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Atul fucked Virgin sisters Avanti and Aisha
01-31-2013, 06:52 PM
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Atul fucked Virgin sisters Avanti and Aisha
During my earlier job tenure, I have to travel extensively all over India to develop the dealers and distributors network. Hence, very often I used to go to all parts of India. During those tours and I realized that we have not yet covered some parts of Madhya Pradesh.

Especially the interior parts which were famous for dacoits once upon a time when I was about to go on my next tour and I told my boss that we must explore the interior Madhya Pradesh as lot of industries are taking place in those places and we have not yet explored that zone. He also agreed to me and my next tour was planned for interior Madhya Pradesh.

Accordingly on the day, I caught the flight for Gwalior and arrived there at around 9:30 am and our distributor from Gwalior was already on the airport to receive me. We then went in his car to his office and after settling there, I told him that we are going to explore the interior parts of MP, which are still remained to be hunted. He also agreed to it and told me to give one day time, so that, he can make arrangements to my travel as well as my staying there. So, that day, I was busy with him in jotting down my tour.

Next day early morning, the distributor and I started early in the morning in a car to go to Pithampur, which was quite far from there. We travelled for about 5-6 hours continuously to reach Pithampur around 2:00 pm. During our journey, we had only one halt for our lunch once we reached Pithampur, the distributor has introduced me to the local dealer and then he made his move back to Gwalior.

Our distributor has already had a word with the local dealers and the further transport arrangements were made by them. That day, we have not started our work since the dealer has to speak to the people, to whom, I was intending to meet. He has made my staying arrangements in a small bungalow near Pithampur and so after talking to him as well as to my boss in Mumbai.

He dropped me on his scooter to the bungalow and told me that tomorrow morning he will be there around 9:00 am and then we can start our work. Now, my real story starts here. I settled in the bungalow and put the TV on and watching the news. All of a sudden, I heard the voice of payals and I looked back at the door and one girl of around 20-25 years was standing there with dupatta on her head.

I asked her what she wants and in reply, she told me that she along with her sister are caretakers of the bungalow and came to ask me what I will have in the dinner and I told her that whatever she had cooked will do as it was almost 7:00 pm by now and nearby markets were also on the verge of closure but I told her that tomorrow night.

I will have something non-veg, for which she said yes and then she went away while I was talking to her, I got a strange feeling that she is staring at my body all the time and especially my pubic area but I thought that it’s my mistake and overlooked it but certainly, it was in my mind at 8:30 pm, she again came up to inform me that the dinner is ready. I called her inside the room and she came in nervously and stood near me.

I asked her the name and she told me that she is Aisha and her younger sister’s name is Avanti both are working there as caretakers. I then went to the dining area and slowly started having my food they made rottis, mix vegetable, kadhi and rice. I had my food and told her that the food was nice. She blushed and said thanks to me. I asked her where her sister is and she told that she is in kitchen. I then left from there and came back to my room.

After coming back to my room, I again put on TV and started watching the news at about 9:45 pm, again Aisha came with her sister Avanti to my room and asked me whether I want anything. I told both of them No and asked them to sit there both of them came in shyly and stood near the sofa. I told them to sit on it and with shyness, they sat on the sofa.

I started asking them a few questions as how they are into this caretaking business and Aisha told me that they are from a very poor family and her father is a big drunkard they don’t have mother as she passed away a few years back after her demise, they took this job as they feel it much safer here than at home as her father was a complete drunkard and every night, he used to come up with a different lady and under alcohol effect.

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RE: Atul fucked Virgin sisters Avanti and Aisha
He used to enjoy with her without even bothering that he had 2 adult daughters. Listening to this, I console both of them and told them if I could be of any help to them, just let me know and I also gave my card to them and told them that at any point of time, if they need any help, they should call me up and I will do my level best to help them out.

They were thankful to me and Aisha has taken the card from me with trembling hands while taking the card, I pressed her hand with mine and she looked at me and I gave her the smile and she also smiled faintly at me. During all the discussion, Aisha was staring at my body and so does Avanti. I came to know that time only that these 2 girls had seen their father doing sex with randis in front of them and they are boiling from inside.

