her fingers and started to moan. Then she slowly touched my face and started to press my head towards her nipples. I turned my face as if I am sleeping. She became careful and slowly started to touch my chest. As my baniyan is up I can feel her touch and I felt excited. She slowly moved her hand towards my rod and holded my penis. I felt as if in heaven and first time a woman touching my private part. I got more excited and my rod increased in size. She can feel my movement and I started to move my body. She understood that I am awake and started to move my penis to and fro. She holed it tight and squeezed it. Then she kissed it and started to suck it. I felt good and removed my shorts completely. She smile at me and said that she needs me. I said that I am waiting for her touch. She removed my baniyan and I am naked before her. She said that she will teach me about sex. She mad me nude and started to kiss my lips and took my saliva in her mouth. She bit my ears and nipples. She licked my whole body and moaning. She started to suck my rod and doing it fast. I am holding her head and pressing towards me. She sucked for about 5 mins and I cummed in her mouth. I said sorry, she smiled and said that she is tasting after years and she wants more. She laid down and pulled me on her. She kissed my lips and asked to remove her saree. I made her nude. I am waiting for this day to see her nude and became a animal. i kissed her lips and tasting her saliva. Its so sweet and bit her ears and cheeks. I came towards her hube bobs. I touched and made massage for her. She started to moan and I squeezed it hard. I started to kiss one of her boobs and one boob I am squeezing. She was moaning in my ears saying “kumar please don’t stop it…ur uncle has done this before 10 years..i need you…come on kumar..dont stop”..i started to suck her boos and sucking as if I am drinking her milk. I squeezed it hard and bit hard. Her nipples are black round and hard. I bit hard and then moved to her hip. Its so sexy, started to lick her belly button.

She was moving her body and pushed my head towards her pussy. First I touched her pussy and rubbed it. She asked me to lick it. I was rubbing her pussy and can feel her wet. Its fluid coming out and I put my fingers inside and started to move my fingers. She stared to shout loud and begged me to lick it. Then I started to lick her outer pussy and deep inside,. She was shouting too loud and moving her body. I kept my hand on her mouth and she bit it hard in excitement. Then she pulled me down and she came on me. She holded my penis and started to suck it and then we were in 69 position and finally she sat on me and inserted my penis in to her pussy. I can feel the move and enjoyed it. She started to move she hip and she was moving fast. I can see her face and she is shouting in excitement. Its almost 7-8 mins and I cummed inside her pussy, she also reached organsm. She lied on bed and smiled at me. We fucked more than five times. Next day morning she said that she really enjoyed and never had fuck like this. She said that she will teach me more and asked me not to say this any one. We enjoyed for the next two days night. Then my parents came. We use to enjoy whenever they go out of town and also I use to kiss her and press her boos near our bath room during our regular days. Sometime we use to have sex whenever we get a chance. She is not an old aunty, she is my sex teacher. She certified that I am expert.

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RE: Aunty Sex Stories
Dear friends,

This is the first time I am narrating a real story which happened me six month back I am S ( I don’t want tell my name) from cochin . I am 34 years old and good in look and athletic body ,I don’t tell much about my self, what happened one day I went for seeing a house (As I was planning to buy a house, ) a broker took me in to a big house , the house is good than we had a talk with the owner , actually owner is a women. She is 38 yrs, her n name is sahiba . She is good in look and she is 5.5 inch height, her boob’s are good in size, her buttocks are really good like a two pots she has two female kids elder in final year in B.A Younger in first year B,Sc. We talk and finalize the deal . she demand after the sale of the house she want to stay in the same house for rent .