After giving the card to Aisha, I asked both of them where do they stay and Aisha told me that they are staying in the same room. I told them that if they wish, they could stay back in the same room, as I don’t have any problem at first, both were hesitant but then Aisha told me that it’s OK. They will adjust on one bed in the same room and have no problem. Accordingly, I gave them one spare bed and they put on bed sheet.

By this time it was well past 10:00 pm and I put off the TV and pulled up my sheet and so does these 2 sisters after a while, I went in deep sleep as I was also tired of the whole day work but those 2 sisters were talking with each other when I went in sleep. All of a sudden, I woke up from my sleep somewhere in the early hours and saw my watch. It was 1:30 am it was complete dark in the room and I heard some unusual sounds from the bed, where the 2 sisters are slept.

I slowly turned my face towards them and saw some movement in the bed. But due to darkness, I could not see it properly after some time, my eyes are acclimatized to the darkness of the room and I started looking at them and sensed something unusual. The sheet which they pulled up was moving up and down. Looking at it and I understood that they are playing with each other’s bodies and immediately, my cock was hard on. I had my t-shirt and shorts as usual.

After some time, I could hear the moans from both of them and it was confirmed that they are playing with each other’s bodies. Now it was my chance to capitalize on it. I got up slowly from my bed and without any sound went near their bed and pulled the sheet, which they have taken above them as expected, they were kissing each other and their hands were busy in fingering each other’s pussies.

Once I pulled up the sheet, they were shocked and don’t know what to do. Aisha realized that I have seen them masturbating with each other and started pleading with me, not to tell it to anybody otherwise, they will lose their jobs. I asked them from how many days they are doing this and Aisha told me that the day they came to stay in the bungalow, they are into it.

The reason was simple every day, they used to see their father doing raw sex with randis in front of their eyes and naturally, their bodies started feeling heat of the sex and I then told them to come in my bed to sleep with me or else, I will have to tell it to my dealer about their night activity. Aisha and Avanti both were in a big shock as they could see the chances of losing their jobs.

Immediately both of them agreed to come in my bed and I then got hold of Aisha first and hugged her tight and planted a kiss on her lips. She was shivering and at the same time, responding to my kiss. We were lip locked for 5 minutes and then I removed her blouse and skirt. She was now on her bra and knickers. During our kissing session, Avanti was watching us with the big eyes and was rubbing her pubic area with her right hand and moaning.

Now after removing the outer of Aisha, I turned back to Avanti and removed her blouse and skirt as well. Now both of the sisters were in their bra and knickers. I then told them to take my clothes away and Avanti has removed my t-shirt and Aisha removed my shorts. By looking at my full on 8” dick, both of them exclaimed in surprise as they have not seen such a big tool before.

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RE: Atul fucked Virgin sisters Avanti and Aisha
Avanti told baap re, kitna bada hai and I then asked her have they not seen such a big tool before and both of them told simultaneously No and they told me that their father’s is also not so big, which is the only manhood they saw till date apart from that, they were engaged in lesbian activity and hence, no question of seeing the manhood. Looking at them, I told them to remove each other’s inners and they done it without wasting any time and became completely naked.

First time, I saw them completely naked and realized that Avanti is sexier than her elder sister Aisha. Although Aisha is 2 years older than her sister with really tight and sexy body, but Avanti’s parameters were more provocative. I then told Aisha to lay on my bed which she done immediately. Now I told Avanti to adjust her pussy over Aisha’s mouth so that she can lick her pussy.

Avanti and Aisha both were excited about their first sex experience with a man and obeying my orders with enthusiasm. Once Avanti adjusted her pussy to Aisha’s mouth and Aisha started licking it, she gave away a loud moan and started finger fuck Aisha by putting her hand behind in Aisha’s pussy both sisters were now moaning quite heavily and then I came in the picture and I took my fully erected 8” cock near Avanti’s mouth and asked her to suck it.

She took hold of my cock and pulled the foreskin and the red tip was visible with pre-cum oozing from it. She straight away took it in the mouth once Avanti took my cock in her mouth and I pulled her hair and started giving her rigorous mouth fuck. She chocked in the beginning but then adjusted very well. Although, she could not take full length of my cock in her mouth but still she was giving me a good blow job.

After sucking my cock for 10 minutes, I told Avanti to go in the doggy style and lick Aisha’s pussy. She immediately went in the doggy style and started licking the pussy of her elder sister both sisters were moaning quite heavily and were very excited to have the manhood inside them. Once Avanti went in a doggy position and I started licking her pussy and clit from behind; she jerked vibrantly with my touch and started licking Aisha’s pussy more rapidly.

I then put the tip of my cock on Avanti’s nice virgin pussy and in a big jerk, inserted my entire cock completely inside her. She stopped licking Aisha’s pussy and gave a loud scream. I knew that she is going to scream; hence while pushing my cock, I got knickers of one of the sisters and put it in Avanti’s mouth and the blood started coming out of her pussy and dripping on Aisha’s boobs.

I remained idle for around 5-10 minutes when ultimately Avanti’s pains were subsided and her pussy muscles started gripping my hard cock and I came to know that she is ready for fuck immediately I removed knickers from her mouth and started giving her strokes slowly. All this time, Aisha was watching it from below and as Avanti stopped licking her pussy due to the pains, she started finger fucking herself.

I fucked the virgin pussy of Avanti for 15 minutes it was giving me the immense pleasure as my cock was gripped by her virgin pussy muscles very tightly and I was in 7th heaven once my ejaculation point came near, I removed my cock from Avanti’s pussy and put it in Aisha’s mouth. She started sucking my cock rigorously and within no time, I shoot my loads of cum in her mouth. She even could not gulp it and it started coming out of her mouth.

I emptied myself completely in her and in the meantime, Avanti was lying on the bed besides her sister and watching me emptying my loads in her sister’s mouth once I got emptied myself completely, I told Avanti to lick the cum spilled over her sister’s neck and chest. Avanti came over her sister and started licking my cum on her sister’s body in the meantime and I started licking Aisha’s pussy.

After Avanti licked Aisha completely, I told Avanti again to suck my cock by that time, Avanti was looking tired as I have broken her hymen a few minutes ago. Looking at her, I told her to take rest for some time till I fuck her elder sister Aisha. She then went to her bed and slept on her back. She was still feeling the pains and pleasure, which she got from me a few minutes ago.

I then told Aisha to come over me in 69 position and suck my cock. She immediately came over me and started sucking my cock, which had remains of my semen plus Avanti’s juices and some blood stains. She cleaned me dry completely in the meantime; I kept on licking her pussy and clit with my tongue. Aisha has seen me fucking her younger sister from below and she was very much in aroused state.

However, I have some time till my cock gets to its full size. I told Aisha to suck my cock rigorously so that it will get erected at the earliest. She started sucking it with lot of enthusiasm and zest and within next 15 minutes, it was started getting its full size and I then told Aisha to be on her back and she immediately slept on her back and I pulled her legs sideways to get more access to her pussy, which was by now dripping with her pre-cum as well as my saliva.

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RE: Atul fucked Virgin sisters Avanti and Aisha
I then put the tip of my erected cock on her pussy and put the knickers in her mouth with one big jerk, I entered into Aisha’s virgin pussy as well. She was in obvious pains but could not scream but there were tears in her eyes. Blood was coming out of her pussy as well and I again waited for 5-10 minutes and once her pains were subsided, removed the knickers from her mouth and started giving her in and out strokes by this time, Aisha was also enjoying my each and every stroke.

She tied both her legs around my waist and asking me Saab, jorse chodo. Ab raha nahi jata hai listening to this, I started stroking her hard and fast and she seems to be enjoying my each stroke and jerking her pelvic area up and down to accommodate my entire dick inside her athe same time, she was moaning heavily. I fucked the second virgin pussy on that night for nearly 20 minutes and at the time of ejaculation.

I asked Avanti to come near me by the time, she was well recovered from the fatigue of breaking her virginity and she came quickly towards me. I told her to lay on her back and removed my cock from Aisha’s pussy and put it in her mouth. She started sucking it and in no time, again I squirted in big force in her mouth. Unlike her elder sister, Avanti has gulped all my cum and was sucking my cock more rigorously.

After emptying me completely in her mouth, I was bit tired of back to back fucking but then I was extremely happy that I had explored 2 virgin pussies one after another. That night, I enjoyed with both the sisters till 7:00 am in the morning. We have another round each of fucking both the sisters they seem to be satisfied completely and were lying in my tight hug on both sides of mine. Avanti was more active in her post sex activities and kissing my chicks and nipples in between.