I too have no objection .After the purchase there was a renovation so I was there to see the work, but my mind totally around shaiba my eyes are watching her , she was wearing a nighty ,so I can see the boob’s and her buttock’s shape . I was really died, on seeing the vibration of those parts. Slowly I started to talk her regarding her life. She is so pity she lost her husband 8 yrs back when she was in 30’s . I assured she doesn’t have any sex in this periods . she is totally live for her kids I really appreciated her , but I upset on seeing her beauty . I decided to fuck her , second day I went I entered her house no one in the house I just knock the door , than she replied from the bathroom so I waited there , for a while she came from the bath room and went to the bedroom for dressing , while she cross , I saw her beauty’s . she just wear the petticoat and blouse than she covered with towel she didn’t put the all hooks in her blouse I saw the white flesh of her boob’s . and her buttocks were seen clearly as the full of wet in the hurry ness of bathing .i really felt like weight less in my body I want to fuck her there itself ,I was Afraid too. That night I didn’t sleep ,I don’t want to pull the things that’s my character Next day it self I decided t o fuck her , I went to the house the same time, I was in the out side of the house , from there I watching her, she was in the kitchen , she was doing cleaning ,I waited there itself like a hungered tiger .
she slowly entered the bathroom . I send the worker to purchase the paint . I had given my bike . than I slowly went to the bed room where she dress changes , I was hide behind the rack . after few min There was a noise of opening the door’s ,my heart beating is increased ,she looked out side and entered the room . she thought I went outside . she locked the room and she is making ready herself, she removed the blouse, ‘oh’ I was not able to breath - I saw a nice pair of white mango’s , I totally upset ,and she wear a black bra .i saw her pussy area as her petticoat is full of wet , suddenly she removed the rope of the petticoat .’ my god’ I shivered like any thing. I saw her back side ,her buttocks are so good and so white there was no marks or scratches. Only full of white flesh , my mind is not functioning , there is noise less ,and full of soap aroma, I saw her dare fully from back side she was trying to wear a new petticoat I silently went ,I caught her from back side in one hand I closed her mouth on other hand I covered her boob’s ,
There was a horrible movement for while ,she left the petticoat, my manhood was hits in her buttocks I felt softness of the buttocks , I gave the freedom to her boob’s from her bra , I suddenly I twist her towards my side , she opposing my activities and she bite me in my shoulder ,I become worse I , I bite her lips and I chewing the lips she was trying to shout but unable to do .i squeeze the buttocks in my both hands , her boob’s was crashed in my chest . my total body in full of heat ,I felt her chillness of her body
As she came from bathing , this was continued for two minits than I started to sense
Her opposing is reducing and her body losing the chilling and getting reflects the heats . I left the lips , she was slowly crying and begging me to stop it. and I started to kiss in her neck .she was torcherd in her whole body by me . I can hear her weeping getting decreasing and almost stopped. I smelt her mood ‘ yes ,I got it ‘ she is receiving my want’s , I bent my self kissed in her boob’s both side I smelt the milky flavor
The tit are small in size I bit it she moaned , I clutched her belly and squeezed it she
Lost her balance I just bent her on the table she kept her ankle and bent like a ‘tilted L’ she laid on the table ,I sat down her back side and I spread her legs , I saw the holy holes . I touched in my index finger she got jerked . I massage the pussy lips and insert my finger inside the holy holes now she cried to stop it but I fastened the massage and the finger fuck , she moaned now , I stopped it and licked the pussy, she shocked .
I licked the pussy lips With more presser and force she was not able to bare this . now she begged me not to stop but I stopped and I suddenly sucked with full force , she stopped to breath. there was a big silence in the movement ,than I release the sucking . same thing I did for many times . I felt the leak of the liquid in side her hole it Smelt’s nicely , she almost senselessly laid in the table .
\ now I stand behind her and rub her buttocks , slowly opened my trousers and briff, my manhood was in full of stiffness . I just part the buttocks and I trying to insert my manhood into the holy holes .suddenly she got in to sense and she begged me not to do this and opposing my activity . But I hold her both hands from the back and tite it she cried in the pain I utilized this movement and inserted my manhood with full force in to her holy holes ‘oh god I was in hell’ I felt too much tite as It was not used for long time , she cried like anything ,after four five storks ,I felt I am in heaven and there was no sound her side also , than I slowly left her hand and in one hand clutched the hip on other hand I caught her bony tail , now she moaned slowly I raised the speed of the strokes I gets more agitated on seeing the buttock’s vibrations ,
I fuck her Heavily from the backside , my breathing was become heavy , she also moaning like a Baby, I increase the speed and force ,I left her bony tail and caught the boob’s .i crashed It .after five minits we both are not in control there was a sound of heavy breathing and moaning , within a minit I lost the control I blasted , I cummed inside her , I titly caught her bony tail and there Was no movement for two three minints . both are got wet , than I laid on her . after five minits we both came in to sense she run to bathroom , and I just make my self ready, than I came out side and relaxed . when my bike came I just runaway from there, as I was really ashamed my self of the thing which I have done .
the next day I didn’t Went there to monitor the work , than I went very next day there by afternoon . the door was closed . I decided to ask her excuse. I slowly entered the house she was in the kitchen To day she was wearing a sorry .i was not able to see her face my head looking the earth . few minits went , but no reaction her side than I saw her , oh she did notice my arrival I kept silent , I saw her filthily her movements made me worse again , I just watch the surrounding , worker went for lunch , the vibration of her boob’s and buttocks made me to evil . I just entered again . she was busy in her work I just went and hold her from back,immeditly I turned her and kissed in her lips I felt the less opposing compare on the first day things are in the track with in ten minits , but this time in different angle and in different method after all the thing I went and sat on the sofa she came there and abused me . I kept quite and when I started to move she through me a plastic cup and yelled will u come tomorrow also ? I said ‘yes’ with smiling . like that it is continuing with full of pleasures among two of us , after one month we use to have sex almost daily . one day I fuck her in the bed in the peak time
she closed her eyes , I too also fully busy in the stroking that time I saw a pair of eyes
watching from the window.

☆☆☆☆☆ Meethi Gaand ☆☆☆☆☆ Maa ka Agyakari Beta ☆☆☆☆☆
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