Aisha was more concentrated in rubbing and caressing of my cock, which gave both of them immense pleasure that night for the first time in their life. I was in that bungalow for 4 more nights and each night was memorable with those 2 sisters.

Those experiences in next update... till then keep shagging

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RE: Atul fucked Virgin sisters Avanti and Aisha
At 7:00 am in the morning, suddenly I saw my watch and then got up immediately from the bed both Aisha and Avanti were playing with my pubic parts. I told them that I have to leave at 9:00 am and hence, need to get up from the bed. I can see the expressions of both of them and they were not willing to leave me and but I was on official tour and my work is my first priority. So I got up from the bed and went to wash room to start my daily routines.

I'm with done my brushing and other activities and came out of the washroom. What I saw is that Avanti is still lying on the bed completely naked. I asked her where is Aisha and she told me that she is in kitchen, preparing my tea and breakfast. I then came near the bed and leaned on Avanti. She also eagerly put her mouth near me and we hugged each other and started kissing passionately.

Since I was also naked, as I did not put on my shorts while going to washroom, I immediately ride over her and put my already hard on cock on her love hole and pushed it in. She moaned loudly and hugged me tight. Listening to her moans, Aisha came running towards the bedroom and saw us doing sex, she waited there for a while and then returned back to kitchen to prepare the tea and breakfast.

I started stroking her pussy slowly and she was in seventh heaven. She was moaning bit softly and telling me Saab jorse karna Bahut maza aaya kal raatko gradually, I started increasing my speed and she was also responding very well from below with the movement of her hips and butts upwards in 5 minutes, she arched her body and with a loud moan, squirted her juices.

I fucked her for 15 minutes and reached my ejaculation immediately, I pulled out my cock from her pussy and pointed it towards her boobs and in no time, it started shooting loads of cum on her boobs. Avanti was spreading my cum on her boobs to her entire body and at last she was satisfied. I then told her to go in 69 positions and she took it immediately and started sucking my cock rigorously.

I also started licking her pussy and clit. It was full of her juices as well as my cum. We licked each other dry and then I got up and pulled on my Bermuda. I then went to kitchen to see what Aisha is doing. She had pulled on her skirt and blouse and was making breakfast for me. I went from behind and hugged her tightly. She turned back to me and started kissing me passionately.

I told her that just now I ejaculated in Avanti’s pussy; hence there is time to get my rod to its full size. Listening to this, Aisha bent down on her knees and pulled my Bermuda and started sucking my cock. She was doing it so much of vengeance that in 10 minutes, it was full on and I told her to complete the breakfast first and then we will have bath together.

She readily agreed and left me and started arranging the dishes and I also pulled up my shorts and sat on the dining table, waiting for the breakfast. She brought the breakfast and tea and called Avanti by this time, Avanti also had her daily routines and came to dining area with her skirt and blouse. We then had breakfast together and then I told Aisha to come to the wash room to have a bath together.

She also took her towel and followed me to the wash room once we entered the wash room, Aisha pulled out her skirt and blouse and also came near me and pulled out my shorts as well. She was quite horny by now, as she saw me doing sex with Avanti in the morning but before that, she has to complete her daily routine. So she sat on the commode and started shitting. I came near her and put my erected tool in front of her.

She while shitting gleefully accepted it and started caressing it once it was completely erected and she took it in her mouth and started giving me a nice blow job. Till her shitting gets completed, Aisha was sucking my cock with such a vengeance that it was completely hot and full on. Once she finished her daily routine, I opened the shower and asked her to be in doggy style. Aisha immediately went in doggy style.

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RE: Atul fucked Virgin sisters Avanti and Aisha
I penetrated her pussy from behind with my full on hard cock. I fucked her for another 15 minutes at the same time and I was squeezing her boobs and caressing the nipples in 15 minutes and I reached my ejaculation and pulled out the dick from her pussy. She immediately turned back and took it in her mouth and once again and I started shooting my loads of cum in her mouth.

Unlike the previous night and she had gulped my entire cum and made my cock clean. We then had our bath together and came out after drying each other before coming out of the wash room and we once again hugged each other tightly and engaged in a very long kiss. All this time, Avanti was watching us from the wash room door. We then came out of the wash room and Avanti also came near me and hugged me tight.

I saw the watch and it was 8:30 am already. I then left both of them and started preparing myself for the hectic day before going for work, I gave them Rs. 500/- and asked them to bring some non-veg item, such as mutton or chicken for that night. Avanti said yes and then I parted for my work before leaving the bungalow, I told them that tonight it will be more fun for them.

They both were happy and Aisha told me that they will be looking forward for tonight.

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RE: Atul fucked Virgin sisters Avanti and Aisha
I came back to my dealer’s office around 6:30 pm.

We were tired but obviously happy that it was a successful day for us and I then asked my dealer as how to go to bungalow, since he was staying exactly the opposite direction and today, he was also quite tired. So, I told him not to drop me on his scooter but I will take an auto and go to the bungalow. He guided me nicely and we then parted from his office.

I got the auto immediately and I reached the bungalow around 7:00 pm. Before reaching the destination and I got a wine shop in between and from there I purchased a bottle of vodka and also some soft drinks and bites from a nearby general stores both Aisha and Avanti were eagerly waiting for me to come. I rang the door bell and Avanti opened the door and her face became cheerful once she saw me.

She also informed Aisha that I have come. Aisha also came out from the kitchen with a glass of water and greeted me. I sat on the sofa in the hall and had the water in 5 minutes, Aisha brought tea and light snacks and I thanked her for that and had the tea and snacks. I then told them that I am too tired and will take the bath first. Avanti in the meantime, went to my room and took my towel from my bag and placed it on the hanger in the bathroom.

These two innocent girls were taking utmost care of mine as if I am there husband. I went to my room and found Avanti there. She was in her usual skirt and blouse. Looking at me, she told me that she already kept the towel inside. I thanked her and planted a kiss on her chick and I then removed my shirt and trouser and now only on my boxer. Avanti was looking lustily at my cock, but it was not erected.

I told her that it is also tired like me and will be fresh only after having the bath. Avanti blushed away and became red with shyness. I removed my boxer as well and became fully naked in front of her and then proceeded towards the wash room to take bath. Avanti also followed me and once I went inside, she asked me whether she can apply soap on me and clean my body.

I told yes to her and immediately she came inside the wash room and I opened the shower and became wet. Avanti told me to seat on the ground which I did and she started applying a lot of soap on my wet body after applying the soap to my chest and back, she told me to get up and I was looking curiously at her as what she will do next at the same time and I got up and stood in front of her.

She bends down on her knees and started applying soap to my ass. Also she had applied a lot of soap in my ass crack and on my legs. Lastly and she came towards my cock, which by this time was started waking up due to her touch. Avanti carefully hold my cock in her left hand and with right hand, she started applying soap to my cock. She pulled the foreskin on my cock and also applied lot of soap on the red tip.

After she is completely satisfied that every part of my body has been applied with lot of soap, she went near the wash basin and cleaned her hands once she went a bit away from me and I started the shower once again and started cleaning the soap from my body in next 5 minutes, I completely cleaned the soap off from my body and then started enjoying my showers. In the meantime Avanti had parted with her blouse and skirt and became fully naked.

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RE: Atul fucked Virgin sisters Avanti and Aisha
This young girl had a too much of liking for me and my each and every part. She also joined me below the showers and we hugged each other tightly and started kissing but purposely, I did not have sex with her while bathing as this night; I have to enjoy it to the fullest. Also I want to explore the ass of both of the sisters. So after finishing the bath, we cleaned each other dry.

Avanti was bit nervous as I did not do sex with her, as she was expecting the same. Looking at her mood, I told her that don’t worry baby, I will fuck you first in the night. She blushed and ran away from the wash room completely naked. I came out of the wash room and saw she is putting on her blouse. She already worn her skirt, but without any under garments.

So, she was very much ready for the night pounding. I also pulled on my shorts and t-shirt and pulled her near me and hugged her tightly. We once again engaged in a deep long kiss. We broke our kiss after 5 minutes and I pressed her both the boobs over her blouse. She moaned softly and started caressing my cock over the shorts but I stopped her there only and told her to bring 3 glasses to the room and also asked her to call Aisha as well, who was busy in kitchen in preparing the dinner.

By this time, it was 8:15 pm and once Avanti called up Aisha, she came in the room and informed that the food is ready. I told her that there is some time for food as I can’t take so early in the meantime; Avanti has brought 3 glasses as told by me. Aisha was looking at her with exclamation mark on her face. I told Aisha that I only asked her to bring 3 glasses as I would like to enjoy my drinks before dinner and both of them shall give me company with soft drinks.

They agreed to it and then I gave the bites packets to Aisha and told both of them to bring it in dishes so that we can start our drink session both of them went to kitchen and then I opened the vodka bottle and poured very little vodka in each of the glasses of the 2 sisters and I then filled up my full peg and waited for them as soon as they came with bites in the room and I poured soft drinks in their glasses and also some soft drink in my vodka.

We then cheered each other and started sipping our respective drinks. Purposely I put some vodka in both the drinks of the 2 sisters as it will not make them dull but more refreshing. Aisha and Avanti finished off their drinks and I filled my glass with second peg. I had 2 pegs and in the meantime, both of them went to kitchen to arrange the dining table with dinner.

I then again poured some vodka in their glasses and filled it up with soft drink. I filled my third peg and called Avanti to take their glasses to dining table. She came and took both the glasses and went away and I also followed her and went to dining table. Aisha has prepared mutton and the aroma was spreading in the dining area. We finished our drinks and then started having our food in 15-20 minutes and we finished our dinner.

I appreciated Aisha for preparing such a nice mutton for me. She thanked me for that and then told Avanti to help her in cleaning the utensils so that they can come to my room. I then went to my room and took out my laptop from my bag and inserted a XXX CD in to it. I also removed my shorts and t-shirt and became completely naked.

I was completely ready for my next encounter with those lovely girls in about 30 minutes both of them came to my room after cleaning the utensils and locking the main door from inside and they also put off all the lights and came to my room they saw me sitting naked on the bed and both of them were quite excited immediately both of them came near me and parted with their clothes they did not ware under garments so it took them just a few minutes to remove their skirts and blouses.

Now, both of them were also stark naked and ready to accept my big 8” dick in their love holes once they came in my bed, I hugged both of them tightly and their boobs crushed on my chest. Aisha started caressing my cock and Avanti started kissing me all over. I stopped them and asked them to sit beside me and they stopped their activity and sat near me on either side. I then started the CD and it was something new for them.

They have never seen any blue film till then and that’s why both started enjoying the movie. It was a hard core fucking CD. It was a movie with 2 men fucking a girl in both her holes simultaneously while watching the CD, both Aisha and Avanti got so much aroused that they literally pounced on me and started licking me all over. Aisha took my already erected cock in her mouth and started sucking it rigorously by the time movie was over, both of them were in completely horny state.

I then took out the CD from laptop and put all the things in my bag. Also I removed a Vaseline bottle from it and kept aside the table. Both of them were very horny and playing with my naked body with such a zest that my dick was really full on in no time.

The vodka effect was started telling on both of them. They were not off completely but a small quantity had made wonders to their thinking and they were literally burning from inside. I then told them that as seen in the movie, today I am going to explore their ass holes first. They were so horny that they agreed immediately, as they badly needed my cock in their holes.

I then made Avanti go in doggy style and took the Vaseline bottle and started applying a lot of Vaseline on Avanti’s ass hole. I also started inserting my middle finger in her ass hole. It was very tight and she was in obvious pains but didn’t complain about it only she moaned a loud. I kept on inserting the finger in her ass with lot of Vaseline and in few minutes, my entire middle finger was buried inside Avanti’s ass hole.

Slowly I started finger fuck her ass with lot of Vaseline and she seems to be enjoying that new experience. I then also asked Aisha to be in doggy style as well and she also went in that position immediately. I took lot of Vaseline on my left hand middle finger and also started giving her finger fuck in her ass as well at the same time, I asked Avanti to suck my cock and she obliged it with pleasure and started sucking my cock.

I told Aisha to suck my balls and she also started sucking it. Now my both hands were engaged in finger fucking the ass holes of those lovely girls and they were sucking my cock and balls at the same time. I finger fucked their ass, first with 1 finger and subsequently with 2 fingers for nearly 30 minutes when I felt that my 2 fingers are moving nicely in their ass holes, I stopped them from sucking my cock and balls and like previous night, told Aisha to suck Avanti’s pussy.

Aisha immediately lay on her back and pulled Avanti towards her and started licking her pussy rigorously in the meantime, I put a lot of Vaseline on my cock and now it was ready to explore the virgin ass of Avanti. I before entering in Avanti put her knickers in her mouth and then hold her at her waist and put the tip of my cock on her ass hole. Avanti was completely aroused and asking Aisha to press her boobs.

Aisha while licking her pussy started pressing her boobs harshly and started caressing the nipples. I was all ready to explore the ass hole of Avanti. I slowly started pushing my cock in her ass and Avanti was waving her head in pains and there were tears in her eyes due to unbearable pains but then I did not look at it and kept on pushing my cock inside her ass hole. After a few hick ups, ultimately I succeeded in entering my cock fully in her ass.

She was in real pains but could not scream since her mouth was full with her own knickers. I waited for about 10 minutes and then started stroking my cock inside her ass initially very slowly since it was indeed a virgin ass after some time, I felt that Avanti’s muscles are gripping my cock firmly and then I started stroking her rapidly. Avanti was also enjoying my strokes and she removed the knickers from her mouth and now started moaning in pleasure and ecstasy.

I was ramming her ass hole fast and furious by now and in next 10 minutes, I reached my ejaculation and started shooting my loads of cum in her lovely virgin ass hole. I emptied my balls completely inside Avanti and still kept on stroking her till my cock gets limp once it was limp, I removed it from her ass and asked Aisha to suck it. Aisha was readily waiting to feel my cock and immediately she took it in her mouth and started sucking it rigorously.

Like the previous night, she watched me fucking her younger sister Avanti from below; she was completely horny and was sucking my cock so rigorously that in next 20-25 minutes, it stood tall again. I then told Avanti to lie on her back and suck Aisha’s pussy. Avanti was ready for it and she started licking Aisha’s pussy. I once again put some more Vaseline in Aisha’s ass hole and also applied some on my cock.

Again I filled Aisha’s mouth with her own knickers and put the tip of my cock on her ass hole and started shoving it inside. Aisha was also in obvious pains and was resisting more than Avanti but I hold her so tight at her waist that she could not move much with great difficulty, I was able to insert my entire cock in her ass hole and then remained idle.

Aisha pulled out her knickers from her mouth and was crying and pleading me to remove the cock from her ass. I told her that those pains will be momentary and afterwards, she will enjoy it like anything. Still she keeps on crying and requesting me to remove it but I overlooked her request and remained idle for another 10-12 minutes by now, Aisha has recovered from the pains and her muscles also started gripping my cock powerfully.

I then started stroking her slow initially and subsequently, started blasting her ass hole with tremendous force. She was now enjoying my fuck as her pains were subsided. I fucked Aisha’s ass hole for more than 30 minutes with rapid force and at last cum in her ass hole. She looked so satisfied and it was evident from her face that she had enjoyed my ass fucking.

Once I was completely empty and I removed my cock and both of them came in my tight hug. I asked them whether they enjoyed the ass fuck and both of them told simultaneously yes very much. It was a real life time experience for both the girls, as they have experienced a real big manhood in all their holes for the first time, for which both of them were craving for so many years.

Like the previous night, I fucked them till 7:00 am in the morning but this time, we were sleeping in between the two fucks for about 1 hour and again fucking them and that night I fucked both of them thrice. 2 pussy fucks and 1 ass fuck each. I was completely exhausted on that night as I have ejaculated 6 times in total from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am but then I was very happy the fuck both the sisters.

They were very co-operative and eager for more sex also they were ready for any experiments. Likewise, I fucked those lovely sisters for further 3 nights and made them completely happy when we got up in the morning on the last day, both of them started crying and telling me that now without my cock, they will not be able to stay but then there was no alternative.

I told them that I will be back soon and then again we will enjoy the love game to its fullest in the meantime, they can continue with their lesbian activity. Listening to this, Aisha told me that it will not be a fun now once they got a real manhood in their holes and I told them to use carrot or cucumber while masturbating with each other for which they agreed.

I am sure that after my returning they must have tried either of the vegetables to satisfy their sex hunger.


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